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 Applying for Mod~

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Applying for Mod~ Empty
PostSubject: Applying for Mod~   Applying for Mod~ EmptySat Jul 31, 2010 3:13 pm

Hello there~ I want to help out a bit as best as my capabilities.
Username: Random_Salez
Age: 17 ( I don't know why it says 20 in my profile (̃⊙.o)

Location: Canada
Position interested in: MOD
Experience in that position: I own my own website, though no one ever goes to it, I was a captain/owner, and Mod on a lot of Gaming sites before as well (kinda geeky I know)
Which section? (for Forum Moderators only): I really wanted to be in the NEWS section cause they are my favourite and stalk them the most, could I possibly sub in if another MOD doesn't want to take their place anymore? If not, I can go for the selling section or Kat-tun whichever one is fine xD
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Applying for Mod~
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