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 [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot (

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[Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( Empty
PostSubject: [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi's Oneshot (   [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( EmptySun Jan 18, 2009 5:11 pm

Title: Nana and Hoshi's Oneshot (Part 1/?)
Author: nana_chan & apostropheTHIS
Rating: G
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Notes: This started after random actions in the Chatbox and talk of Gossip Girl. Doesn't really make sense, does it?
Arashi, OC's and Big Bang (later on)

Part 1

@ nana_chan : Jun needs to eat more XD

@ nana_chan : *Jun shakes head in response*

apostropheTHIS : *pokes Jun*

apostropheTHIS : He's getting meat on his bones

apostropheTHIS : I LOVE this picture of Jun in AAA

@ nana_chan : which picture?

@ nana_chan : *Jun smirks*

apostropheTHIS : I have to show you!! *Ohno crosses his arms* He has a tummy!!

@ nana_chan : really?

@ nana_chan : *stares at Jun*

@ nana_chan : *Jun shrugs*

@ nana_chan : *Ohno feels ignored as he flexes*

apostropheTHIS : *Ohno lifts up shirt*

apostropheTHIS : *looks at Ohno*

apostropheTHIS : You're adroable hun...Jun just looks good in this photo...but he's Nana's!!

apostropheTHIS : *huggles Ohno*

@ nana_chan : *joins hug*

@ nana_chan : *Jun rolls eyes*

apostropheTHIS : *Ohno sticks tongue out at Jun*

@ nana_chan : *lols at both boys*

apostropheTHIS : *lols with Nana*

apostropheTHIS : *sticks tongue at Jun*

@ nana_chan : *Nana pokes Oh-chan's arms*

@ nana_chan : *Jun crosses arms in DoS mode*

apostropheTHIS : *pokes Jun's tummy*

@ nana_chan : *Jun laughs cuz it tickles*

@ nana_chan : *Nana huffs at Jun and Hoshi and glomps Oh-chan*

apostropheTHIS : *glares at Nana and glomps Jun*

@ nana_chan : *gasps and goes to korea, breaking up with Jun in the process*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun runs to Mao*

apostropheTHIS : *Oh-chan is confused*

@ nana_chan : *mails Hoshi a Korean magazine featuring a Big Bang member and a mysterious woman*

@ nana_chan : *mails same magazine to Jun*

@ nana_chan : *mails food to Oh-chan*

apostropheTHIS : *mails nana a JPN mag of Jun going into hiding. depressed!!*

apostropheTHIS : *oh-chan mails a thank you card to nana*

apostropheTHIS : *sends her food from JPN*

@ nana_chan : *prank calls Mao*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun can't help but laugh at Mao's expression*

@ nana_chan : *sends photo of Big Bang member and self on a date*

@ nana_chan : *mails Oh-chan a post card from romantic getaway*

@ nana_chan : *mails Jun his black silk boxers, full of holes*

apostropheTHIS : *flies to Korea with Oh-chan with promises of food, to drag Nana home*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun gets on another plane to do the same thing, but would never say it.*

@ nana_chan : *is in some unknown location with Dae Sung*

@ nana_chan : *mails Mao a wedding invitation*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun has Johnny use his informants*

@ nana_chan : *mails everyone wedding invites*

apostropheTHIS : *Oh-chan goes site seeing*

@ nana_chan : *Mao ends up in Korea*

apostropheTHIS : *bumps into Jun and they both search for Nana.*

@ nana_chan : *Jun and Mao get separated*

apostropheTHIS : *all the while, Hoshi calls Jun an idiot for not tempting Nana more*

@ nana_chan : *Mao has a run in with Korean gangsters*

@ nana_chan : *Oguri Shun steps in and rescues her*

@ nana_chan : *Shun and Mao search for Jun*

apostropheTHIS : *SHUN!!*

@ nana_chan : *Shun and Mao find Jun. Shun leaves them alone*

@ nana_chan : *Shun goes to see Nana bcuz he knows where she is, but dsnt know every1 else is looking for her*

apostropheTHIS : *Oh-chan is happily eating fast food*

@ nana_chan : *the rest of Arashi shows up because they're also going to see Nana but dnt know every1 is looking for her*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi gives up and goes to the hotel where her and Oh-chan are staying*

@ nana_chan : *Oh-chan bumps into the rest of Arashi as well as Shun in the lobby of hotel*

@ nana_chan : *Oh-chan brings the 4 men to Hoshi so she can beat them for information*

@ nana_chan : *Jun and Mao are lost in Seoul*
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[Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot (   [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( EmptySun Jan 18, 2009 5:14 pm

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi grabs at Aiba first for he will crack the fastes*

@ nana_chan : *Ohno, Sho, Nino and Shun both place bets on how fast Aiba will give up information*

apostropheTHIS : *Aiba tries to sidetrack her asking about her flight*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi gives him a glare and Aiba looks over to the guys for help*

@ nana_chan : *Sho, Nino and Shun turn away from him*

@ nana_chan : *Oh-chan stares back at him wondering why Aiba is looking in his direction*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi grabs at Sho and throws him towards Aiba telling them they'd better spill*

@ nana_chan : *Aiba and Sho cower in fear*

@ nana_chan : *Nino snickers*

apostropheTHIS : *starts to smack her fist against the palm of her hand*

@ nana_chan : *Shun and Ohno share a snack*

apostropheTHIS : *hears nino and looks back at him with a glare*

@ nana_chan : *Nino stops and scratches head non chalantly*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi's cell phone rings, it's Jun and Mao lost in Seoul*

apostropheTHIS : *About to smack Nino, Hoshi picks up her phone and drops him towards Sho and Aiba*

@ nana_chan : *Shun slyly slips out of the room to warn Nana, "The British are coming"*

apostropheTHIS : *grabbing all 4, minus Shun, by the necks, they take a cab to find Jun and Mao*

@ nana_chan : *hearing that everyones looking for her, Nana, Big Bang and Shun all jump in separate cars and follow the cab*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi is on the phone with Jun, not wanting to speak with Mao, asking him to describe where he's at while Sho explains to the cab driver who happens to be Japanese*

@ nana_chan : *Shun is on the phone with Mao asking why Nana's getting married to some Korean boy band member*

@ nana_chan : *Shun is not in car with Nana*

apostropheTHIS : *Finally arriving at some random farm, they find Jun and Mao. Jun is shoe-less and Mao is all dirty.*

@ nana_chan : *Mao asks everyone why Nana is getting married to some Korean boy band member&

apostropheTHIS : *everyone including Jun shrug*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi glares at Jun*

@ nana_chan : *Oh-chans phone rings*

@ nana_chan : *Shun calls Oh-chan asking why they're on a farm*

apostropheTHIS : *Oh-chan shrugs and looks at Jun. why are we on a farm, Jun? He asks*

@ nana_chan : *Jun shrugs and said Mao led the way*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi thinks how baka Mao is to have gotten lost&

@ nana_chan : *Mao punches Jun and asks Oh-chan, "Why do you wanna know why we're on a farm?"*

@ nana_chan : *Oh-chan says, Shun wants to know what we're all doing on the farm*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi sighs and starts to walk towards the cab, getting in.*

@ nana_chan : *Nino says, "Chotto! How and why does Shun know where we are?"*

@ nana_chan : *as Hoshi gets in, she pulls leash that has Aiba, Nino and Sho on it*

apostropheTHIS : *Oh-chan points and laughs as they bump into each other*

apostropheTHIS : *Oh-chan stops.Why do you know, Shun?"

@ nana_chan : *Shun says, "Because I've been following you in a car the whole time. I'm behind you guys on the dirt road*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi points to Shun. "How coincidental...grab him guys! HE KNOWS SOMETHING!!*

@ nana_chan : *Everyone runs at Shun who stands there willing to give up information*

@ nana_chan : *Aiba, Nino and Sho all trip as their leash gets caught on something*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi walks up to Shun, stepping over A, N, and S and pokes him in the chest. "Where is Nana?"*

@ nana_chan : *Shun says, she was in the car with her fiancee and other big bang members and they're heading off to get married somewhere*

apostropheTHIS : *Everyone stops, NANI?!*

@ nana_chan : *Shun stares at everyone, "Didn't Mao ask you why she's getting married to some Korean boy band member?"*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi looks at Mao. She's getting married? I didn't know that...!*

@ nana_chan : *Everyone stares at Jun wondering what his reaction is*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun is looking down with a shadowy face*

@ nana_chan : *Shun asks, "What are you going to do about it?*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun grabs A, N, O, S, and Hoshi and jumps into the cab leaving in a hurry calling Johnny on his cell*

@ nana_chan : *Shun smiles and calls someone on his cell phone*

apostropheTHIS : *Johnny tells Jun where nana's whereabouts are and Jun orders the cab to haul asphalt*

@ nana_chan : *Shun follows the crazy cab in his car*
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[Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot (   [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( EmptySun Jan 18, 2009 5:18 pm

apostropheTHIS : *They arrive at a fancy hotel and after stealing Aiba's shoes, Jun runs towards the ballroom*

@ nana_chan : *Shun wonders why the ballroom as he grabs Ohno and kidnaps him*

@ nana_chan : *noone notices Ohno's disappearance*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi grabs the leash of guys and tries to figure out where Jun went*

@ nana_chan : *Oh=chan somehow ends up in a room where Nana and Big Bang and Shun are*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi is walking around lost in the lobby, trying to ask in broken Korean if they saw a manic Japanese man run through.*

apostropheTHIS : *she keeps getting curious stares because of the leashed men*

@ nana_chan : *Mao gets abducted by the big bang members*

apostropheTHIS : *Nino turns around and sees Oh-chan is missing. "Hey Hoshi, where's Ohno?" Hoshi freaks*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi drops the leash and Shun and Nana abduct Arashi*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi and Jun are the only free ones left*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi runs towards the dining area to see if Oh-chan may have wondered to get food. No sight of him.*
apostropheTHIS : *Jun somehow ends up on the top of the hotel, finding BB hotel room but no BB. He's angry*

@ nana_chan : *Matsumoto Jun and Hoshi Satoshi are being paged to the main desk*

@ nana_chan : *Jun and Hoshi run to front desk*

apostropheTHIS : *bumps into Jun*

@ nana_chan : *Lady at desk tells them that Mr. Oguri paged them to the private ballroom*

@ nana_chan : *Jun asks Hoshi, "Should we go in?"

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi looks at Jun and smacks his head, "Duh, it's your Lady!"

@ nana_chan : *Jun and Hoshi head to the private ballroom*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi grips onto Jun's arm kinda a step behind him*

@ nana_chan : *Jun opens door*

@ nana_chan : *A, N & S are wearing tuxedos and grinning up at them at the entrance*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi glares at them*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi noticed the white decorations and the piano quietly playing in the background as well as the aisle before her and Jun*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi's heart stops*

@ nana_chan : *Aiba hops up and down chanting, "They're here! They're here!!!!*

@ nana_chan : *Sho and Nino push Jun away from Hoshi*

@ nana_chan : *Mao and Shun grab Hoshi and bring her to another room*

apostropheTHIS : *Looks at Jun and Nino and Sho*

apostropheTHIS : *Then gets pulled by SHun and Mao*

@ nana_chan : *Shun stands guard outside door as Mao shoves Hoshi into room and hands her a simple dress*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi spazzes, "What are you trying to do? Why am I wearing that? It's dark in here, etc."*

@ nana_chan : *Mao sighs and begs her to put it on*

@ nana_chan : *It's too dark so Hoshi puts on the dress unwillingly*

apostropheTHIS : *Cause Hoshi is scared of the dark*

apostropheTHIS : *Nino and Sho throw a tux at Jun and push him into the closest empty room. "HURRY."*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi finishes dressing and when Mao opens the door, the first thing she sees is Nana*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun looks at them about to ask a question but Sho closes the door*

@ nana_chan : *YOU! Hoshi shouts as Nana steps back and Big Bang blindfolds Hoshi and frog marches her away, kicking and shouting*

@ nana_chan : *Nana, Mao and Shun whisper with one another before disappearing in 3 different directions*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun finishes dressing himself and looks around the room*

@ nana_chan : *A, S, N, 2 BB members & Shun grab Jun and blindfold him*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi is trying to fight the men grabbing her off, screaming for Oh-Chan*

@ nana_chan : *Oh-chan is staring freaking out when he hears Hoshi's voice as Nana leads him out of his room*

@ nana_chan : *Aiba goes to Hoshi and attempts to calm her down saying that Oh-chan will be alright as long as she dsnt spazz*

@ nana_chan : *Aiba's choice of words makes her freak out even more*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi kicks at Aiba's voice, trying to get free*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi hears Nana's voice scolding Aiba, and telling Hoshi she has to be calm and cool*

apostropheTHIS : *stops kicking but can't help but feel anxious*
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[Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot (   [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( EmptySun Jan 18, 2009 5:20 pm

@ nana_chan : *Nana says in fluent Korean something Hoshi dsnt understand and finds herself being let go, only to have Nana grab her arm and lead her somewhere*

@ nana_chan : *Oh-chan is with N who is trying to calm him down*

@ nana_chan : *A & S are with Jun marching him somewhere still blindfolded*

apostropheTHIS : *pulls against Nana, "Where are we going? Where's Oh-chan?!"*

@ nana_chan : *Nana holds on strong to Hoshi and says, "He's fine, he's with Nino. Just relax, you'll understand in a few minutes*

@ nana_chan : *Waits to see if Hoshi is going to calm down*

apostropheTHIS : *Slumps against her and walks quietly*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi hears a male voice speakin in Korean and hears Nana replying and hears the retreating footsteps*

@ nana_chan : *Nana pats Hoshi's hand as they come to a stop and Nana removes her blindfold*

apostropheTHIS : *Looks at Nana in confusion. "What's going on?"*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi finds herself at the place she and Jun entered the room in, and Nana says, "Ok, you can get mad now"*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi takes a deep breath and looks at Nana, "WHAT IS GOING ON, NANA?!"

@ nana_chan : *Instead of answering her question, Nana simply nods her head and Hoshi hears the wedding march being played*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi looks at her in confusion*

@ nana_chan : *Jun is suddenly at their side, held by A & S, "What the hell?*
@ nana_chan : *He asks as he looks at Nana and Hoshi*

@ nana_chan : *A & S let go and leave the 3 to themselves*

@ nana_chan : *Nana looks between them, there's going to be a wedding*

apostropheTHIS : *Looks at Jun and Nana. "I heard you're getting married to some random Korean guy! Nana what is the meaning of this?!"*

@ nana_chan : *As if on cue, Dae Sung appears and stands at Nana's side and speaks to Nana in korean*

@ nana_chan : *Nana nods and takes his arm and stares at Hoshi and Jun, "Well, you two, start walking!"*

@ nana_chan : *Jun and Hoshi stare at each other, and Nana, confused*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi looks at Jun wide-eyed. "No way, I am NOT getting married to HIM."*

apostropheTHIS : *Looks at Nana, "This is supposed to be YOU!"*

@ nana_chan : * Stares back at Hoshi, just do as I say will you?" As she holds Dae Sung tighter*

apostropheTHIS : *Sighs defeated and turns around grabbing Jun's arms. "Come on, let's go dream boy."*

@ nana_chan : *Jun whispers to Hoshi as they walk down the aisle, "Do you know whats going on?"

@ nana_chan : *Nana and Dae Sung start to walk behind them*

apostropheTHIS : *Shakes head slightly at him, "Hell if I know, but I trust Nana with my life so.."*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi hears Nana sniffle and whisper, "I can't blieve this is going to happen"*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi tries to turn around when Jun whisper "There's Ohno"

apostropheTHIS : * Hoshi's head snaps up, "Oh-chan?!"*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi looks ahead and sees Ohno standing at the end of the aisle alongside A, N, S, Shun and Mao

apostropheTHIS : *elbows Juns lightly to look forward*

@ nana_chan : *Mao sniffles slightly as Ohno steps forward to Hoshi*

@ nana_chan : *Shun gestures for Jun to step aside and join them up ahead*

@ nana_chan : *Jun looks confused but moves away*

@ nana_chan : *Ohno hugs Hoshi*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi looks dumbfounded at Ohno*

@ nana_chan : *Ohno stares deep into Hoshi's eyes*

apostropheTHIS : (dies of love for Ohno!! LMAO) *Hoshi looks back into Ohno's eyes with a slight smile*

@ nana_chan : *Ohno clasps both of Hoshi's hands in his and gets down on one knee and stares up at her*

@ nana_chan : *his expression is one of confidence and nervousness*

@ nana_chan : *He opens his mouth to speak, but is at a loss for words*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi gasps slightly and tears start to form in her eyes not sure what to do*

@ nana_chan : *Ohno clears his throat, about to speak*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi leans in a bit, for Ohno speaks only rarely in public. Her heart pounding in her chest*

@ nana_chan : (I honestly lost the epic proposal i wrote) *Ohno smiled sheepishly*

@ nana_chan : *"Hoshi, there's been something I've been wanting to say for a long time, but I never could find the words*

apostropheTHIS : (aww T_T lol it's all good.) *Hoshi smiled, a tear rolling down her cheek*

@ nana_chan : *Ohno paused for a moment, "In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing. "*

apostropheTHIS : (EPIC!) *Hoshi sniffled with a big smile, "Oh, Oh-chan..."*

@ nana_chan : *"Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. "*

@ nana_chan : *"Hoshi, you're my happiness, and I guess what I'm trying to ask is..."*

@ nana_chan : *"Will you marry me?"*

@ nana_chan : *"Aiba and Mao are sobbing at the front"*

@ nana_chan : *Aiba, through his tears whispered to Sho, "Does that mean she'll marry him?"*

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[Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot (   [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( EmptySun Jan 18, 2009 5:21 pm

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi leaned her head against Ohno's and said softly, "Of course, I will."*

@ nana_chan : *The whole congregation stood, awaiting to hear Hoshi's answer, though to many of them, her answer was quite obvious*

@ nana_chan : *Immediately squeals of happiness came from Aiba and Mao who were jumping with delight behind the couple*

@ nana_chan : *Nana touched Hoshi's shoulder and she turned around to face her, arms still around Ohno, "I told you there was going to be a wedding today"*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi turned towards Nana and smiled, "Arigato, Nana."*

@ nana_chan : *Nana smiled as she hugged Hoshi, "You know, this was all Oh-chans idea from the beginning, the minute he sent me that thank you card for the Korean BBQ"*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi looked back at Ohno with narrowed eyes and a knowing smile on her face, "You and Korean BBQ."*

@ nana_chan : *Ohno smiled at her then added, "Yeah, but there were some things I didn't even have planned... or even knew about."*

@ nana_chan : *He gestured from Nana to Dae Sung, to Jun*

@ nana_chan : *Everyone was silent for a moment, even the remaining BB members who were standing off to the side*

@ nana_chan : *All eyes were on Nana as she clutched tighter to Dae Sung*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi made her way over to Nana and pulled her to the side away from everyone. "Nana, what's going on with...him?" She motioned towards Dae*

@ nana_chan : *Nana fidgeted, unsure of what to say as she looked back helplessly at Dae Sung who was being oggled by Arashi, Mao and Shun*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun stepped forward and pushed past everyone grabbing Nana by the arm and pulling her outside the room. "Nana, why is he here? Why did you leave?"*

apostropheTHIS : *A,N, S grabbed onto Dae and sat him down. Oh-chan and Hoshi just watched as the door closed behind Jun and Nana*

@ nana_chan : *The remaining members split up, 2 going to Dae Sung, 2 going to the door, only to have Dae Sung tell them to leave Jun and Nana outside*

@ nana_chan : *Everyone stared at Dae Sung confused*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi walked over to Dae Sung and sat next to him, "How do you know Nana?"*

@ nana_chan : *He answered, "We

@ nana_chan : *He paused*

@ nana_chan : *"We're really good friends, and we used to date.... and I still love her"*

apostropheTHIS : *Everyone looked at him, "EH?!"*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi looked down and then back at him, "When was this?"*

@ nana_chan : *Dae Sung sighed, "About a year before she discovered Arashi"*

@ nana_chan : *"Things were good, then when she went to Japan and came back.... she said it was over"*

apostropheTHIS : *Aiba looked over at Sho and pointed at the door mouthing "Jun?"*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun had grabbed Nana's hands and held them in his. His eyes searched hers for answers.*

@ nana_chan : *Nana looked down and refused to meet his gaze, she didn't know what to say"*

@ nana_chan : *G-Dragon, the leader of BB spoke up, "But when she showed up recently, things seemed a little off and next thing we know, her and Dae Sung are planning to get married"*

@ nana_chan : *He continued, "What happened to her in Japan?"*

apostropheTHIS : *"Nana...it's not fair. Look at me. It's me, Jun."*

apostropheTHIS : *Nino stepped forward and looked at G-Dragon. "To be quite honest, I have no clue."*

@ nana_chan : *Dae Sung looked uncomfortable as he thought of what G-Dragon had said, Hoshi noticed*

@ nana_chan : *"Jun..I..." Nana stopped, at a loss for words as she pulled away from him"*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi's hands had made their way to Dae Sung's shoulders, pushing him against the chair. "WHAT. IS. GOING. ON." The rest of Arashi scratched their heads as Ohno smiled at her.*

@ nana_chan : *Dae Sung looked and saw the looks of confusion that crossed both his band memebers and the Japanese ppl before him*

@ nana_chan : *"I don't think she'll like it if I tell you..."*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi gave him a look, "I'm not just anyone, she's my sister. SO SPILL."*

@ nana_chan : *Dae Sung looked up at her and asked, "Why else would someone on the spur of the moment want to get married?"*

@ nana_chan : *Jun reluctantly let Nana pull away from him, and stared at her sadly*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi pushed Dae Sung so he'd fall backwards, "Why would anyone on the spur of the moment want to marry someone as annoying as you."*

apostropheTHIS : *BB went to help Dae Sung up as Hoshi sat down away from everyone*

@ nana_chan : *Dae Sung shrugged away from BB and stood behind Hoshi and asked, "Think really hard. Why do most girls suddenly get married? What kind of situation needs them to be married?"*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi stood up her face inches from him with a glare that could melt ice, "Don't think for one minute that I would let you take that away from someone I love. You have no right."*

apostropheTHIS : *Arashi stood there confused*

@ nana_chan : *Dae Sung simply stared back at her, "Do you know what I'm trying to say?"*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi scoffed at him, "I'm not thickheaded, I know what you're getting at. And like I said..you have no right to be the one."*

@ nana_chan : *"I know I don't have the right.... but Nana's the one that came to me. She didn't know what else to do."*

@ nana_chan : *Hearing the conversation, Mao suddenly gasped in realization, "Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru!!!"*

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[Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot (   [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( EmptySun Jan 18, 2009 5:21 pm

apostropheTHIS : *"Well she needs to tell him, that's for starters." Hoshi moved away from him and towards the door Nana and Jun went through.*

@ nana_chan : *Ohno followed Hoshi out, and A, N, and S turned to Mao, "What does Jun's old film have to do with anything?"*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun couldn't help but want to reach out to Nana and hold her. But she was the one who pulled away from her. *

apostropheTHIS : *Jun looked away, "Is it Dae Sung who you love...is that it?"*

@ nana_chan : *Nana sniffled, and said, "Yes..." her voice barely a whisper

apostropheTHIS : *Turning towards her his eyes widened, he rubbed at them to stop the tears that were forming.*

@ nana_chan : *Mao answered the trio, "Why did Jun have to marry Aya?"*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi had walked through the door as Nana had responded, "LIES!"*

@ nana_chan : *Nana stared at Hoshi wide eyed, "Hoshi!"*

apostropheTHIS : *She stood next to Jun who cleared his throat, "Don't do it, Nana. Tell him!"*

@ nana_chan : *It dawned on Nino, "Aya was pregnant."*

@ nana_chan : *Mao nodded and A, S and Shun let the news sink in*

@ nana_chan : *Nana stared at Hoshi, "So you know?"*

apostropheTHIS : *Ohno stood there on Nana's side, ready to step in.*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi nodded and looked away. "Don't ruin your happiness..."*

@ nana_chan : *Nana sniffled, and smiled faintly, before she shoved Ohno out of the way and began to run*

@ nana_chan : *A, N & S burst through the doors and asked, "Nana is Aya?!"*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi ran towards her catching her arm, "NO! This isn't supposed to happen this way and you know it!"*

@ nana_chan : *Ohno and Jun stared at the other 3 confused*

@ nana_chan : *Nana wrenched her arm out of Hoshi's grip, "This is exactly how it's supposed to happen. No public relationships.... This....this..."*

@ nana_chan : *She gestured to her stomach*

@ nana_chan : *"This would only make things complicated."*

apostropheTHIS : *"Then what am I, Nana? Me getting married? No one is supposed to be married?!"*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun stood there watching them, not sure what he was hearing was right.*

@ nana_chan : *"Thats different.... marriage you can keep a secret but this..."*

@ nana_chan : *"This is something you can't keep hidden.... it will only ruin his life and career"*

apostropheTHIS : *"That would make you two the most happiest and luckiest people in the world!*

@ nana_chan : Nana stared at Hoshi, and at the group of people behind her, "Believe me... it wouldn't. I'm sorry but I can't do this to him."*

@ nana_chan : *And with that she broke into a run, and Hoshi, chasing after her, was unable to catch her as she hopped into a cab and drove away.*

@ nana_chan : *Ohno and the other men remained behind, "When she said noone is supposed to be married... does that mean I'm not getting married?"*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi stood out in the street screaming after Nana. Jun had finally figured out what was going on and hopped into a cab and chased after Nana.*

@ nana_chan : *A, S, N, Oh-chan, Shun and Mao joined Hoshi outside*

@ nana_chan : *"What do you think is going to happen now?" Sho asked to noone in particular*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi crouched down and cried.*

apostropheTHIS : *Nino looked out into the street, "I don't know...but I hope Jun finds Nana."*

@ nana_chan : *Ohno kneeled down beside her and put his arms around her.*

@ nana_chan : *Shun spoke up, "I think there's something we missed..."*

@ nana_chan : *Everyone turned to Shun*

@ nana_chan : *"It's just... if this was all planned for Ohno and Hoshi... did Nana and Dae Sung already get married?"*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi abruptly stood up and started walking back to where BB had been left behind. She saw Dae Sung and grabbed him by the collar. "Did you and Nana get married?"

@ nana_chan : *BB attempted to make Hoshi let go of Dae Sung, but there was no letting go.*

@ nana_chan : *The man just stared back at her, and based on his silence, Hoshi had her answer*

@ nana_chan : *She sighed, "You ddnt get married yet."*

apostropheTHIS : *A,S,N, O, Maoi, and Shun ran in to see Hoshi manhandling Dae Sung. Oh-chan tried to get her to let him go.*

@ nana_chan : *"Do you know where she went? You have to know where she went. She has to tell Jun... she just has to!" Hoshi cried*

apostropheTHIS : *Aiba walked over to Hoshi and with Oh-chan pulled her off of Dae Sung.*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun watched through the cab window as the cab he was following was darting around, trying to lose him.*

@ nana_chan : *Nana was driving the cab, the driver sitting in the passengers seat freaking out as they swerved through traffic*

@ nana_chan : *Nino asked, "So are you and Nana married or not?"*

@ nana_chan : *Dae Sung shook his head in response*

@ nana_chan : *"We were supposed to, but you all showed up earlier than planned" he explained*

apostropheTHIS : *"WELL I AM GLAD WE DID!"*

apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi screamed*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun watched the cab make a left turn down some alley and followed*

@ nana_chan : *Dae Sung ran his hand through his hair, "She had 3 choices in her opinion, marrying me, abortion or suicide..."*

@ nana_chan : *"Abortion... she would regret it, suicide.... we'd all lose her for good, and marrying me... she'd still be alive and so would her child"*

@ nana_chan : *"Now that you're all here, there's no telling what will happen.... especially now that he's following her."*

apostropheTHIS : *"His name is Jun, thank you very much." Spoke up Sho and told N, A, and O to come with him. Shun and Mao followed and Hoshi, after giving him one last glare, turned to leave.*

apostropheTHIS : *"If anything happens to her, Dae Sung, you'll have me to deal with."*

@ nana_chan : *"If anything happens to her, it'll be your fault." Dae Sung muttered as the group left him and BB behind*
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[Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot (   [Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( EmptySun Jan 18, 2009 5:22 pm

apostropheTHIS : *"You could have told her to stay!*

@ nana_chan : *Nana looked in the rearview mirror and saw the other cab still tailing her*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun continued to follow her as she slowed down a bit trying to find a building*

@ nana_chan : *Nana didn't know what she would do, what she would say....*

@ nana_chan : *She was out of options*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun grabbed his phone and dialed Nana's hoping she'd answer, wanting to plead with her to stop*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi heard a ringing in the distance as she and the others hailed a cab and found Nana's cell phone on the ground*

@ nana_chan : *"She must've dropped it when she ran." Nino noted*

apostropheTHIS : *Aiba picked up the phone from the ground and looked at the number calling. It was Jun. "Hello? Jun?"*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun heard Aiba's voice and looked back at his phone, seeing that it said CONNECTED TO NANA and cursed loudly hanging up.*

apostropheTHIS : *"Who was that?" Hoshi asked Aiba as they climbed into the cab. Aiba said Jun in a confused voice as they closed the door and headed in the direction they saw Jun and Nana go.*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun was waiting anxiously as Nana finally stopped the cab in front of a building, bolting, she ran inside leaving the cab door wide open. Jun stopped the cab and ran to catch up.*

apostropheTHIS : "Nino and Sho were hurriedly calling people at JE telling them to track Jun's phone. Hoshi stared out in front of her as Oh-chan tried getting Jun on the phone.*

apostropheTHIS : *Aiba had fallen asleep and was leaning against Oh-chan.*

@ nana_chan : *Nana figured that Jun would be chasing after her so she ran into the elevator and headed to the rooftop*
@ nana_chan : *Jun just passed through the doors when he saw the elevator doors close on Nana and he cursed as it went up*

@ nana_chan : *He took one look at the list of numbers and saw that the elevator went to the rooftop*

@ nana_chan : *"Nana has a thing for rooftops" Jun muttered to himself and hopped in the other elevator and headed for the rooftop as well*

apostropheTHIS : *"YATTA! They've found them!" Hollered Nino as he directed the cab driver.*
@ nana_chan : *Nana stood on the edge of the rooftop and looked down below*

apostropheTHIS : *"Hoshi looked over at him. "How'd they do that?"*

apostropheTHIS : *"We have tracking devices, so they know where we are."*

@ nana_chan : *Nana stared at the traffic below, seeing the cars pass by, wondering how painful it would be to hit the ground*

@ nana_chan : *She laughed shakily as she recalled an episode of Gossip Girl where Chuck was on the edge of the roof as she was, and the bottle that smashed to the ground*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun burst through the door of the rooftop.*

apostropheTHIS : *Out of breath he looked up gasping*

@ nana_chan : *Nana saw him out of the corner of her eye and began panicking*

apostropheTHIS : *"Nana...please get down..."*
@ nana_chan : *Nana leaned slightly and saw a cab pull up, as well as a swarm of people filing out of it*
apostropheTHIS : *Hoshi looked at Nino, "So they know where you are at all times?"*

@ nana_chan : *"Jun, don't try to talk me out of this"*

apostropheTHIS : *Nino nodded, "So they know we have girlfriends, fiances, and yes...babies."*

@ nana_chan : *Hoshi's eyes widened, "Do any other JE guys have babies?"*

apostropheTHIS : *"Wait, BABIES?!" Hoshi looked over at Ohno. He quickly shook his head.*

apostropheTHIS : *Nino shook his head, "We don't have any...I'm just saying that they knew...about Nana. Why would they not say anything against it, cause they can't."*

@ nana_chan : *"This is the place" Nino said as they pulled up to the building and began running out of the cab*

@ nana_chan : *"Where would she go?" Aiba asked as they entered the doors of the building*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun looked away, "Nana come down from there...I promise to leave you alone, if that's what you want."*

@ nana_chan : *Nana didn't say anything. She could hear the hurt in his voice... she could feel the pain he was in because of her*

@ nana_chan : *"Well, where would you go if you were Nana and were in extreme distress?" Sho asked the group*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun took a few small steps forward. "Please, I'd rather have you alive and not with me than not at all..."*

@ nana_chan : *"Matsumoto...take one more step and I will jump." Nana said, her voice breaking as she called him by his last name*

apostropheTHIS : *Jun stood there stunned at her words. "Nana, I love you...and I love anything that would come from us. Please believe me when I say that no one will stand in your way."*

@ nana_chan : *Nana edged sideways, away from Jun*
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[Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot ( Empty
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[Oneshot] Nana and Hoshi\'s Oneshot (
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