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 [Oneshot] Near Yet So far (Ohmiya) AA

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PostSubject: [Oneshot] Near Yet So far (Ohmiya) AA   Fri Nov 21, 2008 9:13 pm

Title: Near Yet so Far

Author: jamiesteban

Genre: fluff

Summary: Having a girlfriend
is what may inspire a guy to do his job. Having a bestfriend is what
may be called your support system. But what if you suddenly realize
that your girlfriend is just a 'front' to be able to hide your feelings
to your bestfriend?

Pairing: OhMiya

out of the goodness of my heart. this is one of jamie's works.

was only three in the morning when his cellphone rings. He was
exhausted due to their late practice. He was mentally tired because of
the new choreograph Riida taught them. He was not gifted with the
grace movement like Riida. His body is dying to rest for a while since
Matsujun requested an extravagant part from him to play. He was asked
to do some flying-jump entrance to his solo part. He always makes
mistakes due to the persistent perfectionist Matsujun wants him to do.
No one can blame though because it is their anniversay concert and Jun
only wants to make it special. Still, the ringing of his continues.
He answered the call without looking at the screen.

"Lo?" he answered sleepily.

"Kazu-chan? I'ts Miyuki. I'm so sorry for calling you so early."

"Miyu-chan?" he asked while trying to look at the time. "um. Why did you call?"

"I'm sorry to tell you but my boss asked me to stay for at least another day since your concert is not until the next day."

It's okay, I think." He said while rubbing the hair around his scalp.
"He's your boss and I don't mind you for not attending some of my
practices since you also have a job."

"Thank you very much for
understanding, Kazu-chan. Anyway, I know you are eager to take a rest
so I won't bother you anymore. See you the next day?"


"Love you, Kazu-chan. Bye."

"Love you too. Bye and take care."

"You too." And with that, the line went busy, and so he went back to sleep.


"Nino, wake up."

man's voice was commanding him. Shrugging at his shoulders, the man
continued waking him up. To no response, the man touched his soft body
part. It made him shiver since only one person knows where to find it.


come on. The breakfast is ready and the others are waiting for us.
Sho-kun said that we must eat together today because it is special."

Sitting up, he rub his eyes and look at their leader. "Riida, why don't you go ahead?"

Pouting, the man answered, "Nino doesn't want to be with me anymore. Are you angry with me?"

I'm not angry at you. It's just that you can go ahead and eat since I
know you are already hungry and I need to shower first."

"Oh. Still, I want to go their with you. Sho-kun will just ignore me, Aiba-chan and Jun-kun will just make fun out of me."

"Okay. If that's what you want. Just wait for me, I'll just go and have shower."


15 minutes of taking a shower, what he saw at his bed made him smile.
Riida is lying on the bed with a pillow at his head and another pillow
placed between his hands and legs, facing him. The man was only
wearing shorts just below his knee and an undershirt, making a person
drool at the sight. The hat that the man was always wearing was placed
at his side table. Cute and adorable was what came to his
mind. Instinctly, he went to the side of the bed and brushed his
fingers at the mans face. Smiling, he tap the mans face lightly
causing the man to open his eyes.


"Oh-chan, I'm finished. We can go at the dining area now and eat."

"Oh. Great. Okay. Come on." The man said while standing and directly started going out of the room while rubbing his eyes.

Can't get ebough of his cuteness! "Oh-chan. Wait for me." He grab the man's hand and laced their fingers together.

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[Oneshot] Near Yet So far (Ohmiya) AA
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