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 Read New RULES!

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Read New RULES! Empty
PostSubject: Read New RULES!   Read New RULES! EmptyThu Nov 27, 2008 2:21 am


This page is OPEN for everyone to share the JE songs they sang, karaoke or dubbed.

Share your talent here and everyone will gladly appraciate your effort.


  1. Respect all singers/dubbers/anyone/mixers who shared their works here. Critiques are allowed so that the singer/dubbers could improve but anyone who flames or made comments that will make the singer/dubbers feel down will be warned.
  2. Only POST songs related to JE. This is Everything JE, ne?
  3. Please make sure you give proper credits if you were collaborating with other people, like if you sing with someone else, or if someone mixed the song for you, etc.

KINDLY follow this FORMAT!

example: [Name of JE group/idol] Title of song

Anything you want to add / ask? Feel free to pm ladestiny92

To know more about the community rules, please CLICK HERE
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Read New RULES!
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