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 [Oneshot] For You (TakaYama)

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PostSubject: [Oneshot] For You (TakaYama)   Thu Nov 13, 2008 12:32 pm

Title: For You
Author: Saida
Summary: Yamada was looking for Takaki.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance
Notes: I was bored...:( And I'm feeling a headache coming up for the lack of sleep. You can find the fluff at the end. This time, it's more Yamada-centric. Failed fluff. I was thinking of making a sweet, fluffy fic but it turned out different and funny...*sigh*

“Inoo-kun, have you seen Takaki-kun?” Yamada asked. He’s been searching for the said BEST member ever since he arrived at jimusho, but there’s no luck in finding him.

Inoo looked at Yamada apologetically. “Gomen ne, Yama-chan,” he said. “I haven’t seen him all day.”

Disappointed, Yamada said, “Oh, its okay then.” When Yamada left the room, Inoo just looked at his back apologetically.


When he was in JUMP’s lounge, Yamada saw Yabu. Yabu was the only one there, sitting on the couch. Why Yabu was rubbing a ‘Shoon’ plushie was beyond his imagination. “Yabu-kun,” Yamada said when he approached Yabu.

Yabu jumped a bit, startled. He immediately hid the plushie behind him. He looked at Yamada, embarrassed. “What is it, Yama-chan?” he asked.

“I was wondering if you’ve seen Takaki-kun.”

Yabu looked at Yamada with a raised eyebrow. “Takaki?” He paused for awhile. “Didn’t he tell you?”

Yamada frowned. “Didn’t tell me what?”

“He called in sick today,” Yabu explained. “Apparently the fever he had got worse.”

‘A fever?’ Yamada thought. He bowed at Yabu. “Arigatou, Yabu-kun,” he said. “I promise I won’t tell Shoon-kun about your weird hobby.” Yamada left, leaving Yabu blushing ten shades of red.


‘Why didn’t Takaki-kun tell me he had a fever?’ Yamada thought. ‘I didn’t even notice it when we went out yesterday.’ Yamada looked alarmed. ‘He was caught in the rain while waiting for me at the bus station.’

“Yama-chan, are you okay?” Yuto said, snapping Yamada out of his thought. Yuto waved his hand in front of Yamada’s face. “You’ve been spacing out.”

Yamada looked at Yuto with teary eyes. Yuto panicked. “Yama-chan, don’t cry. Did I do something wrong? Yuto no baka,” he scolded himself.

Yamada chuckled, wiping the tears in his eyes away. “It’s not you,” he said. Yuto sighed in relief. “I…” the tears returned, “I made Takaki-kun sick.”

Confused, Yuto said, “What?”

“I didn’t know Takaki-kun had a fever, and I asked him out for a date yesterday,” Yamada said. “I was late, but he still waited for me at the bus station. It was raining, and he waited for me in the rain because he didn’t bring any umbrella with him,” Yamada babbled.

“Why don’t you go and visit him?” Yuto suggested.

Yamada brightened. “That’s a great idea,” he said. “I’ll go now.” Yamada was about to exit JUMP’s room when he head Yuto said.

“Yama-chan, we still have work. I meant after work.”

Yamada laughed sheepishly at Yuto. “Uh, I’m…I’m going to help Keito with his dance steps.” Yamada hurriedly went to the dance studio.

Yuto tilted his head. ‘Yama-chan is so weird today,’ he thought.


“Good job today, minna,” Yamada said. “See you tomorrow.” And he left jimusho.

All nine members looked at one another. “Why is Yamada in a hurry?” No one answered, but Yuto knew the answer to that.

On the way to Takaki’s house, Yamada passed a pastry shop. ‘I guess I’ll buy a cake for Takaki-kun,’ he thought cheerfully.

When he arrived in front of Takaki’s house, he rang the doorbell. No one answered. So, he turned the doorknob. The door opened. Yamada frowned. ‘Why didn’t Takaki-kun lock the door?’

He stepped into the house. It was empty. Yamada started to think it’s not a good idea to come. He was about to leave when a voice called out his name; A voice that he loved so much.


Yamada brightened up. “Takaki-kun,” he said. The BEST member went down the stairs. “The door was unlocked,” Yamada told him, closing the door.

“Nee-chan probably forgot to lock the door again,” Takaki told Yamada. The older teen smiled at the 7 member. “So, what do I owe you this visit?”

Yamada blushed. “Yabu-kun told me that you’re sick, so I came to check on you.”

“Yabu told you, huh?”

Yamada looked at Takaki. He said, “Takaki-kun, why didn’t you tell me anything yesterday, that you’re sick. We could have cancelled the date.”

“That means I’ll be breaking my promise to Yama-chan,” Takaki said.


“No but, Yama-chan,” Takaki said. “What’s done is done, and you can’t change it.”

“Takaki-kun,” he sighed. He looked at the older boy again. “How’s your fever?”

“It’s cooling down now,” Takaki answered. “And after the sleep I had, my headache disappeared.”

“That’s good to hear,” Yamada said, looking down. Suddenly, Yamada’s body shook, and sobs could be heard. Takaki looked worried.

“Yama-chan, is there something wrong?” he asked

“I’m sorry,” Yamada said, wiping away his tears. “I was worried.”

Takaki smiled and gently took Yamada in his embrace. “I don’t mind getting sick if it’s for Yama-chan,” he whispered in Yamada’s ear.

Yamada buried his face in Takaki’s shirt. “I bought you a cake.” There was a pause. “It’s strawberry shortcake.”

Takaki chuckled. “Want to share it with me?” he asked. Slowly, Yamada nodded his head. Takaki gave Yamada a peck on the forehead. They walked, hand-in-hand, together, into the kitchen.

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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] For You (TakaYama)   Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:16 am

this is sweet.

as sweet as strawberry shortcake. hahaha

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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] For You (TakaYama)   Thu Nov 27, 2008 9:28 pm

I want some strawberry shortcake...*pouts*
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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] For You (TakaYama)   

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[Oneshot] For You (TakaYama)
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