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 [Oneshot] Dream (JunxOC)

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PostSubject: [Oneshot] Dream (JunxOC)   Fri Feb 06, 2009 10:54 pm

Title: My Dream
Author: light_99

Summary: It wasn't the planned proposal he had thought it would be
Rating: G
Genre: Romance

Notes: im a little bit lonely cause my mom and i fought. this is my first fic EVER as in EVER never tried to do a fic. i'm a reader not a writer. i thought of this because of how i thought Jun would really propose to his girl. Forgive the ugly creation if it becomes a bit inconsistent. if this comes out good, i might make another one.
For me this is not my dream proposal. haha!

He closes the door, and shut’s his eyes,
This is too much, I’ m to tired to keep up with this…

This is the third time this week… another fight arose; it’s been like this lately.
It doesn’t matter what caused it, but he’s now thinking
if he still wants this to continue or not.

On the other room you can hear her sobs.
And when she stops, she calls out his name “Jun-tan?”
All he could do was let out a deep sigh as he rests his head in his palms
with his back at the door. He can distinctly hear the sobs,
the aftermath of what had happened, right through the door.

I need to walk this one out. He did so. The rain had just stopped; the sky
was still in a dark shade when Jun walked out. He wore the cap he brought, so no
one would recognize him. Today the sky seemed darker as he pulls up his jacket
and pointlessly wandered.

“Sayonara Sensei!”, a little girl said as she waves her arms
to say goodbye to her teacher. The teacher then moves close to the little girl
and gives her a little hug. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” With a smile on her
face, the little girl replies with a loud “Hai!”
The teacher smiled again, a smile that you know it’s
genuine, one that’s really meant. She looks up at the girl’s uncle, Matsumoto
Jun and he cant help but return the contagious smile. His reasoning diminished
and he pursued his niece’s preschool teacher.

Pulled back to reality, Jun realizes he’s in the exact school yard. And he
cant help but have a little smile, as walks towards the swings. It’s starting to
drizzle again but he didn’t care getting soaked as he sits in one of the

It was a very beautiful day as they were eating their lunch.
“If your not busy after this, would you mind if
we walk?” she said out of nowhere. “Sure, I don’t mind.” They walk out of the fancy
restaurant as he asks “Where do you want to go?” “Anywhere.” she replied with a
shrug. It was just about five minutes after they started to walk, when
suddenly, it rained. He pointed to a coffee shop where they took shelter, and
this time they sat beside each other and he leaned closer to her giving her a
peck on the cheek which made her blush. That’s where it all formally began.

Recalling these happy moments with her made him regret the time they had
fought because of his bad-tempered and perfectionist personality. When he
thought about it, it was always him that causes the start of fights. He wanted
things to be easy, peaceful to be exact, but as he thought about it.
Nobody’s perfect, not even the love of your life is perfect.
Why did I even fight with her this time?
Thinking about
this,he thought of the perfect apology...
he stood up from the swings and ran towards that direction THE JEWELRY SHOP.

She was cooking dinner when Jun
came back from the shooting of HYDF. Sensing heavy aura, “I didn’t notice you
were back already” she said calmly. “I’m not in the mood okay.” He was walking
to their room to change clothes. “Is something wrong?” she said as she moved
forward to hug him. “Just leave me alone for now.” he said in a slightly irritated tone
Seeing that it’s better to let him cool off for awhile,
she started to move towards the kitchen but was
pulled back by his iron grip. “I’m sorry, it’s just, I.. Its stressing you
know.” Accepting the apology without any feelings of resentment, she planted a
soft kiss on his luscious lips. And he pulled her towards the bed, their dinner
getting cold already.

Going back to his senses, he was back to his condo’s front door soaked
from the drizzle that worsened clutching in his right hand, a small box. He changed
his clothes for dry ones and there she is her figure, as beautiful as it rests
on the bed. Smiling naughtily, as he thinks to himself how beautiful she is. He
slips in next to her, gently kissing her cheeks, eyelid and ear. She wakes up
to the actions he did to her. Hugging him tightly she says “You got me worried,
where have you been?” “Gomen ne.Ive always been very hot tempered” was all he could say.
He sits up on the bed
as she covers herself with the blanket. “Doushitano?” As she sat up, he lays he’s
head on her lap, showing her a small box. Closing his eyes as if slipping into
a relaxed sleep, he says “Marry me”. He didn’t open his eyes nor did he move an
inch. He opened his eyes when he felt something wet fall to his face. Crying,
she said “BAKA! Of course I’ll marry you.” As she slips the ring to her finger.

kills self
darn, forgive me for the ugly fic haha.
if you are asking who is SHE?
nevermind. haha


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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Dream (JunxOC)   Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:05 pm

WOW. this is SO NOT your first onshot. its too good to be one XD

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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Dream (JunxOC)   Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:12 pm

well lizzie. it really is. it's just that i thought about it much for it to be like that.

for those of you who are gonna read this it really really is my first time. haha.

it's gonna be stupid if an 18-yr old like me makes an ugly fic you know. haha

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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Dream (JunxOC)   

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[Oneshot] Dream (JunxOC)
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