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 Requesting Graphics

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PostSubject: Requesting Graphics   Requesting Graphics EmptyThu Nov 27, 2008 4:10 am

To make our lives as Graphic Artists a little easier, please kindly put your requests in by following this format. A few things first, when one of us say we are going to fill your request, don't expect it within a day. We do have other things going on but will try to get it completed as soon as possible. Please follow the rules and don't repost our graphics onto other sites claiming them as your own, instead follow our crediting guidelines stated in our posts of graphics. Do this and we'll all be happy!


Subject: [Request Signature, icon, banner, header, etc.] Artist
Picture(s): please give said link to picture(s). If you don't have a specific, then state so.
Colors: please give said colors.
Text: What you want it to say, if anything.

Post it as a reply to this message, so when we fill it, we will cross it out or delete it. Thanks!

*NOTE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE THAT IF YOU'RE RE-REQUESTING, IT SHOULD BE DIFFERENT FROM YOUR FIRST ONE. You may request as many graphics as you like during your stay here, just don't spam. If you want to change your request, PM the Graphic Artist that took your request about your changes.
*Requests may only be made by active forum members.
*Requests can be denied.
*If you are found to be reposting our graphics or removing our watermarks or otherwise abusing our graphics, you will be punished. Trufax.

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PostSubject: Re: Requesting Graphics   Requesting Graphics EmptyWed Jan 07, 2009 4:02 am

Uhm, Hoshi, I don't know if I should edit this one in my last post or not...so just tell me if I should, kay? :p

Subject: [request signature] Yamada Ryosuke
Picture: Any cute picture of Yama-chan..:p But preferably the one like my avi, or the pic of Yamada with the squirrel...:)
Color: Any suitable color
Text: Yamada Ryosuke belongs to Saida Adila

*Request will be filled by starryConcept!
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Natsuki_YamaBu loveR

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PostSubject: Re: Requesting Graphics   Requesting Graphics EmptyThu Jun 18, 2009 1:41 am

Subject: [Request Signature] Yabu Kota & Yamashita Shoon
Picture(s): Any cute pics of both of them together~
Colors: any bright color~
Text: You Are My Everything~

I'm new here.. so tell me if i'm wrong~ gomen~

Request will be filled by starryConcept
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PostSubject: Re: Requesting Graphics   Requesting Graphics Empty

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Requesting Graphics
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