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 [Oneshot] TegoMass & KusaPi - A Happy Ending for Them

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[Oneshot] TegoMass & KusaPi - A Happy Ending for Them Empty
PostSubject: [Oneshot] TegoMass & KusaPi - A Happy Ending for Them   [Oneshot] TegoMass & KusaPi - A Happy Ending for Them EmptyThu Jan 15, 2009 2:04 am

A Happy Ending for Them
Pairing(s): TegoMass (Tegoshi & Masuda), KusaPi (Kusano & Yamashita)
Summary: It's the end of their journey. But at least, it's a happy one.
Beta-ed by: [Oneshot] TegoMass & KusaPi - A Happy Ending for Them Userinfocleo_chan

Note1: My last present for [Oneshot] TegoMass & KusaPi - A Happy Ending for Them Userinfoyuyako16 and [Oneshot] TegoMass & KusaPi - A Happy Ending for Them Userinfodephi
as well as my last fic. Now, I have no regrets leaving Johnny's fandom
as I've fulfilled all my promise to write a happy ending TegoMass and
KusaPi. Hope you all enjoy~! ^_________^

Taken place somewhere in the future (please don't ask me the year,
because I myself was unsure xD). And please forgive all my grammar
mistakes because I didn't get my beta to correct this.

"I want a baby." Kusano suddenly said.

Yamashita was dumbfounded by the statement. "And then? You know well that we can't have one."

"Why can't we?"


"We are both men. I know that." Kusano snapped, feeling slightly irritated. "We can adopt a baby."


Kusano frowned. "But, why?"

know that the Jimusho will not agree." Yamashita explained patiently.
"Asking them to acknowledge our relationship was the best thing that I
could do for you. So please, don't ask for such a ridiculous thing. It

"Ridiculous?!?" Kusano interrupted Yamashita's speech. "You call our relationship 'ridiculous'?!"

"Not our relationship. I mean..."

"Oh, I know perfectly well what you MEAN. You don't have to explain it to me."

Yamashita sighed, and then tried to reach for Kusano's hand. "Hironori..."

call me by my name. You are not allowed to use it anymore!" Kusano
slapped Yamashita's hand away.Then, he stood up, gathered all his
belongings - his wallet, the spare key of Yamashita's apartment and his
cell phone - and then went out of the apartment. Never once looking

"That's what he said to me!!" Kusano hit the
table roughly, while Masuda listened to him silently, all the while he
kept blinking his eyes. He really didn't understand the reason why
Kusano came to his and Tegoshi's apartment in the middle of the night,
looking angry and...dare he say it? Miserable, helpless. That's why
maybe, he let Kusano in and even went as far as serving him a cup of
warm tea.

Tegoshi went out of the room, closed the door quietly, and joined the two men in the livingroom.

lower down your voice, Kusano-kun. You make Hiroshi wake up just now."
Tegoshi scolded Kusano and the latter immediately feel bad for shouting
like that.

"I'm sorry." Kusano said. "Is he asleep, again?"

thanks to the book that you bought for him on his birthday last month."
Tegoshi said. "I read the book for him, and in a second he was aslepp."

Kusano smiled. He really loved Hiroshi. That boy had an
angelic smile, something that he inherited from his father. "Does he
like it?"

"Very much." Tegoshi smiled. "He even brought it with him to the camp last week. He said that he couldn't sleep without it."

Kusano's smile widened. He was really happy that his gift brought happiness to Tegoshi and Masuda's son.

At the word 'son', Kusano's smile faded. Immediately, he remembered his fight with Yamashita. Kusano let out a heavy sigh.

Noticing the change in his friend's mood, Tegoshi glanced at Masuda, but Masuda only shrugged his shoulder.

'He hadn't told me, why he came, yet', Masuda mouted silently.

rolled his eyes. He know that Masuda was dense, but he never knew that
Masuda was THAT dense. 'Yamashita and he probably got into a fight.
Isn't it obvious?', Tegoshi mouted back. Masuda shrugged again.

Tegoshi sighed, and then turned his attention to Kusano. "Now, tell me what has happen between the two of you."

"It's nothing, really." Kusano answered.

it was nothing, you wouldn't come here, in the middle of the night
without calling us first. Now, tell me what's wrong so we could fix it

Kusano sighed. "It's nothing, really. It's just that..."
Kusano went silent for a moment, before opened his mouth and began to
speak again. "We...we argued over something. And because I was mad, I
left. That's all."

"And that 'something' was?"

Kusano blinked at the question. "What 'something'?"

Tegoshi surpressed the urge to growl and simply threw Kusano out of his house. "What you've been argued about?"

that." Kusano began to draw a circle on the table with his fingers. It
seemed like he didn't want to talk about it. "I said that... I wanted
to have a baby."

Tegoshi, who was sipping his oolong tea at
that time, choked and coughed for several times before he could mutter
the words, "YOU SAID WHAT?!?"

Hiroshi, who was shocked to
hear Tegoshi's loud voice, woke up and started to cry loudly. Masuda
quickly went to his son's room and calmed him down. After five minutes
of long silence, Hiroshi finally calmed down. Only sobs could be heard.

"That was... my fault?" Kusano asked, unsure.

glared at him, but he knew that he couldn't blame Kusano. It was him
that shouted loudly, not Kusano. "No, it wasn't your fault." Tegoshi

"Sorry." Kusano suddenly bowed.

"Why are you sorry? You're not wrong at all."

looked up at Tegoshi. "You know, about mentioning the 'baby' thing. It
made you remember about Hiroshi's biological mother, right?"

winced when he heard those words. He was taken aback. He closed his
eyes, opened it again, and turned to stare at the closed door of his
son's room. Masuda's son's room for exact. His face became gloomy
before he changed it again into a cheerful one, and then averted his
attention back to Kusano. "Don't worry about that."
"That damn-" Kusano quickly corrected his words. "I mean Hiroshi's biological mother. Is she still bothering you?"

anymore." Tegoshi smiled, tried to assure Kusano that it was okay, but
failed miserably. He could feel the tears that threatened to fall.
"When she visited us, demanding that Massu have to marry her or else
she would take Hiroshi with her, Hiroshi started throwing things at
her." Tegoshi closed his eyes. He could see the scene as if it would
have been just yesterday. "Hiroshi cried loudly and she freaked out.
She left and never came back since then."

"Weren't you sad at
that time?" Kusano insisted. He knew that he hurt Tegoshi, but he
really wanted to know. He wanted to know the pain that Tegoshi had to
bear all this time. He wanted to know if he could bear it to see
Yamashita have a baby with someone else.

"What? When I let
Massu make love to Hiroshi's mother?" Tegoshi asked and Kusano nodded
silently. Tegoshi then smiled. A sad smile. "It hurts, a lot. Massu was
hurt too. He even cried. He said he was sorry. I don't know why he was
sorry when I'm the one who pushed him to do it."

blinked the tears away, refused to let it fall. Tegoshi continued. "But
I'm glad, really, that Hiroshi resembles Massu so much I forgot that he
is not blood-related with me."

"But why did you do it? Why
you let Massu sleep with that damn woman just to have a baby?" This
time Kusano didn't correct his words for calling Hiroshi's mother as
'damn woman'. He was too mad to realize that he had called her like
that. "You can always adopt one from the orphanage."

shook his head. "We can't, Kusano. We are both men and not legally
married. The orphanage will not let us. And the Jimusho didn't help

"The Jimusho." Kusano growled. "They always make us suffering."

Tegoshi just smiled. "But now, I'm very happy. I have Massu and Hiroshi. My life is complete. I can't ask for more."

felt like something had hit him hard on the head. He then realized how
fortunate he was that Yamashita was well loved by the Jimusho so they
relationship went smoothly. Only some people didn't accept them. For
Kusano, it was nothing.

But everything was hard for Tegoshi
and Masuda to be like what they are now. Endless threat from the
fangirls, the Jimusho, and then the problem with Hiroshi's biological
mother. Some even predicted them to fall, crumble, but they proved them
wrong. Tegoshi and Masuda stayed strong. Their bond grew stronger day
by day.

Kusano was ashamed of himself when he thought about
how hard Tegoshi and Masuda's life was. He was so happy living together
with Yamashita and yet he wanted more. Yamashita was right when he said
that his wish to have a baby was a ridiculous idea.

Kusano opened his motuh, wanting to say his apology to Tegoshi for
making him remembered about the past, he heard the doorbell ring.
Tegoshi quickly got up and answered it. "Masuda Takahisa and Tegoshi
Yuya's residence. May I..."

"Is Hironori there?" Yamashita
merely cut him. Tegoshi sighed and opened the door without answering
the question. Yamashita knew very well that Kusano had nowhere to go
other than to his and Masuda's apartment.

The moment Tegoshi
opened the door, Yamashita ran past him and searched for Hironori.
Tegoshi wanted to scold him for not changing into the slippers first
but then he changed his mind. It was useless anyway. Yamashita was
blind for anything when he was concerned about Kusano. So he closed the
door and went to Hiroshi's room, just in case Masuda needed help
calming their son when their guests started bickering.

Yamashita called Kusano's name softly. The first thing that he wanted
to do when he saw Kusano sitting in Tegoshi and Masuda's apartment was
hugging him. He wanted to tell Hironori how sorry he was. He wanted to
do everything for Hironori. Everything.

Kusano stayed still with his back on Yamashita, refused to turn around. "What?" Kusano answered the call with a cold tone.

winced at the tone Kusano used, but he braved himself to talk. "Please.
Hironori, don't do this to me. I'll do whatever you want, but please,
don't be cold like this towards me. Okay?"

Kusano immediately
turned around when he heard Yamashita's words. The delight could be
seen in his eyes, his anger was long forgotten. "Really? Whatever I

"Yes." Yamashita nodded firmly. Before he went to pick
Hironori up, he had made his decision. If Kusano wanted a baby, then he
would adopt one, even though the Jimusho objected it. He didn't care,
really. As long as Kusano was happy, then he would do anything for him.

"Okay. I want Haagen Daaz Banana Chocolato Lemon Mustard."

Yamashita could only blinked. "What?"

"You know, Haagen Daaz. Ice cream."

Yamashita blinked again. Once, twice...

"What? You don't want to buy it for me?"

"But you said you wanted..."

"Banana Chocolato Lemon Mustard." Kusano simply cut him. "You will buy it for me right?"

smiled. Even though he didn't know what had changed him, he was
thankful that Kusano already forgave him. "I'll buy it for you. The
large one."

"Really?" Kusano jumped happily when Yamashita
nodded. "Let's go then!" He grabbed Yamashita's hand, and dragged him
out of the apartment, their fight long forgotten.


"Have they made up?"

Tegoshi smiled at his son. "I think so."

then." Hiroshi yawned widely. "I don't want them to break up." And when
Hiroshi saw Tegoshi raising his eyebrows, confused about why he wanted
Kusano and Yamashita be together again, Hiroshi began to explain his
theory. "Uncle Yamashita wouldn’t be able to buy me present for my
birthday next year if he broke up with Uncle Hironori. Because Uncle
Yamashita would think of Uncle Kusano everyday and forget all about

Hiroshi's innocent speech made Tegoshi and Masuda burst
into laughter. They could imagine Yamashita cuddled up in the corner of
his apartment looking so lost without Kusano beside him.

he stopped laughing, Tegoshi stared at Hiroshi and stroke Hiroshi's
hair lovingly. "Now, it's time for you to go to sleep. Acting time is

Hiroshi grinned. "Hm~~"

Hiroshi grabbed Tegoshi and Masuda's hands and held them tightly to his chest. "Papa Massu and Mama Yuya have to be happy too."

could feel that tears started rolling down his cheeks, but he didn't
make an attempt to wipe it. "Yes, we will be happy."

"The three of us will be happy. Forever." Massu added softly.

grinned again. "Every fairytale story has to have a happy ending
anyway." After he said that, Hiroshi immediately fell asleep.

It's really a happy ending for them after all.


Juu's notes: This was the longest fic that I've written in my life I think. I'm satisfied that I've finished writing it. Banzai! <333
Now, with this fic, I'll officially leave Johnny's fandom, except for Arashi of course. I can't stop my love for them ^^
is the last time for me writing a fanfic too, since I have no
motivation to write anymore. I'll just stuck with translating things I
think xD So, for those who had read my fanfic and leave the comments, I
could only say thanks! Thanks for all the support you gave me. It
encouraged me to write more. I really appreciate it! *big group hug*
Salute! ^___________________^
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[Oneshot] TegoMass & KusaPi - A Happy Ending for Them
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