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 [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)

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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) Empty
PostSubject: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) EmptySat Nov 29, 2008 7:36 pm

TITLE My Beloved
SUMMARY Matsumoto Jun meets a mysterious girl on the rooftop of Jimusho. Aside from choosing Aiba-chan as her ichiban, there were other things about her that seemed weird and he took it upon himself to get to know her.
RATING: R for Violence, Strong Language and Adult Themes
GENRE: Romance, Supernatural, Comedy
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Hi Minna-san! This is my 2nd fanfic and of course, it's Juncentric. The updates for this one might be slower as I am also working on "Finish the Fight." But I thought I'd post this now and see how it fares. I really hope you guys like it. WAAHH, I'm nervous again! Seriously, I don't know how ya'll will react to this. LOL.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Matsumoto Jun and Arashi.

Thanks for reading and as always, comments are L-O-V-E-D!

My Beloved

San Francisco, California
October 5, 2004
2:17 AM

“The first condition of immortality is death.”
-Stanislaw J. Lec

We were surrounded and it was entirely my fault. I should have noticed them in the shadows. I was supposed to keep an eye on the dark alleys that we passed by but my vision was slightly impaired. That one bottle of Absolut Citron was to blame. If I had known this was going to happen, I would’ve refused my best friend’s offers to fill my shot glass again, and again, and again. But who would’ve thought we’d get into this predicament? I sure didn’t. Well, there was no time for contemplation. I needed to act fast. From my blurry standpoint, I counted two men behind us and one in front. They appeared to be unarmed and simply relied on their overblown machismo to intimidate us. And we were intimidated. My older sister had a death grip on my best friend’s arm, her eyes were wide open, and I knew that chattering sound was coming from her teeth. I looked at my best friend. She was terrified as well but she was trying her best not to show it. Good job, Rory. I know I can rely on you. I hope you understand that what I’m about to do is for your and my sister’s own good.

“We got really lucky tonight! There’s one for each of us.” The man in front said excitedly. “Yeah. I want the one wearing purple.” The other man from behind said. I gritted my teeth in anger. He was talking about my sister. “Then I’ll take the one in green. She looks feisty. I like a challenge.” I heard my sister let out a small gasp and saw Rory pull her closer to her. I was the one in green. “I guess that leaves Lil Red Riding Hood for me.” The other one slurred. Rory’s baby blue eyes threw a frightened look at me. I had to make my move before fear overcomes me as well. I straightened up and pasted a fake flirty smile on my face. This caught the attention of the man in front of me. The same one who chose me as his target. I shot a glance at Rory, who was on my right side, and gave her a stern look then brought my eyes back to the person in front. He was curious and took a step forward. “Hi there, precious. You smiling at me?” Perhaps my smile was working too well, he was relaxed and wasn’t anticipating any hostile move from me. Exactly what I hoped for. After broadening my smile, I placed my hands on my hips and walked purposely towards him. Rory and my sister followed my move prompting the two men behind to move as well. As long as they’re not too close to us, this will work. It has to. “Why yes I am.” I drawled. “You made a good choice if you don’t mind me saying.” His lips curled and he sneered at me. “You’re not afraid of us. For now, at least.” His statement got my mind envisioning several horrible scenarios and I had to pull myself together or else my plan wouldn’t work. It was a very simple plan. One that had no room for error. And it was time to initiate it. I started walking again and didn’t stop till I was face to face with him. He seemed very pleased with my move. I leaned forward and pretended to whisper something in his ear. This is it. I grabbed him by the shoulders and in under a second, I kneed him five times in the crotch. Before he dropped to the ground, I yelled at Rory. “Take my sister and run!” She didn’t hesitate. She grabbed my sister and fled. “Nooo! We can’t leave her!” Rory didn’t stop; she basically dragged my sister away, which was good because the two men from behind were closing in. I turned towards them. “You’re not getting passed me.” Remembering the action scenes from the last Jackie Chan movie I saw, I clumsily executed a drop kick on the man to the right and when my body hit the ground, I quickly got up to a crouch then side swept the guy on the left. Both fell. I was about to turn to run when a hand went around my ankle and pulled me down. “You fucking bitch!” He crawled on top of me and pinned my legs down. I struggled to kick him off but to no avail. And that was when I saw it. They weren’t unarmed after all. I threw a punch but he blocked it and then he drove the knife into my side. Oh God it hurts. It hurts so bad. And then I felt another sharp pain. He had stabbed me again. This time right above my left breast and then again, on my ribs. “You like that? Fucking bitch!” The other men were shouting but I couldn’t really hear what they were saying. I was dying. The realization hit me hard and I panicked. Was my sister safe? Was Rory able to take her away from here? I desperately prayed that they weren’t witnessing what was happening to me. Suddenly, I felt light. My legs were free but I had no strength to get up. Blood splattered on my face. Was I being stabbed again? It didn’t matter anymore. I was sleepy so I surrendered to the darkness.

Chapter 1
August 2007

“This isn't good or bad. It's just the way of things. Nothing stays the same.”
--Real Live Preacher

A bright 15.4 inches rectangular screen illuminated a small area of a darkened room. In front of it hunched a young girl of 21, typing the night away. Her chin-length hair was unevenly cut, same with her bangs. Black painted fingernails jabbed at the keys fast. Once in a while, a giggle or two escaped her small, pouty lips. She grabbed the headphones on the desk and put them on. Her lips started to move as she sang along.

aimiyu: I asked him like a 100 times already! The concert is in 2 months!
apiece2thepuzzle: Then ask him again! I don’t c a reason y he shouldn’t let u go. If I were in Japan, I would NEVER miss dat concert. But unfortunately, I am not. So u better go for me!
aimiyu: I know, I know! I’ll just have to keep bugging him. He needs to trust me…
apiece2thepuzzle: That’s true. But y wouldn’t he?

Miyu paused, contemplating on what to reply.

aimiyu: Well, you know how big brothers are.
apiece2thepuzzle: Not really… I don’t have one. But I guess I can imagine how they can be.

A loud rap at the door startled Miyu and then the door swung open.
“Tezuka! How many times do I have to tell you that after you knock, you wait for me to give you permission to come in.” Smoldering black eyes met Miyu’s dark browns. “That doesn’t apply to me.” He just came out of the shower and was drying his wet hair with a towel with one hand. “Who else would it apply to? We’re the only ones who live here.” Miyu gave him an exasperated look. She typed BRB on the little box on her screen and then closed her laptop. Tezuka flicked the lights on and surveyed the room. “Why’d you do that? You know I hate the bright lights.” He ignored her and strolled into the room, wearing only black silk boxers. “You are so indecent,” she muttered, noticing his attire. He was very lean with toned muscles all over his pale six feet long body. Why must he parade around half-naked in front of her like she did not possess a single ounce of sexual desire? “Miyu, if you’re going to plaster all these posters on the wall… you should at least do it creatively and not in a very freaky, obsessive-compulsive manner.” He gestured at the various posters posted in the most methodical and linear way. “Leave them alone. They are happy with the ten inches of horizontal and vertical space that separate them from each other.” Tezuka rolled his eyes at her. “But look at this guy. He doesn’t look too happy to me.” His finger poked the nose of one Aiba Masaki. Miyu jumped off her chair, yanking the headphones off her ears and ran towards the poster. She pushed Tezuka out of the way and he landed on her bed. “Don’t get your fingerprints on him!” Using her sleeves, she wiped off the prints. “Sorry about that, honey. It won’t happen again.” She turned to glare at Tezuka who was now sprawled on the covers. “You don’t hear me complaining about the posters on your wall.”
“That’s because there aren’t ANY.”
“Having a room of my own was YOUR idea so I suggest you respect my way of decorating it.”
Tezuka stretched his arms across the queen-sized bed. “Miyu, come here.” She crossed her arms and shook her head no. “I said come here, MIYU.” Her feet moved even when she didn’t want them to and she was on the bed with him before she knew it. She sighed in defeat and laid her head on his shoulder then turned on her side to rest her hand on his chest. “Don’t be jealous now.”
“I am not jealous.”
“Then what are you?”
“You already know the answer to that.”
“Good girl.”
“I’m going to the concert whether you like it or not.”
“Bad girl.”


“Okay that’s it for tonight! Good job everyone. Go home and get some rest.”

“Yatta… finally!” Aiba Masaki dropped to the floor and lied down. Sweat glistened on his face, neck, and soaked his shirt. Still breathing hard, he closed his eyes and wanted to drift to sleep right there in the studio. “Oi, Aiba-chan! You can’t sleep here.” Matsumoto Jun threw a small towel at him. “Urusai, Jun-kun. I am tired. You made me do that last choreography over and over.” Aiba grabbed the towel and threw it back at Jun but it only managed to hit his leg. “My muscles feel like butter.”
“Then let’s make some toast!” Sakurai Sho passed by and sat next to Aiba’s body.
“If you didn’t make so many mistakes, I wouldn’t have made you do it again and again.” Jun pointed out. “Admit it, Matsu-Jun, you like to see me suffer.” Aiba replied. Jun snorted. “There may be some truth in that.”
“Sho!! What are you doing?!” Aiba opened one eye and peeked at the man next to him. He had one finger moving back and forth on top of his biceps. “Are you trying to cut me open with your finger?” Sho grinned. “I guess a butter knife would work better, ne?”
“Is there a meeting we didn’t know about?” Ninomiya Kazunari plopped on the floor where the others were gathered. “Well, is there?” Ohno Satoshi sat right next to Nino. Jun was the only one standing up. “Look what you’ve done, Aiba.”
“Nani? Ahh. They’ve come to worship me. Sho, instead of trying to slice me open, can you maybe massage me instead?” Sho shrugged and started massaging Aiba’s arm. “Nino, my other arm please. Oh-chan, do my legs. AAAHHHH. This is the life.” Jun placed his hands on his hips and stared at Aiba. “And I thought I was a diva.”
“Jun-kun! How about you work on my other leg?”
“Forget that, I’m going home. I need sleep.” Jun turned to go when… “I’ve having trouble sleeping lately.” Aiba confessed. Massaging hands stopped and everybody’s eyes were on him. “I think it started about a month ago. I keep having dreams or nightmares. They alternate. The good and the bad ones.”
“That’s why you seem tired all the time. You have been getting less sleep.”
“That’s right, Jun. I haven’t been my genki self, ne?”
“We were talking about how we miss your usual energetic personality. But we thought it was just because of the concert. We have been rehearsing non-stop.” Sho said.
“There’s that, too. But it’s mostly because of lack of sleep.”
“Do you remember what you dream about?” Nino asked.
“Unfornately, no. I only remember them after I wake up and then after that, I forget.” He replied sheepishly.
“Aiba. Keep a notebook next to your bed then and as soon as you wake up, jot the dream down. Maybe we can try and analyze it next time.” Ohno suggested. Nino threw his arm over Ohno’s shoulder. “That’s why I like you.”
“You’d easily trade me off for a game.”
“Iya. Well, depends what game it is.” Nino smirked.
“I’ll do that then, Oh-chan. Okay! Let’s go home.”


Back in San Francisco, California.

A studio apartment was ransacked.

“He’s not here anymore.”
“This was the last place we tracked him to.”

“So he knew we were coming? Impossible.”
“Don’t underestimate him. He’s been around far longer than we have.”
“Still. We have been very careful.”
“I just said not to underestimate him.”
“What do we do now? It took us two years to find this place. Castiele won’t be pleased.”
“Let’s check the local news. Maybe we’ll find some leads.”
“You said we shouldn’t underestimate him.”
“I did but everybody makes mistakes.”
“I guess. Let’s hope he did.”

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) EmptySat Nov 29, 2008 7:41 pm

Chapter 2

“The two roads that were twisting and turning,
come together here to make a rainbow.”

Miyu stared at her reflection on the mirror. Her dark brown eyes were twinkling with anticipation. She picked some lint of her deep purple vest that was on top of a white long sleeved dress shirt that had a ruffled collar. While smoothing down her black, white, and purple plaid skirt, she sang, “I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!” Her feet moved to the beat playing in her head. Knee high boots tapped on the floorboards. “I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.”

“There will be no losing of control where you’re going.”

Miyu turned around and faced Tezuka. “Knock, knock?”
“The door was already open.” He studied her appearance. “That skirt is a bit short. Change it.” Miyu stuck her tongue out. “They’re just right above my knees!”
“Well then pull it down some more.” She rolled her eyes at him. “Tezuka, I’m not going to a convent.”
“Like the nuns would let you in.”
Miyu grabbed her black messenger bag and left the room. She briskly walked towards the front door. Tezuka followed closely. She turned on her heel to look at him.
“Okay, what do you want? I have to go. I have to be there at 6PM.”
“What are you worrying about? You’ve got plenty of time.”
“I’m taking a cab.”
“What? Why?”
“Because that’s what people who don’t have cars do. And you already forbade me from taking the bus.” He frowned at her. “Fine but remember the rules.”
“Hitotsu-me, no unnecessary snacking. Futatsu-me, moderation is the key. Mittsu-me, be home by 6AM.”
“Oh come on!”
“Fine. 5AM and not a second later.”
“Aishiteru ze!”
“Ze is masculine, Miyu. Miyu!”
“Bai bai!” Miyu blew him a kiss then slammed the door on his face.


Arashi was taking a break after a rigorous two hours of rehearsal. Nino sat on the couch at the far end of the studio, where the snack area was located. He had his DS out and had blocked everything that was going on around him, even a resting Ohno on his lap. “How long is break again?” The older man asked, interrupting Nino’s concentration by just a tad. “Ten minutes.” Nino replied without pausing. “That’s how long you’ve been playing.”
“Wasn’t that what you were asking about?” Ohno closed his eyes and decided to not to disturb him again. At the table next to the couch, Sho was writing. He had been working on a few verses of a new rap. Once in a while, he would bob his head up and down to a beat that only he could hear. Jun was still in the middle of the studio teaching Aiba some steps. “No, see… that’s where you’re making the mistake. Your hand goes up here, not there.” Jun demonstrated the move while Aiba watched intently. “Demo, I think it flows better if you do this.” He did a totally different move. “Do you want to quit being an idol and become a choreographer instead?”
Jun smacked Aiba’s head.
“Jodan da yo! Mou! My head’s not an annoying fly that you can smack anytime you want.” He rubbed the spot where Jun’s palm connected with.
“You can’t hit a fly more than once. The first time would kill it.” Jun smacks Aiba’s head again. “Yamete yo!” Jun laughed when Aiba ran away from him. “I’m going to get some drinks at the cafeteria. Anybody want any?” He announced to the group.
“Water.” Ohno said then slapped Nino’s arm.
“Ah you made me pick the wrong one.” He finally looked up. “I’ll have water also.”
“Same here. And thanks, Jun.” This from Sho.
“Strawberry Milku!” Aiba said.
“Iya. You’re having water as well.”
“I’ll get it myself then.”
“Suit yourself.”
Jun left for the cafeteria with Aiba trotting along beside him.


The human resources office at J Storm Inc. looked more like a conference room. Framed photos of different artists hung on the wall. She was waiting for the person in charge of applications. A slender woman in her thirties came in the room a few minutes later. She dropped some folders on her desk and gave Miyu a once over. She motioned Miyu to take a seat. “Hold on.” She pushed the intercom button and spoke. “Yamashita-san. Can you please bring me the usual and… what would you like to drink?”
“Oh I’m fine, thank you.”
“Just the usual then. Thanks.”
“So…” Miyu quickly looked at the nameplate on her desk. Fujimiya Mihoshi.
“Kusanagi Miyu. To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t know how your application even reached my desk.” Fujimiya-san was looking through her folder and was shaking her head. That was to be expected as Miyu had no credentials whatsoever. She had only finished high school and had never stepped foot into a university. Minor details, she thought. “Is that so, Fujimiya-san? But your office clearly called me for an interview.”
“I still haven’t found the person who authorized the appointment.” She answered without looking up and continued to sift through her resume. “Correct me if I’m wrong but it says here that you have never worked at a talent agency before. Actually, you have never worked before period.” That was when Fujimiya-san looked up and met Miyu’s eyes.
“That’s true.” Miyu leaned forward a bit. “Would that be a problem?” Fujimiya-san’s eyes clouded for a second then completely cleared. “No. Of course not. We definitely need someone like you that we can train. The ones with less or in your case, no experience at all, are the ones that usually end up staying with us for years. Loyal and hardworking. I’m sure you can agree with that.” Miyu smiled. “I’m glad that we’re on the same page, Fujimiya-san. I shall start tonight.” The woman smiled back and they both stood up to shake hands. “Very well then. I’ll take care of your papers. Welcome aboard J Storm Inc. Kusanagi-san.”

After the successful interview, Miyu skipped along the corridors and showed herself around the company. It’s a dream come true! I’ll be working in the same company that Arashi’s in! It was so tempting to claim a job that would put her directly in the path of her favorite idol group but it would be drastically suspicious. Just being in the same building was enough for her. Besides, the reason behind her getting a job was not to actually work or get close to them. This was a test that Tezuka thought of after her relentless begging to attend the Arashi concert on October. He didn’t know that she had chosen J Storm Inc. as the company she would apply to. Again, minor details. Not important to mention. Also, it was highly unlikely for her to meet any of the members as she will be working nights. She didn’t know their schedule but they have personal lives that they attend to. Friends they meet up with for a drink, maybe even girlfriends they need to take out once in a while when they were not busy with work. So she didn’t want to get her hopes up. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the strong and wonderful scent of grilled barbeque meat. Short-ribs to be exact. Korean barbeque to be precise. It was galbi. She was not mistaken. But where was it wafting from? Who was grilling them and in this building? Why, that was impossible. But she could distinctly smell it and it brought back memories she had long forgotten. She couldn’t help it, she had to follow the scent and it led her to the cafeteria. Her eyes scanned the area but she didn’t find a sign or vendor that was selling the barbeque. How odd. Miyu backed away into the exit and ended up hitting someone from behind her. “Ah! Gomenasai!” She turned and bowed. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” Her ears perked up and she looked up to find her… “Honey.” Aiba blinked and cocked his head sideways. “Watch where you’re going.” Jun said sternly then playfully added, “Purple-chan.” He pulled Aiba away and left Miyu with her eyes as big as saucers.


“You’re not going to tell me anything?” Tezuka asked again. It really irked him when she ignores his inquiries and she did it often. She had just gotten back from her interview and was lying face down on her bed. Would it be safe to assume that it didn’t go well? No. Not with Miyu. “Do I have to force you to answer me?” Still no response. A smile crept up on his face and he crawled on top of her. That elicited a quick response. Her body stiffened when he pressed his body against her back. His pelvis conforming to her round ass. “Tezuka! Get off me!” Her skin felt hot. “Not until you tell me everything.” He hissed. “I swear, you are so demented! How can you do this to your little sister?” She twisted around to face him. She gasped at the proximity of their lips. He was torturing her again. “It’s called incest, my dear. Look it up.” Miyu pushed him aside and he willingly rolled off her. “Fake, fake, fake!” Her breathing had finally slowed down and she was glad that he didn’t go further with his pretense. “I’m just joking, Miyu. Was the interview that bad?”
“As a matter of fact… no. It went as planned. I was hired and I got to look around the company.”
“Then why were you acting like world had gone and turned its back on you?”
“Don’t be so dramatic. I was just tired.”
“You sure? I know you’re hiding something from me.”
“Well, something strange did happen to me.”
“Yeah. I thought I smelled this really overpowering scent. It was my favorite food. But I couldn’t find it! I should have been able to, you know.”
“I see.”
“That’s weird right?”
“Not entirely.”
“Are you going to explain something to me now?”
“Yes. I was hoping you’d encounter something like that. Okay then, ready for your lesson?”


Newspaper articles were strewn all over a cheap motel room.

“Have you found anything?”
“If only we knew when he left this state.”
“The studio apartment didn’t have a trace of his scent at all.”
“He could be anywhere.”
“Or he can still be here.”
“There’s no way of knowing.”
“That’s the problem. And we’re running out of time.”
“I already sent word to Castiele. We need help if we’re going to start from scratch again.”
“I hope they don’t send HER.”

Gomen, if it's vague ^^ Maybe I wasn't thinking right when I was writing. Hmm. I have implied certain things but nothing is cleared yet.
Who is Miyu? Who is Tezuka? How will their lives be connected to Jun and Arashi? And who are those people back in CA?

Thanks for reading!!!

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) EmptySat Nov 29, 2008 7:44 pm

Chapter 3

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” - Carl Jung

The sky had started to darken and Miyu spotted a couple of stars. It was going to be a cloudless night it seemed, as she stared up. She was enjoying the soft breeze, the peace and the tranquility that the rooftop had to offer. The cold cement felt good on her back. She should be working or at least, pretending to be but the night called out to her. She was never a morning person. The sun had always irritated her. It was too bright, too hot, too boastful of its power over the earth. The moon, on the other hand, was mellow, enigmatic, forgiving of her flaws. “Tsuki… suki.” Her thoughts suddenly went to yesterday’s discussion with Tezuka. His explanation of what had happened to her made a lot of sense. Now she knew. It would help her deal with certain situations. She would know what to avoid or at least, be aware of what to do when it happened again.

“I believe this section of the building is for VIP only.”

Miyu calmly turned her head towards the direction of the voice. It was only when she saw the owner did she stand up abruptly. “Ohh, it’s you. Purple-chan.” Jun stared at her while she self-consciously fixed her hair and smoothed down her clothes. “Shouldn’t you be working somewhere?” He asked while he walked over to the railing and rested his forearms on it. As he looked over the horizon, Miyu joined him. “How about you? Shouldn’t you be working as well? Or heading home by now?” Jun took a deep breath then turned to face her. “You smell good, Purple-chan.” Miyu lowered her head down, trying to hide her blushing cheeks. “I have a name you know.” She said. “Maji ka?!” Jun asked sarcastically. She looked up to glare at him but he was looking at the sky. Eh? He doesn’t have a scent. Curious, she moved a little closer to take a whiff of him. Nothing. What did that mean? She wanted to stick her nose into his neck and inhale him. He would probably freak out and she might lose control as well. “You’ve decided not to tell me your name?” Jun asked, aware of her eyes boring through him. “That’s right. I shall remain as Purple-chan to you, Matsumoto-san.” Jun smirked. “Is it because purple is your favorite color or…”
“Or what?” What else could it be?
“Or is it because I’m your ichi-ban?”
Miyu wanted to wipe the smug smile that appeared on his face.
“No way! You know, I’ve read that you can be quite arrogant at times. I guess that was true.”
“You can’t believe everything you read.” He replied quietly.
“I know. People are complicated. Shouldn’t you go back to your friends now?”
“You just want to be alone again, don’t you?”
“No. I like your company. I’d pick this over being alone any night.”
“Are you alone a lot of times then?”
“I guess you can say that. You’re very lucky. To have close friends you can talk to whenever you want.”
“Don’t you have family?”
A flood of memories suddenly rushed into her head and she got dizzy. Her hand grabbed on to the railing tightly. Jun reacted instantly; he went behind her and held her shoulders. His swift movement created a breeze and it sent his scent to her nostrils. A pang of nostalgia washed over her and she fell back on his chest, her hands loosened their grip on the railing. His scent was so familiar to her but she couldn’t put her finger on it. All of the sudden, she was aware of his breathing and the rhythmic sound of his pulse. She turned around to face him then backed away. “Gomenasai, Matsumoto-san. I don’t know what came over me.” He looked somewhat confused but mostly concerned. “Are you okay?”
“Yes, yes. I am. I better go though. I’ve been out here too long. They might be looking for me. Um. It was nice talking to you.” Miyu hurried towards the door. “Matte. Namae wa?”
Her hand turned the knob. “Miyu desu. Kusanagi Miyu. Soshite… give my regards to Aiba-san.” She turned and smiled at him. “He’s my ichi-ban.”


“Aiba? Aiba?!” Jun repeatedly asked, almost as if he was expecting her voice to deny it. Sho looked at Jun. “Ne, Aiba-chan!” He called out. “Jun is looking for you.”
“Nani nani?” Aiba skipped his way to Jun. “Iya. Nandemonai.”
“Hmmmm. Are you sure? Doushita no? Did I do something wrong? I thought I finally got the choreography down?” He badgered. “Iya, Aiba. You did good today.” Aiba beamed. “Yep! You didn’t smack me once today! I’d say that’s an achievement!”
“I’ll buy you a trophy.” Nino said.
“Hontou?!” Nino smacked his head.
“MOU! If it’s not Jun, it’s you! Do you have a Masaki-smacking fetish or something…”
“Are we done with rehearsal?” Jun asked.
“Hai hai. You were in the bathroom when it was announced. The recording for Shukudai Kun was moved up. So don’t forget to go to the studio two hours earlier.” Ohno informed. “Yosh. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Jun almost ran out of the room.
“Weren’t we supposed to go out for drink tonight?” Sho wondered outloud.
“Ah gomen. I’m really tired. Next time, okay? Ja ne.”
Jun ran his way to the elevator. When he caught it, he pressed R and then punched the code. He waited impatiently for this metal box to take him to his destination. When he got off, he paused then briskly walked to the door. His hand reached for the knob but it turned by itself and then the door swung open. “Matsumoto-san!” Miyu smiled brightly at him. What a nice surprise, she thought. Although, she should have heard him coming or smelled him, even though she still couldn’t figure out his scent. Her senses seemed to be wigging out. “Nani? Were you looking for me?”
“Are you going home already?” Jun asked, purposely avoiding her question.
“Iya. I was just going to the bathroom. I work here till 4AM.”
“4AM?! What do you do?”
“Stuff…” She moved passed him. “If you want to hang out for a bit, you can wait for me out there. I’ll be back right away.” Miyu started to walk away then stopped and turned. “You are going to wait for me, ne?”
“Sure.” She smiled again.

Miyu was whistling “Yabai Yabai Yabai” while she washed her hands. “Chotto matte. Why am I whistling that song?” She changed the tune to “Friendship” instead. Her reflection on the mirror was smiling at her. “Why do you look happy?” It must be because she had a chance to talk to someone else aside from Tezuka. It was exhilarating. “Yosha! I shouldn’t keep Matsumoto-san waiting.” She checked her appearance again then left for the rooftop.

Jun was lying down on the floor and relaxing. His muscles were tired and he should really go home and sleep especially since he was waking up earlier tomorrow. He closed his eyes for a second. “Did I take that long that you’ve fallen asleep waiting for me?” Jun jolted up and found Miyu crouching next to him. “You almost gave me a heart attack. Don’t creep up on me like that.” She bit back a laugh. “Go-me-ne, Matsumoto-san.” Jun lied back down and Miyu followed suit.
“Don’t you just love looking at the stars?” Miyu initiated the conversation.
“Kirei na yozora.” (It’s a beautiful night sky.)
“Is it okay if I call you Matsu-Jun? Matsumoto-san is too long.”
“Ii desu… uhh… Kusanagi-san.”
“Sounds too formal. Miyu is fine. Iya. Mia is better.”
“Mia? Demo, I thought your name was Miyu?”
“It’s complicated. Maybe I’ll tell you about it some other time.”
“You have your secrets, too.”
“Everybody has secrets. You can only hope that someday you will find a person you’d want to share it with.”


Miyu stared at her laptop screen. Did she really type all those?

aimiyu: I really enjoyed talking to him and we talked about a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t normally talk to my brother with coz… he’s weird like that.
apiece2thepuzzle: But I thought u liked a different guy? Remember, u told me about him. The one who’s really cute and makes u laugh a lot?
aimiyu: Yeah I liked him first. I mean. I still like him. I’m not saying that I like this other one. I just like talking to him. Do you know what I mean?
apiece2thepuzzle: So ur saying that ur not in love with him.
aimiyu: I dunno if I’m in love with the other guy anyway. Well. IONO! I haven’t really talked to that guy.
apiece2thepuzzle: Wait, I’m getting confused. Can u like name these guys so it’s easier to talk about them?
aimiyu: Okay. Cute and funny guy is fried chicken while other guy is pasta.
apiece2thepuzzle: U are very weird.
aimiyu: XD

“Are you chatting with that girl again?” Miyu slammed her laptop shut. Tezuka raised his eyebrow. “You hiding something?” She shrugged. “No. What would I be hiding?” She got up and walked to her bed. “I’m going to sleep now.” Tezuka crossed his arms and scowled at her. “What?!” She replied to his sullen expression. “How’s work? Having fun yet?” He changed the subject. “Yeah. It’s okay.”
“Haven’t had any problems?”
“I never see you coming home for dinner though.”
“But I do come home! Every time I get here, you’re not here and then I have to go back to work again. Where have you been going anyway? You’re not secretly meeting some woman, are you? Are you dating?”
“When did you turn into my mother?” He laughed at her questions. “You know you’re the only woman for me.” Tezuka said solemnly.
“Oh cut it out! Why do you tease me?!”
“Because it’s fun and highly amusing.”
“You know… we hardly go anywhere together. Why should I still keep pretending to be your sister?”
“Hey! Are you saying that I haven’t been a good big brother to you?”
“All I’m saying is if you want me to call you onni-chan then you better act like it!”
“Fine. I’ll start now.”
Tezuka jumped her and started tickling her sides.
“Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yamete! YAMETE YO!” Miyu kicked and giggled at that same time. And Tezuka didn’t stop until she started crying from the laughter.


Point Reyes Beach
Olema, California (1 hour away from San Francisco, CA)

A young girl stood at the shore, her feet digging into the soft sand. The salty scent of the ocean tickled her nose and that alone brought back so many memories. She hugged herself, drawing the shawl closer to her body. It had been almost three years. Almost three years she had been regretting leaving her behind.


She turned around to find the reason why she was still alive standing a few feet behind her. She smiled then stared into the waves. “Do you remember why your sister loved this beach? Only this beach… it was because she hated the sun. And for some reason it always gets foggy here.”

“Let’s go home, Rory.”
“How did you find me?”
“You came here last year and the year before that… on exactly the same day and at exactly the same time.”
“So predictable, huh?”
“You’re not going to find Mia here. She’s… gone.”
“BUT I SAW HER HERE TWO YEARS AGO! I saw her… she was here. She smiled at me. She said it was going to be okay.”
“Did she say she was coming back?”

Rory choked on her answer.



At a warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

“Incompetent fools!” Wearing a tight burgundy corset over equally tight black leather pants, a woman as pale as death circled around two men. Her stark blonde hair hung all the way down to her waist. It swished back and forth when she walked. Her limbs were long and thin. Her fingernails were painted blood red and they matched the color of her lipstick. Her eyes were the color of coals that had flames dying out. The two men looked at each other anxiously.

“We’ll find him again, mistress.”
“WHEN? After another two years?!”
“Of course not. Soon. We’ll find him soon.”
“You’re full of shit.”
“Just give us another chance.”
“Castiele has given you enough chances. I’m in charge of the hunt now.”

Her nails extended and after one swift, clean motion, two heads dropped to the ground, followed by their respective bodies.

“Playtime’s over, Tezuka. I’m coming for you.”

Miyu and Jun's getting to know each other ne? Why isn't she asking for Aiba?
Oh so there are "people" looking for Tezuka. Why?
And Mia is who Rory?


Hope ya'll enjoyed this chapter. Any theories? ^^
Thanks for reading! Haagen Daaz ice cream to all who comment! LOL.

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
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jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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Chapter 4
"The sweetness was turned to adamantine, heartless cruelty, and the purity to voluptuous wantonness." - Bram Stoker, Chapter 16, Dracula

Blood soaked through her top and pooled on the ground underneath her. Her eyes were wide open and they darted back and forth, seemingly looking for someone. Blood also spewed out of her mouth and she was making a low gargling sound from the back of her throat. Tezuka kneeled next to her, blood dripped from his hands. Behind him, three lifeless bodies were torn apart. “Your blood smells just like hers.” Horrified eyes looked back at him. “Ii desu. Everything’s going to be okay. I’ll take care of you.”

Tezuka awoke with a start. This coming October marked the third year he had been with Miyu. Almost three years had passed since he met her. And it had been two years since he had last dreamed. Why suddenly now? No. It couldn’t be happening again. He leapt out of his bed and rushed to Miyu’s bedroom. The door was locked. He banged at it while at the same time shouting. “MIYU! MIYU! Open the door!” Wait, calm down. “Mia?” A minute later, the door opened. Tezuka didn’t have to turn the lights on to see what had happened. A pair of glassy, brown eyes stared at him. Her tear-stained cheeks were pale and her lips were ashen. She held out her arms in front of her… there were several long and deep cuts on her blood-soaked wrists. Blood dripped onto the floor. Her lavender nightgown was also stained red. Tezuka pulled her into an embrace and started crying. “Mia…”
“I can’t die. It bleeds and bleeds but I’m not dying. Why? What did you do to me? WHAT AM I?! WHY AM I ALIVE?!”

On October 5, 2004, Tezuka changed her. She was so scared, confused and also angry with him for what he had done to her. It took a year for her to fully adjust but all the hard work she put into accepting who she had become came undone two months before her death anniversary. Miyu reverted back to the time where she had just gotten turned. It only lasted a night but what she did chilled him to his bones. It was like what she had done today, only worse. The cause was still unknown. But that was when he made the choice to leave the U.S. only it didn’t happen till a month ago because Miyu refused to leave California. She had family there that she desperately hung unto. He had warned her that it was dangerous for them to know about her, to even think that she had survived the attack. Her eyes pleaded with him and she clutched onto her precious necklace and sobbed until she had no more tears. It wasn’t easy but he had to be strong for her. He was so relieved when she finally agreed to move. Not sure as to why she suddenly changed her mind though but the reason behind would have to wait till he had time to investigate. Tezuka looked at the limp body leaning against him. The shock and loss of blood had rendered her unconscious. He carried her to his room. After carefully laying her down on his bed, he went to the bathroom and soaked a small towel with warm water then wrung it. When he got back to the bed, he started wiping the blood off her. The sticky, rusty scent of it made him hungry. She no longer smelled like his sister. The scent of Dama de noche was gone. It was what happened after a human gets turned. The aroma that made them so delectable disappears. After a few minutes, the towel was already covered in blood and there was still some left on her wrists and splattered on her face. He threw the cloth on the floor then proceeded to lick her clean. This was the third time he tasted her. He fought back the urge to sink his teeth into her and taste more. He battled with his self-control all throughout the time he changed her clothes and up till he moved her back to her bed. And then he had to clean the mess she had left in her bedroom. What was going to happen when she wakes up later? He hoped she wouldn’t remember.


Aiba tossed and turned and then woke up screaming. “IYAAAAAA!” He abruptly sat up and threw a glance at the Domo clock hanging on the wall across from his bed. It was 7AM and he had another nightmare. He grabbed the notebook tucked underneath one of his pillows. A pen was pinned inside. He started writing, beads of sweat glistened on his forehead and neck.

I was lying in the middle of the street and I knew I was dying. But then suddenly I was flying right above a vast ocean. And then I was transported into a dark room. I felt something sharp clawing at my chest, my arms… my wrists… they were cut open. I could see my flesh, my veins. Blood oozed out and I was in so much pain.

His hand stopped writing. That was all he could remember. He got up and tossed the notebook and pen on his desk. A framed photo of him and his four close friends stared at him. “How am I supposed to feel cheerful after that? Demo, for you guys, I’ll try. Aiba Masaki… Gambarimasu.”


“This is morbid.” Nino said after reading Aiba’s first entry in his notebook. “I had one before that, around 3AM but I forgot to write it down.”
“And you don’t remember the details ne?” Ohno asked. Aiba shook his head no. “But it was probably something like that. Because I woke up screaming, too.”
“You haven’t been watching any horror movies lately, have you Aiba?” Sho slapped Aiba’s back. “IYA! You know I don’t really like those kinds of movies. And even if I do watch any, it would be with you guys or other people. Never alone! Kowai yo!” He shivered at the thought. “Jun, read this and tell us what you think.” Sho called out to Jun who was lying down on the floor with his hands behind his head. He didn’t budge. “Do you know what’s up with him? Every now and then, he keeps looking at his watch.” Sho asked the others. “Beats me. Maybe he’s got an appointment or something.” Nino replied. “What do you think, Oh-chan?” He was re-reading what Aiba wrote. “Huh?”
“I know! He probably has a date!” Aiba gave Sho a knowing look. “Haven’t you noticed that he’s been disappearing around 6PM? The girl probably gets off around that time, too.”
“Aiba-chan! Good observation skills!” Sho gave him a high-five. “Back to the nightmare discussion though… you said you started getting them last month ne?” Ohno wanted to help. “That’s right. And I get them usually every other night I guess.” Nino scratched his head. “It would help if you had more than just one entry. Because then we can compare and see if there’s any similarities or if there’s a running theme.” They all nodded in agreement. “Well, if we can’t analyze this yet, maybe we can think of ways to stop Aiba from getting them.” Sho suggested.
“I tried thinking happy thoughts before I sleep. Like puppies, kittens, candy canes, stars, rainbows, FOOD, and I also tried to direct our own music videos in my mind.”
“If those didn’t help then I don’t know what would.” Nino remarked.
“Maybe if you put some charms to ward off spirits in your room.”
“AHHH, Oh-chan, that’s a good idea!” Aiba wrote down a note to remind him to buy the charms.
“Well, it’s better than doing nothing ne.” Sho ruffled Aiba’s hair. “Do you really need to write a note for that?”


[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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Something heavy was draped around Miyu. Actually, there was
one over her chest and another over her pelvis. She tried to move but
couldn’t. It felt like she was held captive. She hesitantly opened her
eyes and found Tezuka sleeping next to her. On her bed. With his arm
and leg on top of her. How did he… when did he… and why was he here?
She craned her neck to look at him; his face was buried in her hair.
Did something happen? She wondered. She glanced around but didn’t see
anything misplaced or thrown or… well, any sign of a disturbance. This
was how they used to sleep. On one bed, next to each other but when
they moved to Japan, he decided that she should have her own room.
Naturally, she was upset with his decision. But she knew it was for the
best. He harbored no strong feelings of love or lust for her. He had
always told her that she was like a little sister to him. It used to
really irritate her but the feeling had lessened. Part of the reason
was a tall, adorable, funny, and sometimes, well, most of the time,
clueless Aiba Masaki. “YABAI! I’m going to be late for work!” She
bolted off the bed, slamming Tezuka’s body on the wall. “MIYU!”
I have to shower. I have to change!” She ran out of the door towards
the bathroom. Tezuka sat up and sighed in relief. She had no
recollection of what happened this morning. He supposed it would be
good for her to keep with her schedule as if nothing happened. Miyu
came back in the room, her hair still dripping wet, body wrapped in a
towel. “That was fast. Did you just dump a bucket of water over
yourself?” Miyu ignored him and opened her closet and tossed several
clothes on the floor. “I don’t know why you’re sleeping in MY room, on
MY bed but I don’t have the time to argue with you about that.” She
threw the towel at Tezuka, hitting his face then quickly slipped on a
lacey black bra and matching panties. “I don’t really mind but please.”
She put a dark green mini skirt. “Please, don’t make a habit of it.” A
white long sleeved turtleneck was her top and she put on her favorite
knee high boots over white knee-high socks. “That skirt, Miyu, is
shorter than the last one you wore before.” Tezuka gritted his teeth.
After grabbing her bag, she walked over to him. “You never appreciated
my flawless, sexy legs. I’m hoping someone else does.” He growled at
that statement. “Your hair is still wet.” Miyu planted a kiss on his
forehead. “I’m flying tonight. The wind will take care of it.”

“Watch out for cable wires!!”

around, Miyu made sure nobody was around to see her zip through the air
and into the sky. She hopped on roofs and trees and started gaining
momentum. As she passed by unsuspecting people, she thought of
Aiba-san. She hadn’t seen him since the last time she literally bumped
into him. When would she be able to see him again? She wanted to talk
to him and get to know him better. But her nights were mostly spent
with Matsu-Jun instead. He was very different from her ichi-ban but not
in a bad way. Their conversations ranged from trivial daily life
occurrences to important life altering questions to whimsical what-ifs.
The conversations were truly stimulating. She wondered what she and her
honey would talk about. “Honey.” Miyu giggled. She better remember not
to say that out loud like the last time. It might cause quite a
commotion. Miyu’s thoughts were interrupted when she caught sight of J
Storm Inc. “Ah there’s the building.” She was closing in on the rooftop
when she saw a lone figure leaning on the railing. “Matsu-Jun!” She
made a quick U-turn then flew to the opposite side of where Matsumoto
Jun was. Landing had been a problem for her so she prayed for a quiet
one. But as expected, she crashed into some metal casings that were
propped on the wall, a few feet away from him. “Holy mother of Jesus!”

jerked from the sound of clashing metal and immediately went to
investigate. As he rounded the corner where the door was, a dusty,
disheveled Miyu popped out.
“EH?! Where did you come from?” Quick
thinking Miyu smiled sheepishly, “I actually got here early and was
hoping to sneak up on you from over there but umm, I fell asleep and
then I guess I must have moved or something and those fell next to me.”
She desperately hoped he buys her explanation. Jun raised an eyebrow.
“I hope you learned your lesson then.” She nodded. “Come on, let’s get
you cleaned up a bit. Are you hurt at all?”
“Nope.” Miyu followed
him out the door towards the elevator. “Where are we going?” She asked
when they got out on the wrong floor. “The bathroom’s on the floor
below this.”
“There are bathroom’s everywhere in this building but
I’m taking you to my dressing room. Is that a problem?” Jun turned to
ask. “Iya.”

“This is your dressing room? Suge~ It’s huge!”
Miyu walked around the room. “You have a bed here! That’s a bed! Right
there!” She exclaimed while pointing at the full sized bed at one side
of the room. “I am aware what a bed looks like, Mia.” Jun went through
the drawers while she continued to inspect the entire area. “This
mirror is beautiful.” Jun glanced at her reflection on it. “Yeah…” His
neck suddenly felt warm and he realized that he was blushing. He
cleared his throat. “Why don’t you sit somewhere while I look for
something you can change into.”
“I don’t need to change.” She
replied but took a seat on the nearest chair anyway. “Really, you don’t
have to bother.” She stood up then walked to where he was. Jun was busy
going through shirts and pants that he didn’t hear her stop right
behind him. She grabbed both his wrists. “I said, you don’t have to
bother, Matsu-Jun.” Her arms were shorter than his so she had to
stretch them out to reach his wrists. This was accomplished by pressing
her body against his back which caused Jun’s neck to warm up again.
“Atatakai…” Miyu sighed in content when she felt Jun’s warm body
touching hers. Tezuka’s had always been cold. It had been quite awhile
since she had felt this temperature. She totally forgot who she was
with when she slipped her hands off Jun’s wrists and wrapped them
around his chest. “I miss this warmth. I’m always so cold.” Unaware
that Jun had stopped breathing, Miyu continued to hug him. She sighed
again. “Ano… Mia…”
“Hmmm?” Miyu replied dreamily. “Are you sure I’m not your ichi-ban?”
brought her back to reality. She pulled her arms away and he quickly
spun around to face her. He did it so fast, his body turned before he
got the chance to take his other hand off the drawer which his hip
accidentally hit and it shut closed. Jun cursed under his breath. He
pulled his hand out and cringed at the pain. “Oh my God! Are you okay?
Matsumoto-san!” Miyu grabbed his hand and took a look at it. “Oh no,
you got cut! How?” She looked at the drawer and saw that the inside
edge was sharp. Jun pulled his hand back. “It’s fine.” She grabbed it
again and inspected the wound on his index finger. “Ah it’s bleeding
now.” Before Jun could say anything, she brought it to her lips. His
eyes widened as he watched his finger disappear into her mouth. As soon
as her tongue tasted his blood, Miyu closed her eyes then… OH God Almighty! WHAT HAVE I DONE? He tasted so good. So good she ignored the warning in her head and ….
Jun inhaled sharply when he felt her lightly suck on his finger. WHAT FUCK IS SHE THINKING?

Miyu could feel her thirst getting stronger. She couldn’t believe she
forgot what she was and what blood was to her. She could get into
serious trouble if she didn’t rectify the situation now. But before she
could let go, Jun pulled his finger free then turned his back on her.
It was just her luck that he did because when she opened her eyes, they
were coal black with glowing bright red specks. She turned her back to
him as well. When she reached up to her mouth, she felt them. Her fangs
were out. Jun stared at the cut and then groaned inwardly. What she did
made him… He looked down below his waist then cursed. Think of something… anything… that would calm you down!
But for the life of him, he couldn’t think of anything. This was bad.
Really bad. What if she tried to see if he was okay again? “Mia, can
you get me a band-aid? The bathroom is next to the bed. The first aid
kit is underneath the sink.” She didn’t respond. “Mia?” Curious, Jun
turned around carefully. “Eh?” She was gone.


Dama de Noche - a sweet smelling flower in the Philippines that blooms at night.
Atatakai - warm
Well, I suppose this chapter clears some things up. Now the fun begins!

Hope ya'll enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for reading! Comments quenches my thirst! XP

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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Chapter 5
“Don’t stop, don’t stop your feelings that move the present.” - Happiness

“BAKA! BAKA! BAKA! BAKA! BAKA!” Miyu slammed her forehead on the railing several times. It hurt and it was going to start swelling in a bit but she knew the bump would disappear a second after it appears. “How could I be so careless?!” She flicked her tongue over her teeth. Her fangs were still there. “Okay, any minute now.” Miyu waited impatiently for them to change back to normal. It wasn’t happening. When she recalled what happened, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. What had pushed her to put her arms around him like that? More importantly, his finger… in her mouth… his blood… on her tongue… “AAAAHHHH! It was my first taste of fresh blood! Why?! I wanted it to be Aiba-san’s. Aiba-chan’s. Aiba-sama!!!” Irritated at herself, she started slamming her forehead on the railing again. “ITAI!” This was not going to change anything. She also needed to know if Matsu-Jun was okay. He probably thought she was weird. Are you sure I’m not your ichi-ban? “IYA! Does he think I like him?!” Miyu frowned. “That would very conceited of him.” But she did hug him. That would send a mixed message. “I should go back and see him and set the record straight.” But not right now when she still had two pointy teeth. Just then, she heard the door open and the scent of Korean BBQ wafted into the air.


Miyu turned to find Aiba. His eyes focused on her and a sign of recognition flickered across his face. “OH. It’s you.” She nodded, Aiba’s scent was magnifying her thirst. “Ano… have you seen Matsumoto Jun? This is his spot.” She pointed down. “Eh?” Aiba walked towards her. When he got closer, she backed off only to hit the railing behind her. Aiba stopped after seeing the look of panic on her face. “Do I look scary?” He asked, a bit confused at her reaction. She shook her head no. “Then why are you backing off?” Miyu could feel her fangs growing longer. She covered her mouth with her hand. This wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t tasted fresh blood. She cursed inwardly. Here was her chance to talk to Aiba-san but right at this moment, all she wanted to do was sink her teeth into his pretty little neck. “Are you sick? Is that it?” Miyu nodded furiously. “Ah, that explains it.” He chuckled. “For a moment there, I thought you were really scared of me. But that’s stupid ne? You just don’t want me to get sick ne?” All Miyu could do was nod again. “You shouldn’t be up here then. It’s a bit chilly. You’re going to get worse. Come on. Let’s go inside.” Miyu was more than happy to accompany Aiba-san but she was afraid she might lose control. Matsu-Jun, why did you have to taste so good. “It’s okay. I’ll walk farther away from you. Just follow me.” She sighed and trotted after him, not wanting to make him worry. “And if you don’t mind me asking… what happened to you? Your hair is all over the place and your clothes are full of dust.” Miyu stopped and looked down at her clothes. Oh, so that’s why he wanted me to change. I do look dirty. And I could only imagine what my hair looks like. She started smoothing her hair down frantically, hoping it’d at least look decent the next time Aiba-san turned to look at her. They got out the same floor where Matsu-Jun’s dressing room was and as her luck would have it, the elevator door opened only to reveal him standing in front of it. I curse you! Miyu was a vampire though and not a witch so cursing someone was something she had no talent for.


Miyu brought a finger up to her lips then shook her head at Jun.


She gave him a thumbs up and he smirked at her.

“EEHH? You’re on first name basis already?” Aiba nudged Jun’s arm when he passed by him. “Wait a minute.” He checked his watch then looked at Jun then Miyu then looked at Jun again. Miyu thought she saw a light bulb flash on top of Aiba-san’s head when his eyes widened and smiled broadly at both of them. “Have you two been secretly meeting at the rooftop?” Jun suddenly coughed so Aiba rubbed his back. Miyu cast her eyes on the floor. “I hope you’re not getting sick, Jun. AHH! You might have caught it from…” He looked at Miyu but she was still looking at the floor. “Ano… namae wa?” She jerked her head up then covered her mouth. “Kusanagi Miyu desu. Hajimemashite.” Aiba smiled at her. “Kusanagi-san. You don’t have to cover your mouth like that.” Jun stared at Miyu questioningly. “You’re sick?! And you didn’t hesitate to…” He waved his finger that was sporting a band-aid right in front of Miyu’s face. She smiled apologetically. “To what?” Aiba asked. “Ah, it’s nothing important.” He threw Miyu an annoyed look and she slowly stuck her tongue out at him. “AH! Jun, I was looking for you because a few steps were changed in the Happiness choreography. Not really hard but they want us to start practicing tonight.”


“Kusanagi-san. Will you be alright by yourself?” Aiba asked. She bowed her head slightly. “Hai. I think I’ll go home and change. I don’t live far. Oh and just Miyu is fine, Aiba-san.” Miyu waved then ran into the elevator and pressed L for Lobby. As soon as the doors closed, she breathed a sigh of relief.


The door to their two-bedroom condo was unlocked. Miyu quietly opened the door wider and peered inside. Tezuka had always preached about security so she was genuinely alarmed. She tiptoed inside and slowly closed the door. As she gradually moved further into the hallway, she heard movement in Tezuka’s room. Unsure of what she would find inside, Miyu decided not to call out for Tezuka and barge into the room instead. A surprised intruder would be easier to take down. And surprised they were. A half naked woman was on all fours on top of the bed. Tezuka, who was completely naked, was bent over her from behind and cupping her breasts with both hands. Both their fangs were out and she noticed their necks were bloody. Vampire porn in all its glory. Miyu was scarred for eternity.

“Shimatta.” Tezuka and the woman remained frozen on the spot.

“Shimatta? That’s all you can say?!” Miyu fled to her room, she distinctly heard the woman asking Tezuka… “Was that your sister?” She slammed the door shut and then locked it. She paced around the room agitated. The image was imprinted in her brain. Minutes later, a knock on the door startled her. “Go away!” She yelled. “Miyu, she’s gone. Can we talk?” She shouted in front of the door, “NO!”
“Come on, Miyu.” Tezuka pleaded.
“Try again in the next century!”
“You leave me no choice.” In a split second, the door was gone, totally wrenched out. She glared at him. At least he was dressed now. “The point of having a door and a lock is privacy. Why did I get my own room in the first place?” Tezuka breezed by her and hugged her from behind. “EWW, don’t touch me!” She struggled to get out of his embrace. “Miyu, I’m sorry you had to see that. But I was hungry and…”
“Yes. And I thought you weren’t going to be home till later.”
“You were the one who complained about me not coming home for dinner.”
“I know. I know. I’m sorry.” He kissed the top of her head.
Miyu felt her anger starting to melt away.
“Do you know how seeing that is going to affect me?!”
“Just don’t think about it.”
“I can’t just NOT think about it!”
“Well, try.”
She was getting pissed again.
“Fine but you owe me BIG TIME!”
“Fine. What do you want?” He released her then swiveled her so she faced him.
“Don’t swivel me! I can turn by myself!” Tezuka smiled crookedly at her. “Well? What do you want, Miyu?”
“Permission to go to the concert plus I’m not quitting work after said concert PLUS you never enter my room unless I let you.”
“That’s too much! And why would you want to continue working? AND you are living under my roof so I am allowed to enter your room whenever I want!”
“Too much? I was going easy on you! You know what you’ve done? I’m never gonna want to have sex anymore…”
“I’m going to be a virgin for the rest of my eternal life!”
“That is not fair! Why do you get to boink anybody you want while I live like a nun?!”
“Because I said so.”
They glared at each other.
“Yes to concert. Yes to working but NO to room rule.” Tezuka finally said.
“Fine but I should be allowed to date.”
“DATE? DATE WHO?” Has she met someone already? He narrowed his eyes at her.
“Anyone I want.” Maybe Aiba-san, she thought. KYAAA!
“Like hell you will.”
“Well you refuse introduce me to a nice vampire boy.”
“There are no nice vampire boys.”
“Obviously true if they’re all like you.”
“Miyu… why do you look like that?” Tezuka noticed her clothes.
“My landing was a bit off. And don’t change the subject.”
“You came home for dinner right? I’ll get you a glass.”

He changed the subject again. Tezuka didn’t want to think of Miyu going out with some guy. Vampire or human. He was not allowing it. When Tezuka left the room, she changed her clothes and combed her hair then went to the kitchen and sat on a stool at the bar. He handed her a glass filled to the top. After taking a sip, she sighed. It was not the same. Fresh blood was sweeter and Matsu-Jun’s had a distinct taste to it as well. Same as his scent, she couldn’t figure out what it was that made it seem familiar. Tezuka was watching her so she drank the rest pretending it tasted good. At least it would quench her thirst and she would not crave biting Aiba-san. “Thanks for the food. I’m off.”
“You’re leaving already?” He sounded disappointed.
“Yeah-huh. I’ve got stuff to do at work.”
She got up and went to the door. Tezuka zipped pass her and blocked her way. He was squinting hard. “Are you trying to read my mind? HA-HA, you fail.” He couldn’t because he didn’t have that power. “Did you meet someone at work?”
“Eh? What are you talking about? I meet a lot of people at work. Wasn’t that the purpose of me working?”
“You know what I mean. Have you met a guy…”
“I meet girls and guys every night.”
“I have to go to work. I’ll be back at 5AM sharp. So make sure if she comes back, she leaves before I get here. And lock the door! Horny bastard.”
She pushed a slightly embarrassed Tezuka aside and left.


“Otsukaresama Deshita!”

Another day of rehearsal had come to an end. Arashi finished later than before. It was 10PM already when they called it a night. Ohno, Nino, and Sho left Aiba and Jun at the studio. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Aiba.” Jun headed out to go to his dressing room for a shower. “Matte, Jun.” He walked out with him. “Are you going to meet Miyu-chan again?” He was going to but now that he’d asked him, he wasn’t sure if he should. “Iya. I’m going straight home. Really tired today.” Jun stopped in front of the elevator. When it opened, he went in but Aiba didn’t follow. “You coming?”
“Iya. I’ll take the next one, I left something in my dressing room.”
“Oh okay. Matta ne.”
Jun pushed a button and the door closed. Aiba waved as it did.

Miyu was lying down at her favorite spot, waiting for Matsu-Jun. Should she apologized for… “Yeah, for what? For sucking his blood? That’s not gonna do.” She had been waiting for a couple of hours now. But she was not bored. She thought of a lot of things tonight. Like who was that woman with Tezuka? He never told her about her before or any of his women friends for that matter. What else was he hiding from her? After awhile, she had to stop trying to figure out who the woman was because thinking of her made her remember what she had interrupted earlier. She shivered at the image that resurfaced in her mind. “Stupid, stupid Tezuka!” It was not that she was jealous, actually, she thought she was going to be but she was more hurt that he had not thought of the consequences of his actions. He was too involved with her that he had left the door unlocked and had not thought about what if she came for dinner to find them? She shook those thoughts away and tried to think of something else. Before she could think of anything though, she heard the door open.

“Matsu-Jun. Oide! What took you so long?” She cried out, not even looking back. But then she smelled his scent. Miyu stood up quickly and found Aiba-san walking towards her. She couldn’t explain why she suddenly felt a bit disappointed. “Gomen ne, Miyu-chan. Jun went home already. He said he was tired.”
“You don’t mind my company, do you?”
“Of course not! Ano…” She started shifting her weight from one foot to another. “Did he tell you?” Aiba looked at her curiously. “Tell me what?” Miyu got nervous. How was he going to react? Should she tell him? “Eh? Are you blushing?”
“Iya!” She covered her face with both her hands. Aiba laughed. “Ka-wa-ii!”
Miyu turned her back at him. She was feeling very shy at the moment.
“Nani nani nani.” He walked around and stopped in front of her. “Ne, Miyu-chan. What was Jun supposed to tell me?” She took a deep breath then raised her head to face him. “Aiba-san wa atashi no ichi-ban desu.”
“Hontou ni?!” Aiba was delightedly surprised. He had thought Jun was her ichi-ban.
“Hai.” She looked away shyly. Her eyes strayed towards the door and met Matsu-Jun’s eyes before he closed the door.


A loud scream resonated within the walls of mansion.

“Castiele! You bit off almost half of my neck, you bastard!” The lithe body of platinum blond man extracted himself off a heaving, angry blond woman. “You know very well that I don’t heal as fast as you do.” She turned over to face him then grabbed the sheets to cover her torn, bleeding neck. “No need to worry darling, you won’t be going anywhere soon.” She stood up and glided towards him. “But I’m in charge of the hunt.”
“There’s no rush. We’ll find Tezuka soon enough. He’ll pay for what he had done to us.”
“I want his body sliced, torn from limb to limb, and then I want everybody who is dear to him put through the same torture while he watches.”
Castiele bared his fangs. “Medea, darling, stop that. You are turning me on.”


Oohh JunXMiyuXAiba
Poor Miyu though... catching Tezuka and that woman.

Thanks for reading!!! Will get started on the next chap right away!
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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) EmptySat Nov 29, 2008 7:50 pm

Chapter 6
Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it.
- Michel de Montaigne

It was 6AM and it was time to sleep but Miyu couldn’t. Her thoughts kept drifting back to what had happened at work. Much to her annoyance, she was not recalling the conversation she shared with Aiba-san. Not that the time they spent together was boring, on the contrary, she had a lot of fun talking to him. No, that was not the reason. It was because even after three hours of quality time with Aiba-san, Miyu could only think of Matsu-Jun’s expression before he left her and Aiba-san alone. Why should it bother her that he looked betrayed. It was not like she was cheating on him. She tossed and turned on her bed, trying to find a good position. She tried smothering her face with a pillow. That didn’t help, it only proved how stupid she was for being severely affected by Matsu-Jun’s reaction. “Why are you torturing me?! You are worse than Tezuka!” She sat up and started pulling her hair. Miyu wanted to shout out her frustration. She couldn’t help it. She felt extremely guilty. “Doushiyou?” A huge poster of Aiba-san was right in front of her bed. His expression was calm and serene. That expression had gotten her through depression. It was because of Aiba’s sunny disposition… his ability to be positive, funny, and energetic that made him her ichi-ban. Had it always been like that though? Doubt crossed her mind but she immediately shook it off. Miyu’s memories of her past were broken into different shards and she had yet to put all the pieces together. She stared at the poster and sighed. “What would you do, honey?” Aiba-san stared back, his eyes not blinking. “I can never win a staring competition with you.” She slapped her forehead with her palm. “It’s not enough you’re a blood-sucker, must you be a crazy one, too?” After a few minutes of staring at Aiba-san, Miyu got up and went to the kitchen.

“Can’t sleep?” Tezuka appeared out of nowhere. “Can you not like, do that?” Miyu grumbled at him, obviously feeling grumpy from not being able to sleep. “Need a drink?” She opened the fridge and frowned at its contents. “I want some wine. I thought we had a bottle?” Tezuka slapped her ass. “Alcohol is not the answer.”
“But it makes me sleepy! And don’t do that!”
“Do what?”
“The slapping!”
“You complain too much. Don’t slap my ass, Tezuka. Don’t come in my room, Tezuka. Don’t have sex, Tezuka.”
“I didn’t tell you to not have sex.”
“So I can invite Victoria back again tomorrow?”
“Do what you want. I won’t come home for dinner then.”
“But you’ll starve.”
“Remember the time when I didn’t drink for like a week?”
Tezuka snorted.
“By week, you really meant a day right?”
“No way! I distinctly remember 7 days without blood.”
“That’s cause you slipped in and out of consciousness every 5 minutes after 12 hours of fasting.”
“But, but…”
“No buts. Come home for dinner.”
“Can’t you let me win an argument once?”
“Only if you’re right but I’m always right.”
“I’m going back to bed.”
“Come home around 12 midnight.”


“Found a reason to be strong. You are the one.
Always in my heart, my friend.
Every time you call my name, I will be there.
No matter how far, we are friends.”

It was my older sister’s birthday. Tonight, on October 4, 2004; me, my sister, and best friend were out having Korean barbeque at Sorabol, a well known restaurant in San Francisco. We were singing “La Familia” by Matsumoto Jun as requested by my sister. She had just turned 21 and we were celebrating by drinking a lot of Soju and Absolut.

“Onee-chan! Make a wish!”
“Onee-chan? I am not that older than you, Mia. Matter of fact, I’m only a few…”
“Enough of that already. You guys argue about your ages every year, geez! I’m tired of hearing it!” Rory poured me another shot of Absolut Citron.
“How come I’m drinking the strong stuff? I’m not even legal yet!”
“You will be in…” She checked her watch. “Four hours.” Rory grinned. “So it doesn’t matter if you drink alcohol now.”
I didn’t argue with her and just took the shot. The vodka burned down my throat. That was the second shot I’ve had so far. My sister was drinking the Soju and didn’t like it very much. “I can’t believe you stuck a candle on a bowl of rice.”
“Better than sticking it on a piece of meat.”
“So, should we sing Happy Birthday?” Rory asked after pouring me another shot. I looked at my shot glass and sighed.
“We already sang La Familia. That’s my birthday song.”
“We are such dorks. Why are wearing our ichi-ban’s colors?” I asked after taking a shot.
“Mia, I don’t see why that’s dorky at all. You look good in green. She looks good in purple and of course, I am absolutely ravishing in red.”
“Enough talking and more celebrating please!” My sister was obviously tipsy already. “By the way, Mia, my spunky younger sister.”
“Yes, onee-chan.”
She pointed her chopsticks at me and tried to hit my nose with them. I leaned back on my chair to avoid them. “Our very best friend Aurora here told me a secret.”
“Rory?” She shrugged and poured me another shot.
“Yep. Good ole Rory. Remember when I first asked you who your ichi-ban was?”
“Yeaahhhh. Why?”
“And you told me that it was Aiba Masaki?”
“That’s right.”
“Well, Aurora here told me that you lied.”
I glanced at Rory and she was pretending to be really interested in the kimchee on her plate. “And you believed her?!” I feigned hurt and surprise. “It’s okay, Mia. I’m not mad at you. I understand. You knew how I’d react if you told me that your real ichi-ban was Masumoto Jun.”
“No! I was not lying! I was NOT lying!”

“Lies… you lie… it’s not him… it’s not…” Miyu woke up flailing her arms around her. She sat up and frantically looked around her room, at her wall. “Aiba-san.” Relief blanketed her as she laid eyes on the posters. “Konnichiwa, honey.”


“Aiba, you’re doing it all wrong again.” Jun raised his voice. Aiba scratched his head and grimaced. “Gomen, Jun. I thought I had it down for sure this time. I don’t know why I keep doing the wrong move.” Jun threw his arms in the air in resignation. “It’s because you’re not paying attention. Seriously, Aiba. It’s not that hard.”
“Gomen.” Aiba felt really bad. And although Jun had always been strict with him, he seemed to be putting a lot more pressure on him today. “Jun, I think you’re being a tad harder on Aiba-chan today.” Sho expressed Aiba’s sentiments. “I’ve always pushed him harder than you guys because he makes the most mistakes. What makes today different? Nothing.”
“It is different, Jun. You’re yelling at him for the littlest things. He’s not going to learn if you’re making him nervous.” Jun glared at Sho. But he was right. He had been noticing everything that Aiba did wrong. A slight move of his hand, something that the audience would not even catch, he criticized. What Sho said made him feel guilty but seeing Aiba sweat it out made him feel better. It was wrong. Very wrong of him to do that. And he still won’t acknowledge the reason why he was behaving this way towards him.
“Yamete, Sho. It’s okay. Jun is right. I should concentrate more.” Now Jun felt really bad. If only Aiba would defend himself and stop acting so nice. “Why don’t we take a break, ne?” Ohno suggested. “Hai hai, Riida.” Nino immediately went to grab his game. Jun looked at Aiba and opened his mouth to apologize but nothing came out. “Aiba-chan, let’s go get some food.” He beamed at him. “Sounds good!” Jun watched the two of them leave. Aiba was so easy to please. He looked at the clock on the wall and headed out.

Miyu watched silently as the door to the rooftop opened. That familiar scent invaded her senses and she inhaled deeply. Matsu-Jun stepped in and looked around. He frowned in disappointment. The sight of him made her forget of all about her problem sleeping this morning or the dream she had when she woke up an hour ago. All she was concerned about was how to successfully give Matsu-Jun the fright of his life. She inched her way behind him while he walked further out in the open. When she was about ready to yell in his ear, he swiftly turned around and caught her waist. Miyu yelped and instinctively pushed at his chest. He was smirking at her. “How did you know?!”
“I have Mia senses.”
“Mia senses?” She stopped pushing and wondered what he meant. “OH. Like spider senses.” He nodded. “Yep. They were tingling.” She stared at him. “Tingling, huh?”
“Mm-hmmm.” He should let her go now but his body wouldn’t listen to him. “Were you trying to scare me to death?” She pretended to gasp at his accusation. “To death?! Why no! Just wanted to see if you scream like a girl.”
“You can stop trying because I do not.”
“Sorry but I’m not taking your word for it, Matsu-Jun.” He raised an eyebrow.
“Suit yourself. But you’ll just fail every time. Mia senses remember.”
“And how did you get that power, if I may ask?” She unknowingly started playing with the buttons on his v-neck shirt. “I can’t possibly reveal that secret.” Sometimes her fingers would slip and touch the skin of his chest. And when it happened, she heard his heart quicken. “Hmmm. Why not? Afraid that I can find a cure for it?” Aware of his reaction, Miyu couldn’t help but tease him. She would purposely let her fingers slip and every time she did, the acceleration of his heartbeat made her smile. “It’s not an illness.” His shirt was slightly soaked with sweat and it didn’t bother her one bit. “Are you sure it’s not a curse?” Jun tightened his hold on her waist. Miyu’s eyes widened. Sweet mercy, am I flirting with him? Suddenly flustered at the thought, she looked away from his gaze and stepped back. Confused at her sudden change of heart, Jun reluctantly released her. “Umm… how long is your break for?” She walked towards the railing. He turned and followed her. “Not really sure. Usually only 15 to 20 minutes.” Her face fell at his reply. “Why don’t you come to our rehearsal?” She jumped and hugged him. If he knew she was going to react that way, he would’ve asked sooner. “Umm, gomen.” Embarrassed by her reaction, Miyu let go and looked at her feet. “So. I can really go watch you practice?” Jun licked his lips and smiled goofily. Watch ME practice? “Sure. Why not?” He replied nonchalantly. “Oh yeah. Didn’t mean to stand you up last night. I came by to tell you that I had to go home early but saw that Aiba was keeping you company already and since he is your ichi-ban…” Miyu’s head snapped up to look at him. “… I thought I’d leave you two alone. Figured you’d want that.” Maybe he was hoping she’d tell him otherwise. But she remained silent for a minute or so. “You could’ve stayed and chatted with us for a bit.” Jun didn’t expect that.
“You wouldn’t mind?”
“Why would I? Haven’t I told you before that I liked your company? That’s not going to change just because Aiba’s my ichi-ban.”
“I see. Well, let’s go.”
“Having second thoughts?”
“Iya…” She kinda wanted to stay spend a little more time with him up here but that was something she wouldn’t confess.

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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Sho was showing Aiba the steps that he kept messing up on when Jun
walked into the studio with Miyu in tow. Aiba spotted Miyu right away
and jogged towards her, smiling from ear to ear. Jun unconsciously
moved closer to Miyu’s side. His shoulders almost touched hers by the
time Aiba stopped in front of them. “Miyu-chan! Are you on break?” She
nodded, “There’s not much training to do tonight.” There were never any
training but he didn’t need to know that. “That’s good. You came to
watch us rehearse ne?” Aiba was both excited and nervous at the
thought. He better try his very best now that a fan of his was here to
watch. Was this a plan of Jun to get him to concentrate better? Smart
idea, he thought but he hoped it won’t backfire on him. “Jun said it’s
okay. Is it? Would the others mind?”
“Of course it’s okay. If Jun
said so!” Aiba patted her head. She ducked at first then smiled shyly.
“I thought Ohno-san was the leader?” She elbowed Matsu-Jun playfully
but he just tucked his hands in his pockets and stared ahead. “AH! Let
me introduce you to the other members!” Miyu looked at Jun when
Aiba-san pulled her by her hand. He wasn’t looking at her. This somehow
annoyed her so she grabbed his wrist and pulled him with her. Jun
stumbled forward then looked at the hand on his wrist and then stared
at the back of Miyu’s head. Aiba was guiding them to Sho. “Sho. This is
Miyu-chan.” Aiba let go of her hand, stood next Sho and whispered
something in his ear. “Oh. Is that so?” A smile spread on his face as
he looked at Jun and Miyu. She had not realized that she was still
holding on to Jun. Jun, on the other hand, was very aware of her cold
fingers wrapped around his wrist. She bowed slightly and introduced
herself. “Kusanagi Miyu desu. Hajimemashite.” Sho offered his hand for
a shake. “Sakurai Sho. Dozo yoroshiku.”
“My best friend loves you!” She blurted out. Sho laughed.
“Sou desu ka. What’s her name? Maybe I’ll give her an autograph.”
Miyu went blank. Who was her best friend again?
“Don’t tell me you forgot your best friends name?” Jun asked jokingly.
She started breathing faster and deeper. Oh no, she was hyperventilating. Jun felt her tighten her grip on him. And then…
“Aurora! Gomen, I spaced out for a second there. Her name is Aurora but we call her Rory.”
I will probably forget it so remind me later. I’ll write it down.” Sho
looked at her oddly. Nino and Ohno walked over to where they were,
curious at who the girl was. “So who’s she?” Nino asked. Aiba slapped
Nino’s shoulder. “Don’t be rude.” He shrugged and looked at Miyu from
top to bottom. She was wearing a baby blue cardigan over a white
camisole, black pleated skirt, baby blue and white stripped socks and
black knee-high boots. Her hair was jet-black, short, and not styled at
all. Miyu self-consciously pushed her hair back behind her right ear.
She wished her bangs were longer so she could hide her eyes. She was
feeling uncomfortable under Nino-san’s scrutiny. “Kusanagi Miyu desu.
Hajimemashite.” Nino smirked, noticing her discomfort. “Ninomiya
Kazunari. Tell me, Kusanagi-san. What’s your job title?” Surprised by
his question, she blanked out again. When she recovered, she looked at
him square in the eyes. “I’m a trainee. I suppose you can call me an
intern. Fujimiya-san hopes to put me into public relations or the
creative design crew. Whichever one I excel in the most. I’m sure
you’ve heard her mention it before.” He looked at her disbelievingly. Eh? It didn’t work? “I haven’t heard anything at all. Besides, we don’t come in contact with Fujimiya-san often.”
I think we have, Nino.” Ohno replied. “Yeah, I remember her talking
about a new hire that she had high hopes for.” Miyu stared at Ohno-san.
How did he… She wasn’t aiming it at him and yet he was responding the
way she wanted Nino-san to. Aside from flying, Miyu also had the power
of suggestion. It was not a skill she had mastered but she was good
enough that it worked 90% of the time.
“Ohno Satoshi desu. Hajimemashite.” She smiled warmly at him. “Kusanagi Miyu desu. Dozo yoroshiku.”
when did that happen? We never had time to meet with her.” Nino was
slightly irritated. “Ano… I don’t remember exactly when.” Ohno
scratched his head, trying to remember.
“Well, we should start
rehearsing now. Start from where we left off?” Sho interrupted.
“Kusanagi-san, you can sit anywhere you like.”
“Just Miyu is fine,
Sakurai-san. That goes for everyone else.” Miyu felt the excitement
going through her. She was about to watch her favorite group rehearse!
Never in her wildest dreams did she think that this would happen. She
walked towards the huge mirror. “Ano, Mia…”
“Can you let me go now?”
“What are you t--..”
released Matsu-Jun’s wrist and her hand flew up to her mouth. “OH.”
Then she realized that the fingers touching her lips were recently
touching him. She jerked the hand down and hid it behind her back.
“Sorry about that.” She turned and almost ran into the mirror. Miyu
skidded to a stop and sat down cross legged on the floor. Heat crept up
her neck and flooded her cheeks.

Rehearsal ended again at 10PM
tonight. Miyu was at awe at the amount of dedication each of the
members showed during practice. She had read before that Matsu-Jun was
known for his attention to detail and she witnessed that first hand.
She had also read that Aiba-san was the one to make the most mistakes
but he was perfect tonight. Matsu-Jun seemed really impressed and was
giving him all sorts of compliments. That made her very happy. Her
attention also kept going to Nino-san. She still couldn’t figure out
why her power didn’t work on him. But Tezuka did warn her that there
are people who are immune to it so she had to be discreet at using it.
She would have to remember that when it came to Nino-san. Earlier
during the introductions, different scents bombarded her but she had to
stay focus and not try to discern which was coming from who. Tezuka had
explained to her that human blood gave off a certain scent to vampires
and they differ from one vampire to the next. It seemed like for her,
blood smelled like food. And if she liked a certain person, their blood
would be more delectable to her. Which explained why Aiba-san smelled
like Korean BBQ. That was, after all, her favorite. Nino-san gave off a
very sweet, creamy, mouth-watering scent of taro custard. That was her
favorite dessert. She only knew one Thai restaurant that made it the
way she loved it. Sakurai-san smelled like pizza. Something she would
crave sometimes at the dead of the night. While Ohno-san smelled like
heavenly, hot and spicy miso ramen, the kind that warmed her body
during winter. They all smelled so good. Except for Matsu-Jun. He
didn’t smell bad or anything but his scent was very different. Again,
she still couldn’t figure out what it was. It was driving her crazy. So
familiar, she felt nostalgic when she breathes in his scent. Why didn’t
he smell like food? Was that possible? She had forgotten to ask Tezuka
about that.

“Don’t you need to go back to work?” Nino-san
broke her train of thoughts. Miyu had a weird feeling that Nino-san
didn’t like her. She stood up and nodded. There was no point arguing
with him. She should get back to… whatever. “Hai. Thanks for having
me.” She waved at everyone and was about to leave when Aiba-san called
out to her. “Miyu-chan! Matte.”
“Me and Sho were wondering… who’s your ni-ban?”
Jun’s ears perked and listened hard.
I’m your ichi-ban…” He did a Superman pose… fists on his hips, elbows
out, head to the right, looking up. Miyu started laughing.
“What’s funny?” He grinned at her. “Well, who’s your ni-ban?”
Suddenly embarrassed, Miyu covered her eyes then pointed at Nino-san. Nino looked surprised. “Me?”
“HAI. GOMENASAI!” She ran out of the studio, her face flaming red.
“Was she sorry you’re her ni-ban?” Ohno turned to Nino.
“Beats me. What a weird girl.”
“Deshou?!” Sho agreed.
“Iya! Miyu-chan kawaii!” Aiba disagreed.
Jun left shortly after Miyu did.

stars were twinkling brightly tonight but Miyu couldn’t truly enjoy it.
As she felt the cold cement on her back, she looked up and wondered why
she was so embarrassed admitting to them that Nino-san was her second
favorite. There was certainly nothing wrong with it. She liked him
because of his cheeky, sarcastic, and playful personality. Plus, he was
cute. Miyu’s nose twitched.

“How long are you going to stand there, Matsu-Jun?”

closed the door behind him and approached her. He then lied down next
to her. Miyu turned to face him. “Shouldn’t you change your clothes?
They’re soaked in sweat and it’s breezy tonight. You’re going to get
“Where am I on your list?” Jun asked, ignoring what she just said.
“Huh? What list?”
“Am I the last one?”
“The last what?”
“Aiba’s the first, Nino’s the second…”
“I am last, huh?”
was she suppose to tell him? He was not on her list at all. It didn’t
mean that she disliked him. As a member of Arashi, she couldn’t help
but like him. But at the same time, she felt it in her gut… she was not
allowed to. The dream she had this morning suddenly flooded her
thoughts. It was not a dream. It was a flashback. It was a part of her
past. She had a sister. And she had assured her then that it was okay
if they had the same favorite, but she knew different. She was very…
possessive of him and she had a tendency to go into depression. Which
was why… no… she was mistaken. Rory misinterpreted something she had
confessed to her. It couldn’t be true. Aiba Masaki was… IS… her ichi-ban.
“Does it matter?” She replied. Jun closed his eyes and lied. “No. It doesn’t.”
Miyu felt horrible. She wanted to explain to him why.
had an older sister.” Miyu sat up and hugged her knees. Curious, Jun
sat up as well and positioned himself so he was facing her. “You meant
the world to her…” She smiled sadly as she started to remember bits and
pieces. “Something happened to me and I can only recall some of the
memories I have of her and the rest of my past. But I remember how I
came home one day and found her crying in her room. I thought it was
really funny then when she told me the reason why she was crying.” She
turned to look at him. “She was reading some facts about you on an
Arashi forum and she got to the one where it said that you got severely
injured in second grade.” She lightly laughed. “That was why she was
crying. Because you got hurt. That same day, she asked me who my
ichi-ban was.” Miyu hadn’t noticed that her eyes were brimming with
tears. A single one slid down her cheek and she blinked. “Are…” A few
more slid down. She was crying. Something inside her hurt. “Gomen. I
don’t know why…” Jun reached out and brushed her tears away with his
thumb. “You said you had a sister. Did she pass away?”
I… I don’t know. I don’t know what happened to her.” Miyu unconsciously
reached for something on her neck but there was nothing there. She
looked down expecting a necklace. “How strange.” She pulled on her
camisole and peered inside. Jun gulped. “What are you doing?” She met
his eyes then laughed. “I have no idea. I was expecting to see…”
I hope you found them. Should I help you look?” Jun teased. He leaned
forward a bit and she scooted back. “I’m just kidding, silly. Besides,
I’m not interested in oranges. I prefer melons.”
“Why you!” She tackled him to the ground.
“I’ve read you’re ticklish.” Jun’s eyes grew big. “You wouldn’t.” She did.
Jun squirmed on the ground laughing while Miyu tickled his sides. He
tried to grab her hand but missed and ended up touching something round
and soft. They both froze. Mortified, Jun closed his eyes. Miyu bit her
lip. She should scream. She should start slapping him silly. But she
didn’t and she didn’t move away either. It was the very first time
someone had touched her… She had sinned.

“Matsu-Jun. Please remove your hand.”

opened his eyes and yanked his hand free from her breast. He abruptly
stood up. “Gomen. Are you okay?” She stood up as well and tried to act
normal. “I’m okay. It was an accident.”
“Are you going to be
alright? I mean, not because of…” His eyes darted to her chest. She
crossed her arms. “About your sister that is.” He looked up, feeling
“Oh, yeah. Thanks. That was… I’ll be okay. Thanks again.”
“Well, umm, I’ve got to go home.”


was sprawled on his stomach while Victoria lied down on top of him,
playing with his hair. “Your sister’s not going to walk in on us again,
is she?”
“No, I told her to come home at midnight.”
“Good. I want another round.”
“That’s what I want to hear.” He rolled until he was lying on his back, she positioned herself on his chest.
“Does she know everything about you?”
“She doesn’t need to.”
pulled her up so they were face to face then in a split second, he was
standing on the bed, he had slammed her body on the wall, her thighs
wrapped around his waist. He threw his head back, fangs out, ready to


so that's why Aiba smells like KBBQ. But why doesn't Jun's blood smell
like food? And Miyu is remembering more about her past eh. How come she
forgot? Did it have anything to do when she was slashing herself? and
WHO IS tezuka? XP

Next chapter will most likely be about him ^^

OH yeah, there was a clip where Arashi got hypnotized and Ohno was the most susceptible. I'll try to find the clip for you guys.

Thanks for reading. I think this was a bit long. Sorry.
Comments make me go WOO! ^^

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) EmptySat Nov 29, 2008 7:52 pm

dark red = flashback

Chapter 7

Several emotions went through Tezuka while he watched Miyu asleep on her tummy, her head facing his direction. She looked naïve and helpless, two adjectives that coaxed his protective nature. But she was neither. And it was largely his fault. That night he turned her, he had smelled her first before he saw her. Surprisingly, he was five miles away from her location when he caught whiff of her blood. The scent that brought back bittersweet memories of his younger sister, Yumi. Today was her birthday. Yumi was 9 years younger than him and was born during the onslaught of the Onin War in 1467. During the time she was born, the fighting had become serious and their family had to flee Kyoto. It was certainly not the best environment for child to grow up in. But even through poverty and desolation that war brought about, even after their parents were killed, Yumi grew up to be a sweet and loving girl. Sixteen years of her life were spent looking up to and adoring him. It was because of her that he had allowed himself to be turned. It was the night of her thirteenth birthday when Tezuka was attacked and left for dead after being robbed. While he was bleeding to death, he had tried to crawl to the nearest establishment to ask for help. What help he got was from Castiele, who became his sire. The vampire who embraced him. Immortality was not forced upon him, Castiele had given him a choice but death was not a option when he had Yumi to take care of. It didn’t take long for him to adjust to his new lifestyle and neither did Yumi. He had no choice but to tell her and she had accepted him without hesitation. With Yumi with him, Tezuka didn’t need anybody else until he met Ryoko. It was indeed love at first sight for both of them. Castiele never approved of him telling his sister about them and he was more adamant with divulging the secret to Ryoko, saying that if he decided to tell her then she should be turned as well. But Tezuka would never want this life for her so he kept it a secret for three years. And then everything fell apart. Ryoko had caught him feeding and fled horrified. He chased after her but lost her. When he got back home, Yumi was missing. Tezuka sought Castiele for help only to find out that he was responsible for Yumi’s disappearance and on top of that, he also had Ryoko. What happened that night scarred him for eternity.

Japan, 1483

The cold, rusty chains bit the skin on my wrists. I’ve been tied like this for four, maybe five days now. I was weak from starvation and from their constant feeding on my blood. If it weren’t for those reasons, I would have already broken free. They had lured me to their lair, using Yumi and Ryoko as baits. I wondered in agony if they’re still both alive. The coven headed my Castiele was tight-knit and small. It only consisted of ten others including me. But I rarely stayed with them. And they were all gathered around me tonight. What prompted the gathering? I waited enlightenment in horror.

“You could’ve prevented this, Tezuka, if you just took my advice three years ago and turned your woman. I let you off easy when you told your sister but this time, I am all out of forgiveness.” Castiele signaled to Medea and she went out of the room only to come back in with Yumi and Ryoko. They were blindfolded and their hands were tied behind their backs. When they reached the middle of the room, she pushed both of them down to their knees. I growled at her. “LET THEM GO!” She snarled back, her nails suddenly extended and she placed them next to Ryoko’s neck. “Patience my dear.” Medea pouted and retracted her nails. Castiele took their blindfolds off and cut both of them loose.

“Onii-chan!” Yumi cried out when she saw me in shackles. She tried to run towards me but Medea held her back. Ryoko cowered when she saw the glowing eyes and bared fangs around her. Castiele then ordered the others to unchain me. I dropped to the floor right away, I had no strength. He then threw a knife on the floor.

“I am a compassionate man, Tezuka. So I will offer you a choice.”
“Castiele!” Medea protested.
“Sshhh.” He silenced her then looked back at me.
“I can promise you that one of them can walk away from here alive. You have my word.”
“And what’s the choice?” My voice came out as a whisper.
“If you turn your woman into one of us, your sister can go.” Ryoko started shaking her head and looked at me terrified.
“I can’t do that!”
“You can’t? Well then, if you want this woman to live… kill your sister.”
“NOOO!” I tried to stand up but my knees were too weak.
“It’s not a hard choice, Tezuka. Do you want your sister to live or not? Or maybe you value your woman more? If so, there’s the knife.”
I stared at Ryoko. She was crying. “Yumi-chan… no… but I don’t want…” When I looked at Yumi, she looked unexpectedly calm. She wasn’t crying. “No… I can’t make a choice.”
“If you can’t then they both die.”
“I will not explain myself. Make a choice now.”
There was no way I was going to kill Yumi so my only choice was to turn Ryoko. At least, she’d still be alive. But condemned to live like us and she would probably hate me for the rest of eternity but Yumi was my sister. I glanced at Ryoko and she knew I had made my decision. She nodded to me, giving me permission. I was surprised at her reaction. Just a moment ago her eyes had pleaded to me but now they just looked empty. It was like she was dead already. Everything that silently transpired between Ryoko and I didn’t escape Castiele’s razor sharp eyes.

“Wise choice, Tezuka. Go ahead. I know you’re hungry. Just easy on the drinking, you don’t want to kill her.” He pushed Ryoko towards me and she walked slowly. I looked up at her, tears were streaming down my face. I somehow summoned some strength to stand up. She was getting close but before she could reach me, Yumi dove for the knife. She looked up at me and it was too late when I realized what she had planned. “Gomen ne, onii-chan. Aishiteru. Hontou ni.” I cried out in anguish as I helplessly watched the knife pierce Yumi’s chest.

Miyu suddenly turned onto her back. The movement startled Tezuka from his thoughts. If she hadn’t smelled like Yumi, he probably would’ve left her to die that fateful night. He stood up and pulled the blanket over Miyu’s body. Anybody who dared to touch her was asking to forfeit their lives.


“Jun, throw me a beer.” Sho turned from the couch and held his hands in front of him. The fridge door closed and Jun tossed a cold bottle at Sho. “Abunai!” Aiba yelled out when Sho almost dropped it, the bottle’s neck dangled between his two fingers. “You throw like a girl!”
“I was catcher you know, not a pitcher.” Jun was referring to when he used to play baseball.
“At least he didn’t throw it like this.” Ohno went into a lunge position, one arm stretched behind his back holding an imaginary ball. Then he pitched it as daintily as he could.
“Riida, you think that’s cute though.” Nino pointed out.
“Hai. Kawaii ne? Jun, why don’t you throw me a beer like that?”
“Get the beer yourself.” He took a seat on the couch and crossed his leg.

It was their day off today and they decided to watch a baseball game together at Aiba’s. Sho had brought the beer and chips while the rest just brought themselves.

“Ne, Jun.” Aiba plopped next to him. “You should have invited Miyu-chan over.” He glanced at Aiba’s teasing smile. He was planning on inviting her but he completely forgot about it after that incident with her chest. Jun shifted his gaze to his right hand then felt a blush coming. “Why would I want her here?” He tried to sound indifferent. “Aw, if only I knew that you wouldn’t invite her, I would’ve done it myself.” Aiba pouted. Nino smacked Aiba’s head when he passed behind him. “Don’t go deciding who to or to not invite.”
“Nande? Don’t you guys like her? I like her. Jun likes her.”
“When did I say that?” Jun asked defensively.
“Stop pretending, Jun. Aiba told me that you’ve been meeting with her frequently after rehearsal.” Sho said after taking a swig of his beer.
“So what?”
“So what? So that’s suspicious. Matsumoto Jun doesn’t go around talking to random girls just for the fun of it. I’d expect that from Aiba-chan but not from you.”
“Hai. Matte. OI!” Aiba complained after understanding what Sho said. “I don’t do that!”
“Daijobu, Aiba. You’re just extra friendly. That’s what Sho meant. Ne?” Ohno nudged Sho. He rolled his eyes. “Whatever.”
“To answer Aiba’s question… no, I don’t think I like her. There’s something weird about that girl.” Nino said.
“I do think she’s kinda weird but that doesn’t mean I don’t like her.” This coming from Sho. Ohno had a thoughtful expression on his face.
“What about you, Riida?” Aiba leaned forward expectantly.
“I like her.”
“Can’t we watch the game in peace? That’s why we’re here ne? And not to gossip about Mia.” Jun wanted to drop the subject.
“Hahahahaha! It’s Miyu, Jun-kun.” Aiba corrected him.
“Ah. Hai, you're right.”
Nino looked at him suspiciously. Jun turned his attention to the game. “OH! Homerun! Yatta!” Everybody else cheered and he was thankful that the conversation about Mia stopped there.


It had been three hours, forty-eight minutes, and sixteen seconds since Miyu arrived on the rooftop. The first star appeared on the sky around 6:12PM. The second at 6:15PM. The third at 6:17PM. The fourth and fifth at 6:20PM. 101 stars later, she still waited for Matsu-Jun to turn up. Maybe he was too busy and didn’t even have time to let her know that he couldn’t talk to her tonight. The day of the concert was getting close so rehearsals must be brutal. And knowing Matsu-Jun, he would want everything to be perfect. For the last three hours, Miyu had been making excuses for him. She should just leave and try to actually do something in the agency. But what if he shows up and she wasn’t here? Maybe he was still embarrassed with what had happened last night. Like she said though, it was an accident. He didn’t really mean to touch her there. This morning, she had a hard time sleeping. Her hand kept wandering to the spot where his hand landed. Once, she foolishly admitted to herself that it felt nice. And when she did, she had to take down Aiba-san’s posters as she felt like she had betrayed him. She thought she wouldn’t be able to face him tonight and she contemplated on not showing up. But in the end, the desire to see him won. It was weird. After having met and talked to Aiba-san, she didn’t have that same longing to see him. The realization scared her a bit. What if she was starting to like Matsu-Jun more? “Iya. That can’t be.”

“What can’t be?” His voice startled her. She was so deep in thought that she hadn’t sensed him coming. She turned around slowly then found herself staring at his deep brown eyes. Her breath quickened. “Matsu-Jun.” His name rolling of her tongue made him giddy. Now if only she would drop the Matsu part. “You’ve been waiting for me for almost four hours now?” Her left eyebrow rose. “That’s stupid. Why would I do that?” She replied unconvincingly. “You tell me.” Miyu couldn’t very well admit to him that what he accused her of was true. “There’s nothing to tell.”
“Sou desu ka. I’ll just leave then since you weren’t waiting for me anyway.” He turned to leave. “Matte!” She cried out. Jun licked his lips then faced her. “Nani.” Her cheeks were tainted pink. “Why are you late anyway?”
“Ah. I forgot to tell you last night. I’m off today.”
“EH?! Then why are you here?”
“I thought you’d end up waiting stupidly. I thought right.”
“Stupidly?! Hmph!” Miyu turned her back to him. She heard him move but didn’t expect his hands on her shoulders. “I’m here now.” He whispered to her. What was he doing?! He was too close for comfort. Way too close. She was tempted to lean back on his chest. She turned quickly and tripped on her own foot. Jun caught her waist to steady her and her hands instinctively went around his neck. This was the second time he held her in his arms. “You’re trying to make a habit of this?” Jun teased her. “I didn’t plan this!” To appear convincing, she lowered her arms and grabbed his wrists and was about to try to pull him off her. “Don’t even try.” Jun pushed her so she had to walk backward until her back hit the railing. What was happening to her was like a scene from one of his dramas. Usually a kiss would follow this. She gulped. It would be her first if he did kiss her. If she allowed him. “Why are you doing this?”
“Doing what?”
“This! What you’re doing! You didn’t show up here just for this, did you?”
“I’m not sure what *this* is.”
“Stop playing.”
“I’m not playing.”
Jun leaned forward and her eyes automatically fluttered shut. He smiled then let go her and stepped back. She immediately opened her eyes when he released her.
“What were you waiting for?” He asked innocently.
“YOU bastard!”
Miyu rarely cursed but she had never been so humiliated in her life. “This is why you’re NOT my ichi-ban. You’re cocky and, and you’re arrogant and, and, and you’re conceited!” Jun laughed. “Those three mean exactly the same thing, Mia.”
She threw him a look that could’ve frozen the whole Pacific Ocean. Thoroughly pissed off, she sped pass him but he grabbed her waist. “Mia, Mia, matte.”
“Will you stop grabbing my waist?! That’s sexual harassment!”
Jun put his hands up in the air. “Okay. No more waist grabbing.”
Miyu didn’t believe him but stayed anyway instead of leaving.
“Don’t you ever work? You’re always up here. And you were here for four hours now? Nobody looks for you?”
“I’m special like that.” She haughtily replied.
“Like retarded?”
“Shut up!”
Miyu walked to her favorite spot and lied down. Jun followed and took the spot next to her. This was what they did every night. And this went on for two more months.


Didn't want to do a whole chap on Tezuka as I wanted to write more JunXMiyu LOL. But its a good amount of info on him ne? ^^

The video title says Aiba being hentai but they're talking about what each member think is cute. And Ohno talks about a little girl throwing a ball.

Thanks again for reading and comments are always ALWAYS loved!

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) EmptySat Nov 29, 2008 7:53 pm

Underline = Spoken in English

Chapter 8

Today was the first of October, 2007. Four days from now Miyu would celebrate her 24th birthday. But she was stuck at the age of 21 forever. Some people probably thought she was lucky. What girl wouldn’t want to look young for eternity? But her unchanging appearance only reiterated what she was and her limited time for social interaction. Eventually, she would have to stop seeing Matsu-Jun. Because he would gradually notice the lack of change. But that wouldn’t happen right away ne? Would a year change a person so much? Of course not. Two years? Three? Maybe five. A good five years with him… With him? Miyu stared at her reflection on the mirror. Why with him? She frowned at herself. It was true that they have gotten a lot closer these past two months but why was she suddenly thinking of their future like… like they were dating? Because they weren’t. There had been no confession from both of them. They were just friends ne? Besides, if she wanted a boyfriend, wouldn’t she rather have Aiba-san as her first? Demo, she hadn’t talked to him since that day she attended one of their rehearsals. She hadn’t seen them rehearsed again after that. She supposed Aiba-san wasn’t really interested in her. It didn’t really bother her as much as she thought it would. Actually, she hadn’t put up all the posters of him that she took down that one day. Her walls were bare except for one group Arashi poster. Miyu turned to look at that poster and her eyes immediately fell on Matsu-Jun. She slapped her face hard. “Ow.” Her cheek now had a red hand print on it. Yes, she slapped it that hard. It was only right. Thoughts of Matsu-Jun shouldn’t be allowed too often in her mind. There were other things that she should be thinking of. The Summer Tour 2007 Final Time - Kotoba no Chikara concert was almost here. Seven days to be exact. On October 8, 2007, it was going to be held at the Tokyo Dome. Tezuka had already given her permission to go. Her tension was way up! Did she have tickets? Tickets smickets! She was visibly excited and grabbed her silver half-of-a-heart necklace, praying for time go by fast.


“Eh? So this is the only entry in your notebook? You stopped getting those nightmares?” Sho scratched his head. The five were hanging out at Aiba’s dressing room. “Hai. Okashi desu ne. It suddenly stopped.” Aiba thought about it for a second then nodded his head. “Quick stop!
“That’s good then.” Ohno patted Aiba’s back. “No more screaming when you wake up.”
“Demo, I don’t know how to say it… it feels weird. Like there’s something wrong.”
“You should be thankful it stopped, Aiba. You fans wouldn’t want a zombie you performing at the concert.” Nino pointed out then added, “Speaking of fans… you’ve been keeping her to yourself, eh Jun-kun?” Jun didn’t bother meeting Nino’s teasing gaze. He was fishing for information and he had no intention of biting the lure. “I miss Miyu-chan. She hasn’t come back to watch us rehearse. Doshite? I did a great job last time, ne? NE?” Aiba asked, seeking reassurance from Jun. “You did great, Aiba. Maybe you should ask her yourself.” A huge smile appeared on Aiba’s face. “If it’s okay with you, I will.”
“Why haven’t you visited her at the rooftop anyway? You know when she’s there.” Jun asked curiously.
“I don’t want to cross the line.”
“Eh?” Jun wondered what he meant by that.
“I think Aiba’s considering your feelings, Jun.” Sho shed light to Jun’s inquiry.
“My feelings?” Was it that obvious? Then how come she hadn’t noticed?
“You can play dumb all you want but we know what’s up.” Nino smirked.
“Aiba’s her ichi-ban.” As if saying it out loud was going to change anything.
“So?” Ohno asked, confused by Jun’s statement and its relation to his feelings for Miyu.
“Jun-kun. Miyu-chan likes me as Aiba Masaki from Arashi. Demo, I think she likes you as Matsumoto Jun. Ano… Matsumoto Jun as Matsumoto Jun. You know…” Aiba’s forehead creased as he thought about his explanation. Sho laughed but agreed with Aiba. “I think we know what you mean.”
“NE? So do something about it! Have you tried kissing her?” Jun flushed at Aiba’s blunt question. Nino noticed his reaction and snickered. “I bet you’ve thought about it a million times but never had the guts to do it.” Jun glared at Nino’s correct assumption. He had teased her once but that was it. It was funny because she closed her eyes when he leaned in. He should have just kissed her then. Jun sighed. “Jun-kun! Just corner her and then…” Aiba walked towards Sho. Sho, even though a bit miffed that he was chosen to act as the girl, shyly lowered his head then peered through his lashes to look at Aiba. Aiba then seized his shoulders. Sho gasped in response. Ohno and Nino leaned forward, their attention captured by the drama. Jun stifled a laugh.

“Miyu-chan.” Aiba’s tone was serious. He turned to Jun for a moment. “Look at her seductively ne.” Jun shook his head, still trying to stop himself from laughing. Aiba started over.

“Miyu-chan… Ore wa Miyu-chan ga…”
“Cut!” Nino yelled.
“EH?! Nande?” Aiba complained. “I was getting to the good part. Jun confesses then kisses her after that.”
“Iya. I think he should just kiss her right away.” Nino stood up from the couch and walked towards where Aiba and Sho were. After pushing Aiba away, he pushed Sho against the wall, trapped him in between his arms. “I don’t think he should push her like that.” Sho said.
“Shut up, Miyu-chan, eh Sho.” Nino turned to Jun. “Once you get her in this position, she’d be too nervous to do anything. Look into her eyes. Girls can’t resist that.” Nino looked into Sho’s eyes. Sho reached up and touched Nino’s face. “Matsu-Jun…”
“Iya iya, just Jun.” Aiba said.
“Jun… the truth is… atashi wa…” Nino leaned in and quickly planted a kiss on Sho’s nose. “OI!” Sho rubbed his nose.
“Don’t let her finish her sentence if she does say anything at all. And of course, you’re going for her lips not her nose.”
“I think Jun should just do it his way.” Ohno spoke up.
“Riida, you already said that on VS Arashi. Don’t go using the same line twice.” Nino sat back down next to Ohno. He ignored Nino. “Jun Style. That would be the best style ne.”
Jun placed his hands on his hips. “Who said I was going to kiss her? But thanks for the entertainment.” With that, he left to meet Miyu.


“I demand personal information. AND it can’t have anything to do with food.”
Miyu grumbled at Matsu-Jun. They were seated cross-legged on the floor, facing each other. It was true that she hadn’t been sharing “deep” personal info. But how could she when her memory was limited. She had only started remember bits and pieces. What could she share? Jun glared at Miyu. It was not fair. She knew a lot about him by now and it wasn’t through reading his interviews on magazines or online. It was because he had told her about them.

“Okay… let’s see… this is hard. Why don’t you ask me a question then?” This could turn out to be a big mistake but she didn’t know what to do.

“When’s your birthday? And how old are you?” ACK! He had to ask those questions, she thought. The birthday question was easy to answer but what about her age? Should she say 21 or 24? I suppose 24 would be the right choice. “I was born on October 5, 1983. So that makes me 23 turning 24 in a few days.” She thought he’d be happy she answered but he looked mad. “And you had no plans on telling me that you’ll be celebrating your birthday in four days?!” It wasn’t a big deal. She stopped celebrating her birthday three years ago. “I don’t really celebrate my birthday. So… I didn’t think it was important to tell you…”

“You thought wrong. If you know my birthday, I should know yours.”
“Your fans know your birthday but you don’t know theirs.”
“They’re my fans, not my friends. And since you are not a fan…”
“Okay, I’m sorry. But it’s not a big deal. It’s not like you have to get me a present or anything. Or throw a party. I don’t do that stuff.”
“What do you do then?”
“I stay at home and umm do nothing. It’s just like every other day. Nothing special.”
“You were born that day. Your parents must have been happy and your sister.”
“I guess.”
“You still can’t remember much about them?”
Miyu shook her head no. Jun felt guilty bringing up that part of her life. So he decided to change the subject.

“How many boyfriends have you had?”
“Eh?!” Of all the questions to ask. It would be embarrassing to answer this one. He might laugh at her. Jun noted the weird inner turmoil reflecting on Miyu’s face.
“That many, huh?” He teased.
“I’ll try to guess then. 10?”
“Funny. You really think I’ve had 10 boyfriends already?”
“Hmm. 3?”
“Lower or higher?”
“Guess again.”
“You’ve only had 1?”

Jun tried to suppress his sudden giddiness.

“I’ve never had one.” Miyu looked down on her legs.
“How come?”
“I guess… I’ve just never met anyone I really liked…” Until… she didn’t continue her thoughts.
“You dated though, right?”
“There was this one kid who gave me an ice cream cone… but I was 6 and he was 5.” Jun laughed. “I don’t think that counts, Mia.”
“Well boohoo! That means I’ve never been on a date!”
“Were you just busy with school or something?”
“I was into Arashi. And it didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything if I didn’t date.”
“Were you saving yourself for Aiba?”
“Yeah…” AHH! That slipped! “I mean, no. That is. It crossed my mind. But that was years ago!” She laughed nervously while Jun felt a twinge of jealousy.
“So you’re not waiting for him to ask you out, are you?”
“NO! Of course not.” Aiba-san’s scent was fading and she couldn’t keep denying it any longer. Her feelings for him had changed. Jun wasn’t sure if he believed her but it was good to hear. “Aiba… he might want to… talk to you.” He did sorta give him permission.
“What for?” See, she was not excited with that news.
“He wants to know why you haven’t watched us rehearse again.”
“Oh. Well, Nino kinda scares me.”
“I don’t think he likes me and last time, it felt like he didn’t want me there. I don’t mind just talking to you.” That was like a confession, Miyu thought. Jun bit his lip to prevent a huge smile from showing.
“I’d like to take you out on your birthday. Will you let me?” This could be her first date, if she says yes. And Jun hoped she says yes. He wanted to be her first. In everything. Miyu met his eyes. Was he asking her out on a date? If so…
“I can take that day off. But… I’m only available from 6PM and on.”
“And how long can you stay out?”
“5AM the latest.”
“Wow. That’s your curfew?”
“Weird huh?”
“Suits me just fine.”
“Yes, Mia. It’s a date.”


A/N - Not the best chapter I've written. Hopefully I'll get in the grove of writing.. so many ideas for this but just a lot more for FtF.
Thanks for reading though! THOROUGHLY appreciate! Comments are always LOVED!

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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Have I mentioned i've been waiting for you to post this here?
Well I have been.... can't wait to
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Chapter 9

You gathered the pieces of my heart and tied them together.
Before that, what in the world do you see?
Won’t you tell me?
-- Nino's Solo (Regress of Progress)

Total minutes in the shower? Two hundred and eighty. Number of times she brushed her teeth? Three. Gargled? Twice. With her bedroom door firmly closed and locked, Miyu examined her naked body in front of her mirror. Her body, forearms and most especially her wrists had a lot of scars. It still boggled her how certain cuts would leave a scarring while others didn’t. The incredibly long ones on her wrists had often made her wonder. For one thing, she had no idea how they got there. And Tezuka never helped her on that subject, in fact, he always turned a deaf ear whenever she brought it up. It was certainly frustrating. What could have happened to her to create such scars? She shook her head, trying to get rid of those thoughts. Now was not the time to draw up theories and unworldly scenarios because in a couple of hours, she was going on her first ever date with Matsu-Jun. Miyu’s body reacted as soon as she thought of him. Heat wrapped her exposed skin, giving it a pinkish flush. She carefully picked out her outfit yesterday. Her hand reached for her white laced panty and matching bra. After securing her breasts in place, she cupped them gently and checked out her profile. They were indeed oranges and not melons. Slightly annoyed at Jun’s preference, she squeezed them together, wondering if she should invest on a good push up bra. Funny how she had always thought 34C was the sexiest cup size and was proud of hers. Miyu mentally kicked herself. What was she doing? She let go of her breasts and put on the flower patterned, dark-brown, collared button downed long sleeve shirt. The skirt of choice was a multi-layered and two toned brown skirt that fell to her mid thighs. She wore gray leg warmers and black boots. And for the final touch, a long, beige v-neck cardigan. Her once chin length hair had grown longer and was all over the place but she liked how it looked on her. After sliding on a thin coat of gloss on her lips, she was ready. An air of giddy anticipation surrounded her as she walked out of the door.


“Can I take it off now? Please?! Where are we? Matsu-Jun!” The black blindfold over Miyu’s eyes prevented her from seeing Jun’s smile. They had only been driving for twenty minutes and she was already getting impatient. He turned into the garage and eventually found a parking spot. When the car stopped, Miyu quickly reached out sideways, her hand grabbed Jun’s arm. “We’re here?! Now can I take it off?!”
“No. Not yet. Stay put, I’ll help you out of the car.” Miyu tapped her fingers annoyingly on the passenger side window. Jun finally opened the door for her and helped her out, holding on to both of her hands as she stepped out of the car. She reached up quickly to take the cloth off but he grabbed her wrist and pulled it down. “WHY?!!”
“I’ll do it when it’s time. Now just hold on to me and I’ll guide you to where we’re going.” After placing both her hands on the crook of his arm and making sure she held on tight, Jun led her to the entrance. “You’re walking too slow!” Miyu complained, wanting to find out where he had taken her. “We’re almost there.” Jun was enjoying her clinging to him and didn’t want it to end so soon. But they eventually reached the entrance. He took the necessary precautions and had bought the unlimited passes earlier today. When Jun stopped, Miyu immediately let go of him. He went behind her and untied the blindfold, revealing the entrance to… “We’re at Yokohama!!! Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise!!!” Her whole face lit up and her eyes conveyed all the excitement that bubbled inside her. She had told him about how she loved aquariums and the Sea Paradise was one of the best in Japan. It was actually an island surrounded by the ocean in Yokohama city. Not only was it an aquarium, it was also an amusement park. From what she had read, it was eighteen times bigger than the grounds of the Tokyo Dome! She turned to Matsu-Jun. “Over 500 different varieties of fish with more than 100,000 sea creatures in all. It is one of the largest Aquariums in Japan!” He laughed at her description. It was exactly what he had read on the website, word for word. “Can you believe it? It’s a three-story aquarium!” Miyu couldn’t contain the flurry of emotions in her anymore, she flung herself at Matsu-Jun and gave him a peck on his cheek. “I love you!” Jun stood there, stunned and rooted to the floor while Miyu ran towards the steward in charge of taking the tickets. Although his understanding of the English language was not excellent, those were words that every human being on the planet knew and understood. Did she just confess to him? Did she mean it? Or was it just the overwhelming joy from being here that pushed her into saying them? “OI! What are you doing there?! Come on!” How could she act like it was nothing? Not wanting to keep her waiting though, Jun trudged forward and took her outstretched hand then handed the tickets to the employee. When they arrived at the main aquarium, Miyu found the Aqua Escalator. Her hold on Jun’s hand tightened as they got on it. The lighting was dim and bluish from being enclosed by a clear tank. She looked up and different kinds of fishes swam overhead and around her. She felt like Ariel from the Little Mermaid. “So beautiful.” Jun found the look of exhilaration on her face beautiful. He decided to forget about her earlier outburst and simply enjoy his time with her tonight. When they got off the escalator and into the heart of the aquarium, Jun took Miyu to the side. “The aquarium closes at 9:30PM so we have roughly three hours. I wish we could’ve spent the whole day here but since you were only available from--.”
“It’s okay.” She smiled. “We don’t have to go to the shows or the rides. I’ll be happy with just exploring the main aquarium with you.” The last few words came out as a whisper and she lowered her head shyly while color flooded her cheeks. Jun took her hand and she looked up. “Iya. I planned everything out. Leave everything to me.”

In a total of one hour and thirty minutes, Jun had taken her to watch the feedings for the sea otters, polar bears, walruses, and penguins. After that, they watched a thirty minute dolphin and whale show. Miyu laughed, clapped, and jumped during the performance. The next thirty minutes was spent in the separate aquarium called the Dolphin Fantasy. The bottlenose and white-sided dolphins were housed in a cylindrical tank that can be viewed from 360 degrees on the surrounding floor. It was magical. Miyu walked around and gaped at the graceful creatures swimming around her. Jun followed her closely until she stopped on one side of the tank and came face to face with one dolphin staring straight at her. It nodded and clicked its tongue, seemingly trying to communicate. She took a deep breath. Somehow, she could smell the sea. It was a clean, crisp, salty scent. Very nostalgic. Miyu closed her eyes and remembered how she used to walk on the beach, enjoying the sand underneath her feet, the foamy surf… Sometimes she would venture into the cold water and let the small waves crash into her. The sound of the waves… they soothed her. One night she was there, it lightly rained. Only now did she remember why she had stayed there soaked to the bone. She shivered slightly from the memory and then an unexpected warmth blanketed her. The scent was suddenly stronger, it swirled around her. Miyu opened her eyes and found herself wrapped in an embrace. Matsu-Jun’s arms enfolded her… she felt his chin on her shoulder, his cheek slightly touching hers. The realization struck her like a bolt of lightning. That was his scent. He was the sea. He was the calming memory. And he was the reason why she often visited Point Reyes Beach. It was only there where she could freely admit to herself the feelings she often denied. But it didn’t make sense and how was it possible? Before she could think of an answer, she felt Jun’s breath on her. “Are you hungry?” His warmth was making her delirious and she nodded her head unknowingly. “Good. I’m cooking for you tonight.”

Miyu was nervous. She had taken off her cardigan and placed it on the back of the chair she was sitting on in Matsu-Jun’s kitchen. Before they stepped into his apartment, she had asked him twice if he was sure she wanted her to come in. He had looked at her oddly and answered yes both times. So now, while she watched him prepare dinner, she thought about the consequences of his invitation. What he didn’t know was his invite didn’t just guarantee her access for tonight but for every night she ever wanted to visit him without his knowledge. That was a frightening thought. Maybe she could try and make him take it back. For his safety, of course. This was the first time someone had invited her into their home without knowing that she was a vampire.

“Hai, dozo.”

A plate of grilled short ribs and rice was placed in front of her. “Korean barbeque?!” She was right. That was what she smelled. “But how…”
“It won’t taste the same though as I used an electric grill instead of barbequing it on charcoal.”
“Iya, I’m sure it’s delicious.” How long had it been since she had tasted real food? Three years? Even though they could eat it, there was no need for it because they didn’t fill them up. But they could still enjoy the taste. Miyu picked up her chop sticks and sampled the meat. She was impressed. “UMAI!” She took another bite and some rice. “Mmm. Did you… the marinade. Did you make it yourself? It’s so good.” Jun sat down next to her and started eating as well. “Ah, hai. I thought it was going to be hard but I just followed the recipe I found online. Turned out better than I expected.”
“Suge~ Matsu-Jun! You can really cook! You’d make a great husband someday.” Miyu felt a bit sad after saying the last sentence. What lucky girl would that be… to become his wife. “Eh? Doushita no?” Jun asked, her expression a bit somber. “Oh nothing. Gomen.” She quickly stuffed some more food in her mouth. “Leave room for dessert.”
Dessert was extremely delicious.
“How?!! This is so tasty! So sweet! So good!”
Jun bit his lip and smiled at the compliments she gave him.
“Suki desu ka.” He didn’t really need to ask.
“SUKI DA! Totemo suki desu!”
“Here, you can have some more of mine.”
“Hontou?!” She didn’t hesitate and plunged her spoon into his bowl of custard.
“Oh sweet Lord have mercy.”
Jun started laughing at her response after she slipped the spoon out of her mouth.
“I’m glad you like it.”

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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After a few more moans of pleasure from enjoying her dessert, they both
settled on the couch in the living room. Jun finally contemplated on
what had Miyu said earlier. It was possible that she didn’t meant it
but he wished it was not the case. She seemed to truly enjoy his
company and had several times admitted it vocally. But that didn’t
necessarily mean that she loved him. Would it be prudent for him to
ask? It seemed right to do so. “Mia. About earlier…”
“Arigato gozaimasu!”
She slowly stood up.
“I better go.”
“Eh?! But it’s only midnight.”
but don’t you have work later? The concert is in two, no, tomorrow! I
was actually surprised they gave you permission to go out tonight.”
“It’s okay, I can stay up late.”
“Aren’t you hosting Jun Style this morning?”
He actually forgot about that.
“See. You can’t stay up. Thank you for everything…” She paused for a second before continuing. “Jun.”
“Mia…” He got up and reached for her waist.
“Ah. You forgot to wish me a happy birthday. Now it’s too late.”
“Better late than never.”
hands snaked around her waist and he pulled her close to him then
leaned in. She felt a spark when their lips met. So this was what it
felt like to be kissed. A tingling sensation traveled through her body
and she pressed herself closer to him, she moved her hands from his
chest to his neck then wove her fingers through his hair. She didn’t
think that she would react this way but the numerous sensations that
coursed through her made her do it. She feverishly kissed him back and
didn’t complain when his hand wandered to her thigh… sliding up
underneath her skirt. At that moment, Jun deepened the kiss and slipped
his tongue into her mouth. Oh God oh God oh God. Miyu could
hear Jun’s heart pounding… pumping blood… she could smell his craving
and it was awakening something fierce inside of her. Slowly, she felt
her fangs coming out. Her want had turned into need. She was hungry for
him. Miyu pulled back quickly. “Mia…” Jun was breathing hard, his voice
came out hoarse. He reached for again but she stepped back. If they
went any further, she might end up biting him. “Gomen, Jun. I can’t…”
sorry. I didn’t intend to go that far.” He was only supposed to kiss
her so how did his hand end up underneath her skirt? “Iya. I didn’t
exactly… stop you. But it’s too soon.”
“I know, I’m sorry.”
“First date. First kiss… ano… it’s a bit overwhelming.” She smiled sheepishly, careful not to show teeth.
course. And I… as much as I want to be…” What was he saying? He
shouldn’t continue or he might risk alienating her. “Actually, earlier.
When you hugged me and kissed my cheek at the entrance…”
“Wait. Finish your other sentence first… as much as you want to be… what?”
“Mia. I probably shouldn’t finish it…”
“Why not? You got me curious.”
“It’s not appropriate. I don’t know what I was thinking. Can we drop the subject, please?”
“Okay. But whatever it was you were going to ask me about earlier… I’m not answering. It’s only fair.”
He didn’t see that coming. So either tell her that he wanted to be the
first to… take her virginity? Or forget about those three words she
uttered to him. Tough choice.
“Well?” Miyu already knew what it
was that he wanted to be and she also knew what he wanted to ask her.
It was out of sheer joy when she had said she loved him but deep down,
she knew she meant it.
“I’ll take you home now.”
“I can go home by myself. You should sleep. It’s late.”
didn’t give him a chance to protest and fled out the door. She was gone
in the blink of an eye. Jun looked around in disbelief and wondered how
the hell did she do that.


“Where have you been?”

Tezuka was waiting for her inside her room.

“None of your business.”
“Like hell it’s none of my business!”
“I went out, okay?”
“It WAS your birthday and you didn’t stay home?”
“First time for everything ne?”
“Where did you go?”
“I was out with a friend.”
“A friend?!”
“Yes. Am I not allowed to have friends?”
“It’s too dangerous.”
“I didn’t bite anyone!”
“Is this friend a girl or a boy?”
“It’s a boy, isn’t it?! Friend my ass. Who the fuck is he?!”
“Tezuka, calm down. He took me out for my birthday. That’s it. I had fun. So please don’t ruin this for me.”
“Who the FUCK is he?!”
“Get out of my room now!”

Tezuka grabbed her arm and bared his fangs.

“Tezuka, you’re hurting me!”

He quickly let go and raked his hair with his fingers.

“I’m sorry. But I was just worried, Miyu. I was planning on taking you out somewhere.”
“You did?! Where?!”
“Nowhere special. On top of Tokyo Tower.”
“We can still go!”
“You’d want to go?”
“Of course!”
Tezuka smiled, forgetting about their argument.

“Okay, let’s go.”


- Sorry for the long wait. Thanks for reading and the continued support. I hope ya'll liked this chapter. Next chap: Concert!

Comments are always :heart: :heart: :heart:

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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Chapter 10
“The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.”
- Frank Herbert

I love you!

“AAAAAHHHHHH!” Jun had hoped he would forget. But that was not possible. Those three words tortured him every minute since the time she said it. And he had a feeling that she knew what it was doing to him. He should have just told her that he wanted to be her first and dealt with her reaction then. What was the worse that she could have thought of him? It was better than this. This constant ache for the truth. It was making him lose his concentration. And he couldn’t afford to make mistakes. The concert was tomorrow night. And she was going to be there to watch them. He wondered if she was going to be up front. Would he able to see her?

“What’s wrong with Matsu-Jun?” Aiba leaned on Sho’s shoulder. “Eh? I don’t know. Why do you ask?” Sho looked at Jun. He was lying down on floor of the stage, a water bottle was next to his head. “Didn’t you hear him shouting? He was going AAAHHH and such like he was mad at someone.”

Sho: “Ohh? Well, don’t ask me. I haven’t done anything wrong.”
Aiba: “I made some mistakes but nothing big. He didn’t scold me for any of them.”
Sho: “Maybe he’s just tired.”
Aiba: “If you’re tired would you shout?”
Sho: “Iya, I’d sleep.”
Aiba: “Exactly… OH, what’s he doing?”
Sho: “He’s shaking his head a lot.”
Aiba: “Ah, there goes the bottle.”
Sho: “Now he’s nodding his head.”
Aiba: “I’m sort of getting scared now.”
Sho: “Maybe we should go talk to him.”
Aiba: “Matte, Nino’s walking towards him.”
Sho: “HAHAHAHAHA, he dropped a towel on his face.”
Aiba: “UWAA, Matsu-Jun kowai!”
Sho: “Remind me not to do that to him.”
Aiba: “WAAH, he threw the towel back at Nino.”
Sho: “Oh! Riida’s approaching them. Is he going to stop the fight?”
Aiba: “IYA! He smacked Nino’s butt with a towel of his own!”
Sho: “It doesn’t look like Nino minded though.”
Aiba: “Yabai! Nino’s looking at us.”
Sho: “Nande?! He can’t hear us ne?”
Aiba: “Yabe yabe yabe~ Jun-kun is getting up, too.”
Sho: “Maybe we should run.”

And they did. “Eh, why are you guys running away?” Nino asked as he sprinted towards the two. “Get them Nino! Corner them on that side. Riida, go that way!” Jun ordered. The three ended up herding Aiba and Sho into a corner. “Wha-what are you guys going to do?! We didn’t do anything!” Aiba said, looking all scared. “It was Aiba’s fault!” Sho pushed the taller member away from him. “EH?! What did I do? BAKA!” Aiba yelled. During their exchange, Jun started laughing.

“EH?!” Aiba and Sho stared at Jun’s reaction.
“I just find it funny when Aibaka calls somebody baka.” Jun explained. “Let’s get back to work.” He slapped Nino and Ohno’s backs then signaled for the crew to start the music. He was glad they were around or he would have gone crazy from thinking about Mia.


There was something different about her. Tezuka watched Miyu wiggle her hips while she took out a drink from the fridge. Then she started humming while she took out a glass from the cupboard and brought it to the table. She was about to pour when she stopped and smiled then giggled. That was strange. What was she thinking about or remembering? After finally pouring herself a drink, she sat down and took a whiff of the dark red liquid in her glass. A soft sigh escaped her lips before she took a sip. Her eyes closed and her lips curved into a smile once again. He couldn’t take it anymore. He had to ask.

“What is wrong with you?” He sat down across from her and grabbed the bottle in front of her. She was still smiling. “Nothing.” He eyed her suspiciously before taking a swig. She would normally shout out a complaint about how he shouldn’t be drinking from the bottle but she remained silent and drank some more. “Miyu. I’m drinking right out of the bottle.”
“Ah. Sou sou. You’re going to finish it anyway ne?” Her eyes listlessly looked at him and then dropped to the bottom of her glass. “Ne, Tezuka.”
“The scent of human blood for me revolves around food. But is it possible for me to pick up a different scent?”
“A different scent? Blood that didn’t smell like food but something else?”
It was possible but it was rare. Extremely rare. For the connotation underlying such occurrence was immensely significant. If he explained it to her the way he thought of it right now, maybe she would get confused and drop the subject. But then again, why was she asking in the first place?
“Has this happened to you?”
“Iya iya iya.” Miyu lied. She didn’t want to get into trouble if it meant something bad.
“Then why are you asking all of the sudden?” Tezuka wasn’t buying it. It was an unusual question and she must have either experienced it or heard it from someone else. But as far as he knew, Miyu didn’t socialize with other vampires.
“Well. See, you said for you it’s the scent of flowers ne? So I just wondered if it’s possible for me to encounter a flower scented human amidst the buffet.”
“Are you sure that’s the only reason why you’re asking?”
“What other reason should I have? Is it something bad? Is that why you’re hesitating to answer me? Or maybe you don’t know the answer yourself?” The know-it-all should respond nicely to that, Miyu thought.
“It’s a bit complicated.” It wasn’t really but he was still unsure of Miyu’s motive.
“Tezuka, if you don’t want to tell me then fine. I’ll do my own research then.” She finished her glass then stood up. “And where are you going to do your research?”
“It’s about time I meet people of my own kind, ne? I’m sure there are other young vampires out there that are curious. Maybe I can finally have a slumber party with some of them.” The actual idea didn’t really appeal to her but if it would help uncover the truth then she would have to try it. Honestly though, the thought of sleeping with other fang bearers around her age kinda scared her.
“è fuori discussione!” He replied adamantly in Italian.
“Speak English!”
“I said it’s out of the question!”
“Where’d you learn Italian?”
“In Italy. Don’t change the subject.”
“I’m going to my room.”
Miyu started walking away.
“That’s changing the subject.”
“No, it’s me leaving you.”
“Miyu, sit down.”
His tone was serious so she obeyed.
“I’ve never told you about Ryoko, have I?”
She slowly shook her head no.
“I met her after I was turned. And the reason I noticed her, aside from how beautiful she looked, was her scent. It was different.” Tezuka’s eyes began to glaze as he recalled a distant memory. “Okaa-san was a pot-maker. She would work on clay the whole day and her fingers were always dirty. I often sat next to her when she makes them. Do you know the smell of clay? It smells like the earth. It’s not a strong smell nor did it smell nice but it always comforted me. Because while she worked, she would sing and I guess her soothing voice attached itself to the scent of the pots. I know, it doesn’t make sense. But that was Ryoko’s scent. It invoked that memory of my mother.”
Miyu felt like her lungs were getting crushed. It was the exact same experience for her when she inhaled Jun’s scent. What did it mean?
“What does it mean?” Her voice came out as a whisper.
“When I told my sire about it, he had suggested I turn Ryoko.”
“Why?” She was afraid of the answer.
“He said… only a few vampires were given the chance to meet their eternal mate. The scent of the blood was the sign.”
“Who you’re meant to be with.”
“But I thought… a vampire can’t be with a human?”
“Which was why I was told to turn her.”
“Did you?” But if he did, where was Ryoko now?
“That’s enough for tonight. Aren’t you going to work?”


Maybe Tezuka was mistaken. Matsumoto Jun couldn’t be her mate. He was Matsumoto Jun for crying out loud. She was wrong ne? He didn’t smell like the sea. His scent didn’t remind her of that cherished memory. Fish! Right, he smelled like fish… or shrimp… lobster… Jun was seafood. Miyu punched the air in front of her. A minute passed and she slumped her shoulders. Seafood? What a moron. She didn’t even like seafood so how could his blood smell like it… The rooftop was as always empty except for her presence. She knew Jun wasn’t coming tonight because he was at the Tokyo Dome for rehearsals. Miyu wanted to see him but she couldn’t possibly just show up there and not raise any suspicions. But she really, really, really wanted to see him. Because after the concert, she might not see him again.


Nino had just rounded the corner and was headed towards Arashi’s dressing room when she saw a girl standing in front of the door. She had her hand poised to knock but remained still. Who was she? It didn’t look like she was there to bring snacks. She wasn’t carrying anything at all, not even a bag. Was she a stalker?!

“OI! Dare ga?! Nani shiten no?!” (Who are you. What are you doing?)

His loud voice caused her to jump back. When she turned to face him, Nino’s eyes narrowed. “Eh. It’s you. How did you get in? There’s only a number of people allowed to be in here.” Nino took long strides and was in front of her in no time.

“Do you have a problem with me, Nino-san?” Her expression was that of curiosity and not annoyance.
“Iya. Jun-kun likes you and there’s nothing I can do about that. Demo ne, I don’t trust you.”
“You look like you’re hiding something.”
“Am I not allowed to have secrets like the rest of the world?”
“Not when it’s going to hurt people I care about.”
“What makes you think I’m going to hurt Jun?”

He had no answer for that. It was just a feeling. Some kind of premonition. She sighed and looked at him, her eyes softened and an air of sadness suddenly enveloped her.

“You’re the only one I’m going to tell this to and I hope you keep it a secret.” Her eyes were teary and she blinked to prevent the tears from falling. “Tonight will be the last time Jun is going to see me. After the concert tomorrow, I won’t be meeting him again. So I hope that eases your mind.”

“Maybe you are right about me, Nino-san. But even if you’re wrong, I don’t want to take that risk even if I do lo--.”

The door swung open. “MIYU-CHAN!”
“I thought I heard people talking. Why are you two just standing out there?!”
“We just got here actually.” Nino winked at her then entered the room. Miyu cocked her head sideways and had a confused look on her face. Aiba took her hand and pulled her in. “Jun-kun’s in the toilet.”
“Miyu? It’s been awhile.” Sho waved from the couch.
“Here, Miyu-chan. Sit here.” Aiba patted down at the seat next to him. She flopped down and smiled awkwardly. It felt a bit weird being this close to him now. Not that she didn’t like him anymore… “Why haven’t you been visiting us?”
“Ah ano…”
“She works, too, you know. Stop asking stupid questions, baka.” Nino cut in before Miyu could reply. Nande? Why was Nino helping her out? “Where’s Ohno-san?” She looked around but didn’t see him in the room. “He wanted to practice his solo alone. So he’s on stage with the sound crew.” Sho answered.
“Ne Miyu-chan. You’re going to the concert tomorrow ne?” Aiba asked.
“Hai. Of course! There’s no way I’m missing it.” Especially since it will be the last time she would get to see Jun.
“I’m dedicating my solo to you!” Aiba declared.
“You don’t have to do that, Aiba-san.”
“But I want to. Is it your favorite?”
It was until she met Jun.
“Hai.” But she wasn’t going to tell him that. She felt guilty for lying but he was looking at her with his puppy-dog eyes. She heard Nino cough when she replied and she turned and glared at him. How could he know that she was lying?
“What’s taking Jun so long?! Miyu’s waiting!” Aiba complained loudly.
“He’s probably still fixing his hair.” Sho replied with a chuckle.
Miyu remembered how soft his hair was when her fingers curled around them.
“Ah there you are! Jun-kun! Look who’s here!” Aiba grabbed her shoulders then turned her body towards Jun. She stood up then bowed slightly.


[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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“Mi…Yu.” She was wearing long sleeves again. Jun had never seen her
wearing anything but long sleeves. Not that it didn’t look good on her…
he just wanted to see her bare arms. “Jun… actually… ano…” She was
wearing a skirt today, too. His eyes traveled from her calves up to her
thigh. When he looked up to her face, she was blushing. Pushing the
indecent thoughts out of his mind, he reached for her hand. “Do you
want to go somewhere else to talk?”
“HOOOOOOO!” Sho teased.
waved goodbye to everybody else, her gaze settling on Nino. She
couldn’t read his expression but he had strange look on his face. Nino
gave her a salute before she turned away. He could be wrong about her.

and Miyu walked down the hallway turning each doorknob, trying to find
a room that was unlocked and empty. Empty, there was a lot but
unlocked? So far they hadn’t found any.

“Maybe we should go back
to the dressing room? I’ll ask if they could leave us alone for a bit.”
She nodded then saw another door at the far end. “Chotto matte. Let us
check that one.” They both walked briskly to the door. Miyu was the one
who turned the knob.
“Lucky!” She pushed it open then stepped into
the room. The darkness didn’t bother at all and she walked further
inside. Jun, on the other hand, quickly looked for the light switch.
“Oh it’s a storage room.” Miyu said after noticing the shelves on both
side and the boxes on them. It was a very small room. The light
suddenly turned on and Miyu looked back to find Jun closing and locking
the door behind him. Oh no, they were alone! What was she thinking when
she agreed to go somewhere private with him?! That was the problem. She
wasn’t thinking at all!

Their eyes met.
“Uh. Hi.”

Jun sauntered towards her.

it’s kinda stuffy in here actually.” She tried to fake a cough. “And
dusty… maybe we should…” Jun shook his head no. “No? You know what? I’m
claustrophobic. Yeah.” She laughed nervously. “I just found out today.
Just right now actually.” Miyu looked pass Jun and wondered if she
would be able to get to the door if she ran fast. But the moment she
took her eyes off him, he leapt forward and had his arms around her
waist in a matter of seconds.

“Jun! We were supposed to talk
ne?” Miyu splayed her palms on his chest. Oh. She shouldn’t have done
that. Heat from his body transferred to her hands and ultimately spread
throughout her body. “What are we supposed to talk about?” His hands
started massaging her waist. “Uhh…” There was nothing to talk about
because what she wanted to talk about, she couldn’t talk to him about.
She just wanted to see him. “That’s a good question.” She managed to
reply. Jun bent down and nuzzled her neck. Her fingers curled and
clutched unto his shirt. She turned her face towards his neck and let
her lips graze on his skin. Jun’s grip on her tightened. “Mia…” She
felt his pulse quicken and she responded by licking him. He let out a
small gasp then started nibbling on her neck. “Jun, that feels… good.”
Her hands left his chest so she could slip them underneath his shirt to
explore his back. He was so warm… so very warm. While Jun alternated
between kissing and sucking her neck, it was her turn to nibble on his.
It was so tempting. Maybe she could… take a tiny… bite… She heard him
groan when her fangs slightly pierce him. It was a very small cut but
it was enough to draw blood. Her mouth covered it and she sucked on the
wound, her fingernails digging onto his back. Jun reacted by sucking
harder on her neck then one of his hand grabbed hold of her skirt’s
waistband and pulled it down. Miyu’s eyes flew open. Wait. What was she
doing? What was HE doing?! She pulled her head back, thankful she was
able to control her urge and her fangs. “Jun, no. Stop.” Her hand took
hold of his wrist and moved it away from her behind. Jun tore his mouth
from her neck and stepped back. His gaze fell on her skirt, it was on
the floor. Miyu quickly bent down and pulled it up, her cheeks burning.
“Gomen, Mia. I… I couldn’t help it… I’m really sorry.” He shoved his
hands in his pockets and shifted his eyes elsewhere but only saw boxes
and he felt really bad. How could he have tried to… in here… in a
fucking storage room? While Jun kicked himself mentally, Miyu struggled
to keep her composure. She didn’t just want to see him. Honestly? She
wanted him. Maybe she even planned this unknowingly. But she couldn’t
go through with it. Not when she knew about the whole quote unquote
eternal mate thing. Plus… she was a vampire. If they made love, she
would end up biting him for sure. And how was he going to take that? OH MY GOD MY JUGULAR VEIN! Yeah, probably something like that.

Jun was worried now. She thought he was a pervert ne. Why wouldn’t she?
Once he tried to get into her skirt. Tonight, he successfully pulled it
off her.

“They might be looking for you.” Miyu walked passed him and went to the door.
He got to the doorknob before she did. “Can we talk about this? I
really didn’t --.” Miyu cut her off by grabbing his shirt and pulling
him down for a kiss. His hand left the door and went to her neck. Her
lips parted and her tongue invited his to slip in. As soon as both
touched, Miyu moaned. She didn’t want the kiss to end… she held on to
his shirt tightly. But sooner or later, they had to stop. If she
continued to see him, to be with him… it would be harder for her to let
go and she would eventually hurt him. Because there was no future for
both of them. “Jun…”
“Daijoubu. My hands are nowhere near your skirt.”
pulled back and giggled then reached up and ran her fingers through his
hair. Jun cupped her face with his hands and kissed her softly. Miyu
suddenly felt herself tearing up. “What’s wrong?” He asked, noticing
her blink several times. “Nothing… you should go back.”
“Mia, I’ll see you after the concert okay?”
She smiled sadly.


Miyu told Jun that she had an excellent view, she was not joking. Her
hands held onto two metal beams as she perched on a ledge on the
rafters of the Tokyo Dome. The concert was past the halfway point and
had arrived at the part she had been waiting for all night. It was
Jun’s solo “Yabai Yabai Yabai.” As soon as the music started, she
screamed with all her might along with the thousands of fans underneath
her. The lights on the dome suddenly focused on stage and she clearly
saw Jun sitting on metal stairs in the middle of the stage. He stood up
and started walking up the steps and kept walking up even after he
reached the last step. “Oh MY GOD!” He was walking on air! He went up
higher and higher until he reached a ledge and stood upside down on it.
He walked forward, the spotlight not leaving him and when he got to the
middle, his body dove down. Miyu gasped. But he stopped and was not
even close to the floor. Jun pushed his legs up and started walking up
again. He ended up at the center of the ledge, took a few steps while
he pointed forward then somersaulted down and back up. Yabai! He was
directly across from her. As soon as his feet landed on the ledge
again, he had glanced towards her direction. That was when his eyes met
hers. Shocked, he looked away and continued with his performance,
walking several feet down then back up and standing on the ledge once
again. He stood there for a few seconds before he started walking
forward again. Miyu wasn’t sure if it was part of the act but he kept
walking until he reached the end of the ledge, all the time his eyes
searched for her. She had moved quickly and hid herself in the shadows.
From her angle, she saw his lips move, a curse perhaps. Eventually, Jun
flipped forward over and over while he descended towards the stage.
he just see Mia?!!! That was fucking crazy. How?! While the surrounding
dancers blocked him from the audience, stage hands helped him out of
the strapped wiring. Jun had to dismiss the shocking image of Mia
hanging atop the ceiling and focused on his performance. He thought
about all the fans who came here today to watch them. He would not
disappointment them.

Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah
Viva myself, kou aritai
Kimatte iu no wa sore bakari
So motto reality, ima sugu
Sou taido de shimesanakya

stayed in the shadows until the concert ended. She thought of leaving
after Jun’s solo but she wanted to watch them perform A.RA.SHI so she
waited and then when they finished that, they did Sakura Sake so she
didn’t have the heart to leave then either. So basically she didn’t
have the strength to leave every time they started a new song. She also
wanted to watch Jun carefully. He didn’t seem to be distracted at all
but he was a professional and not to mention, a perfectionist. But Miyu
was sure he would not believe what he saw. It was too weird and he
would not find a plausible explanation for it. It should be okay since
she was not going to meet up with him again after this. When it was
over, she headed home. Almost an hour passed and Miyu had already
changed into her favorite lavender nightgown when she felt the urge to
go back. Just one more look, she convinced herself it was for closure.
One last look at the place it all began. She didn’t bother changing and
simply flew towards work. Within just a few minutes, she landed on the
rooftop. Her bare feet skidded on the cement, her heel got caught on a
crack and she fell forward. “Jesus Mary and Joseph!!!” She stretched
her arms in front of her to break her fall but her palms didn’t reach
the ground. “A-ARE?!”

“I don’t know what you are but you need to work on your landing.”

then did she notice that there were arms around her waist. The same
arms pulled her up and set her down. Miyu kept her eyes on her feet.
But just a few inches away were… Oh no, those shoes. She recognized

“Mia. Look at me.”

Oh no. It was him.


- AAHHH! Revelation!!! :D
Thanks for reading!! And comments are greatly appreciated. Like totally. :heart:

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) EmptySat Nov 29, 2008 8:03 pm

Chapter 11

The truth is rarely pure and never simple
- Oscar Wilde

Miyu panicked, took a step back and turned to run towards the railing but she was held back. A hand seized her wrist and forcefully pulled her. He released his grip before her body slammed on his chest but only to grab her waist and secure her in place.

“So I wasn’t imagining it. I did see you at the concert.”

He was surprisingly calm while she was starting to hyperventilate.

“I need an explanation, Mia.”

This was not supposed to happen, she thought.

“Look at me.”

Miyu slowly raised her head and met his eyes. Her body shook uncontrollably.

“Fuck! Of course you’re cold, you’re only wearing that!”

He took off his jacket and made her wear it then wrapped his arms around her. But Miyu wasn’t shivering because of the cold air. She had made a huge mistake by coming here. But she didn’t expect him to be waiting for her.

“How did you know I was coming here?”
“I don’t know. When I didn’t see you after the concert, I got worried. For some reason, I had a feeling that I won’t see you again so I came here hoping you’d show up. And you did. But I didn’t expect to see you landing from out of nowhere. Tell me, Mia. Why didn’t you see me after the concert?” His eyes searched hers for an explanation and she had to look away, afraid of what he might see in her eyes. “Weren’t you scared? When you saw me?”
“Well. If you had swooped in with wings and claws, maybe I would’ve been. But you came careening in clumsily.” He laughed quietly.
“It’s not funny.” His face suddenly became serious.
“Your body’s freezing cold. We’ll talk at my place.”
“No! I can’t go with you. I have to go home. It’s late.” It was 2AM and way past her dinnertime.
“You don’t have to be home till 5AM. That gives us a good two hours ne. You owe me an explanation, Mia. Do you want me to go insane? I may appear calm right now but I have million questions in my head that are begging to be answered.”
Should she tell him? No, Tezuka would kill her if she did. But he didn’t have to know. And it was too late to cover this up. He had seen too much. There was no logical explanation that she could give him unless…
“Jun. Forget about me. You… you don’t know me.” She made sure she looked at him directly in the eye. He stared at her with a blank expression. It worked ne. Unfortunately, it did work ne…
“Have you gone mad?!” Miyu blinked. He looked pissed. “Forget about you? What nonsense is that?!”
“A-ano… it didn’t work…” It didn’t work! She felt like shouting it out loud.
“What didn’t work?! You’re not making sense. You might be getting hypothermia by now. Let’s go.”
“No, no! Jun! I really can’t. It’s dangerous for you to be with me right now.”
He frowned. “Dangerous?”
“Yes. I’ll explain everything…” When? She shouldn’t even be considering it.
“Yes you will. As soon as we get home.”
“You are not liste—.”
He covered her mouth with his. Miyu was shocked by his kiss but didn’t pull away. But he did after a few minutes. “If you keep talking, I will keep kissing you. So just follow me.” She bit her lip. She wanted to keep talking. “Demo, Jun. I’m serio--.”
As expected, he didn’t let her continue. Although this time he didn’t only kiss her, he let his hands wander over the thin nightgown she wore. When he finally tore his lips from her, Miyu was clinging to him, her knees weakened. “You sure you didn’t come here knowing I was waiting for you?” Jun took a fleeting look at her attire then looked up to meet her eyes. “Purposely wearing that…” She quickly covered herself with his jacket and blushed. “Of course I didn’t! Do-don’t be ridiculous.”
“Then why did you… never mind. We’ll talk about it soon enough.” He led her out of the rooftop and took her to his apartment.

This can’t be happening… this can’t be happening… this can’t be happening… this can’t be happening!

Miyu sat on the couch, with her hands folded on her lap while Jun sat on an ottoman across from her. They just arrived at his place and as soon as they got there, he sat her down and waited for her to speak. But where should she start? And should she tell him the truth? Maybe he wouldn’t believe her and chalk her off as completely mad woman. But he had seen her at the concert and then on the rooftop with his own two eyes. Surely if she told him what she was, he would consider it was true. But was that a good idea? She could still try to escape. Her head turned slightly to the door.

“You’re not going anywhere until you’ve told me everything.”

Of course he noticed that quick look. Damn him.

“I… I don’t know where to start.” She finally spoke.

“What are you? I know what I saw so don’t even try making up lame explanations.”

“We’re not suppose to tell. It’s forbidden. I shouldn’t be here… Please, Jun. Just forget about it. We can’t…” He suddenly grabbed her shoulders. “At the rooftop… were you trying to hypnotize me?! Were you trying to make me forget you?! Can you do that?!” His eyes were angry. “I-I-I can but it… it didn’t work on you.” She stuttered on her reply. “DON’T YOU EVER TRY AGAIN!” Her eyes widened at his outburst. Seeing her expression, Jun calmed down and slid his hands from her shoulders to her hands. “Don’t do it again, okay, Mia?” His voice softened. She nodded slowly. “What else can you do?” He asked while he massaged her palms. “I can…” She paused. “Fly.”
“And you can do those because…?”
Miyu tried to pull her hands away but he held them firmly in place.
“I’m… I’m a…”
Jun’s phone started ringing.
“Chikusyo!” He let go of one hand and reached into his pocket to take out the phone. It was Nino calling. He debated on answering it.
“It might be important.” She pointed out, trying to buy some time.
Jun got up and stood between Miyu and her path to the door.
“Hai. Make it quick. I’m busy.”
She looked around for another escape route.
“Eh? Nani ga?” He looked at Miyu scanning her surroundings.
There were larger windows in the bedroom, she remembered.
“Sou ka.” His eyes narrowed.
Maybe she could jump off from there, she thought.
“Thanks for telling me.”
She should make her move now before he got off the phone.
Jun threw the phone on the couch. She looked up and the intensity of his stare caught her off guard.
“That was Nino.”
Miyu bolted off the couch and dashed to the bedroom. He chased her and as she passed the bed, he tackled her down, sending both of them hurtling towards it. Miyu landed right on top of Jun and she tried to push herself off him but he quickly rolled his body and got her pinned underneath him. She cursed under her breath and wished she had Tezuka’s speed and strength. “Hanashite!”
“You were going to stop seeing me?!”
That stupid Nino! She told him to keep it a secret!
“MIA!” He yelled right in front of her face.
“YES! Yes… that was the plan…”
“Nande? NANDE?!”
She couldn’t bear seeing the look of hurt on his face so she shut her eyes.
“It was for the best.” She whispered.
“Don’t you think that’s for both of us to decide? Actually, I should be the one to tell you what’s best for me.” Her wrists were starting to ache from his grip but she didn’t say anything.
“But you don’t know what you’re getting into, Jun. I am not… normal.”
“I don’t care.” His reply made her open her eyes. He was no longer furious.
“I am not… human.”
“I don’t ca--.”
“I feed on humans.”
She succeeded on shocking him. Perhaps the best way to keep him safe was to scare him.
“What-- what do you mean by that?”
She slightly lifted her head up.
“You’re my main source of food.”
His eyes widened a bit.
“Yes. I’ve hungered for you before.”
She purposely glanced at his neck. She could barely see the cut she made but it was there. As soon as she looked at it, Jun’s hand flew up and touch that spot.
“I thought… it was…”
“A love bite?” Miyu kept the act going and forced a laugh. “I love to bite.”
Not completely convinced, Jun held on to her wrist again.
“So you’re a…” He couldn’t say it.
“What’s the matter? I thought you didn’t care?”
“I…” His grip on her loosened.
“I kill humans for dinner, Jun! I suck their blood. And yours tasted so good. You weren’t expecting that, were you?! Are you still going to say that you don’t care? Huh?!” She hated doing this to him but it was the only way.


I’m so sorry, Jun. It hurt so much to see him like this. Miyu almost cried but she had to control her emotions. If she kept this up… he would be free of her after tonight. But watching him with that pained expression on his face… it was tearing her apart. And then she felt a tear slide down her cheek. But it was not hers. She stared at him… Another tear fell and landed on her lips. She gave out a small gasp.

“Jun…” She couldn’t keep it up. Knowing how his grasp on her had weakened, she slipped her wrist off his fingers and reached up to touch his face. “I’m sorry. Don’t cry.” She brushed the tears off his cheek then snaked her hand down to his neck and pulled him down gently. When his face was inches away from hers, she removed her other wrist from his hold and then with both hands, she cupped his face. He lowered his head down and met her lips. It was a bittersweet kiss. One that foretold the future and shunned the past. When the kiss ended, he rested his head just below her breasts. Miyu ran her fingers through his hair.

“Which part did you lie about?” His breath felt hot against the thin fabric that separated her skin from his.

“The feeding and the killing. We do get blood from humans but they’re supplied to us and acquired through non violent actions. And recently, synthetic blood has become available.”

“So you don’t actually suck blood…”
“Not unless the person is willing. Fresh blood does taste better…”

Jun looked up.

“And yes, yours was tasty.” She bit back a smile, not sure if it was appropriate.
“I’m not sure if I should be happy or scared after that admission.”
“You can be both. Happy that I hunger for you but scared that I might actually do something about it.”

He lifted his body and crawled so he was right on top of her. Looking her straight in the eye, he asked…

“Have you…” Jealousy flickered across his eyes. “Drank from someone?”
Miyu was taken aback by his question. When she didn’t reply right away…
“You have?” As scowl appeared on his face.
“No, I mean. Yes but… only once.” And it was necessary, she thought.
“Who was it?” There was an urgency in his tone.
“Jun, it’s not impor--.”
“It is to me.”
She took a deep breath.
“I had to drink from him beca--.”
“Him?!” His question came out as a growl.
“Let me finish… I HAD to drink from him because I needed his blood to turn into what I am now. He was the one that made me into one of his kind.”
“So you were human before… but… why would you…”
She knew what the next question was and she was not ready to answer it yet.
“Jun I have to go. It’s almost 5AM. He will be looking for me.”
His eyes narrowed into slits.
“You’re still with him?”
She supposed it would upset him to know that she lived with a man.
“He treats me like his little sister.”
True and false. Tezuka could be quite moody.
“Can’t you stay here with me?”
“I can’t. I haven’t… eaten.” She was already feeling weak. “And don’t even suggest it!”
“Why not?” He looked offended.
“Because I might lose control and end up draining you, BAKA!”
Miyu pushed him and sat up.
“You’re not going to stop seeing me, right? Now that I know… there’s no reason for it.”
“For now. But the moment I feel that your life is threatened because of me, I will leave.”


The first thing Miyu did when she arrived home was run into the bathroom and showered Jun’s scent away. She had left his jacket with him much to his disapproval, complaining about how cold it was outside but she quickly dismissed him by saying that vampires don’t get sick. When she came out, Tezuka was waiting right outside with his arms crossed.

“I got here on time, ni-chan.” She said while she walked to her room.
“Barely.” He followed her inside.
“I was not a second late. Isn’t that what’s important?” Pulling a long shirt out of her closet, she was about to let go of the towel around her when she remembered Jun’s jealous look when he found out she was living with Tezuka. “Do you mind? I’m about to get dressed.” Tezuka raised an eyebrow. “Since when have you been bashful around me?”
“Since now.” He looked over her, suspicion clouded his eyes. Miyu walked over to him and pushed him towards the door. “You’re acting very strange lately, Miyu.” He stopped right in front of the door. No matter how hard she pushed, he didn’t move. He turned around and she stepped back. Uh-oh. He was in a teasing mood. She could tell from the way the corner of his lip lifted up into a crooked smile.
“Tezuka-NI-CHAN. The sun is up and we should be sleeping.”
She backed away some more and he kept moving forward.
“Okay, okay. I made a mistake. I can change right in front of you, no problem.”
But before she could lift her finger off the towel, Tezuka zipped past her and was behind her in less than a second.

“TEZUKA! I told you to stop doing that! It’s not fair!”

He grabbed hold of the wet cloth.

“It was a mistake. I don’t know why you’re being weird but it better not be because of a guy.” He yanked the towel of her, took of his shirt off and pulled it down over her head. Miyu stretched her arms and allowed him to dress her. “That’s better. Now go to sleep.”


- So finally he knows. But now what's going to happen?
Hope ya'll enjoyed this chapter. Thanks so much for reading!! And I hunger for comments! =P~

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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nana_chan - thanks!!! i totally forgot about posting it here ^^

Chapter 12

No matter what you are, no matter what I am
Every part of it is precious to me
As long as I have you, I don’t need anything else
I know we’ll be happy

- One Love, ARASHI

Naked… sweaty… intertwined. Two bodies became one. Nails dug and scratched on skin, a trail of red left behind. Pain and pleasure blurred into one hazy breath of hot air. Long, deep moans turned into short gasps. It felt so right, the shuddering climax… her screaming his name, him filling her… “Mia. Mia…” And then two sharp fangs pierced his neck. The warm fluid trickled down to his chest. He pulled back and stared at her glowing eyes, her blood stained lips curled into a smile. “What’s the matter? You said you didn’t care.”

Jun woke up; his hand frantically reached up and touched his neck. A sigh of relief escaped his lips. Drawing a shaky breath, he got up and went to the kitchen. He took out a bottle of water from the fridge then took a gulp. Suddenly his knees weakened and his hands started shaking. He turned around and leaned his back against the fridge then slid down to the floor. “Fuck! Fuck!” Jun tilted his head then poured water over his face. It was startling cold, much like reality. Was he really okay with it? An image of her with blood dripping down her chin flashed before his eyes. He felt sick.


One night passed, then two, and then three. A week later, Miyu stood at the rooftop staring vacantly at the door. How pathetic. She waited for him every night at the same spot, for more than eight hours and every night, she left without seeing him. And yet here she was again, painfully waiting. Torturing herself. Of course he had changed his mind. Who wouldn’t? She didn’t blame him; it was too much for him to handle. It was already midnight when her lips started to quiver. Slowly, she sat down and hugged her knees. One by one the tears fell. Her slender body shook when she sobbed. It was not fair. First love was supposed to be sweet. Miyu continued to cry until her eyes, her chest, her whole being hurt. Damn him for giving her hope. He should have let her go when she tried to leave. She laughed bitterly. In the end, Nino was wrong. For she had not hurt Jun, he hurt her. With a renewed strength, she stood up. She would say goodbye to the others then leave.

Break was almost over. Jun put out his cigarette in the sink. He had started smoking again. After popping in some breath mints, he came out of the bathroom to find Sho and Nino talking amongst themselves in the middle of the studio.

“You think something happened between them?” Sho asked.
“It’s possible. Jun-kun had been acting strange all week.”
“And on top of that, Miyu is quitting.”


Sho and Nino turned to find Jun standing behind them. “She’s quitting?”
“She didn’t tell you?” Sho asked. Jun just shook his head. How could she? He had been avoiding her all week. After the nightmare, he had been scared… unsure… he didn’t have the nerve to face her when he doubted himself. “Well, that’s what she told me.” Sho replied. Before Jun could ask him when he talked to her, Aiba burst into the room. “Doshite?!!” He cried out. “Why is she leaving all of the sudden?!”
“What are you talking about, Aiba-kun?” Nino sensed something was wrong.
“Did you two fight?” Aiba directed the question at Jun.
“Miyu and you. Did you two fight? Is that why she’s leaving?”
“She didn’t give you a reason?”
“All she told me was… Aiba-san, take care of yourself and take care of Jun. He might be going through a difficult time. Don’t tell him you saw me… AH YABAI!” He covered his mouth. Jun quickly grabbed Aiba’s shoulder. “What else did she say?!” Aiba looked at Sho and he nodded at him. He dropped his hand then slumped his shoulders. “She said she was leaving Japan.”

Leaving Japan?! “When?!” He yelled. Aiba shrugged. “She didn’t say.”

“I said she didn’t--.”
“No, when did she tell you?!”
“Just a few minutes ago. I bumped into her while--.”

He ran. With his heart thundering against his chest, he ran as fast as he could. Passing the elevator, he went in the emergency exit and up the stairs until he arrived at the door to the rooftop. Please, let her still be there. He stepped outside and saw her. His body froze. Miyu precariously stood on the railing. She had her arms stretched out sideways, balancing herself.


She didn’t turn around.

“Aiba no baka! I told him not to tell you. But no matter. It’s not going to change anything anyway.”

Jun started walking slowly towards her.

“Mia. Gomen ne. Can you please come down from there and talk to me?” He knew she wasn’t in danger but it was still an awful sight to watch.

“Jun. You shouldn’t have lied to me. I wouldn’t have blamed you if got you scared or disgusted. You shouldn’t have pretended. If you didn’t want to see me again, you should have told me. But I guess… it didn’t sink in until later, huh? I can’t believe I actually thought it was possible to be with you after that night we talked. When I saw you cry, I thought to myself, he really cared. I’m so stupid. You are an actor after all. Maybe it was some kind of defense mechanism. I don’t know. But it looked real. Ahh, what am I babbling about? Let’s just end it here ne? It’s too bad I can’t make you forget. It’s too bad I can’t forget. But for what’s it worth, I’m happy I met you. Gomen. Kiotsukete.”


Jun ran to her but he was too late. She had already jumped. He grabbed the railing and looked around. She was gone. He backed away. He had to act now before she got far.


He took a deep breath then vaulted off the railing. It was the most craziest thing he had ever done in his life and he might not live to talk about it. Jun closed his eyes and prayed she had heard him. He didn’t even feel himself fall because the second his body flew off the building, something slammed into him. His eyes opened and saw Miyu’s head was on his chest, her arms around him. She had knocked him over the railing and sent them crashing on the ground. Their bodies rolled over several times before finally coming to a halt in the middle. Jun groaned, he hurt everywhere. But the pain meant he was alive and not splattered at the entrance of the building. He was on his back and Miyu was on top of him. “Mia? Mia?! Daijoubu?” She slowly sat up and stretched her back. When she finally looked at him, her expression was that of pure and utter fury. She started slapping and hitting his chest.


Jun caught both her wrists and finally stopped her from bludgeoning him to death.


He could’ve died because of her. If she hadn’t heard him… if she hadn’t been flying slow… Why would he do that?! The thought of him dead…

“You could’ve died…” She whispered. “And I’d have to live through eternity knowing I was the one who killed you.” Miyu broke down and cried.

“Sshh, Mia. I’m okay. I’m here, I’m okay.” Jun sat up and held her tight. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just… I knew if I didn’t do anything, I would’ve lost you. It was the only way. I had to take the risk.” He tilted her face up and wiped her tears. She sniffled loudly. “I am not a good reason to die, stupid! Will you please value your life!”
“I knew you’d hear me.”
“You’re lucky. DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!”
“Don’t give me a reason to.”
She sighed.
“Mia… I know I don’t deserve it but can you forgive me? For avoiding you.”
“There’s nothing to forgive. It’s a common reaction from what I’ve heard. I should have known better.”
“You waited for me every night?”
She looked away.
“I’m sorry. I’m not going to lie. After that one nightmare I had, I got scared of you.”
She tried to pull away but he didn’t let her.
“But now I am more scared of losing you. If I have to jump off a building again to make you come back to me then I will. Without a doubt.”
Miyu met his gaze. She was dreaming ne. Did she hit her head when they crashed because she swore he just sorta confessed to her.
“You’re crazy and stupid and, and--”
“In love with you.”


“It is time, my sweet.”
“Finally. The hunt begins?”
“Yes. I am sure you’ll make me proud.”
“Don’t worry, love. I will find him.”
“I know. And then we’ll make him pay.”
“With interest.”


- Ohhh. Jun got scared! But eventually got in touch with his feelings after the news of Miyu leaving. Wow, would you have jumped off the building? HAHA, that's if you have a vampire for a lover ne? XP
But uh-oh. They're starting the hunt. What did Tezuka do??!

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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Chapter 13

“Because we are different, we can have the fun of exchanging worlds, giving our love over and excitements to each other. You can learn music, I can learn flying.”
- Richard Bach

The next few nights came and went in a blur. Miyu spent all her time with Jun whenever he was available. He had avoided asking her questions in the beginning but eventually his curiosity got the better of him. There were so much to learn and understand and well, it was still hard to believe that she was no longer human. It was the start of another week and tonight Jun was ready with a list of questions.

“You actually wrote them down?” She asked him, staring at the piece of paper that Jun was holding in his hand. He smiled at her sheepishly then looked down to read what he had written. “How much blood do you consume per night?” Miyu scratched the back of her head and thought about it. “Usually a bottle per meal is enough for me. And that’s three meals a day. Once when I wake up, next is around midnight and last before I go to sleep.”

“When you skip a meal…”
“I’ll make sure you’re not around me.”
“You don’t think you can control yourself?”
“I haven’t been this close to a human since I got turned, Jun.”
“How and why were you turned?”

She wasn’t sure if she was ready to tell him about that yet. It wasn’t exactly a happy memory. Sadly, it was the most vivid memory of her past. Miyu unconsciously played with her necklace then decided that there was no point avoiding it so she started the story. She told him about her birthday celebration and how one bad decision led them to a dark street and to the clutches of three individuals who were looking for some action. Her eyes noted the shock, the horror, the anger that flicked across Jun’s face while she continued with her story. Eventually, she got to the part where she was stabbed three times and a pained expression fell on his face. Miyu quickly moved on to the part when Tezuka came, killed all three assailants then gave her immortality.

“It was not my choice to live. I would’ve gladly died that night as long as my sister and friend lived but he came and he thought I should be saved. It was terrifying, seeing him bare his fangs. It took more than year for me to adjust. The drinking of blood, the hunger… sure, they were hard, but the hardest part was remaining dead to my sister. I was the only family she got and I ended up leaving her alone. I often wonder if I made a mistake. Maybe I should have thought of a different plan. But there’s no going back now. I can fly, I can alter a person’s way of thinking but I can’t turn back time.”

Deep sorrow was etched on her face. The kind that deepened through time and the kind that couldn’t be healed. He wished there was something he could do to comfort her but he couldn’t begin to think of words that would soothe all the suffering she had experienced in just a short amount of time. All the problems he ever had seemed so miniscule compared to what she had been through. What could he offer to her? Jun reached out and cupped her face then slowly lowered his head. Her eyes fluttered shut right before his mouth found hers and she felt a shock go through her. It amazed her how easily he made her forget about the past and simply concentrate on the present. And presently, his lips was softly caressing hers. She unabashedly wondered how they would feel like on the rest of her body. As if hearing her thoughts, Jun moved his hands to her waist then trailed kisses from her jaw to her neck and down to her collar bone. Miyu threw her head back, her hands clutching on to his neck while he nipped, kissed, and licked her. All the sensations gushing through her were new and very much welcomed. She could feel her skin tingle and there was a needy throbbing in an area she boldly acknowledged. Jun’s touch and persistent kissing made it impossible for her to ignore the desire that was simmering inside her.

“Take me…”

Jun’s head snapped up and he stared at her eyes. They were clouded with longing, and so was his.

“Are you--”

NOTICE: NC-17 part cut out from this Chapter per forum rules. If you are of age, you may read it at my LJ It's not friends-locked and has an explicit adult content warning. For those who don't have LJ, please PM me for info and be honest about your age. Thank you.

For the first time in her three years as a vampire, Miyu had fallen asleep when the sun was not even close to rising. Her body rested on top of him while his arms were draped around her back. She was sleeping soundly, without a care in the world. Not even when she had just given her virginity to a human. To someone she was not allowed to be with. And to make matters worse, she let herself drink from him. The consequences of her actions would surface soon. First, there would be a persistent craving for his blood. Bottled ones and synthetic would no longer satisfy her. Second, Tezuka would undoubtedly know that she was no longer pure. His wrath was something she would have to deal with but she had no idea how. And ultimately, leaving Jun was inevitable. It was the price she has to pay for surrendering to her desire, her emotions. Eternity was not meant for him which meant he was not meant for her. All these troubling thoughts would soon haunt her when she awoke. But for now, she was happy and peacefully dreaming of more nights she would spend with Jun.

More nights and…

Miyu’s body shot up, there was a burning sensation on her leg. She quickly rolled off Jun and found herself bathe in rays of sunshine streaming through one of the windows. Panicking, she skittered over Jun’s chest - consequently waking him up - towards the other side where the shadows fell.

“IT--” Jun rubbed his chest then turned and found Miyu sitting on the edge with her head down, hugging her knees. His eyes adjusted to the brightness in the room and then realized why she looked scared. “Shit!” He jumped off the bed and hurriedly shut the blinds close. The room dimmed but there were still flecks of light in certain areas. He got back on the bed and pulled her into his arms. “Mia, it’s okay, the bed’s safe. I’m sorry, I should have known better.”

She lifted her head up to look but had to immediately close her eyes. It was very sensitive to sunlight. That was the reason why her room had no windows and the ones outside her room were boarded shut. “I can’t open my eyes. It hurts.” And they weren’t the only one that hurt. Her stomach churned out of hunger since she had missed the necessary third meal. Jun was too close, she thought. She needed to get away from him before her thirst overpowered her. He would most likely offer himself but she was too hungry… she didn’t want to take the risk of draining him. How could she let this happen? She should’ve gone home. Tezuka was probably worried out of his mind.

“Here, go under the covers.” Jun tugged on her wrists but she pulled back. He frowned at her reaction. “Mia, what’s wrong?”

“Don’t you have to go to work?” Her nails dug into her leg. The smell of his blood was thick and she remembered clearly how he tasted last night.

“I do but…” He didn’t want to leave her.
“Leave now… Please.” She pleaded. “Please, Jun.”
“Do you need to feed?”

Her throat was dry and she was feeling very weak. The warmth of the sun seemed to be seeping through the walls and now the dried blood on his neck was calling to her. Scared that Jun might pull her closer to him, she stumbled off the bed and tried to get away. But she didn’t get far, her knees buckled under her and she fell on the floor.

“Mia!” Jun scrambled towards her. When he touched her arm, she flinched.
“Don’t touch me! Don’t get close!” She hissed at him. Her body folded into a fetal position, she hugged herself, her palms apprehensively rubbed her arms. It felt like her skin was being pricked by needles. So Tezuka was right. There was no way she survived a week a without blood. It had only been a few hours and she was already shaking from withdrawal.

Jun couldn’t stand seeing her like this. He should have woken her up when she fell asleep but he got selfish. He wanted to keep her with him and didn’t think of cost she had to pay for staying. She needed to feed but refused him, she must be scared of drinking too much, he thought. But he couldn’t very well leave her starving for 10 hours. It was only a quarter after eight. There was no other way. He knelt behind her then picked her up. She tried to struggle but she was too weak. “Jun, no.” He ignored her plea and lifted her frail body. “I’m taking you to the bathroom. There aren’t any windows in there.”

Jun set her down in the tub. It was cold and she welcomed it. “Now you have to drink.” Miyu’s eyes flew open and she watched him step inside. Her mouth fell open and her elongated fangs came into view. Jun sat at the other end, his back leaning on the cold porcelain. He stretched his arm out, an elegant finger beckoned her to come to him. Time stood still for Miyu. Who was the vampire here? She wasn’t entirely sure. From where she sat, Jun’s smoldering dark brown eyes penetrated into her… reaching into the deep recesses of her mind… it was almost like HE was hypnotizing her.

“Mia… come to me.”

Her body moved. “Iya!” But it didn’t listen to her and instead, she was pushed forward by an unknown force, an intense need… she crawled towards him and when she was finally close, he positioned her on his lap. He didn’t speak and simply waited. Miyu’s gaze fell on his neck. The two punctured holes had started to clot and there was a trail of dried blood from the openings down to his chest. She bent down and traced the trail, wiping it clean with her tongue. Jun’s hands snaked around her waist. And when he felt her lick his wounds, he groaned. Something primal stirred within him and his grip on her tightened. Miyu was breathing hard. She slid one hand up to the other side of his neck, the other held his shoulder. She bared her fangs and sunk them in then began sucking. One of Jun’s hand left her waist and he wove his fingers through her hair. His eyes fluttered shut and he bit his lip. The feeling of her tongue lapping on him, drawing blood into her mouth was strangely erotic. Miyu paused when she felt him hard under her. She moved her hips then with one swift move, she took him inside her… only then did she continue drinking again. While her thirst was being quenched, he was being pleasured. Miyu stopped sucking for a second and he whimpered. She moved her lips to his mouth and he tasted his blood on her. “Mia…”

Kissing him… it was like he was her whole universe. There was nowhere else in the world that she wanted to be but in his arms. “Jun… Jun… aishiteru…”

He heard her. Without a doubt, he heard her. It was unmistakably clear.

“Aishiteru yo.” She said it again while she rode him hard.
“Fuck, Mia. Ore mo…”
She had reached her peak and when she came, he pushed her head down his neck. It was when he felt her suck that his body finally shook with a mind blowing release.

“Ore mo… aishiteru.”


[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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“Jun-kun. Jun-kun. JUN-KUN!” Aiba cried out at top of his lungs. Everybody around them looked up and stared at him oddly.

“Huh?” Jun was dazed and drained. Miyu might have drank more than a pint from him. And that was more than the usual amount of blood one donated.

“Are you sick? You look pale.” And yet Miyu looked as pale as him, maybe even paler… which didn’t make sense since he left her with more blood in her system. “Iya, I’m fine, Aiba. Just a little tired.” He could feel Aiba’s worried eyes on him. “I didn’t get enough sleep. I feel a bit drained.” Maybe next time, he should time her. Set up an alarm so she knew when to stop. But then again, he was the one that pushed her mouth back on his neck at the end. He had no one to blame but himself but he didn’t regret it. What concerned him really was the fact that he loved getting his blood sucked by her. He was already thinking of going back home for lunch in case she got hungry again. Yes, he should go visit her later.

“For someone who’s tired, you sure are smiling too much.” Nino observed. “Did something happen? With Miyu?” He couldn’t resist asking, a smirk forming on his thin lips.

“As a matter of fact, yes. Something did happen. But that’s all the information you’re getting.” He shot back. Nino shrugged. “I’ll just let my imagination run wild then.” Jun glared at him.

“Eh?! I wonder what happened! Did she say when she’s coming over? I miss her.”
“Probably not tonight, Aiba.”
“She’s probably tired and drained as well, Aiba-chan.” Nino replied.
Jun glared at him AGAIN.
“Oh, sou ka? Nande?”
“Don’t believe everything that Nino says, baka!”
“I’m always right about these things though… NE?”
“NE!” Aiba agreed with Nino.
“Don’t agree with him.”

Jun let out an exasperated sigh. He should have kept his mouth shut. And why was Nino in a teasing mood anyway?

“I take it she didn’t leave and is not quitting?” Nino casually asked.
“Interested much?”
“Just wondering.”
“Of course she’s not leaving! She can’t leave Jun!”
“You sound so sure, Aiba.” Nino noted.
“OI! We’re up next.” Sho yelled out while Ohno gestured towards the open door.

Arashi had an interview and performance scheduled for Hey! Hey! Hey!

“By the way, Jun.” Nino glanced at his neck. “Nice scarf.”


Another first in her life. Miyu snuggled in the nest made out of blankets and pillows that Jun prepared for her in the bathtub. She was cocooned underneath the covers and bed sheets that she couldn’t even feel the hard surface of the tub. He also left the door close so it was dark inside. Was the sun really up? She couldn’t believe it. Miyu didn’t know what time it was but didn’t really care, although, she should because Tezuka was surely going to kill her if she arrived a lot later than six at night. But she didn’t want to go outside and check. She would have to wait for Jun to return.


“Mia? Are you awake?” Jun slowly opened the bathroom door and peeked inside. It was already three in the afternoon when he finally got some free time. “Mia?” He knelt next to the tub and pulled back the covers. She was all curled up, hugging a pillow. The shirt he lent her clung to her body. He wasn’t sure if he should wake her up or let her sleep. Did she need to feed again? He didn’t mind but his body might not be able to handle the loss of more blood. “I guess I’ll let her sleep.” He was about to stand up when Miyu’s nose twitched.


She opened her eyes and stuck her arm out of the tub. There was no mistaking that scent. The ocean was in the room. She could almost hear the waves crashing or was that his heart pounding? Jun took her hand and kissed her knuckles. He didn’t know why but his heart raced when he heard her call to him. Miyu sat up and blinked. “What time is it? Is it night already? I can go home?”

“No. Not yet.” He knew she had to go once it got dark but the thought of her leaving him to go to another man was… well, unbearable. “It’s only 3PM. You still have three more hours to go.”

“Why are you here then? They let you off early?”
“I wish but no. I… are you hungry?”
“No, I’m fine. BUT even if I was, there’s no way, Jun! I’ve already…” She blushed from the memories of both times she drank from him. “Twice already…” Her voice came out as a whisper. “OH! How’d you hide it?”

“I wore a scarf.” He chuckled lightly.
“I shouldn’t have… on your neck. But the other area…” She bit her lip.
“Hmm? Where else could you?”
“Well, I mean, there’s two places where the blood flows really well. One’s the neck and… umm…”
“The other one’s on the umm… the inner thigh.”
“Inner… thigh?”
“Are you sure you’re not hungry right now?”

There was more than a glint of mischief in his eyes but Miyu decided that it would be best if she didn’t try to find out what else was on his mind.

“I’m sure.”
“Your loss. I heard my blood was very tasty.”
“I said that.”
“That’s why I said, it’s your loss.”

He poked her forehead with a finger.

“Is there anything I can get you?”
“Too bad we both can’t fit in the tub. Lying down, that is.”
“Eh? You want to sleep with me?”

Miyu laid down and hid under the blankets.


Jun tried to lift the blanket off her but she was hanging on to it.


He climbed into the tub and pulled hard on the covers. She shrieked when he successfully yanked it off. Jun tossed it on the side then lowered his body unto hers. “Looks like we can both fit as long as one of us is on top.” He grinned when her eyes widened. “Now the question is… who gets to be on top?”


It was 4PM and Tezuka was still pacing around Miyu’s room. He hadn’t slept a wink. And although he knew it was no use staying up because she couldn’t return until the sun was down, he still waited. What if something bad happened to her? Did she get mixed up with some other vampires? Did Castiele know about her? Did he find out and searched for her? No, he couldn’t possibly know. He was very careful and he made sure he covered his tracks because he knew they would be hunting him down. It wasn’t because of Miyu. It was because of what happened after Yumi died. It was because of what he had done after Yumi killed herself. Tezuka cursed at himself. He should have killed all of them when he had the chance but he thought it would be more painful for them if they lived. It was but now he had to pay. They cycle of revenge was not going to end until one of them dies. But as long as they didn’t know about Miyu. As long as they left her alone… he’d gladly give his immortality back to his maker.


A/N -
Quite a chapter eh. How's Tezuka going to react? Will Miyu ever see Jun again after this chapter? And does Castiele know about Miyu or where Tezuka is?

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 647255

i'll write a longer comment at ABL and will definetly read the entry at LJ after school tomorrow.

i'm gald you updated, i've been dying of withdrawal from this fic
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Chapter 14
“Just as the body cannot exist without blood, so the soul needs the matchless and pure strength of faith.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

The sun had finally set and the moon had risen. It was time to go. There were no words exchanged and the kiss goodbye was brief. For all Miyu knew, it was the last time she was going to see Jun but she kept her emotions in check, not wanting to alarm him. The tears fell as soon as she turned her back and left him standing on his doorway. They kept falling while she flew and only stopped when she neared home. As she walked towards the front door, she thought of how Tezuka would react. She didn’t really know what to expect. On one hand, he had never really hurt her but she hadn’t done anything that warranted it. On the other hand, he had always been protective of her to a point where it had become pure possessiveness. And it sometimes scared her, how he asserted the belief that she belonged only to him. It was a fact not a belief. He made her, he could break her.

The door swung open before her hand reached for the knob. An arm reached out and pulled her inside and then it slammed her body on the door after it closed.


Miyu cringed. Tezuka’s face was contorted in anger.


He stopped in mid-sentence, his nostrils flaring. His head swooped in on her neck and he inhaled a deep, shaky breath. A loud growl came out of his mouth, his fangs grew long and when he pulled back to stare at Miyu, his eyes were bright red.

“What have you done?!”
“Tezuka, I…”
“You… WHO IS HE? I can smell his scent on you… it’s sickening.”

His scent was all over her body. There was no mistaking it. Whoever it was, he had made her, his and she had given herself to him entirely. His Miyu was no longer innocent.


He grabbed her wrist then dragged her, pulling her behind him. Miyu wasn’t sure where he was taking her but she didn’t argue. He led her to the bathroom and shoved her inside. After pushing the frosted sliding door aside, he lifted her up and set her down inside the tub.

“Tezuka, what are you--.”

She quickly shut her mouth and watched him turn the shower on. Cold water spurted out and she instinctively stepped back.


It was degrading and she refused to do it. No matter how angry he was, he had no right to treat her like this.

“I said, strip! Or I’m doing it for you.”

Miyu stood her ground.

“I warned you.”

Tezuka took her by her shoulders then forced her body under the cold, icy water. Miyu struggled to jump off the tub but he held her in place with one hand. The other hand grabbed the front of her top and yanked it off. Buttons went flying everywhere. Stunned, Miyu froze while he stripped the remaining clothing off her. When he was done, he poured shampoo on her hair and then lathered her with body wash. She stood rooted to that one spot while he scrubbed her skin hard, trying to erase his scent, wanting to erase her memories of last night. His hand paused on her pelvis, his eyes narrowed into slits when he harshly asked… “I have to scrub inside as well, don’t I?” She turned away from his piercing gaze. Tezuka dropped the sponge and stepped out of the tub. “Finish up then go straight to my room.” He commanded then left her alone to rinse. Miyu crouched in the tub and cried. How could he be so cruel? She didn’t expect this at all. And it wasn’t over yet, not by a long shot. Might as well get it over with, whatever it was that was in store for her. She turned the water off and toweled herself dry. It hurt… her skin. It was also red from his scrubbing. Miyu kept the towel on then timidly entered Tezuka’s bedroom. He laid face down on the bed but instantly sat up when he sensed her.

“Next to me, now.”
“But…” She looked around for something to wear but he hadn’t prepared anything.
“Now, Miyu.”

With the towel firmly around her, she got on the bed and sat next to him. He reached for the towel and Miyu slapped his hand away.


Tezuka bared his fangs.

“Take it off.”
“Are you going to make me repeat myself every time, Miyu?”
“Tezuka, please.”
“Please what?!”
“Don’t do this.”
“I can still smell him on you.”

And it was fueling his rage. So much that he had to act on it. His fingers reached for the towel again and before Miyu could slap his hand away, he pushed her down on the bed and mounted her. She pounded on his chest with her fists but that did her no good. The towel was wrenched off her and she lay naked underneath him, screaming… telling him to let go of her. But none of her words were getting through to him because the vile stench of her lover was filling his lungs.


Miyu tried to appeal to what brotherly love he may have for her but she doubt there was really any to begin with.

“I was never your brother. I never will be.”

And he proved it to her by impatiently exploring every inch of her with his hands and his lips. Miyu fought with all her strength but it was useless. It was impossible to get away so she kept pleading him to stop. The tears rolled down her cheeks, he was not listening to her. His mind shut out her cries and was bent on consuming all of her. Miyu felt him stop for a split second but only to shed his boxers off him. She panicked and tried to push him away again even though there was absolutely no way for her to overpower him.

“Please, please, Tezuka. Don’t do this! PLEASE! I’ll promise not to see him again!”
“You don’t have to promise me anything, Miyu. I’m going to make sure you never see him again.”

His hands went to her knees and he spread them wide before him.


She sat up but he quickly pushed her down then covered her length with his body. His tongue darted out and licked her from her neck to her jaw. Miyu turned her face away from him. He brushed her hair back then whispered in her ear.

“He may be your first but I’m going to be your last.”

Miyu cried out when he plunged himself into her. Everything she experienced with Jun… every laugh, every smile, every kiss, every touch… all the memories… started slipping away. For every thrust, she lost a week with him spent lying down under the stars. When Tezuka’s fangs sunk into her, Jun’s face began to blur in her memory and it kept blurring with each passing second until she could no longer remember what he looked like. She couldn’t even recall his scent anymore. He was gone and what replaced him was a constant ache in her heart.

Miyu went limp in his arms. It was too late when he finally got his bearings and found himself buried inside her, ravaging her like some wild beast. Tezuka couldn’t believe his eyes. “What have I done?” He immediately withdrew himself from her and stared at her neck. Blood was gushing out. He pulled the sheets from under them and pressed it on the wound. “Miyu?! MIYU?!” Her head turned to look at him. There was no hate or rage or sadness… only a blank expression, as if she had abandoned all of her emotions.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, Mia.”

He took her into his arms and cried.

For Miyu, her lonely moon rose high that night while her sun disappeared from her existence.


A day passed without Miyu and Jun handled it perfectly well. Two days passed and he got worried. She had expressed her concern regarding this Tezuka that she lived with, the vampire who saved her. The way she talked about him, it seemed like he cared for her deeply so he couldn’t possibly hurt her ne? But what if he could? What if he did? One more day, he thought. If she didn’t show up then he would really worry. The third day came and went, Jun was nervous wreck. He couldn’t concentrate on anything. His friends noticed this and pulled him aside for a talk.

“What’s wrong?” Sho placed a hand on his shoulder. The rest of them were gathered around him. Jun didn’t know how to tell them even if he wanted to. “Is this about Miyu?” Nino asked, knowing very well that it was about her. “Did you two fight again?” Aiba’s lower lip trembled a bit. He never liked arguments that went on for days, that was why even if it wasn’t his fault, he apologized first anyway. Ohno remained silent and simply waited for Jun to speak.

“I’m afraid I might have gotten her in trouble.” Jun thought it would be best to impart what really mattered and not complicate things by telling them about her background.

“What kind of trouble?” Sho asked curiously.
“Her brother’s very strict. He might have prohibited her from seeing me.”
“She has a brother?! OH! Maybe you can talk to him? If he gets to know you, I’m sure he’ll be fine with you dating her.” Aiba suggested.
“You should go and visit her then.” Ohno said, agreeing with Aiba’s suggestion.

Nino was the only one who could tell that Jun was not telling them everything. The younger man’s eyes were too troubled for this to be a simple case of strict brotherly love.

“I don’t know where she lives and she doesn’t own a phone.” Jun replied in exasperation. What was up with that anyway? They could find synthetic blood but couldn’t find their way to a mall and buy a phone? Do they communicate via telepathy or something? His frustrations showed on his face and his friends exchanged worried looks amongst each other.

“I’ll go talk to Fujimiya-san and see if I can convince her to give me Miyu’s address.” Nino said then walked away.

“Nino…” Jun was very grateful to him. He was so worried that he didn’t even think of approaching the human resources manager. But it would’ve looked suspicious if he did. Why would he need her address? Wouldn’t they ask? “Matte, Nino!”

“Daijoubu. I’ll take care of it.” He waved his hand nonchalantly.

“Saa, he said he’ll take care of it. Why don’t you just sit back and relax. It looks like you haven’t been getting any sleep.”

He’d been staying up late every night, hoping Miyu would drop by. By the time he gave up and slept, it was already almost time to get up for work.

“Yeah Jun-kun. You’re starting to look like a raccoon.” Aiba teased.
“Better a raccoon than you, Aiba-chan.” Sho replied.
“EH?! Super Idol Aiba-chan is better looking than a raccoon, Sho-kun!”
“Raccoons are cute.” Ohno said.
“Aiba Masaki is cuter!”

Jun chuckled lightly, amused by their banter. He momentarily set aside his worries about Miyu and decided to enjoy their company.



[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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“She’s in here.”

Tezuka ushered Victoria into Miyu’s bedroom. She was on her bed, staring straight at the ceiling, hands folded on her stomach.


She turned her head and stared at him then at Victoria then faced the ceiling once again.

“How long has it been since she’s been like this?”

Victoria moved closer to the bed then sat next to Miyu’s leg.

days now. And she won’t drink. I tried to make her but she refused. I
thought she wouldn’t last a day but so far, she hasn’t showed any signs
of starvation.”

Miyu’s eyes had dark circles around them and she
was the palest she’d ever been. She had also lost a lot of weight. Her
cheeks appeared sunken, her lips parched and her collarbone was
sticking out awkwardly.

“What happened, Tezuka?”
“I… broke her.”
“What do you mean?”
“I didn’t mean to… I was so angry… FUCK!”

left the room and punched the wall next to it. There were actually
several holes on it already. Victoria left Miyu’s side and went to him.

Even if it doesn’t look like she’s not starving, she still needs to
feed. Her body is getting weaker and weaker. She’s not going to die
from this but it has to be painful. I just don’t know why or how she’s
dealing with the pain.”
“I’ve tried. But I can’t force her. I can’t.”
“Then let me do it. Grab me a bottle.”

Victoria went back into the room and got on the bed.

“Miyu. You have to drink.”

She turned her head away from her.

“I’m not giving you a choice. You’re drinking this now.”

hand reached for her jaw then squeezed it, trying to make her open her
mouth. Miyu shook her head and kicked her legs in retaliation.

“Don’t hurt her.” Tezuka said and Victoria shot him an angry look.
“If you want her to get better, you better help me hold her down!”
“I… I can’t.”
“TEZUKA! Come here and hold her down, NOW!”

hesitated for a second then did what he was told. With both of the
restraining her, they were able to force feed her the whole bottle of
blood. After she drank all of it, they backed away from her. Miyu wiped
her mouth with the back of her hand. She was leaning against the wall
at the far end of the bed when suddenly her body started to convulse.
Her hand flew up to cover her mouth but blood sputtered out before she
could. She quickly crawled forward and when she reached the edge, she
vomited. All twenty ounces of blood spilled out of her. She gagged and
coughed then sat up, still with a vacant look on her face, she stared
at them then laid back down and focused her eyes on the ceiling once
more. Victoria looked at Tezuka’s pained expression.

“It’s an improvement. We’ll do this again tomorrow.”


ne, Jun-kun. For some reason, Fujimiya-san doesn’t have any records of
Miyu’s address. Honestly, I don’t know how that’s even possible.” A
frustrated Nino covered his eyes with his hand. Jun patted him on the
back. “Don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault.” And it was possible.
Miyu probably hypnotized her into thinking that she didn’t need it.
Good for her but bad for him. How was he supposed to find out where she
lived? “Absolutely no records whatsoever! That’s just… mind boggling!”
He didn’t like it when he disappointed people. If he said that he was
going to get Miyu’s address then by God, he was going to. “Maybe we can
check online or something. What’s her last name again?” That was
probably going to be a dead end as well, Jun thought, but didn’t want
to discouraged him. “Kusanagi.” Nino made a mental note to check the
web when he got home. “Kusanagi. Wakatta. I’ll let you know if I find
anything.” Jun nodded. “Thanks.”


Two weeks. It had
been two whole weeks since Miyu returned home and he had assaulted her.
Two weeks and she still hadn’t fed. But a week ago, she tried. One
night, she didn’t struggle and simply took the bottle to her lips and
drank, however, it was the same result. Her body rejected the blood and
this confirmed Victoria’s suspicions. Miyu was throwing up against her
own will. For some reason, she could no longer ingest blood. They tried
different types and when none of them worked, he cut his own wrists and
gave her his blood but she still puked it out. They even brought her
fresh blood. Animal and human. Yes, even fresh human blood. He was
desperate. Miyu was wilting away and all he could do was watch. And it
was all his fault. If he hadn’t been so possessed with jealousy… she
would still be here with him, aware and smiling or yelling at him for
not fulfilling his brotherly obligations to her.


He wiped his eyes dry and looked away from Miyu to face Victoria.

“There’s only one possible solution left.”

His eyes fell on Miyu’s fragile body.

“I know.”



- I feel bad for making making Miyu go through this. But, it had to
happen. Hope ya'll liked this chapter. I think my fave part was around
the end when Tezuka realized what he had done. Anyhoo, thanks for
reading!!!! And comments are ALWAYS loved!!!! :heart: :heart:

those who are wondering, hmmm, what does Tezuka look like? Well, I had
a couple of people in mind. But here's two pics that I really liked and
thought, that's Tezuka.

BTW, it's Gackt.

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) AV2hM57i

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) AV2hM7Cr

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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Chapter 15
“It's exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful.”
-Adrienne Rich

Life was good before Jun met Miyu. Then after he met her, life got better. Now without her, it got bad. He thought he was a nervous wreck before, who knew it could get worse? During the interviews, he was silent. His performances were mediocre and when they started learning new choreography, he couldn’t get them right. The dark circles around his eyes were getting harder to cover up. And because he was lacking sleep, his face was breaking out frequently. He was constantly at his dermatologist for treatment. Aside from all that, his temper was tested every single day. He was irritable, easily annoyed, and therefore snapped at people for the most trivial mistakes. His attitude was alienating his friends and the tabloids were having a field day on his recent outburst during a recording for VS Arashi. His manager finally had enough of it and sent him home early tonight and he was not allowed to come back until he “fixed” his attitude. It was announced that he was leaving the country for a couple of weeks for some imaginary character role research for some imaginary movie. He definitely could use this time off and search for Miyu even though he had no idea where to start looking for her. As predicted, Nino didn’t find anything about her online. Jun already knew this but he had prayed that somehow he was wrong.

The parking lot was empty when he arrived. The night was young. It was only 8PM. He sat in the car for a few minutes, his fingers gripping on the steering wheel tightly. Jun felt so helpless. “FUCK!” He cursed out loud before finally getting out of the car and slamming the door shut. When he turned, he found himself staring at a pair of coal black eyes.

“You’re coming with me.” His lips moved but no sound came out and yet Jun heard him clearly. “Dare ga?” He asked, a sense of dread crawled up his spine. The stranger pursed his thin lips then silently moved closer to him. “I said, you’re coming with me.” His eyes glimmered; specks of red suddenly flickered on. Jun glared at him.


The man’s eyes slightly widened then narrowed.

“So you know me.”
“Where’s Mia? What have you done to her?!”

A breeze passed behind him and his shoulders were suddenly seized from behind.

“Looks like I was right, Tez-baby.”

His eyes flitted towards Jun’s neck. The fading scar was slightly covered up by his collar but Tezuka could tell what made those marks.

“Where is Mia?!” Jun barked the question.

“We’re taking you to her.”

To Jun’s surprise, they drove there using his car. It was the woman who sat on the passenger side while Tezuka lounged in the backseat. He was fine with his choice, he didn’t want his presence next to him either. There was an indescribable tension that existed between the two men and Victoria was highly amused by it.

“This would be the best time to fill me in on what’s up with Mia’s disappearance.”
Jun glanced at Tezuka from the rearview mirror. The vampire yawned, completely ignoring him. His devil-may-care attitude was getting under his skin. “Can you at least tell me if she’s okay?”

“Tezuka. We should tell him before we get there.”

He waved his hand in the air. Jun guessed it was a sign of permission in vampire speak? How the hell should he know? But after he did that, the woman spoke. She spoke about the state that Miyu was in and what they had done to try and reverse it. She also told him about her body’s rejection of blood. She kept talking and sharing her theories but Jun had blanked out from shock after he heard about Miyu’s state of mind.


Jun hit the brakes and stared at the pedestrians he almost ran over. “Shit!” He raked his fingers through his hair and took a deep breath.

“Just calm down.” Victoria said, she looked back and met Tezuka’s gaze. He didn’t expect the human to react that strongly after hearing about Miyu’s condition.

“Calm down?! How the fuck can you expect me to calm down?!”
“I can drive. Why don’t you pull over somewhere.”

Jun didn’t argue with her and quickly found a curb to pull over. Once they exchanged seats, he laid his head back and closed his eyes while he rubbed his temple with his fingers. “How the hell did it happen?” That was a question only Tezuka had the answer to but he wouldn’t even tell her about it so why would he tell him?

“You need not concern yourself of that.”
“Like fuck I need not to… can’t you speak normally?!”
“He doesn’t actually speak like that usually.”
“That’s hard to believe.”
“Concentrate on your driving. And step on it. I don’t want Miyu alone by herself too long.

The conversation dwindled after that and before Jun knew it, they were at the condominium. Tezuka rushed to open the door, he had smelled Miyu’s blood as soon as they arrived. Jun was right behind him. He didn’t know why but it must be an emergency if the vampire was rattled. Tezuka paused before he opened the bedroom door.

“Stay here. Don’t come in until I say so.”
“I got him.”

He opened the door and went in.


The sight that greeted him was gruesome. Miyu was lying down on her side on the floor, her favorite lavender nightgown was soaked in her blood. Her right hand held a small knife and her wrists, her arms, her legs, even her neck were cut. Where did she get the knife? Why was she cutting herself? One things for sure, It was all his fault.


Jun reached for the knob when he heard Tezuka shout but the woman pulled him back by force. “Not yet.”

“What the fuck?! You guys took me here to see her so why the fuck haven’t I seen her yet?!!”

Victoria also smelled Miyu’s blood and knew that something bad must happened.

“Just wait a little longer.”

Jun growled in frustration but stood aside and waited.

Inside the room…

“Miyu? Miyu?”

Tezuka bent down and tried to pry the knife out of her hand but she wouldn’t let go. For someone who hadn’t fed in two weeks, her grip was astonishingly strong. Her eyes opened and when she saw him, she slowly lifted her body off the floor. He tried to help her up but she refused to be held. When she finally sat up on her own, she held out her wrist in front of her then she lowered her mouth to an open cut and licked it. She shook her head as if saying it didn’t taste good.

“You can’t drink your own blood, Miyu.”

She pointed at the cut on her knee then bent down and sucked on it.


She looked up then spat out her blood. Tezuka couldn’t fathom what was going on in her mind. She actually thought her blood could quench her thirst? Or was it something else in her blood that she wanted to taste? Miyu pointed behind her, to her bed.

“If you give me the knife, I’ll take you to the bed.”

She shook her head no and held the knife to her chest. Tezuka sighed and gave up. For the past two weeks, he had tried everything to get through to her but failed miserably. It was out of his hands now. It was time to swallow his pride and let someone else try. At this point, he didn’t care anymore. He just wanted her back.

Jun looked up when he heard the door. Tezuka came out and held it open for him.

“It’s not a pretty sight.”

Jun nodded then went in. Seeing Miyu covered in blood, cuts all over her body, and a knife in her hand knocked the air out of his chest. She did that to herself? WHY? Jun blinked back the tears and focused on what he could do. What could he possibly do to help her? First things first, before he lost his composure…


Her head snapped up to look at him. There was no recognition in her eyes. It was an empty stare, one that made his heart break. He had at least hoped she recognized him. Jun knelt in front of her and held out his hand.

“Mia, can I have the knife?”

She cocked her head sideways then brought the knife up to her face. She was about to slice her cheek…

“Mia, please.” His voice trembled. She straightened up then dropped the knife on his hand. Tezuka gaped at what transpired in front of him. How did he do it? Relieved that she actually listened to him, Jun set the knife down on the floor behind him. All the while, he kept eye contact with her and she stared back curiously.

“Leave us alone.” Jun didn’t turn around when he issued the command.
“No.” Tezuka replied firmly. Who did he think he was?
“Tezuka, maybe we should.” There was nothing they could do.
“No.” He needed to be here. He couldn’t leave her alone.
“I’ll make sure she gets fed. But I need you two out of the apartment. Come back before dawn.” Jun knew of their heightened senses, he didn’t want any of them eavesdropping or interrupting anything while he was alone with her.
“It’s one thing to tell us to leave the room and another thing to leave the damn apartment.” This was his home, he leaves when he wants to.
“Mia told me that you care for her a lot. Is that true? Because if you did, you’d do as I say without any questions. Also, you tracked me down and brought me here for a reason. Whatever it is that you hoped me to do… let me do it.”

Jun turned and looked at Tezuka in the eyes. “Please.”

Tezuka shifted his gaze to Miyu. Even with him in front of her, she still had the same expression on her face. Could he really be only solution left? And what if he failed as well? Was Miyu going to remain like this for the rest of eternity?

“Fine. But when we get back, you’re out of here.” He walked towards Miyu then dropped down to kiss her head. “I’ll be back soon.” After one more glance at her, he left with Victoria.

Finally, they were alone.

Jun sat cross legged in front of her. How long had she been like this? How did it happen? Was it because of him? Did Tezuka do something to her? He swore if he was the one that hurt her… His thoughts were interrupted when Miyu reached up and touched his face.

“Mia… don’t you remember me?”

Her fingers traced his nose then his lips then she let slid it down his neck towards the part she bit. Her brows furrowed and she scooted closer to him to take a better look at it. She moved his collar aside, her face was right next to his when she peered at the scars. Oh God, he missed her so much. Jun was about to reach for her when she backed away. Her hand flew up to her head and she closed her eyes.

“Are you dizzy?”

She nodded slowly.

“It’s because you’re starving. You want to drink, ne?”

She nodded again.

“Do you remember how I taste?”

She pointed a finger at him.

“Yes, me.”

Jun crawled to her.

“You’ve tasted my blood before.”

She shook her head.

“You have. Trust me, you have.”

He wanted to hold her. No, he needed to hold her… to kiss her.

“Mia. Can I… please…”

Wait, no. What was he thinking? She needed to be fed.

Miyu pointed to her bed. Jun nodded and picked her up then carried her towards it. He got on top of it then set her down. She didn’t move anywhere but just sat there, looking at him. Was she trying to remember?

“Am I that easy to forget? Mia?”

She blinked at him but said nothing. He sighed.

“If you want my blood, you have to bite me for it.”

She looked at his neck.

“You want it, ne?”

She didn’t move an inch.

“Okay. Wait here.”

Jun went to grab the knife then got back on the bed.

“You once told me that the scent of my blood was different from everyone else.”

He took the knife to his neck and cut himself. Blood oozed out. Miyu’s eyes widened and started glowing immediately.

“Don’t you just love the scent of the ocean, Mia?”
“Nee-chan, I’ll never forget the smell of it… never.”
“Are you sure about that?”
“I’m sure.”


[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)   [Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) EmptySat Dec 06, 2008 12:49 pm

Jun saw her eyes cloud. “Mia?” He reached for her and she willingly went straight to his arms. Pain suddenly shot through her and she gasped. It felt like acid was poured into her stomach and her insides were melting down. Her throat was so dry, it hurt. The numerous cuts on her were stinging.

“Itai! ITAI!” Her voice came out as a whisper and it was cracked. “It hurts. So. Much.” She was sobbing on his chest, her fingers clutching on his shirt. “It hurts. It hurts. It hurts!” Jun panicked. “Where does it hurt?! Mia?!”

Miyu couldn’t think straight. She wasn’t sure where she was, who she was with. All she knew was that she was thirsty as hell. The scent in the air… it triggered a lot of memories but at the same time, it caused her body a lot of pain. She needed blood. Miyu pulled herself up then sank her fangs into the neck offered to her. She felt someone’s arms envelop her. She clung to him and sucked the sweet liquid flowing from his veins. She drank in the memories. A face suddenly appeared in her mind. The more blood she drank, the clearer it became and she drank her fill until she was finally able to focus on his features. Was that a mole right above his lip and right on his lip? And there was another one underneath his bottom lip.

“You smell good, Purple-chan.”
“Are you sure I’m not your ichi-ban?”
“I have Mia senses.”
“Where am I on your list?”
“I’m not interested in oranges. I prefer melons.”
“Okay. No more waist grabbing.”
“Yes, Mia. It’s a date.”
“Mia, I’ll see you after the concert okay?”
“Have you… drank from someone?”
“I am more scared of losing you.”
“Ore mo… aishiteru.”

Every laugh, every smile, every kiss, every touch… all her experiences with him flooded back to her. Miyu pulled back, only then did she notice that his arms were limp on his sides and she was the only one supporting him. “OH GOD NO!” Her hands flew up to her mouth and Jun fell back on the bed. Miyu quickly got on top of him. “Jun?! JUN?!!! Oh God oh God oh God! JUN!!!” She drank way too much of his blood. “No no no, oh please no. Jun! Wake up! JUN!” Miyu cupped his face and kissed him but his lips didn’t move. She buried her face on his chest and cried. “Jun! Please, please… oh God please.” All of the sudden, she felt his arms around her again. She looked up but his eyes were still closed.

“Sshh, Mia. I just lost a lot of blood so can you keep it down? You’re making me dizzy.”

Miyu laughed and cried at the same time. A lot of questions swirled in her head but they would have to wait because all she wanted to do was stay close to Jun, to feel his warmth again. She pressed her lips on his and this time he responded. While they kissed, her tears rolled down and wet his cheeks. When she pulled back, his eyes opened. His hand left her back to brush her tears away. He noticed that her eyes were now clear and filled with emotions and most importantly, she knew him. She was looking at him and she knew who he was. “That’s much better. So much better.” Miyu didn’t understand what he meant by that. “What is?” Jun simply smiled at her.

“Are you still hungry?”

Her stomach growled. She sat up, embarrassed.

“That’s a yes.”
“No. I’m fine. You’re not.”
“Give me an hour or so and I’ll be good to go.”
“No. I already drank too much from you. Any more and you’d be dead.”
“Then you can turn me.”
“Don’t joke about that.”
“Who says I’m joking?”

A scowl formed on her lips.

“Is this your favorite nightgown, my purple-chan.”

Jun reached and touched the flimsy fabric. Miyu looked down and became aware of the blood splattered clothing that she wore. “Oh my God! This looks horrible!” But that wasn’t the only thing she noticed. Little by little she saw the cuts on her body, the blood on her skin and on Jun’s clothing. Aside from the blood on his neck, her blood was on his hands and arms. She then turned and saw the floor, it was also covered in blood. “What the hell happened?”

“You honestly don’t remember?”
“No. Nothing.”
“What do you remember? But before you answer that…”

Jun held out his arms and motioned to his chest.

“I should go change first.”
“No rush. You can do that later.”
“But look at me!”
“I don’t see anything wrong.”

She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes at him.

“I look like I just murdered someone… the freaking room looks like a crime scene. And you look like the victim!”
“But alas I am not dead. You failed.”
“Maybe murder was not my intention.”

Miyu began to slowly move her hips. Jun clenched his teeth.

“Mia, no. I don’t have the strength… ”

She bent down to whisper into his ear.

“I can do all the work.”

Jun groaned at her suggestion. He would love for her to do all the touching, the kissing, the taking… to watch her body grind on top of him… how could he say no? But he did. And she looked extremely disappointed and not mention, upset. Nevertheless, she obediently sprawled on top of him, her head resting on his chest while he wrapped his arms around her.

“So what do you remember?”

Miyu closed her eyes and listened to his heart beat.

“I came home after I left your apartment and Tezuka was furious. And then… and then… hmm. I don’t remember anything after that.”
“Eh?! Did he hurt you?”
“Tezuka wouldn’t. He wouldn’t hurt me. Ever.”

There was an absolute certainty in her voice that made Jun envious of the other man. Little did he know that she was utterly wrong about him.

“That was two weeks ago, Mia. I can’t even begin to tell you how worried I was. And then today, Tezuka and some woman showed up and…”
“Tezuka hunted you down?!”
“Yes. They told me that you were acting like a moron.”
“They did NOT say that!”
“Well, okay, maybe not. They said you were out of it, crawling around the house like a zombie.”
“Alright, alright. You didn’t talk. You always had a vacant look on your face. You stopped drinking and when you finally did, you puked it out. It seemed like you remember Tezuka but when I got here… you didn’t… recognize me…”
“I didn’t? That’s not possible.”
“You forgot all about me.”
“NO. That’s impossible!”

He sighed.

“I’m telling you the truth. Why would I lie about that?”
“I don’t know. Something must have happened to have caused you that much trauma but since Tezuka has a problem with sharing and you have selective amnesia… it looks like we’ll never know.”
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s not your fault.”
“I promise I won’t forget you. Ever again.”
“I’m holding you to that promise.”
“Where’s Tezuka?”
“I told him to leave. He won’t be back till dawn.”
“You told him to leave?! And he listened?!!”

He chuckled at her disbelievingly tone.

“And he won’t be back till dawn?”
“That’s right.”
“What are we going to do till then?”
“When I’ve recovered, we’ll clean up the room and take a shower.”
“And then?”
“What do you have in mind?”

She looked up and he met her lust-filled eyes.

“I want you inside me.”


The floor was clean and sparkling. The sheets were new and fresh from the dryer. On the bed, Jun’s body was perfectly contoured behind Miyu’s. They were both catching their breaths, their bodies flushed and slicked with sweat, the after effects of passionate lovemaking. Jun was beginning to fall asleep while Miyu was wide awake. She turned around to face him and snuggled in his embrace. “I should probably put some clothes on, ne? I don’t think Tezuka would wanna see me naked in your arms.” Jun’s lips twitched, “He’ll get over it.” Miyu grumbled on his chest. “Don’t provoke a vampire, Jun. Especially Tezuka.” A little annoyed by her reply, he loosened his hold on her. “Go then. Cover yourself up.” She lifted her head up and stared at his scowling face. “Are you mad?”

“No.” He wasn’t. But now that he had met Tezuka, his jealousy towards him turned up a few notches. Vampires were always portrayed as beautiful, enigmatic, and seductive creatures. Tezuka was definitely portrayed correctly. It was something he hated to admit to himself but the man had charisma. The moment he laid eyes on him, he knew he wasn’t human. And he was living with Miyu. He wondered if she ever had feelings for him. They had been living together for three years now, it seemed impossible for her to turn a blind eye to that. Even if he supposedly regarded her as a little sister, well, somehow that was hard to believe. With Miyu’s curves, magnetic eyes, and luscious lips? How could he not want her? Without knowing it, his scowl deepened.

“Jun? What are you thinking?”

He was thinking of packing her things and taking her back home with him.

“Nothing. Go and put some clothes on.”

She smiled and kissed him before she got up and walked to her closet. Miyu put on a long night shirt and underwear then crawled back into bed. “Oh, you want me to borrow some of Tezuka’s clothes for you?”

“No, thank you. I’ll just wear my boxers.”

She looked around the bed and found it. Jun slipped it on then gathered Miyu back into his arms.

“Why don’t you drink some before I fall asleep?”

Miyu bit her lip. He could tell that she was still hungry so he rolled on his back and took her with him, keeping her on top of his chest. Then he slid her up so her head was leveled with his. After that, Jun turned his head to the side, giving her access to his neck. He felt her quiver in anticipation and he reveled at the power that his blood had over her.

“Jun, why do you tempt me?!”
“It’s for your own good. Now, hurry up and feed.”

She lowered her mouth down and bit him. When her fangs broke his skin, Jun couldn’t help but moan. Miyu alternately sucked and licked him. Why did his blood taste so good? She couldn’t get enough of it. “Oh Jun…” So sweet, so delicious… she wanted more but controlled herself. Reluctantly, she tore her lips away from him. Jun faced her, he looked at her through half-lidded eyes. “Makes me wonder what your blood tastes like.” She frowned at his musing. “Sshh, go sleep.” Miyu laid her head back on his chest and inhaled his scent. In only took a matter of minutes for both of them to fall asleep.


The sun was just below the horizon when an anxious Tezuka returned home with Victoria. There were a couple of reasons why he was apprehensive. One, Miyu was alone with another man. Two, it was the same man she gave her purity to. What if he decided to take her away from him? If Miyu did somehow return to normal, he was afraid that she would willingly leave, might even insist on it. And she had every right to do so for he had no excuse for how he behaved two weeks ago. If she ended up despising him for what he had done, he had no choice but to accept it. He could never forgive himself for the pain he had caused her. Not ever.

The door to Miyu’s bedroom was partially open. Tezuka didn’t smell her blood but instead there was a faint odor of bleach. He slowly opened the door and the first thing he noticed was the floor. It was wiped clean. When he looked up, a flurry of emotions assaulted him. First, he was relieved to see that Miyu was still here. Then he was angry because she was sleeping on top of him. When he became aware of her complexion, he was grateful and jealous at the same time. Her skin was somewhat flushed, an indication that she had been fed. Which meant that it was his blood that she drank. Tezuka’s gaze fell on the arms that held Miyu tightly. A thought suddenly occurred to him. When Miyu asked about the possibility of someone’s blood smelling different from the usual, did she mean his? If that was the case then… she was his even before they met.


- Seems like Jun's blood was the one that awakened Mia her escape from reality. What's going to happen next? Will she able to drink blood normally now or will Jun's blood be the only one she can drink? What about what Tezuka did to her? Miyu seems to have a knack for forgetting certain events. Does this mean that the reason she didn't remember much of her past was because she choose to forget?

Thanks for reading!!! Comments are loooooooooooved. Please feed me! XP

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) 00003gxz

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When I read Nino's part I was like "He must be a Vampire Hunter!!" which would be awesome. Lol. Aiba is adorable...AS ALWAYS!!
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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17) Empty
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[Ongoing] My Beloved (Jun X OC) - Restricted / Mature (Chap 1-17)
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