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 読んで下さい。 Please read this!

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Graphic Artist

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PostSubject: 読んで下さい。 Please read this!   Wed Nov 05, 2008 10:26 am

Welcome to the 'Let Your Creativity Flow!' forum. (:

This forum is open for everyone to post their fanwork. Don't be shy and show off what you have! People will surely appreciate it, and you may even get good feedback. If you would like to critique a member's work, please be RESPECTFUL. Do not flame or use foul language! There will be consequences if you are caught being disrespectful to other members - and not only in this section of the site!

If you're interested in posting a fanfiction, then please check out this thread!

Please use the following format when posting your work:

[Icon, Banner, Signature, Manip, Fanart, Other] The artists involved.

[b]Type of fanwork:[/b]
[b]Artists involved:[/b]
- List them
- Like so
- With the
- Number of
- Pieces that
- Involves them (like this!)
[b]How to credit me!:[/b]

Post your fanwork after the line break!
Quote :
Type of fanwork: Icons!
Artists involved:
- Yamashita Tomohisa (6)
- Ikuta Toma (4)
- Kato Shigeaki (2)
How to credit me!: Through ezc-n @ livejournal! Please and thanks. (:
Notes: Yes, I couldn't be bothered to make more icons for an example. Bite me.

If your thread resembles the example from above (without all the repeated icons, of course), then you're on the right track! Just make sure that all the people involved in your artwork are part of the JE fandom. Of course, you can have work where another artist from outside Johnny's is with an artist from JE - as long as there is some hint of a Johnny's boy within the art, you'll be fine.

You can always contact me if you're uncertain!

As these are visual fanwork, please do not post work that are unsuitable for young eyes. In this case, even ratings won't do! After all, people won't really be happy about seeing Yamapi's head manipulated onto a naked man's bod. Because they would much rather see the real thing. Because this is not a porn section! x:

We will PM the member if there are any problems, so please co-operate with us! It would make things that much easier. Warnings will only be given to those that do not follow the rules twice.

Any more questions (or suggestions, even)? PM EZCN!
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読んで下さい。 Please read this!
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