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 [Oneshot] Pole (Takayama)

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PostSubject: [Oneshot] Pole (Takayama)   Thu Nov 20, 2008 3:14 am

Title: Pole
Author: Saida
Summary: What happens when you play truth or dare.
Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romance
Notes: My friends were playing truth or dare at our choir camp and I suddenly got inspired by this when a friend got dared to pole dance in front another member...hehe^^

“No, Yuto, I’m not going to do it,” Yamada said to his best friend.

The members of Hey! Say! JUMP was on set to film their new PV. It was Takaki’s, Inoo’s, Hikaru’s and Yabu’s turn, so the rest got to do whatever they want. Daiki was sleeping on the couch, Keito was reading a book called Les Miserables, at a corner of the room, and Chinen, Ryutaro, Yamada and Yuto were sitting on the floor, playing truth or dare. Yamada just got dared by Yuto and Chinen to do something in front of Takaki.

“Come on, Yama-chan, it’s not that bad,” Chinen said.

Yamada glared at Chinen. “Chii, why don’t you try lap dancing in front of Ryutaro,” Yamada said.

Ryutaro blushed beet red. Chinen, on the other hand, was spluttering nonsense. Keito looked up from his book. He looked at Yamada with a raised eyebrow. “Yama-chan, don’t teach Chii and Ryutaro something like that. We won’t hear the end of it from Yabu-kun if you did.”

“Hai~” Yamada said to Keito. He turned back to the others to see Chinen and Yuto grinning at him.

“It’s time, Yama-chan,” Yuto and Chinen said at the same time. They stood up, and dragged Yamada towards the door. Ryutaro followed them from behind. Yabu, Takaki, Hikaru, and Inoo just finished their part. Chinen and Yuto pushed the older 7 member out the dressing room. Yamada lost his footing and fell to the floor.

“Yama-chan!” Yabu and the others cried when they saw the said member fell. They rushed to his side. Seeing his chance, Yamada grabbed Takaki’s tie and dragged him towards the nearest pole, careful not to choke the older member.

“Eh???” Takaki said, surprised.

Hikaru watched with an amused expression as Yamada pushed Takaki to the ground. Then, the younger boy began dancing, using the pole as his tool. Inoo closed his eyes with his hands and Yabu glared towards the masterminds of this; Chinen and Yuto.

After pushing Takaki to the ground, Yamada wrapped his hands around the pole. Then, he began to move his hips, in a very sexy way. Just like the way he danced Asia no Yoru. Then, he used his right leg to trail up and down the pole, as one of his hands moved in a suggesting way towards Takaki as his other hand still wrapped around the pole.

In his mind, Yamada counted, ‘5, 4, 3, 2…1.’

Yamada dropped to the ground beside Takaki as Chinen and Yuto clapped their hands. His ten seconds was up, thank goodness. Yamada’s face was red. “Gomen, Takaki-kun,” he apologized. “Chii and Yuto dared me.”

“Daijoubu,” Takaki replied, still in daze.

Yabu glared towards the two 7 members. “Chinen, Yuto, you shouldn’t dare Yama-chan to do something like that.” He turned towards Hikaru. “And Hika, you shouldn’t encourage them!” Hikaru was still clapping his hand and wolf whistling.

“Now you two,” Yabu said, turning back towards Chinen and Yuto. “Where’s Yuto?” he asked Chinen and Ryutaro, who were still standing by the door.

“He’s making out with Dai-chan,” Chinen answered simply.

You could literally see steam coming out of Yabu’s ears as he yelled, “Yuto!!!”

Takaki helped Yamada up. “Are you alright?” the older teen asked. “When you fell to the floor earlier.”

Yamada nodded his head. “Yeah,” he answered. “What about you, Takaki-kun? I’m sorry I pushed you.”

“I’m fine,” Takaki replied. He smiled at Yamada. “Ne, didn’t I told you to call me Yuya?”

Yamada blushed. “H-Hai, Ta- I mean, Yuya.”

“Now that’s better,” Takaki said, surprising Yamada with a kiss. Yamada blushed ten shades of red. “Let’s get out of here, shall we?” Takaki whispered in Yamada’s ear.

Yamada’s breath hitched. He was still in daze. His reply was just a simple nod. Takaki smiled. He took Yamada’s hand and slowly, they slipped out of the studio, without Yabu noticing.

“…Yuto be so irresponsible,” lectured Yabu. “He is the leader of 7, he should set an example.”

“Yabu-kun,” Keito, who was standing next to Yabu, said, cutting the leader of JUMP from his lecture. When Keito went there, Yabu didn’t know. He just looked at the English boy with an expression that says, ‘What?’ Keito told Yabu, “The others had already left.”

Yabu looked around, and indeed Keito was right. The two of them were the only one left in the studio.


After sneaking back into the JUMP’s dressing room, Yuto went beside Daiki. He looked at the sleeping boy, amused, that Daiki could continue sleeping with all the noise. He continued looking at Daiki’s sleeping face. Yuto’s heart started thumping.

‘Dai-chan,’ he thought.

Yuto moved towards Daiki, sitting at the edge of the couch. He put his hands at both side of Daiki’s head. He was practically on top of Daiki. He moved closer and closer towards the sleeping boy, his face only an inch away. He was about to kiss Daiki, when Daiki’s eyes opened.

“Yuto?” Daiki said, surprised, and confused.

Yuto was confused. His hands gave out on him and he fell on top of Daiki. His lips crashed on the other member’s lips. Yuto immediately moved away, sitting at the edge of the couch. Daiki sat crossed leg on the chair.

“Gomen,” Yuto apologized.

“It’s okay,” Daiki replied. “But may I ask, what was that?”

“Uhm…I just wanted to have a taste of you?” Yuto said, more like a question.

Daiki smirked. “Oh?” he said. “And did you have a good taste of me?” A tint of blush appeared on Yuto’s cheeks. He shook his head. “Well then, we’ll have to work on that,” he said. Before the words could sink in Yuto’s mind, Daiki kissed Yuto, hard, on the lips.
me: So how was it??? I fail at sexy Takayama... It turned out into fluffy Takayama...
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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Pole (Takayama)   Thu Nov 20, 2008 4:40 am

love it!!! xD


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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Pole (Takayama)   Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:28 pm


so Cute!!

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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Pole (Takayama)   Thu Nov 27, 2008 9:37 pm

haha~ I wish we could really see Yama-chan pole dancing...lol
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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Pole (Takayama)   

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[Oneshot] Pole (Takayama)
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