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 Read the NEW RULES!

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PostSubject: Read the NEW RULES!   Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:01 pm


This page is OPEN for everyone to post their fanfictions. Share your talents here and everyone will gladly appreciate your efforts.
PLEASE! NO flames or any foul language! Let's RESPECT each other!

Kindly follow the FORMAT!

[Oneshot] Title of the Fic (pairing)




ONLY pairings within any JE members and ORIGINAL CHARACTERS are welcome!

PLEASE! If authors wants to post any M / NC-17, KINDLY place a WARNING! MATURE /ADULT CONTENT sign RESPECTIVELY.

We're going to PM the author, so please cooperate. We don't want to delete your posts!

Warnings will only be applicable to those who doesn't follow the RULES TWICE.

After making your first post, please pm elizabethshim with the following format:

subject title: Fanfiction
message: state the format of your fanfic (oneshot), Title, Pairing (ex: Ohmiya, YamapixOC, etc.) Author and the weblink to your post.

This is so your entry can be added to the Index list.

Kindly cooperate with the RULES! !Mods also has RL.

Any questions? pm elizabethshim.
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Read the NEW RULES!
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