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 Rules & Reminders for the Bazaar: Pls Read!

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PostSubject: Rules & Reminders for the Bazaar: Pls Read!   Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:47 am

Welcome To the J E "BAZAAR" Page

Here you can Support Our Beloved JE boys by Buying there Goodies.

In this page you can Buy & Sell your JE goods.

Here you will have the Opportunity to Buy,Sell or Even Trade Your JE goods.

Things to REMEMBER.

  • Please state try to state whether you are a (Trader-Buyer-Seller) in each post.

  • JE related Items only are allowed to be posted Here.

  • Request for an ITEM/GOODIE will go to the Sticky Thread

  • All JE goodie from Official goods to Non 0fficial Goods
    (Even up to Accessories) is Allowed here as long as they are related to

Rules to Remember:

*inform first a MOD that you wish to post in the BAZAAR.
Just let them know the basic info like:
- type of item for sale
- price
- item's condition *brand new* *slightly damaged* etc...

  1. Try to Describe what you are selling or buying in your post e.g.( 2008 Masuda Takahisa Dome Uchiwa *Brand-New)
  2. Pls! Indicate Where you will be shipping the Items & the type of Payment you are willing to accept.
  3. Try to Give a Description / Brief Introduction in Each of your Post
  4. Pictures of the Actual Item that you are selling is a * MUST! (To avoid any confusion Between the Buyer & Seller)
  5. If you would post a LINK of your JE goods here pls give a description before the link
  6. Kindly follow the format:example: [Buy, Trade, Sell] Name/Type of the thing you want to give
  7. Once an item is already sold or traded.The post where it is should have a SOLD / TRADED tag at the end of it and locked immediately be the seller/ Trader or a Mod or Admin
*Enjoy & Keep Supporting Every JE groups by Buying their OFFICIAL GOODS

Happy Shopping
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Rules & Reminders for the Bazaar: Pls Read!
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