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 [Oneshot] I'm Sorry (YamaChii)

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PostSubject: [Oneshot] I'm Sorry (YamaChii)   Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:22 am

Title: I'm Sorry
Author: Saida
Summary: Yamada didn't get the chance to apologize.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst
Notes: This is the very first Hey! Say! JUMP fic I've ever wrote. Aside from that, I truly wanna apologize for making Chinen die, so don't kill me. lol. Hope you enjoy...^^,

Yamada ran into the hospital, frantically searching for the operation room Chinen was in. ‘Please be alright,’ was his thought as he went along the hallway.


As usual, Yamada was the first to arrive to Hey! Say! Jump’s dressing room. Or so he thought. When he pushed open the door, he heard someone crying. It was Chinen.

‘Chinen,’ Yamada thought. It always hurts him to see the shortest member of Hey! Say! Jump cry. Knowing something was wrong, he immediately ran in. “Chinen,” he called out, putting down his sling bag, and squatted down in front of Chinen.

“R-Ryo-chan,” Chinen said in between sobs.

Yamada hugged the shorter boy. He wished he could do more. No! He wanted to do more to comfort Chinen, but he was scared. Afraid that Chinen might not feel the same way.

“I’ve actually arrived early today,” Chinen told his tale. “And…on my way to our dressing room, I-I saw Ohno-kun…a-and, h-he-he and N-Ninom-miya-kun was k-kissing.”

Yamada could feel a pang in his heart, but he remained silent and continued soothing Chinen.

“T-They w-weren’t even a-aware that I w-was there,” Chinen cried.

Yamada finally found his voice. “Please don’t cry, Chinen. It’s not worth crying about.”

“B-But I like O-Ohno-kun,” Chinen sobbed.

Yamada’s heart clenched. “There’s someone better for you,” he muttered.

“Eh?” A surprised Chinen said, looking at Yamada. “Ryo-chan?”

‘I’ve said it, so there’s no turning back,’
Yamada thought. “Chinen, Ohno-kun is not the only one out there. There’re still lots of other people there for you.” ‘Including me.’ “So, please stop crying.”

Chinen sobbed. “But I really like Ohno-kun.”

Yamada couldn’t stand it anymore. “Chinen, why can’t you stop being a spoiled brat?!”

Before Chinen could say anything, Yamada bolted out of the dressing room. He bumped into Yabu, and the rest of BEST in the process.

“Hey!” Yabu said, but Yamada continued on walking. He didn’t even stop to apologize.

“I wonder what’s up with Yamada,” Takaki said. The others agreed.

Suddenly, Hikaru said, “Hey guys, listen.” They did, and they heard someone sobbing.

“It sounds like Chinen,” Yabu stated.

“It is Chinen,” Takaki said.

They went into the dressing room. “What happened?” Arioka asked.

Chinen turned towards the older member. Arioka opened his mouth and was about to repeat the question when Chinen ran out of the room.

“What’s up with that?” Inoo asked.

“Chinen sure is acting un-Chinen like,” Takaki exclaimed.

A few minutes later, 7 members entered the room.

“Why did Chinen run out?” Ryutaro asked.

“And where is Ryo-chan?” Yuto asked. “He told me he’s coming early to rehearse the dance step.”

“We saw him leave the room,” Takaki said.

The other eight members of Hey! Say! Jump shrugged, and dropped down on the couch. ‘This is truly weird.’


“Yamada and Chinen aren’t here yet?” Hey! Say! Jump’s manager asked for the third time in a day.

“No,” Yabu shook his head.

“Shouldn’t we tell the manager what happened earlier?” whispered Ryutaro to Keito.

“Leave it be for awhile,” Keito whispered back. “We don’t want to create trouble for them.” Ryutaro just nodded.

They stopped their conversation when their manager’s cell phone ring.

“Hello,” the manager said.

All eyes were on the manager. They saw a grave expression on their manager’s face. They were all curious now.

“I understand,” the manager said. “I’ll inform Johnny-san immediately.”

After the manager ended the phone call, Yabu asked, “Who was that? What’s wrong? What is it that you have to tell Johnny-san?”

“Alright,” the manager said. “Before I say anything, it’s better if all of you sit down.”

They did as told. “Now will you please tell us?” Inoo said.

“That was a call from Tokyo Hospital,” their manager said. “It seems like Chinen-kun was involved in a hit and run.”

“What?!” the members of 7 and BEST said.

“That must be some kind of joke,” Keito said in English.

“But he was well this morning, although he seems down a bit,” Yuto said.

“Apparently Chinen-kun is in a critical state,” the manager said. When the idols didn’t say anything, the manager said again, “Please excuse me. I need to inform Johnny-san.”

Before their manager could leave the room, Yabu asked, “Can we visit him now?”

The manager thought about it for a few seconds. “Sure, but please be careful.”

“Thank you,” everyone said and left the room.


After running out of the room, Yamada had gone to the park a few blocks from the company.

‘Why did I say all those things to Chinen?’ Yamada thought. ‘I’m such an idiot. He was hurt and you yelled at him.” Yamada swung the swing he was sitting on slowly. He was usually passion when Chinen acted like that, whenever Chinen was hurt by what he saw, by what he saw Ohno-kun did. “But why can’t I keep my feelings to myself today? Why did I snap?”

Yamada’s cell phone rang. It was Yuto. “Hello,” he said.

“Ryo-chan, where are you?” Yuto asked.

“I’m at-”

“Never mind,” Yuto cut in. “Just get to the Tokyo Hospital quickly.”

“Tokyo Hospital?” ‘Why?’ Yamada thought. ‘Yuto sounds serious so it must not be a joke.’ “W-What happened?”

“It’s Chinen,” Yuto said.

As soon as those words came out of Yuto’s mouth, Yamada immediately turned of his cell phone and ran towards the Tokyo Hospital.


Yamada saw all the BEST and 7 members seating on the benches outside the operation room. For some reason, Yamada could feel that the atmosphere there was all wrong. It simply didn’t feel right. Ryutaro was crying, Yuto wasn’t his cheerful self and the older members eyes were all red.

“I-I came as fast as I could,” Yamada said. “S-So, where’s Chinen? I bet he can’t wait to sit on Takaki-kun’s lap again.” Yamada forced a laugh.

Everyone looked at Yamada. As the leader, and the oldest between all the member of HSJ, Yabu knew it was his duty to break the news to Yamada. Yabu stood up.

“Yamada,” he said. “C-Chinen…”

Yamada put both hands at his ears. “No!” he yelled.

Yabu took a hold of Yamada and forced the younger boy to look at him. “Listen to me, Yamada. I know this is going to hurt you, but you have to accept the fact.” Tears swelled in Yamada’s eyes. “Chinen is no longer with us.”

Upon hearing those six words, Yamada finally broke down. He dropped to the ground, and cried. Yabu dropped to the same level as Yamada.

“You can cry all you want,” Yabu said soothingly. The other members just watched Yamada sadly. They all knew the secret he’s keeping, they knew his feelings for Chinen.

“I didn’t get a chance to apologize,” Yamada cried. “‘Why can’t you stop being a spoiled brat?!’ Those were my last words that I told him.”

“Yamada, we all have regrets,” Yabu said. “But you must move on. I’m sure Chinen would want that too.”

“I just wish I could say I’m sorry,” Yamada said. He continued crying, while Yabu held him, trying to comfort him.

Notes: I know this fanfiction must be weird. I wrote it in just 3 hours. I was just feeling like writing a fic but I didn't know what to write. So...this is a fic that I wrote without really thinking it through. hehe. I'm sorry if it's not good...^^,

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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] I'm Sorry (YamaChii)   Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:08 am

chibi chinen what?!


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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] I'm Sorry (YamaChii)   Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:23 pm

Chii-chan </3

thats so sad. Yama-chan ddnt get to apologize. Chii saw Ohmiya in action </3

wahh, so sad
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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] I'm Sorry (YamaChii)   Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:20 am

wa!!!!!!!!! CHII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DID YOU DIE?!?!??! nyaaaaa!~~~~~~ Chii saw Ohmiya kissing and got HURT!!!!!!!!!!! NYAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~~ Love your fic!!!!!!


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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] I'm Sorry (YamaChii)   Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:27 am

yeah, I need something to make Chinen react like that...
I'm glad you like it..^________^
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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] I'm Sorry (YamaChii)   

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[Oneshot] I'm Sorry (YamaChii)
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