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 [Oneshot] Chemical Equation (Hikanoo)

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PostSubject: [Oneshot] Chemical Equation (Hikanoo)   Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:30 am

Title: Chemical Equation
Author: ladestiny92
Summary: Yaotome Hikaru + Inoo Kei -------> Yaotome Kei
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, humor
Notes: Written a long time ago, during my finals exam. It was during my Chemistry paper...lol^^ Enjoy...^_^

“Inoo-chan, why are we required to take Chemistry?” Hikaru whined.

Inoo rolled his eyes. “Hikaru, stop playing around and help me prepare for this experiment.” They were in the Chemistry lab, doing an experiment called titration. The other students had already started except for Inoo and Hikaru.

The younger teen yawned and went beside Inoo. He stole a glance at Inoo-s backside and unconsciously, he licked his lips. “Itai!” he yelled in pain when Inoo flicked his forehead. “Why did you do that for?” Hikaru asked, glaring at his boyfriend.

“That’s what you get for being perverted in the middle of the class,” Inoo hissed. Inoo looked at his Chemistry practical book. “Hikaru, please use the pipette to measure the sodium hydroxide, NaOH solution, and transfer it into the beaker.” When Inoo checked to see if Hikaru had did everything he instructed, he just couldn’t believe his eyes. Inoo massaged his temple. He could feel a headache coming.

“Hikaru, why are you pouring the sodium hydroxide, NaOH solution, and hydrochloric acid, HCl solution, in the same beaker at the same time?”

“Huh?” Hikaru said, looking at the angry Inoo with a blank look.

“If this was a real exam, you will fail, Inoo, Yaotome,” their Chemistry teacher, Dan-sensei, who happened to pass by, said.

Inoo groaned and glared at Hikaru. ‘I am so not letting him touch me for a week.’


“Hey, Inoo-chan, please help me out,” Hikaru said, walking to Inoo, whose doing his homework with Ryutaro and Yuto in the JUMP’s lounge room. “I don’t know how to do the report for the experiment earlier.”

“If you didn’t mess up our chemicals, we would have been able to do the experiment ourselves. Then, it’ll be easier for us to do the report.”

“I told you I’m sorry, Inoo-chan,” Hikaru said. He tried to kiss Inoo, but Inoo put a hand in front of Hikaru’s mouth. “No touching me for a week, Hika-chan.” Inoo stood up and left the room.

“You’re in a big trouble,” Yuto commented, smirking.

“Just spare me, Yuto,” Hikaru grumbled.

At that moment, Chinen skipped over towards them. “Hi guys,” the acrobatic member, said. He then locked Ryutaro in a long kiss.

A bad-mood Hikaru grunted, “Get a room will you?”

“You’re just jealous,” a dazed Ryutaro, said.


Two days later, Inoo bumped into Dan-sensei in the hallway. Inoo apologized. “I’m sorry, Dan-sensei. I was in a hurry to go to the library.”

“It’s alright,” Dan-sensei said. Before Dan-sensei continued his way to the staff room, he said, “Oh, and tell Yaotome that the products Yaotome Hikaru + Inoo Kei does not produce Yaotome Kei.”

Inoo was blushing scarlet after Dan-sensei left. ‘Damn that Hikaru,’ he thought.


“Inoo-chan~” Hikaru’s voice was heard as he merrily skipped to Inoo’s table. It was lunchtime. “What’s for lunch today?”

Inoo hugged his bento close to himself. “I’m not sharing my bento with you after you humiliated me.”

Hikaru looked at Inoo, confused. “Eh???”

Inoo’s face was red with anger, you could practically see the steam coming from his ears. Hikaru gulped when Inoo looked at him with angry eyes.

“There’s no such thing as the products Yaotome Hikaru + Inoo Kei produces Yaotome Kei!” Inoo snapped. “We’re working on the titration for sodium hydroxide, NaOH solution, baka Hika! There’s no Yaotome Hikaru or Inoo Kei in the experiment!”

Hikaru just stared at Inoo. “Are you done yet?” he asked once Inoo let everything out.

“Yes, in fact, I am,” Inoo said.

“Good,” Hikaru said, and before Inoo could predict what Hikaru was going to do, the younger BEST member crashed his lips to Inoo, hard.

Inoo’s eyes opened wide. When Hikaru pulled apart, Inoo just looked at the other BEST member, still dazed. Hikaru commented out loud, “Wow! Takaki wasn’t kidding when he said kissing would make the other person forget about everything else.”

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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Chemical Equation (Hikanoo)   Sun Dec 14, 2008 11:41 am

ahahaha that was so cute! HSJ oneshots are just sooo sweet

this part was probably my favourite.

Quote :
“Wow! Takaki wasn’t kidding when he said kissing would make the other person forget about everything else.”

*thinks about ur Takayama oneshots*
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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Chemical Equation (Hikanoo)   Sun Dec 14, 2008 6:59 pm

I wonder if that could be used in RL...
lol~ just kidding...^^
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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Chemical Equation (Hikanoo)   Thu Jan 01, 2009 8:51 am

yes it could be!~!!

if someone can do it!~

btw... saida-nee chan!~!!

the lemts here makes my nose bleed!!!!!!!!!~!!


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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Chemical Equation (Hikanoo)   Thu Jan 01, 2009 9:12 am

haha~ I bet the HSJ members did it after concerts...O.O

lol~ just kidding...hehe

nyaaaa~ lemts?
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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Chemical Equation (Hikanoo)   

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[Oneshot] Chemical Equation (Hikanoo)
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