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 [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)

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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 EmptySat Dec 06, 2008 10:01 pm

apostropheTHIS wrote:
When I read Nino's part I was like "He must be a Vampire Hunter!!" which would be awesome. Lol. Aiba is adorable...AS ALWAYS!!
LOL! Nino as a vampire hunter! Tho he does seem a bit suspicious ne? HEHE. And I love Aiba-chan when he's being adorable. He just can't help it.

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 EmptySat Dec 13, 2008 12:13 pm

Nino would be amazing as a Vampire Hunter, I imagine him with is hair in Pikanchi Double! LOL. HOT. XD

I kinda wanna do a fic together LOL.
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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 EmptySun Dec 14, 2008 11:44 am

lets see, i was shocked, angry, confused, sad then...somewhat relieved and happy again. i always feel like i'm riding a roller coaster when reading your updates, especially when i miss some.

anyway, i can't wait to read and see how this story progresses.

oh yeah, i'm extremely pissed at Tezuka, i mean... she's like his little sister! and yeah! he literally broke her! BROKE HER!!!!

*sharpens stake as i wait for an update*
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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 EmptyThu Dec 18, 2008 10:00 pm

nana_chan - Gaah, the stake's not for me right? Heh.

Chapter 16

“Some choices we live not only once but a thousand times over, remembering them for the rest of our lives.”
- Richard Bach

“We’ve got a dilemma.” Tezuka swirled the dark red liquid in his wine glass and let out a slow, heavy sigh. Miyu was too young to deal with a life altering decision. On top of being turned into a vampire only three years ago, she was also inexperienced when it came to relationships. And the decision that awaited her needed her to be experienced in both. To embrace a human was not easy and then to spend an eternity with the same mate had its complications.

“Tell me about it. First you won’t give me any when I want some and second, I’m drinking this…” Victoria slammed her glass of synthetic blood on the table. “When there’s fresh blood a few feet away from me.” Tezuka took his time sipping from his glass before replying to her. “He’s off limits. And I’m not in the mood.” She scoffed at him then downed the blood. “You want to talk about her problem? Fine. It’s all your fault. It was your responsibility to inform her about EVERYTHING that she needed to know about being a vampire. Why did you neglect to tell her about the possibility of meeting her mate? And the FULL consequences of drinking from him? Especially when he’s a human?” He met her stare. “I thought I could keep her to myself… I shouldn’t have given her permission to go out and look for a job. But I thought it’d make her feel a bit normal.”

“That’s funny. Normalcy can never be part of a vampires life, Tezuka. You know that.”
“It never occurred to me that she’d actually find her mate. I mean seriously, Victoria. Do you know how many times this has happened before?”
“I’m guessing not very often.”
“A record of three times! THREE fucking times!”
“That’s it?!”
“The odds were against her. Or so I thought.”
“What now?”

He had to tell her and she had to make a decision but he was afraid.

“I can’t let her make the wrong decision, Victoria.”
“Why would she choose starvation over eternal life with him?”
“You don’t understand. Some of us view eternity as a blessing, a gift. There are others who see it as damnation. Miyu didn’t choose this life. She’s not going to subject another person, especially someone she loves, to the same fate.”

Was it because she had recently fed? But Miyu’s senses were heightened and she overheard the conversation between Tezuka and Victoria from the kitchen. What were the full consequences that she was talking about? She thought that drinking from him was simply going to make her crave for his blood more often than usual. But it seemed like the ramifications were dire. Starvation or turning Jun into a vampire. She had to choose between the two? The latter was obviously out of the question even when Jun had expressed his willingness to it. Him being human was part of why she loved him. Like how she cherished the sound of his heart beat at that very moment. It was steady, strong, and comforting. She would hate it if he lost that rhythm because when she closes her eyes and block every other single sound around her… she could pretend that hers was beating along side with his. Quite silly of her, wasn’t it? Pretending that her heart was pumping blood when it was already dead. But how could one explain the rush of blood through her veins whenever she saw him? How could color flood her cheeks when she thought of him? It was a phenomenon that vampires still couldn’t make sense of. Miyu nuzzled her face on Jun’s chest. If his heart stopped, it would be the end of her world. His heart was hers and she intended to keep it alive no matter what the cost was.


Dead silence. It greeted Jun that morning. That and Miyu’s cold body on top of him. He still hadn’t gotten used to it. The coldness and how her skin was unusually pale except during the times when she blushed. And it was very obvious when she blushed. When color crept up her neck… it was like seeing ink blot on tissue paper but incredibly faster. Sometimes the flush would start from her cheeks then spread to her whole face. It was cute. And there were the other times when he knew she was aroused because her whole body would suddenly feel hot and would redden under his touch. It was amazingly sexy. Jun felt himself harden and tried to push away the thoughts of Miyu naked under him, writhing…

“Are you hungry?”

Miyu was awake and looking up at him.


He was but not for food.

“I’d love to cook you something but I’m afraid we don’t have anything in the fridge except for blood and that’s not part of you diet.”
“It could be if…”

She pushed her body up and sat on him. A strange expression fell on her face then her eyes widened. Jun looked away from her gaze. He knew that she felt him underneath her.

“Is this what they call, what is it again? Morning wood?”
“Not exactly.”
“Oh. So this is perversion?”

Miyu squealed when Jun grabbed her waist and with one swift move, she was lying underneath his frame, his hand on her thigh while he lowered his head…


Jun froze. Miyu turned her head and found a snarling Tezuka, fangs out and eyes aglow.


His fangs suddenly retracted and his eyes returned to their normal shade of black. She… she called him ‘Ni-chan?’ That meant… either she had forgiven him or she didn’t remember what he had done to her.

“Miyu. Daijobu?”

Feeling a bit awkward, Jun pulled away then got off the bed. Tezuka moved forward and Miyu quickly got up and stood on the mattress.

“Are you still mad at me?”

She did forget and he was relieved. Unequivocally relieved.

“Not anymore.”

He flashed her a dazzling smile then when he was right in front of her, he lifted her off the bed and set her down on the floor. Tezuka combed her hair back.

“I can never stay mad at you for too long.”

He pulled her into a tight embrace. Miyu glanced at Jun, he was glaring at Tezuka’s back.

“Gomen, I didn’t mean to worry you. For uh, two weeks… right?”
“Two weeks, yeah.”
“I don’t know what happened. Why I…”
“Sshh, it’s okay. Forget about it.”

Jun couldn’t take it anymore. That Tezuka was purposely making him jealous. He cleared his throat with the intent to interrupt.

“Thanks for bringing Jun here.” She whispered.

Tezuka bent his head down and whispered back into her ear. “Why are you whispering?”

Miyu giggled. “I don’t know.”

He loved the sound of her giggle. “He’s glaring at me, isn’t he? I can feel it.”

She giggled again. “You’re making him jealous.”

Jealous? He was the jealous one. “Is his throat itchy or something? Why does he keep clearing it?”

Again, she giggled.


“Gomen, Ni-chan,” was the last thing she whispered to him before she left his arms and went to Jun.

“If you’re hungry, feel free to leave and eat out. We’ll be here sleeping.” Tezuka tossed a glance at them and caught a smile from Miyu before he left the room. When the door closed, Jun tilted Miyu’s chin up then kissed her. She responded by pressing her body on his and running her fingers through his hair. His hands slid up her nightshirt and Miyu deepened the kiss, parting her lips to coax his tongue inside her mouth. Jun didn’t hesitate and slid his tongue in. He could feel the fever spreading over her skin and it persuaded his feet to lead them back to the bed. Miyu broke the kiss and backed away then she turned and crawled on the bed. Jun was about to get on the bed when the door swung open.

“Not when I’m here.”

Tezuka growled at them. Miyu ducked under the covers, embarrassed. Jun lifted the blanket and planted a kiss on her nose.

“I’ll be back before you know it. Get some sleep.”


[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 EmptyThu Dec 18, 2008 10:00 pm

The vampire’s clothes didn’t fit him but Miyu insisted he wore
them. If it was up to him, he would’ve worn his bloodstained shirt and
jeans instead of wearing Tezuka’s clean black polo and black pants.
They were relatively longer and they loosely hung on his slim body. He
also reluctantly borrowed dark sunglasses and a cap. When he was
satisfied with his disguise, he left the condo and sought out a grocery
store. It would’ve been convenient to simply go in a restaurant and eat
there but Jun didn’t want to stay out long so he decided to shop for
ingredients and cook at the apartment. It took him less than an hour to
shop and a matter of minutes to return home. He had bought enough food
for a week. Although he wasn’t planning on actually staying there for a
week, he wanted to be prepared. He would have to go back to his own
apartment some time, he couldn’t keep wearing his clothes. Jun had to
make two trips to his car before he was able to unload all the bags in
the kitchen. He tried to be as quiet as he possibly could when he
stocked his purchases in the fridge and the cupboards. Cooking was also
done in silence. Granted, he couldn’t lower down the sound of sizzling,
he did manage to avoid any clanging noises. The rice was ready about
the same time he finished cooking his omelet. A bit of ketchup on top
was squirted and then it was time to eat. He washed down his breakfast
with a glass of water. When he was done, he went to the bathroom to
brushed his teeth. Miyu had opened a new package of toothbrush for him
and showed him where the toothpaste and mouthwash were. After that, he
went back into Miyu’s room. It was really dark in her room. Actually,
it was dark everywhere in their apartment. He noticed that the windows
in the living room were boarded shut and so were the ones in the
kitchen. Miyu’s room had no windows at all. It felt a bit stuffy in
there and it was cold. He wondered if they had the A/C on 24/7.

was curled into a ball under the covers, snoozing. What was he supposed
to do for nine hours? That was when he noticed a laptop on Miyu’s desk.
Jun turned it on but after the operating system loaded, a screen asking
for a password appeared. Protection from Tezuka perhaps? He smirked
then typed in his first guess.


password. Jun frowned then tried his whole name. Again, incorrect
password. She couldn’t have possibly used Tezuka but he tried it
anyway. Nope, that was not it. Was she the type to use a name or not?
This proved harder than he thought. Jun pondered for a few minutes then
he hesitantly typed…


The screen loaded and
Jun scowled at her selected wallpaper. It was a bare-chested Aiba in
black and white. Why hadn’t she changed it yet?! Before he knew what he
was doing, he was googling wallpapers of him and saving them on her
hard drive. And then after he changed and trashed Aiba’s, he went into
her control panel to change her password as well. He felt better now
even though he should be feeling bad. Resistance was futile, he thought
while he snooped around Miyu’s files and folders. To his dismay, he
found a least 5 gigabytes of Aiba’s pictures and she even had the
newspaper scan of Aiba’s scandal but she had altered it, drawing a big
X on the girl’s face and writing the word “Evil Bitch” next to her. He
wished he could find the humor in it but he was too jealous. There was
no folder specifically for him; at least he hadn’t found one yet. Jun
went to ‘Start’ then ‘Find’ and typed his name in the search box. A
total of one file was found. That was it? Jun grumbled while he
double-clicked on the Microsoft Word document. It consisted of
thirty-eight pages and after quickly scanning through them, he noticed
that they were organized in a series of entries separated only by three
dashes. When he read the first one, he realized that it was a diary
except it didn’t have dates. He threw a quick glance at Miyu’s form
under the covers before he focused his attention on the laptop and
started reading.

My first day at work and who do I bump into? Honey and Matsu-Jun.


I literally bumped into honey. He looked so adorable! Then the DoS had
to preach about not looking where I was going. He even called me
Purple-chan because I was wearing purple. How creative! NOT.

So she called Aiba-chan, honey?! Jun glared at the sleeping figure on
the bed. They needed to talk about that later. Jun continued to read.
In the beginning, she had mentioned Aiba a few times but after a couple
of pages, it was all about him. The most powerful entry that he read
was the one she had written after the night he jumped off the building.

Jun. The man who has given me a lot of my firsts. He was the first
person I told my real name to after I was turned. The first one I
talked to so openly about my family and past. The first fresh blood
I’ve tasted and craved for. The first one I’ve longed for every night.
He took me out on my first date and that night, I tasted my first kiss.
He’s the first man I wanted to… have had thoughts of… making love to.
If my heart could beat, he’d be the first to make it skip, race, and
flutter. He is my first love and he will be my last. I am not his first
but what pains me is knowing that I will not be his last, however, that
will not stop me from loving him for the rest of my eternal life.

wouldn’t she be his last? Why did she make it sound like he was
eventually going to leave her? Or was she going to leave him? Reading
that entry had left his mind in disarray so he turned the laptop off
and decided to lie down next to Miyu. He positioned himself behind her,
his arm over her waist. Jun inhaled deeply, taking in her scent into
his lungs. He didn’t care what she thought, he was going to spend
eternity with her.


The door to Miyu’s bedroom slammed
open. Victoria ran in and rummaged through the closet, tossing clothes
inside a luggage that she had rolled in. Jun sat up and groggily stared
at Tezuka.

“What’s going on?”
“MIYU! Wake up!”

Tezuka barked the command and Miyu woke up, startled.

“Get dressed now!”
“Wait, why? Where are we going?”
“No questions. Just do what I say.”

She looked at Jun then got up and grabbed some clothes.

“I’ll change in the bathroom.”

When she was out of the room…

“Can you tell me what’s going on?”
“You’re taking Miyu to your place and she’ll be staying with you until I get back.”
“Where are you going?”
of your business. And don’t get any weird ideas either. Her living with
you is only temporary. I will be coming back to take her.”
“So that’s it? No explanation?”
“You don’t need one.”
“Fine. By the time you get back, Mia wouldn’t want to leave me anymore.”
“Don’t make me laugh.”


Miyu yelled from outside.

Once they were all packed, Tezuka quickly ushered them to Jun’s car.

“Matte, Tezuka!”

She needed to know what was wrong.

“Miyu, daijobu. There’s just something that I need to take care of. I’ll promise I’ll come back. Okay?”

didn’t want him to go. She had a really bad feeling about this
unexpected leave. Her eyes began to water. What if something bad
happened to him while he was gone and she wouldn’t know anything about

“IYA! I don’t want you to go!”
“Miyu… he…” Tezuka looked at Jun briefly. “He’ll take care of you while I’m gone.”
“But, but why do you have to leave?! I don’t get it!”
“Listen to me, Miyu. This is important. Don’t EVER leave his apartment until I come back. You hear me?”
“You’re scaring me.”
“Just promise me that you’ll stay inside.”

She nodded quietly, tears rolled down her cheeks. Tezuka glanced at Victoria. She sighed and turned Jun’s face away from them.

“OI! What are you doing?!”
“Stay still or I’ll break your neck. It’s for your own good anyway.”
“Chotto matte! Don’t hurt him!” Miyu cried out.

She turned to face him and he cupped her face with his hands then he lowered his lips until it touched hers.


kissed her gently at first but when Miyu didn’t protest, he deepened
the kiss. She opened her mouth just then to object but that gave him
the opportunity to dip his tongue in and claim hers. Miyu pulled back,
confused by Tezuka’s actions.

“Sorry. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time now. I love you, Mia.”
“Tezuka… I…”

His lips grazed her cheek when he leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

“I’ve always loved you. Not as a brother but as a man.”

Her eyes widened.

“I’m sorry I never told you.”


A/N -

Well, not much to say really. Trouble for Tezuka eh? Most likely
Castiele? What about the full consequences of drinking from Jun? Miyu
needs to make a choice? Wah. What's going on?! ^__^

Thanks for your support! Comments are always appreciated. Oh and happy holidays!!!

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 EmptySun Jan 04, 2009 2:12 pm

Chapter 17
“Just what should you do? You’ve got wavering feelings
Unaware that the timer you carry in your heart aches going tick-tock.”
-- Life Goes On

Tezuka’s confession took Miyu by surprise. All this time, he loved her? He wanted her? And he didn’t say anything?! Instead, he made her think that he regarded her as a little sister? Even though she knew he was just acting, there were times when she thought, well, maybe he was not pretending. But he teased her a lot and seemed to enjoy it when she gets all flustered and bothered when he made sexual advances towards her. It annoyed her as well because she did go through – sort of a phase – when she lusted for him. But she got over that. There was only one man she lusted for now. Although if asked if she loved him. The answer was simple. She did. She loved Tezuka. She was not in love with him but he was someone who was precious to her. And it worried her, not knowing whether he was in trouble or if it was dangerous, wherever he was going. It worried her so much that she couldn’t even look at the bright side of things. Tezuka had entrusted her to Jun. It was highly unexpected. It should make her happy. But she still couldn’t get over the fact that he had to leave so suddenly and whatever it was that he had to take care of had pushed him to impulsively own up to his feelings for her. That was her main concern. He must have thought that there was a possibility that he wouldn’t return to her, that was why he had to tell her how he truly felt about her.

Miyu kept replaying Tezuka’s confession in her head and also ended up imagining dreadful scenarios where he ended up dead. By the time Jun pulled up to the parking lot, she was all nerves and was ready to fly out of there and search for him.

“Jun, I have to go back! I can’t let him go!”

She sounded seriously distressed and didn’t wait for him to reply but simply unbuckled her seatbelt and quickly got out of the car. Jun immediately followed suit and got to her before she could run.

“Mia, calm down. He’s going to be okay.”
“You don’t know that! He’s going somewhere dangerous. That’s why he’s not taking me with him. That’s why he’s letting you take care of me. That’s why he admitted that he loved me. Jun, I can’t. I can’t let him go! You don’t understand. I have to stop him!”

Jun figured as much. So the vampire did love her. He felt a lot more insecure now but this was not the time to wallow in it. She was putting up quite a fight. It was certainly a good thing that Miyu’s powers did not include super strength because he was already having trouble restraining her as she struggled to break free from his grasp.

“Listen to me, Mia. He knows what he’s doing. And he’s strong, isn’t he? Just believe in his decision and wait for him to come back. Okay?”
“NO! Jun, please.”
“Mia… I’m not letting you go.”

She pounded her fists on his chest, crying at the same time. Jun wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. “Mia. You think he’d let you stay with me forever?”

“No.” She meekly replied.
“Then he’ll be back for you. I won’t easily hand you over but…”

A soft chuckle cut him off and he was relieved that she was able to find some humor under the circumstances.

“Gomen ne, Jun. Tezuka is… he’s… it’s not what you think. I mean…”

Miyu didn’t know how to explain her relationship with Tezuka.

“Daijobu desu. You don’t have to explain.”
“You have the right to know.”
“Iya. It doesn’t matter.”
“It does.”
“Then tell me later.”

Jun let go of her then went to open the trunk to take out her luggage and an icebox. Miyu went around to the backseat and took out the groceries that Jun had purchased that day. They silently walked side by side then took the elevator up to Jun’s floor.

After depositing her blood bottles and the groceries in the fridge and cupboards, Miyu crawled under the covers of Jun’s bed. She was not sleepy nor was she tired but she just felt like lying down and resting her eyes. A few minutes passed when she felt Jun crawl in behind her. His arms went around her immediately and she turned to nuzzle her face on his chest.

“Mia, you didn’t get to feed when you woke up earlier.”
“I’m not hungry.”
“Are you sure?”

She nodded and pressed her body closer to him, she slipped her hand under his shirt so she could feel his warmth. The heat was making her want to tuck herself inside his shirt and she tried.

“Mia, what are you doing?”

Jun curiously asked when she saw her lower her head then lift his shirt up.

“You’re not going to fit in there, silly.”

She wiggled her head in but it was tight fit. Jun squirmed and pushed down on her shoulders.

“Mia, that tickles!”

She stopped moving but Jun could feel her breath on his midsection. And then her cold lips made contact with his skin. She planted kisses around his flat tummy then she inquisitively dipped her tongue inside his belly button.


Jun pulled his shirt off of him then stared at the top of Miyu’s head. She glanced up innocently at him.

“You’re so warm.”

She crept up until she was able to reach his neck with her lips then she slung one leg over him while her arms went around his back.

“I think this is what they call the death grip in wrestling.”

Jun amusingly told Miyu.

“You watch wrestling?”
“Nope. I’m just guessing.”
“Your arms around me, please.”

He laughed at her request but indulged her nonetheless.

“I’ll have to cook dinner soon AND you also need to drink.”
“Okay but let me try the bottled blood first. Maybe I can hold them down now.”
“Eh, you don’t want my blood anymore?”
“I can’t keep drinking from you.”
“Why not?”
“If I become too dependent on your blood, I’m not going to survive without you.”

Jun gasped.

“You found me out. That was my ulterior motive.”

Miyu giggled.

“Please, the reason you want me addicted to your blood is… you always end up getting some while I feed on you.”

He scoffed at her reply.

“Always? I didn’t get any the last time you fed.”
“Oh? So that means I owe you one?”
“If we’re to adhere to your theory, yes.”
“Well then…”

Jun felt Miyu’s hand slide down and slip underneath his boxers.

“Let’s not delay gratification.”


How many times do vampires sleep within a day? This particular one with soft curves and swollen lips slept quite a lot and it wasn’t even time for her to sleep yet. After they made a fact out of her theory, she fell asleep soundly next to him. For once, she didn’t drink from him while they made love. That little tidbit could overturn the new found fact back to theory again but he had no intentions of making it known to her. Jun pulled Miyu closer to him and she instantly nuzzled the closest body part that made contact with her face, which unfortunately for Jun, was the flesh right below his underarm. He jerked in response, his elbow hitting the back of her head.


It didn’t wake her up but it didn’t stop her nuzzling either. Jun moved back, trying to put a distance between her face and his underarm but she wriggled forward and found it again.

“AH, I can’t stand it.”

A smile broke on her face and she darted her tongue out. Jun quickly rolled to his side and fell off the bed. A burst of laughter reached his ears as soon as his body hit the cold floor. That vixen was awake! Her head poked out from the edge and he could see her fangs clearly while she grinned at him.

“You’re so cute,” was her greeting.
“You’re going to regret this,” was his reply.

She faked a yawn then dropped a pillow on top of him. A giggle escaped her lips before he got hold of her. Miyu squealed when Jun swiftly pinned her down, his entire frame molded behind her. Her shrieks were muffled by the blanket under her. She turned her face to the side and gasped for air.

“I admit defeat! Let me go!”
“Prisoners have no right to make demands.”
“Pretty please?”
“I can’t be persuaded.”

She wiggled her ass seductively, which was coincidently pressed under his lower region. A low groan was heard and she felt him harden.

“Maybe I can be persuaded.”
“I thought so. Let me go and I’ll show you how persuasive I can be.”
“This better not be a trick.”
“Come on, take a risk.”

Jun loosened his grip on her and slowly lifted his body off her. She turned unto her back and looked up at him then she slid down until her face was right under his pelvis. Seconds later, her lips were on him. His fingers crumpled the sheets and he threw his head back. The sensations that coursed through him made his body tremble and they elicited a lot of moaning. Unknowingly, his hips began to move and minutes later, after one shuddering breath after another, his release came and she swallowed all of it. He almost flopped on top of her but she held him steady. Her mouth freed him but didn’t completely leave that area. Jun felt her tongue trace a wobbly line down his inner thigh then her fangs sunk into his flesh. While she sucked on his blood, her hand found his length and she was compelled to caress it. She drank and he groaned. Her appetite was sated when he peaked and she quickly slid back up before Jun’s weakened body fell on her.

“I’m supposed to be free now.”

Miyu playfully tried to push Jun off her.

“I’m never letting you go.”

Jun lifted his head up to face her. A smile lifted the corners of his mouth.

“But you can keep trying to persuade me.”

She blew air into her cheeks and pouted.

“You’re so cute.”


Seriously, how many times do vampires sleep in one day? It’s not even dawn yet. It was far from it. This time, instead of pulling Miyu closer, Jun got up and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.


The area where Miyu bit him stung when he walked. It felt weird. He didn’t think he’d have preference but now he’d rather be bit on his neck. Although what accompanied the drinking down there was extremely enjoyable, he was afraid he’d eventually get used to walking funny that he wouldn’t even notice it when he was at work. Obviously, he was thinking too far ahead but he couldn’t help it. He wanted him to be her only source of blood. Was that selfish of him? Of course it was. Would that change if he became a vampire as well? Could she still feed from him? Jun weighed the pros and cons of being vampire to remaining human while he cooked. Becoming a vampire meant that he could spend eternity with Miyu but he would eventually have to quit Arashi. And it wasn’t just Arashi that he needed to disappear from… he would have to leave his family, friends, and the public. A non-aging Matsumoto Jun would cause quite a stir. That was a lot to give up. But remaining human meant that he would eventually die while she kept on living. Also, he would age while she remained young. And why would she want to be with someone old and gray? Both choices though had one similar con. Whether he became a vampire or not, having a family with her was not possible. The future with her either way was going to be childless. The joy of seeing her belly swell and grow big every month was something he would’ve looked forward to if she was human. He wouldn’t be able to experience holding a little miniature Jun or Miyu in his arms. There were no anticipation of sleepless nights and diaper changing. No first laugh, first words, first steps… He would be robbed of being called, “Papa” or “Otou-chan.” Granted, he was not ready for a child at this time but someday, he would love to have one or two or even three. But if he stayed with Miyu, that dream would remain a dream.

“It’s going to burn.”

Miyu’s cold hands on his waist startled him and he dropped the ladle on the pan causing some oil to splash out.


He turned and found Miyu rubbing her arm.


He checked her arm but the red spots that appeared quickly disappeared before his eyes.

“Daijoubu. I’m indestructible.”

She jokingly reassured him.

It bothered him that even if he wanted to protect her, he knew that she could take better care of herself and that she didn’t really need him in the long run.

Miyu stared at Jun’s serious expression.

“Are you okay? Is there something wrong?”

He smiled weakly.

“I’m fine. Probably just hungry.”
“Well then eat already! Look! It’s burning!”

Jun turned the stove off and sighed at the mess he made. Miyu’s arms suddenly encircled his waist and she rested her head on his back.

“Am I distracting you? I’m sorry. When this is all over, I’ll leave you alone. You can be normal again.”

Normal again? That meant… no more of anything and everything that had to do with her?

“Someday, you will meet someone that can fulfill all of your dreams. I wish it was me but we both know that it’s not.”

The sad thing about what she said was… she was right.

“It’s okay, Jun. I don’t doubt your feelings for me. Let’s just cherish the time we have together. Give me a lot of beautiful memories. I’ll keep them with me forever.”

How could he be so indecisive? He had expressed his eagerness to be turned but now, because of his future dreams, he was having second thoughts.

“Don’t worry about what you’ve said before. I understand completely. You didn’t really think it through.”

Was she reading his mind?

“Besides… I want you to stay as the same Matsumoto Jun that I fell in love with.”

But that was possible because she had changed him.


It was the filthiest motel room she had ever laid eyes on. The wallpaper was falling apart and it was nasty shade of bile. The carpet was brown but she knew that THAT was not its original color. When she turned the lamp on, she was disgusted by the rumpled sheets on the bed, the stained blankets, and the lumpy pillows. A movement caught her eye and she ran and hid behind Tezuka.

“THAT WAS A COCKROACH! Did you see that?! It scurried over there!”

She pushed him forward.

“I’m not touching a filthy roach.”
“Don’t be a pussy and kill the fucker!”
“Why don’t YOU do it?”
“I am a pussy!”
“It’s not going to bother us.”
“How do you know that? Can you communicate with roaches?!”
“Asshole. Why can’t we stay at a nice hotel?”
“Because we’re trying to keep a low profile and Castiele or his high maintenance wife would never set foot at motel like this.”
“I can’t imagine why.”

Victoria sarcastically replied. Why the hell did she agree with go with him? He couldn’t even satisfy her needs. She must have gone crazy.

“How long are we staying at this dilapidated room?”
“Until we find out the truth. If Castiele knows anything about Miyu and our whereabouts in Japan.”
“Why am I here again?”
“Because you love me.”
“Oh fuck you!”

End of Chapter 17

A/N -
Nothing much happening in this chapter. Just a little a bit of fluff and some of Jun's thoughts. Hope you enjoyed it though! Thanks for reading!!!! And comments are loved as usual ^_^

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 EmptyMon Jan 26, 2009 8:20 pm

Quote :
But that was possible because she had changed him.

I'm just wondering, dont you mean it's impossible?

just wondering LOL but blah! im mad at Tezuka! he shouldn't be in love with her!

and poor Jun, he loves her, but he wants to have a family too =(

and i want to know what the consequences of her drinking from her mate are!
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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 EmptyMon Feb 16, 2009 9:29 pm

So sorry for the wait. Here's a short update. Hope ya'll enjoy it.

Chapter 18

“It’s choice--not chance--that determines your destiny.”
- Jean Nidetch

It was highly possible that this was a bad idea. If his gut didn’t warn him, Victoria surely did.

“This was a bad idea, Tez.”

They were hiding on the roof of building overlooking the dark alleys of San Francisco. He was hunched next to a wall, peering down at the street. The street where his and Miyu’s life together began. It was three years ago when he smelled her blood and rushed to kill her assailants then turned her into what she was now. If her blood didn’t smell like his sister’s, she would’ve died that night. But he often wondered if she would’ve preferred it that way.

“Did you hear me? I said this was a bad idea.”
“I heard you the tenth time you said it, Victoria.”
“Then why are we still here?”
“I have to make sure.”
“We’re gonna do this every night?!”
“If that’s what it takes.”
“We don’t even know if they’re in California.”
“My sources said they were. That is WHY we are here.”
“California is a big state.”
“If they were able to find any clues, they would eventually come here.”
“So your source didn’t tell you where in California they were?”
“Go back to the motel if you’re tired.”

Tezuka smirked when he saw her face showed a look of disgust.

“No, thank you.”
“Your little friend is probably missing you by now.”
“Please don’t remind me of what awaits us in the room.”
“If I promise you an awesome #*$% later, will you shut up?”
“Mmm. Why wait?”

He felt her hand on his thigh and had to suppress a groan. Tezuka wanted to slam her body against the wall and take her but before he could make his move, a familiar and damning scent reached his nostrils. She must’ve felt him tense up because she pulled her hand away.

“What is it?”
“It can’t be…”
“Can’t be what?”
“Not again…”

The scent was powerful. Much like the first time, it froze him on the spot. Eventually, after one shaky intake of breath, Tezuka looked down unto the street. His eyes widened in disbelief.

It had been three years since she walked on this path. She had always been the weak one, the coward. So it was not surprising that it took three whole years before she had the courage to return to this place. If Rory found out that she was here and that she had come alone, she would surely lecture her to death. But she knew she was going to be safe. She didn’t exactly spend three years doing nothing about her affliction. Some would argue that it was only natural for her to be scared but fear was something she needed to overcome. If she was only stronger three years ago… There were a lot of ‘ifs’ that haunted her after her sister’s death. Rory had tried to shield her from the pain but that was impossible.

“I am stronger now, Mia. But what’s the point? You’re not here for me to protect.”

She knelt down and rested a bouquet of white lilies on the ground. There was no special occasion. It was not her death anniversary or her birthday. It was just another day on the calendar so why was she here? After finally receiving a black belt in Tae Kwon Do a couple of weeks ago, she decided that it was time to visit. This area was still dangerous and she didn’t want to take the risk of getting hurt or worse, getting killed. Mia would not forgive her if she died at the same place she did. For the first few months after the incident, she had refused to believe that her sister was dead. Her body was not found, only those of their attackers. Pieces of her clothes were there and a pool of her blood. The police had reason to believe that there was a fourth person that they didn’t know about. That it was him who had killed her and hid her body somewhere else. But why would that person kill the other three men? And why drag Mia’s body? Nothing made sense and the case was left unsolved. The amount of Mia’s blood on the ground was used to determine her chances of being alive. It was concluded that losing that much blood would only result to death. Nevertheless, her and Rory filed a missing person’s report and continued to look for her. One year passed before she gave up but Rory kept believing. She wished she had her strength and endurance but accepting Mia’s death proved to be her salvation. She was able to focus on her life once again and she knew that Mia would have wanted it that way. She had always told her that she needed to take risks and to always try to live life to its fullest. Cara reached for her necklace. Her hand covered the silver heart that was broken in half and she wondered where its other half had gone.

“I miss you so much, Mia.”

She had vowed not to cry but how could she not when she was kneeling on the ground where her sister had died to keep her safe.


Victoria stared at the face of the girl crying openly.

“She’s… isn’t she…”

She shook her head. It couldn’t be so she changed her question.

“Were you looking for her?”

Tezuka was still in shock. Her scent had rendered him weak and now her appearance… His eyes had got to be playing tricks on him. But upon hearing her mention Miyu’s name, he knew. She was real and she was going to turn his world upside down.

“No. I didn’t know she existed.”


Tezuka was serious. He was definitely serious when he talked about starvation and how turning Jun was the only other choice. Miyu didn’t want to believe it. How could her future be decided by only two choices? Two important choices that would alter everything. She stared at the blood that she just vomited into the sink while Jun rubbed her back.

“Are you okay?”

She nodded, blinking back her tears.

“Are you done?”

She nodded again.

“Let’s get you to bed then.”

He took her hand and they walked side by side towards the bed. When they reached it, Miyu turned to Jun.

“Maybe I should try again.”
“But Jun…”

It was one thing to vomit food but to vomit blood… even though he knew that blood WAS food for them, it still worried him when he saw the same liquid that flowed through his veins pouring out of her mouth.

“If you really want to try again, do it tomorrow. I’d rather you get fed before dawn.”

It had been three days since Tezuka left but today was the first time she tried drinking the synthetic and bottled blood. She had allowed herself to rely on Jun’s and she wondered if that only made her problem worse. Or was it set from the time she first drank from him? Did she condemn her future to an eternity of starvation?

“Mia, what are you thinking?”

She looked up and tried to smile.

“Nothing. You’re right. I’ll try tomorrow instead.”

There was something wrong with her smile. It was not genuine.

“Is something bothering you?”
“No. Nothing. Really.”

He was not convinced.

“Jun, are you serving me dinner or what?”

He smiled. The questions he wanted to ask would have to wait.

“Technically, it’s breakfast.”
“Well then, what am I having?”

Jun dove unto the bed then positioned himself in the center of it.

“The usual.”

He saw her lick her lips and smile. Now that smile was genuine. Her eyes darted from his neck to his thigh then back to his neck again.

“Have you decided where you’d like to sink your teeth in?”

Her eyes wandered back to his thigh.

“Ano, Mia… maybe not the--.”

He watched her slowly strip then she crawl on top of him, her head was facing his lower region while he looked up and found triangle between her legs, facing him. She took his boxers off him then felt her spread his thighs apart.

“You don’t mind, do you?”
“I… OH.”

She didn’t let him finish.


“You’re walking funny.”

Of course he was walking funny. Why wouldn’t he be walking funny? Her fangs in his inner thigh… it was inevitable. Jun was getting ready to leave the apartment and head out to meet the other members of Arashi. They had been worried about him and had wanted to stop by but obviously, he couldn’t let them. So instead, he arranged to meet them at Aiba’s.

“Do you have to go?”
“Yes honey, I do.”
“Oh I’m sorry, was that term of endearment reserved for your ichi-ban?”
“How did… you didn’t! Did you?!”
“I was bored.”
“So you hacked into my laptop and went through my files?!”

Uh-oh. She looked mad. Actually no, she was furious.

Miyu jumped of the bed and angrily approached him. He instinctively backed away.

“You know, I should be mad. Your password is aibamasaki?”

She stopped a few feet away from him.

“I never got the chance to change it, okay.”
“Well I did that for you.”
“What else did you do?”
“I changed your desktop wallpaper, too.”
“I read your journal…”
“All of them?”
“Why would you do that?! You know they’re personal!”
“From the moment I turned on your laptop, it was all Aiba. Pictures, articles, wallpapers… folders upon folders. So I searched for my name and found that one file. I didn’t know it was your journal till I started reading it. And…”
“And can you please put on some clothes? The blood from my brain is rushing down to my…”
“You are such a pervert.”
“If I were, I wouldn’t be asking you to politely get dressed.”
“Forget it. Go.”

Miyu went back to bed and pulled the covers over her. She felt so vulnerable.

“I said, go!”

He was not going to leave her like that. Jun found his phone and called Nino to cancel then joined Miyu in bed. She tried to move away but he grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her towards him.

“I know I should be sorry for reading your journal but I’m not. I loved reading about how you started liking me and eventually falling in love with me. Can you fault me for that? And do you know what else I love? Knowing that I was your first for a lot of things. I want to continue being that person.”

She kept silent. Did he read the very last entry also?

“I know it’s going to be complicated… this relationship. But I’m willing to try and make it work. Somehow… I want to make it work. It’s not going to be easy but I can assure you that my feelings won’t change. I’ve said that I love you and I mean it.”

But for eternity? She had sensed his doubts. She knew that it was difficult for him to see her in his future. Then again, she had already decided that he was not going to be in hers. What were they doing then? Playing house? Should she keep pretending that there was hope? Or should she just end it now before it was too late?


She turned around and snuggled into his chest. Jun wrapped his arms around her and sighed.

“Go to sleep, Mia.”
“Ne, Jun…”
“You didn’t delete that wallpaper I had on before, did you?”
“What if I did?”
“Too bad. Aiba-san looked so hot-- IYAAA!”

Miyu shrieked when he pinned her arms down.

“Jun, honey, you’re hurting me.”
“Oh so now I’m your honey? Hmm?”
“Yes. My only one, okay? Now let me go so I can sleep.”
“Persuade me.”
“You don’t want to?”

She wanted to. Again and again. God, eternity with him was so tempting.


A/N -
Finally a name for Mia's sister! The title should make sense now, LOL. And Tezuka is shocked. While Mia is torn. And Jun is always getting some XP

Thanks for reading! I will try to update more often. But due to this update, FtF needs a few more days before it's updated.

Comments are loved and theories as well XP

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) - Page 2 00003gxz

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