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PostSubject: Star Sales   Star Sales EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 12:45 am

WELCOME! and thanks for looking at this sales post. I only have a few rules that you should read and
understand before wanting a quote on an item.

  • The only form of payment accepted is PAYPAL.
    (If you ONLY use CC PAYPAL, let me know beforehand, I will have to wait
    for payment to clear before I ship anything out.) The reason being is
    that it's safer for me as the seller and you as the buyer...concealed
    cash gets lost and I personally am not comfortable with bank transfers/personal checks and/or money orders.
  • I ship from the US and preferrably to US buyers. International buyers are welcome though, as well!! :D
  • All prices are in USD and there is a *PAYPAL FEE as well, it will be noted in the price.
  • All sales are final. No refunds or returns or exchanges.
  • I prefer not to ship using UPS, but will consider it, just let me know.
  • Once the item is shipped, it is out of my hands. Please make sure to add insurance.
  • Shipping to other countries may be expensive, so please understand that when asking for a quote.
To see feedback from my buyers, please send me a PM.

Thank you!

charges a fee for using it to transfer money--doesn't matter if it's a
credit card transfer or direct non-cc transfer. It's usually around
$1.30-$2.00, you can check out ppcalc.com.----Also, I found a way around losing money to fees, instead of sending as Business send as Personal. XDD

(Just click each white box)

Naniwa -- sold
Endless Shock -- sold

Not shown:
Hey Say Jump - Ultra Music Power single
NEWS - Weeek! LE single

Prices: $5 per CD.

Please send me a private message with any questions following this format to make it easy:

Country (or Zip code for US residents):
Total amount:

With this sent, I'll be able to give a proper estimate on shipping. Thank you!!
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Star Sales
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