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 [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:45 pm

The door suddenly opened. “Oh is that right?!” The woman slapped
Shun. “ASSHOLE!” She took a quick look at Michiko and smirked. While
fixing her top, she turned around before she saying, “Slut.” Before
Shun could yell at her, Michiko seized her arm and slammed her body
against the wall. “Try calling me that to my face, bitch!” The woman’s
eyes widened with horror. “Go-Go-Gomenasai.” Michiko let go of her and
she ran away. When she turned to face Shun, she found him on the floor
clutching his sides, laughing silently.

“You shouldn’t laugh like that. You’re gonna end up farting the sounds out.”

That got him laughing more and this time, loudly. A minute later, he finally got up and ushered her into the apartment.

“What can I do for you?”
“Well…” She explained what happened. “Jun left you alone?!”
that fucker just left me there without an explanation. He said he
wanted to fucking clear his head. What the fuck does that mean?
Seriously! Fucking retard! Fucktard!”
“You sure do curse a lot.”
“I only curse when I’m…” Mad, happy, sad, frustrated, annoyed… “Okay, I do curse a lot.”
“I think I know why he left.”
“He was probably jealous.”
“OF WHAT? Of who?!”
Shun crossed his arms.
“You really don’t know?”
“I…” Then it dawned on her.
“Of you?!”
“I can understand why. I am ridiculously good-looking.”
She snorted at his reply.
“Then why didn’t he just say so?! I could’ve reassured him.”
believe part of it is because you didn’t realize this sooner and so he
thought that it was okay with you to be hanging out with me and not
consider his feelings about it.”
“That’s insanely stupid!”
“I agree.”
“Well, fuck him!”
“I’m not gay.”
She laughed.
“So, what’s the plan then, hime?”
“Actually, I came by to see if you can take me home? I didn’t want to take public transportation with what I’m wearing.”
She self-consciously pulled her dress down.
“He let you wear that out?”
wasn’t with me when I went to the club AND I didn’t pick this outfit.
My stylist did. Jun actually tried to hide it. I found it under the
“I would’ve thrown it out if I were him.”
“You men and your possessiveness. My ex actually begged me to wear clothes like this. He wanted to show me off.”
“Then it’s good that he’s your ex because you don’t need anything like that to show how… uh… lemme get ready.”

mall was not particularly busy today so Jun was able to move about
freely but he couldn’t concentrate. He thought he would be able to
clear his mind if he went shopping. But he regretted coming alone. He
should have taken Michiko with him. Wasn’t that wanted to do in the
first place? None of the clothes he look through caught his attention
and after three hours, he was tired. He usually had fun when he
shopped. Finding something unique and to his taste got him excited. It
was something he would do often after work but he couldn’t stay focused
today. The thought of Michiko and Shun shopping together irked him to
death. Well, she had to call someone. She was bored after all and he
was not available that day. She didn’t consider his feelings maybe
because she was sure he’d be okay with it. Why shouldn’t he ne. She
knew Shun was a close friend of his so why wouldn’t he trust him with
her ne. It wasn’t really about that, was it? It just felt like they
were able to do what couples did when he should be experiencing those
with her… not Shun. And what was he doing now? Instead of making most
of today to be with her, he left her. Way to go! What a great boyfriend you are. He better hurry back, she was probably pissed at him by now.

“Fuck you, Jun. I am not a dog who will wait for its Master to come home.”

Jun crumpled the note Michiko left him then drove to her apartment.

came out of the bathroom wearing shorts and that shirt Jun left with
her that last night they were together before she went back to New
York. She didn’t know why but even when she was mad at him, she still
wanted him close, even if it was just his scent. And yes, she hadn’t
washed it since then.

“Why don’t you stay for lunch?”

Shun had gotten up and was heading for the door.

“What’s on the menu?”
He turned back, initially wanting to take her up on her offer.
“I’m thinking of cooking some--.”
I better go. Once Jun discovers you’ve gone, I’m sure he’d be heading
over here and I don’t want to cause any more trouble.”
“So who am I
suppose to hang out with when he’s not around huh? He doesn’t trust my
co-workers, especially my boss. Am I suppose to stay at home like a
“I don’t know, Michiko. I’ve never seen him act this way before with the other girls.”
thought about it more and he was right. Jun only had a couple of
serious relationships but he was never this jealous or insecure of
“There was this girl he liked a lot but I heard she dumped him.”
“EH? Who’s this bitch who hurt my baby?”
Shun sputtered a laugh.
“I don’t know but she better not cross paths with you ne.”
“I’d beat her to a pulp.”
“You should be glad she rejected him.”
“Then I’ll send her some flowers.”

wave of sadness came over her and she dejectedly walked to the front
door to escort Shun out. Maybe she should have stayed at Jun’s. At
least over there, she could keep herself busy by watching TV or going
online or messing up his closet or breaking his stuff because he was
really pissing her off! She shouldn’t feel sad, she didn’t do anything

“You know if I had chosen Nino, we’d probably be having fun playing video games right now. That’s better than this.”
“Ninomiya-kun? Ninomiya Kazunari?”
sure got a few rivals, he thought. No wonder he was like this. But
Michiko hadn’t done anything to really make him insecure. In fact, the
way she talked about him… if he only knew, he wouldn’t have any reason
to be jealous at all.
“You don’t mean that.”
“What? Choosing Nino?”
sighed. Of course not. Jun was right when he said that she couldn’t
possibly be in love with Nino. So where did all his cockiness go?
“When he comes over, just tell him how you feel. How you really feel.”
“You’re talking about…”
Shun backed his way towards the door. She followed him.
“You’re doing it, no buts.”
He reached back for the knob and opened the door. Michiko’s eyes widened.
“If he doesn’t show up, call me.”
She stopped in her tracks. Shun stepped forward to kiss her forehead but he got yanked back.
“What the--.” He abruptly turned and found… “Jun.”
“Jun, it’s not what you-- OH SHIT!”

Shun’s body hit the floor after Jun swung and hit him squarely on his left cheek.

“KIERO!” (Fuck off/Get out of here.)

Michiko immediately went to Shun and checked his face.

“NANI YATTEN-NO?!” (What the hell are you doing?)
Jun yelled at her but she ignored him and helped Shun up.

“Daijoubu desu.”

Jun pulled Michiko away and pushed Shun back.

“BAKA YAMETE YO!” (Stop acting stupid.)
She wrapped her arms around his waist and pushed him back.

“Mo iku.” (I’m leaving.) Shun wiped the blood off his mouth and turned.
“No! You’re not leaving till we get this straightened out.” She yelled at him.
“He was going to kiss you!” Jun threw Shun an accusing look.
“CHIGAU YO!” (You’re wrong.)
“Iya, I was going to kiss you.”
Jun tried to break free from Michiko’s hold but she did a good job at holding him back.
Shun pointed at his forehead.
“Koko.” (Here.)
“Jun, please. You got the wrong idea. Shun, get your ass inside. We need to put ice on that.”
shrugged and strolled into her apartment. Michiko let go of Jun for a
second then grabbed his hand and pulled him inside. Once all of them
were in the living room, Michiko first looked at Jun.

“Jun… ANATA WA NANSAI?!” (Act your age/How old are you [lit.])
“Demo Michiko!”
gave me a ride home because I didn’t want to take the bus or the train
when I was wearing the short black dress that you hid from me. The only
reason I left was because you wouldn’t talk to me about what was
bothering you. If you had stayed, none of this would’ve happened!“

Jun placed his hands on his hips and looked down, feeling horrible by the second.

was just leaving when you got here because he figured you’d come by and
he didn’t want to cause anymore trouble between us after we came to the
conclusion that YOU were jealous of him or of us going out yesterday.”

it up to Shun to know exactly what he was feeling. That was why they
were friends ne. So he was wrong and too ashamed to look at Shun or

“If you have time to feel guilty then use it to get some ice from the freezer instead.”

else could he do? He nodded and left without a word. He arrived at the
kitchen in less than ten seconds. He rummaged through the drawers and
found a small towel. Curious, he peered into her fridge first. “GAH!
There’s nothing in here but… what is that? A tomato?” They were going
grocery shopping later. For now, he should prepare the ice and think of
a good way to apologize for his behavior. When he turned, Michiko was
right behind him.

“I found the towel in one of the drawers.
Here.” He handed her the towel-wrapped ice. Michiko took it but set it
down on the counter then pushed him against the fridge and kissed him.
Jun was surprised by her action but didn’t complain and instead he
kissed her back, his tongue diving inside her parted lips.

“I knew I should’ve gone home instead.”

jumped back and blushed after hearing Shun’s voice behind her. Jun
smirked, grabbed the ice and gave it to him. “Shun. I…”
“Forget it. I would’ve reacted the same way.”
“Still. Gomen.”
“You’re lucky I am sorta unemployed at the moment. I would’ve gotten trouble coming in with a nasty bruise. ”
“I owe you one.”
“Two. Remember when she got sick?”
“Right. Gomen.”
“I’ll put some ice on this when I get home. I’ll see you around, Michiko. Remember what we talked about.”
She nodded.
“Jun, walk me to the door.”

Shun waved to Michiko before he closed the door and faced Jun.

“You know you’re a fucking idiot right?”
“Just nod your head.”
Jun sighed and nodded.
“If you’re not careful, you’re going lose her.”
“I know.”
“No, you don’t know. That’s what I’m afraid of.”
Shun put his hands on Jun’s shoulders.
“Don’t fuck this up.”

End of Chapter LI

I read it somewhere (some interview) that there was a girl who dumped Jun. I just don't know who it was.
This day is going to stretch onto another chapter.
then I have a chapter planned where I will ask for reader interaction
(^__^)V I'll let you guys know when I post the next chap.
Hope ya'll enjoyed this one! Thanks for reading and supporting after 50 chapters! Wow! Crazy! Love ya'll!!

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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Female Number of posts : 229
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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:46 pm

Chapter LII

Bent over the smoking grill, Michiko sat on her knees on the wooden seat in a small private room in the Yakiniku restaurant that Jun took her for lunch. Her eyes were getting a bit watery from the smoke but she remained still with chopsticks poised in the air, waiting for the beef to cook. The meat was cut thick, not the usual size that she was used to so it took a bit longer to be ready. Jun was seated next to her, watching with a smile on his face and unconsciously twisting the silver ring on his right middle finger. It was weird, he thought. How can watching someone who was doing nothing but stare at meat not be boring? Maybe it was because of the slight change in her expressions that held his attention. A simple sizzle made her eyes light up, seeing the juices spring up made her bite her lip, and when the smoke gets in her eyes, she’d blinked oh so cute.

“Turn it over, babe. That side is going to burn.”

She struggled a bit but managed to finally flip the meat on its other side.

“I should put more ne.”

She grabbed the thongs and added three more helpings on the grill.

“Osoi yo. Can’t I slice these thinner?”
“No. It’s doesn’t take that long. See, that one’s ready.”
“Iya! It still has some pink in it!”
“You’re not supposed to overcook it, Michiko.”
“Demo ne.”
“Trust me.”

Jun picked up his chopsticks then took the meat that was done. He dipped one side in the sauce and was about to feed Michiko. “More sauce please.” He shook his head. “You don’t want the sauce to overpower the taste of the meat, babe.” She pouted but opened her mouth anyway. “Mmm.” A bit of the sauce trickled out. Her hand reached to wipe it off but Jun grabbed it and pulled it down. His mouth caught the drop from her chin then he traced the trail with his lips up until it reached her mouth. He kissed her bottom lip before pulling away. Michiko stared at Jun while he flipped the other meat on the grill. Would it be so wrong if she pushed him down on the seat and make sweet, sweet love to him right now? Yes, it would be. Shaking the thoughts out of her mind, she stuffed rice into her mouth and watched him grill. Every thing he did, he did with such grace that compared to him, she felt rough and masculine. Like the way he elegantly held the chopsticks, picked up the meat and dipped in the sauce. All were done in such a refined manner. He offered the beef to her and she didn’t hesitate to take it into her mouth, wishing some sauce would escape again but to her disappointment, it didn’t happen. She sadly chewed and swallowed the food.

“Doushita no?”

His question snapped her out of her wallowing. She set her bowl down then leaned forward to capture his lips. It was a brief kiss but when she pulled back, he cupped her face and drew her back for another kiss. A knock on the door startled both of them and Jun reached for his sunglasses and hat.

“Hai!” Michiko yelled out when he was done fixing his disguise.

“Is everything okay? More sauce? Water?” The waiter asked.
“Iya, we’re good. Thanks.” She replied. He nodded then left.

“AH! They’re all cooked!” She quickly placed all the meat on one plate. Then she prepared one to feed Jun. When she turned to say AHHH, he looked at her with solemn expression. “Nani ga? Iya, eat first before you tell me.” He sighed and took the meat into his mouth. He was still chewing when she swiftly planted a kiss on his lips. Jun couldn’t help but smile, the kiss almost made him forget of what he was thinking about after the waiter had left.

“Ii desu ka.” He asked after he drank some water.
“Hmm?” She looked at him curiously.
“Is it okay if I’m always hiding who I am when I’m with you in public?”

So that was why he looked serious, he was thinking about that. Michiko chose her words carefully. “I’d be lying if I said that it’s perfectly fine with me. It would be nice if we can go out and not worry about scandals and such. But I’d rather be with you and dodge paparazzis than be with someone else who I can be comfortable with out in public.” After saying that, she picked up the thongs and added more meat on the grill. While doing so, she thought of Shun’s advice. It would’ve been a perfect way to end what she said with those words but it didn’t come out so maybe it wasn’t time yet. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jun move closer to her. Her heart pounded with every centimeter he moved. Then she felt his hand on hers, taking and setting the thongs down on the table.

“I’m not going to let it be like this forever. Okay?”

She nodded and reached to take his sunglasses off but another knock disturbed them. Both of them cursed then laughed at their in sync profanity.

“Gomenasai.” The door opened and the same waiter came in. “Do you need more charcoal or anything?” Michiko shook her head. “We’re good. But can you please leave us alone for at least twenty minutes?” The strange request earned her a funny look. “Ah-hai. Wakarimashita.” He was about to leave when Michiko added… “And thank for knocking, we appreciate it.” The waiter bowed and left.

“Twenty minutes? Do we really need privacy for finishing the rest of these? There’s not a lot left. We’ll be done in ten.” Jun said after assessing the leftovers.

“Who said we’ll be eating?”

An hour or so had passed since they left the restaurant and Jun was still dazed from the twenty minute make-out session with Michiko. It got really heated after five minutes of teasing and kissing. They reached 2nd base before the ten minute mark. The next ten after that involved a little bit of 3rd base combined with both 1st and 2nd. He felt like a teenager when he hastily fixed his clothing after they heard the knocks on the door. The waiter had looked at them suspiciously when he found the food untouched and noted Michiko’s tousled hair and ruffled top. They came out of the restaurant laughing and vowed to come back again. They were now at Omotesando Hills in Aoyama. One of Jun’s favorite shopping malls in Tokyo. It was a very luxurious mall. The architect, Tadao Ando, had received the Pritzker prize which was an award given to living architects who demonstrated qualities of talent, vision, and commitment in their exceptional architectural work. Jun imparted that information to Michiko while they passed the shops in the first floor where the latest in high-quality fashion were located. She gaped at the outfits on display and her jaw dropped further down when she saw the prices. Jun chuckled at her expression then led her down towards Dolce & Gabbana.

“Jun, I don’t want to go in there. It’s too expensive.”
“Would you rather go to Pinko or Patrizia Pepe?”
“Huh? Who? Is there a Forever 21 in here?”
“Never heard of it.”
“Of course not. Why don’t we just look at clothes for you.”
“I will be looking but I want to pick out something for you.”

If she had argued more, he would’ve gotten annoyed. They went in several shops before Jun found the perfect outfit for her. It looked very classy but at the same time sexy in a romantic sort of way. She wasn’t sure though if it suited her but she gingerly took it off his hands and went in the fitting room. Surprisingly enough, it looked really good on her. The blouse was made of black velvet and it had ¾ quarter sleeves. It was buttoned down and usually Michiko didn’t go for frills but the neck frill on it was not overwhelming and gave the top an air of romance. He had chosen to pair it off with a gray slim-lined skirt that fell right above her knee.

“I’m coming out.”

She stepped out and saw him sitting down with his legs crossed. Jun’s eyes swept over her and she felt herself blush. Was he checking how it looked on her or undressing her with his eyes? It felt like a combination of both.

“Well?” Michiko asked.
“Can you turn around?”
She did then craned her neck back to look at him.
“I was right. That skirt shows off your shapely ass.”
She abruptly turned around then placed her hands on her hips.
“And the top hugs your curves nicely.”
She crossed her arms.
“Do you like it?” He asked.
“I do.”
“Can you turn around again?”
He smiled mischievously.
She stuck her tongue out then went back in the fitting room.

After purchasing both blouse and skirt, Jun bought her a pair of glossy, brick red point toe heels. He was too busy looking at different outfits for her that he had forgotten to look for clothes for himself. By the time he remembered, they were both tired from walking and headed to the Del Rey Café & Chocolatier on the 3rd floor. Michiko ordered the crème brulee with a decaf caramel macchiato while he ordered the crepes suzette and a mixed juice. They chose a table in a secluded area, away from the glass windows. While they waited for their food, Michiko took Jun’s right hand and examined the ring.

“You really love this ring, don’t you?”
“If you wondering why, there’s no particular reason. There’s no sentimental value attached to it. I just love the design. I even met the designer. It’s an Italian brand you know.”
“I do love the design.”
“I have the exact same one in gold.”
“AH! I knew it! You wore that one in the Hana Yori Dango Final movie!”
“That’s right.”

Jun felt giddy knowing she paid attention to his character even when she said she hated the film.

“By the way, Michiko. I’ve been meaning to ask you. How did your parents take the news of you moving out here?”
“I lied at first.”
“I told them that it was because I fell in love with Japan.”
“But they didn’t believe you.”
“Nope! They bombarded me with questions about you. Like, who are you. What do you do, were you Japanese…”
Michiko chuckled after remembering her Ma’s last question.
“What is it?” He asked, curious as to why she suddenly laughed to herself.
“Ma asked if I was having sex with you already.”
“She did?! Your parents talk to you about that?”
“Very openly. It’s embarrassing.”
“Iya. That’s good. That’s something I wouldn’t hesitate to talk about to ou--.”
He stopped himself.
“…my children later on.”
Michiko didn’t notice how he changed his choice of word.
“I suppose it is important. But I wouldn’t harp about it especially when they’re adults.”

The waitress interrupted their discussion when she set their orders down on the table. Michiko noticed her peering at Jun. Maybe she was able to recognize him?

“Sumimasen. Can you please not stare at my boyfriend like that? It’s a bit creepy.”
She blushed and got all flustered, almost knocking the spoon of her plate. Jun’s lips twitched into a smirk.

“Gomen, gomen. I wasn’t… really. Gomen.” She managed to reply before she sped away.

“That was a mean thing to do, babe.”
“But it looked like she knew who you were. I was just trying to prevent a possible scandal.”
“You wanna try this? It’s absolutely heavenly.”

Jun knew she deliberately changed the subject.

“Here.” She offered him a spoonful of the creamy custard.
“Mm. Mecha mecha umai.”
“Told ya! Now feed me.”
He grinned.
“Not here babe. Wait till we get home.”
“Huh?! Oh. OH. Keep your ecchi thoughts to yourself and gimme some of your crepes.”

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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Age : 42
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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:46 pm

Time flew by and it was around 6PM when they left the café. Michiko
wanted to stop at the bookstore first before they went home. Jun didn’t
mind as he also wanted to check out the new hard cover releases. They
headed in separated directions towards the respective sections they
were interested in. Michiko found the gaming magazines, it was next to
the celebrity news magazine stand. She saw the Famitsu Weekly that she
was on the cover of and a couple other ones where her interview was
printed on. But what she was looking for was the U.S. Official Xbox 360
magazine. Kyo had text her that their clan was mentioned in an article
for Halo 3. She found it behind the Japanese version. While she flipped
through it, she became aware of the three teenagers who were animatedly
talking while they looked at the tabloids. Her ears perked when they
mentioned Arashi.

Girl 1:“Ne, ne, who is your ichiban?”
Girl 2: “Who else? Matsu-Jun!”
Girl 1: “Atashi mo! How about you?”
Girl 3: “Of course it’s Matsu-Jun! But Sho-kun is also kakkoi!”

Michiko smiled. It actually made her feel good when they chose Jun as their favorite. Why wouldn’t they choose him?

Girl 2: “Look! Look! This is the magazine where they’re stripping!”

Stripping?! She threw a glance their way and tried to make out which magazine it was.

Girl 3: “Quick! Find the page with Matsu-Jun in it!”
Girl 1: “OH MY GOD!”
Girl 2: “KYAAAA!”

She almost giggled at their high pitched screaming.

Girl 3: “A-aah, he’s not showing as much chest like Aiba-chan is!”
Girl 1: “Ii yo, ii yo! He’s still hotter.”
Girl 2: “His lips are so…”
Girl 1: “Kissable ne?”

That they were and they were hers. A smug smile formed on her face.

Girl 2: “Mm, he’s so sexy. Makes me wanna bite him.”
Girl 1: “ECCHI!”

She remembered that night she did bite his neck. Michiko stifled a laugh.

Girl 3: “You know the rumors about him and Inoue Mao?”
Girl 1: “Ah yeah. They’re supposed to be dating ne. I wonder if it’s true.”
Girl 2: “When I first heard about it, I got extremely jealous.”
Girl 3: “Demo ne, they do look good together.”
1: “True. They do. I think it’s true. They did work together in Hana
Yori Dango I and II and then the movie. It’s not surprising they got
close and fell in love on the set, ne.”
Girl 2: “Even though I wish he was single… if he was dating someone, Inoue Mao should be that girl.”

Eh? Nande? Why should it be Mao?

Girl 3: “I won’t approve of anyone else!”
Girl 1: “I feel the same way.”
2: “Nobody else deserves him. I mean, I’d hate it if he was with some
average girl who we don’t know about. What does she have that we don’t,

Michiko didn’t notice how her hands were crumpling the magazine that she was holding.

Girl 1: “Un.”
Girl 3: “But he wouldn’t go for just anybody! Not our Jun-kun!”

OMAE! Our Jun-kun?!!
She wanted to turn around and beat the living shit out them. And she
almost did but a pair of arms went around her, wrapping her in a tight
embrace. Jun’s chin rested on her left shoulder.

“Let’s go home.”

Her anger melted away.


They arrived at Michiko’s apartment quarter after 8PM. After opening the door, she stopped Jun from going inside.

“Give me five minutes then go inside.”
“No questions. Just do it.”

grinned then closed the door behind her. Jun waited impatiently. Five
minutes felt like an eternity. Finally, the last second ticked and he
opened the door. The first thing that greeted him after he locked the
door was the jeans she wore today, it was on the floor. His eyes
traveled forward and he saw her blouse. He quickly took his shoes and
socks off and followed the trail of clothing. The third piece was her
bra. Jun tossed his hat, sunglasses, then took his shirt off. When he
rounded the corner leading to her bed, he saw her underneath the
covers, smiling. She pulled her arms from underneath and flung her
underwear in his direction. He caught it then threw it on the floor.
Jun shed his jeans and boxers off before he got on the bed.


He frowned.

reached underneath the covers and pulled out two long neckties then
moved up and grabbed the bedpost behind her with both hands.

“Wanna try a little Sokubaku?”

End of LII

- YAY, they were able to go on a date ne? Whee!
Omotesando Hills was mentioned by Jun when Arashi were guests at Utaban. All the shops mentioned are in the mall.
mentioned the rings in translated interview, just can't remember which
magazine it was. And he did wear the gold ring in HYDF.
Sokubaku - is a Japanese word that literally means "to tie" or "to bind". Another word for "bondage."

wanted to keep this as a surprise but decided that it might be fun to
do this instead. Michiko will be guesting in Arashi no Shukudai-kun. It
will be a last minute decision sorta as the actual guest didn't make

Anyhoo... what I need... (PM ME YOUR REPLIES, Thanks!)

Image homework for Michiko!
What did you do last night?

you can imagine what the audience/fans would think Michiko was doing
last night... please submit a scenario. I will use your username here
of course if yours is picked. Depending on how many replies I get..
I'll try to use all of them if I can ^_^ If you've watch AnS, I'm sure
you know how they're formatted.

Sample: "Michiko went out and played in the arcades until 6AM."

Random questions from Arashi members
know how they would ask the guests certain questions? You can specify
from which member if you want. Again, I might not use all of them as I
do have some ideas myself but I will try.

there's a particular game that you liked from AiLand and would want the
boys and Michiko to play, please suggest. Thanks! Also, just remember
that I'll be describing everything, so the singing part might not be
wise as I can't imitate the guys hahaha! If one idea is suggested more,
I'll use that. If not, I'll just pick which one would be appropriate or
suit Michiko.

Oshiete Arashi
Maybe. Not sure but do send in a love problem that you want Arashi to help you with. (Tell me Arashi.)

Sample: I like this girl for 2 years now, how do I confess to her. She is my Teacher.

Will pick randomly.

And that's about it I guess. The deadline is Wednesday, 11/19/08.
So thank you!

Curious about the outfit? Here it is:

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 AV_Zbp0

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:47 pm

Chapter LIII

If it had feelings, it would be seriously amused and at the same time pissed at Matsumoto Jun right now. Why? Because he was absentmindedly playing with it. And although the different emotions that flickered across his face entertained it for a bit, in the end, it was its wariness that won. Wary at the fact that its delicious self was not able to keep him focused. Wary at his continuous poking, picking, but never lifting… never reaching the place where it should go. It should go where it was destined to end up in but he wouldn’t let it. Because of this, it was no longer amused by the knowing smile he would paste on his lips once in a while. The short chuckle he would make, the perverted grin, the satisfied bite on his lip… they no longer held its fascination. In fact, they now fueled the growing disdain it had for its owner. But what could it do? Nothing. It sat there and stared back at him. If it had feelings… if it had the ability to make a life-changing action, it would yell at him… “EAT ME!”

Jun thought of last night and completely ignored the unagi bowl in front of him. He poked and picked on the eel and the rice but never lifted his chopsticks to his mouth. Too many things were swirling in his mind. They all involved Michiko tied up. He bit his lip and closed his eyes. He got a bit… a bit too rough. But she didn’t complain at all, even when her wrist felt like they were burning. They must have had felt like that… because the neckties had left red marks on her. There were some really bad scratches, too. Jun worried about them but at the same time, he secretly loved seeing them on her. Should he feel disgusted with himself? He had always thought he had the inclination towards bondage and sadism but never actually tried it with someone. What the hell made her want to try it? Was she a masochist? But she was the one who had dished out the violence on him before.

“Are you eating that?” Aiba-chan eyed the tasty looking unagi. He had watched Jun play with it for half an hour now and couldn’t stand the sad aura that emanated from the eel. “Jun-kun, it wants to be eaten! Stop torturing it!” Jun opened his eyes and looked up at Aiba, who was holding a bowl of rice on one hand and his chopsticks were poised for battle on the other.
“Mine!” He swiped a piece of eel and trotted off.
“Too late. You should have paid more attention.” Sho lectured him while he finished off his bento. “What were you thinking about anyway?”
Sho shrugged at his reply then asked.
“By the way, did you hear Ogura-san arguing with the staff awhile ago?”
“Nope. Is there a problem?”
“I don’t know. But I saw them going to the conference room.”
“Three more hours and we start.”
Sho nodded. “I hope it was nothing serious.”

Finally it was over. Michiko had just finished filming a new commercial for the fighting game Soul Calibur IV. It didn’t really take that long and she only had one line. They had also informed her that it was going to be broadcasted tonight on the local game channel. After the shoot, she quickly went to the bathroom. Good thing there was a private one in the dressing room. She didn’t want anybody seeing her wrists as she let the cold water run on them… soothing the almost fading burning sensation. The marks were ghastly red and some were turning greenish already. But she couldn’t help but bite her lip at the memory of last night’s escapade. A soft thud on the door jolted her out of her daydream.

“Michiko?” It was Momiji.


“What’s taking you so long? Ken needs to talk to you. It’s urgent.”
She quickly wiped her forearms dry, causing her to flinch at the pain of applying a small amount of pressure on her injuries. “I’ll be right out!” Pulling her long sleeves down, she buttoned the cuffs then came out. What could be urgent?

“Have a seat, Michiko.”
She took the seat in front of him.
“Am I in trouble or something?”
Ken laughed. “Quite the opposite but it still needs to be discussed.”
He laid out a celebrity gossip magazine in front of her.
“This came out today.”
She looked at it. “Ah!” It was the three pictures she took with the three guys outside the arcade in Shibuya. “I shouldn’t have?”
“Iya iya. This is fine. I’m glad you were able to talk to your fans and let them take a picture of you. Very good decision on your part.”
“Well, it’d be rude if I said no plus they looked really eager.”
“But this is not what I want to talk to you about. It’s actually this one.”
He flipped the page. The picture on the left was of her in the ladies bathroom, at the club.
Ken laughed again.
“Nice pose. Love that seductive look. It’s like you’re tempting the person taking the photo. Were you?”
“I don’t know! Maybe! I was drunk!” Michiko stared at the picture again. She had one hand on her hips, the other on her thigh. Her upper body bent down a bit, showing some cleavage while her head titled up, a slight pout on her lips.
“You think you can duplicate that pose? I want it on the upcoming issue of CONTINUE.”
“Eh… I don’t know. Like I said before, I was drunk when she took that picture.” She replied sheepishly.
“Well then I’ll supply the alcohol.”
“Are you serious?!”
“If that’s what it takes.”
“Ano… I’ll try to do it without the liquor.”
“That’s the spirit!”
Ken then pointed at the photo on the right.
“Is this him? The person you’re dating?”

Michiko took one look at the picture then groaned. How and when did they take that picture? It was her and Shun in his car that morning he drove her home after Jun left her at his apartment. The photo was so clear that one could distinctly recognize their faces. It was probably taken during a red light. Shun had a smile on his face while he looked at her. She, on the other hand, had her eyes closed, a slight frown on her face. The caption on below said:

“Morning after a night of seduction at Ageha. Is Yoku Michiko dating well-known actor, Oguri Shun?”

The article then pointed out how she was wearing the same outfit from the club and therefore suggesting she had spent the night with Shun.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” She blurted out after a long silence.
“There’s nothing to worry about. This is not going to hurt you at all.” Ken assured her.

Yeah but Jun will.

“You already admitted that you were dating someone so it’s not like you were hiding anything. I just have a question… you’re dating Oguri Shun?”
“I’m not.”
“I know, I know but I’m not dating him. He’s just a friend.”
“That’s what they all say. You don’t have to lie about it, Michiko. We don’t care who you date.”
“But I’m not dating him! He drove me home, that’s it.”
“No more buts! I am not dating Oguri Shun!”
“Okay, okay. Is that your final answer?”
She glared at him.
“The question might come up the next time you get interviewed so just be prepared. If you deny it, they’ll ask who you’re dating if it’s not him.”
“Can’t I say, no comment?”
“You can but be careful, that’ll give the paparazzis an incentive to search for the truth.”
“I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.”
“Basically. Anyway. We don’t know how Oguri-san’s going to address this, we’ll just have to wait and see.”
“I guess. I’ll give him a call then.”
“We’ll talk about the details of the CONTINUE photo shoot later on.”

The door to the office suddenly opened and Momiji came bouncing in. She clapped her hands together and gushed.

“I’m going to make your dreams come true!” She looked directly at Michiko.
“Ken! I’m taking Michiko to Nihon TV. She’s going to be a guest on one of the shows there. You know the one we planned?” She winked at him.
“Oh. But that’s not till next week ne?”
“Fortunately for us, their guest for tonight can’t make it so they contacted us! And of course I said yes!”
“Can somebody explain to me what’s going on?” Michiko was confused.
“Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Just come with me to the dressing room. We gotta get you dressed to impress!”
Momiji grabbed her wrist and she winced.
“Oh gomen, did I hurt you?”
“Daijoubu. But what show is it?”
“It’s a surprise!”
“Uh. That’s not good. You have to tell me so I can prepare.”
“No need to prepare. You’ll be fine.”

Michiko was feeling very uneasy.

“This is it!”

Momiji held out a leopard patterned, sleeveless dress.

“That’s lingerie! I can’t wear that!” Plus she had to wear long sleeves.
“Hmm, I guess it’s a bit too short. You can wear jeans under it.”
“No! Find me a top with long sleeves.”
“Eh? Why?!”
“I uh, I tend to feel cold in studios.”
“Whatever, you’re lying. How about this?”

It was a bright purple tube top.

“Don’t be such a pain, Michiko.”
“What is the show like? Are they dressed casually? Formal? Semi-formal?”
“Fine, fine. They are dressed rather casual. But I’ve noticed their female guests tend to wear dresses and skirts.”
“Momiji. I’m wearing jeans, boots, and a long sleeve top.”
She eyed her suspiciously then her gaze shifted to her wrists. Michiko immediately put her hands behind her back. Ah, big mistake. That was a suspicious move.
“Lemme see your wrists.”
She backed away from her.
“You’re hiding something!”
“I’m not!”
Momiji dashed forward and caught her arms.
But she didn’t stop. She tried to pull on one of her arms, to bring it forward.
The younger woman finally stopped. Michiko unbuttoned a cuff then lifted the sleeves up. She heard her gasp then gently held her hand for a close inspection.
“WHAT THE FUCK? Who did this to you?! Did you call the police?! Oh my God! And your other wrist?! Same thing?!”
She nodded.
“What happened?!”
Momiji had a worried look on her face but she hesitated on telling her the truth.
“Was it someone you knew?! Were you attacked on the streets?!”
Her voice suddenly got high and it looked like she was starting to panic. Michiko had no choice but to admit it.
She whispered it to her.
“EHHHHH?!!!! MICHIKO!!!! I HAD NO IDEA! You’re into THAT?!”
“SSSSHHHHH! Not too loud! And it was my first time, okay?”
Momiji glanced around even though they were the only people in the room.
“Did you… like it?”
Heat crept up her neck and color flooded her cheeks.
“You DID! But… still… he was rather too rough, wasn’t he?”
“I didn’t really notice…”
“That’s cause you were enjoying it too much.”
She covered her face with her hands. “Don’t say that, it’s embarrassing.”
“Ne, Michiko. Who was it? Oguri-san?”
“Whoa, okay. You’re not going to tell me, are you?”
“Alright. I’ll find a long sleeve top then. Get into these jeans and the boots are over there. Hurry up and change. We’ve got an hour to get there.”

It was dark. It was really dark. Actually, she couldn’t see a thing.

“Why am I wearing a blindfold?!” Michiko cried out while Momiji guided her through the hallway at Nihon TV. “Because it’s a surprise!” She had a bad feeling about this. Surprise and Momiji didn’t really go well together. “Am I going to stay blindfolded throughout the whole show?” What kind of show was this? It was aired late at night and hosted by six men. That was all the information that was given to her. “No silly.” They walked for a few more minutes then finally Momiji stopped. “Okay, we’re here and they’re about to start the recording. I need you to take a step up… there you go. Now there’s a chair here. Let me help you.” Michiko wore a long sleeve blouse that looked similar to the one Jun bought her except the sleeves went past her wrists. There were a total of eight buttons on it and Momiji had loosened four. That meant a lot more than her cleavage was definitely showing. She wore a deep plunge push up bra underneath that made her boobs pop out. “Don’t panic. Just stay on your seat and they will roll you out.”

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:47 pm

“Roll me out?!” How come that sounded familiar. Like she had seen it
done before. “You can take the blindfold off as soon as you feel umm
movement. Good luck! Kick-ass!”

And just like Momiji said, she
felt the ground under her, move. They were fucking rolling her out to
somewhere! She quickly took the blindfold off but when she opened her
eyes, blackness greeted her. “What the fuck?” She muttered under her
breath. When her eyes got used to the darkness, she was able to see as
bits of light passed through some cracks. She was inside some kind of

“Arashi no Shukudai-kun hajimaru yo!”

Suddenly, she heard a loud music. Oh my God, no!
That was the theme song for Arashi no Shukudai-kun. She WAS inside a
box. And it had just stopped rolling. Michiko panicked. Her hands flew
to the buttons of her top and she tried to close one or two up before
she was revealed.

“Well then, this week as well, we come with the big box.”
Michiko recognized Sho-kun’s voice.

“Actually, tonight… none of you guys know who our guest is.” Ogura-san said.
Oh shit! They don’t know?

“Hai hai. Nande?”
That was Aiba-chan.

guest we’re supposed to have next week is here tonight because the
guest scheduled tonight couldn’t make it.” Ogura-san explained.

“Ah sou ka.”
That was Jun.

“Let’s take a look at the description then. Maybe we can take a guess ne?” Sho said.

“28 years old. Just moved to Japan.”
“Internationally known as The Goddess.”

Nino’s head snapped to his left and looked at Jun. Since they were filming, Jun could only manage to smile back at him.

“Ii ne, ii ne. Goddess? Aren’t all Goddesses beautiful and sexy?” Ogura-san asked.
“Hai. They are, they are.” Sho replied.
Audience laughed at his reaction.
“Ogu-san’s tension just shot through the roof ne?” Aiba pointed it out.
“Let’s not keep her waiting.” Nino said.
“Okay, okay. This week’s guest is this person. Dozo!”

box parted in half and Michiko tried her best to look calm even though
she was a nervous wreck inside. She smiled and stood up slowly while
Ogura-san introduced her.

“She’s Yoku Michiko.”

Aiba, as expected, wasn’t able to contain his shock and the excited
look on his face. “What was that AH about?” Ogura-san asked. “You two
know each other?”
Jun gave Aiba a calm-down-baka-get-a-hold-of-yourself look. “Iya iya iya. I saw her on Nino’s game magazine.”

“Ahh. Is that so? Saa, let’s take a seat.”

bowed slightly. She turned around and came face to face with Jun. She
smiled sheepishly then proceeded to sit down between Ogura-san and Sho.
Ohno leaned towards Nino and whispered, “That’s Michiko ne?” Nino’s
eyes reprimanded him and he blinked, wondering why he scolded him. Sho
found the situation quite amusing. It looked that Michiko didn’t know
she was going to be on their show. She would have told Jun about it if
she did.

Sho: “Once again, today’s guest is Yoku Michiko. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~”
Michiko: “Onegai shimasu~”
Sho: “You just moved to Japan?”
Michiko: “Hai. Ano… almost three months ago, I think.”
Aiba: “NANDE?!”

Michiko wanted to glare at him while he smiled broadly at her.

“Eto… I was here for a Halo tournament for a few weeks ne. And I met a
lot of people. I visited a lot of places. I guess the big reason was
that… Japan… didn’t want to let me go. So I decided to come back and
Aiba: “Japan must be very happy you stayed, NE?!”

She was going to strangle him later! Jun was thinking the same thing.

Ogura: “So far, how do you like it here?”
Michiko: “I love it here.”
Ogura: “Ohhh.”
“Hai hai. I do miss New York a lot but Tokyo, I think, is similar to it
so I’m not as homesick as I thought I would be. Plus work keeps me
Ogura: “You’re called the Goddess.”
Nino: “That’s part of her gamer tag.”
Ogura: “Oh, of course Nino-kun would know. Our resident gamer.”
Sho: “Let’s decide on a nickname! Aiba-chan. Master of nicknames! Do your job.”
Aiba: “Yosha! Okay, let me think…”
Nino: “What do most people call you, Yoku-san?”
“Michiko desu. Ano, I can’t get used to people here calling me by my
last name so I when I introduce myself, I tell them to call me by my

So far Jun hadn’t said a thing. He kept staring at her
blouse… well… at her cleavage, at her mole. All he wanted to do was
walk over to her and button them up to her neck.

Aiba: “I’ve decided!”
Sho: “You’ve decided.”
Aiba: “Hai.”
Nino: “How may options do you have?”
Aiba: “Three options. Hai, I got three.”
Michiko: “Three? Hontou?”
Sho: “What are they?”
Aiba: “Hitotsu-me, Ko-chan. Futatsu-me, Chiko. Mittsu-me, Michi. What do you think? Which one do you like?”
Michiko: “AH! Aiba-chan!”
Aiba: “Nani, nani?”
Michiko: “Are you pyshic?”
Aiba: “EH?!”
Michiko: “Those three nicknames… only three people in my life use it to address me.”

ARASHI & Ogura: “EHHHH.”

Michiko: “Hai! Oto-chan calls me Ko-chan. Mama calls me Chiko. And… ano… my ex boyfriend called me Michi.”
Nino: “We can’t use them then, Aiba-chan.”
Jun: “Demo, Michi should be okay ne? Since he is your EX.”
Michiko: “Uh… hai.”
Aiba: “MI-CHAN! Mi-chan! Nobody calls you that ne?”
Michiko: “Nope!”
Sho: “Mi-chan.”
Nino: “Mi-chan.”
Jun: “Michi.”
Aiba: “Eh. Jun-kun. It’s been decided. Mi-chan it is.”
Michiko: “…”
Ohno: “I like Michi, too.”
Aiba: “Then let’s do this. Who chooses Mi-chan?”

He raised his arm. Sho and Nino raised theirs as well.

Aiba: “How about Michi?”

Jun and Ohno raised theirs.

Aiba: “Mi-chan wins with three votes! Yay~ Mi-chan ii yo ne!”
“This is the first time I’m being called, Mi-chan. Ano, if
Matsumoto-kun and Ohno-kun wants to call me Michi, that’s fine, too. I
don’t mind.”
Aiba: “Muri desu! I’m the nickname boss and I’m the law.”
Sho: “The law?!”
Jun: “Nani sore?!”
Aiba: “That means my decision is final.”
Nino: “But it was decided via voting and not by you.”
Aiba: “Nino-kun, stop being technical.”
Sho: “Okay, that’s enough. Ogu-san, let’s move to the first homework.”
Ogura: “Before that…”

Ogura-san faced Michiko.

Ogura: “Mi-chan.”
Michiko: “Hai.”
Ogura: “Your buttons are all crooked.”

reacted with a loud, “EEEEHHHHHHH!” Both Nino and Ohno stood up to look
and that earned them a glare from Jun. Aiba got up and was about to
take a closer look as well when Jun pulled him back down onto the
couch. Michiko peered down on her blouse. He was right. Due to the lack
of light and her panicking, she had buttoned them in the wrong holes.

Michiko: “Hazukashiiiii. I uh, was in the box when I did it so I couldn’t see.”
Ogura: “Should I fix it for you?”

and Nino got up immediately. “Dame, dame, Ogu-san.” Sho said. Jun tried
his best to keep his temper in check and just played it off like he was
going to restrain Ogura-san for being perverted, like always.

Ogura: “What are you two doing standing up? You want to do it yourselves ne.”
Jun & Nino: “Iya iya iya.”
Nino: “We just want to make sure you don’t.”
Jun: “This is not that kind of show.”
Ogura: “Sometimes I don’t know what kind of show this is.”
Sho: “Michiko, maybe you should fix it yourself.”
Michiko: “Uh hai.”

She started to unbutton them first.

Ogura: “They look nice and plump.”
Nino: “Ogu-san! Pink desu!”

camera-man suddenly ran towards the stage and tried to get a close up
but Jun got in his way. “Where do you think you’re going?”
“Uh.” He backed away, confused by Jun’s reaction but didn’t ask. That never happened before.

After Michiko got it fixed…

“Homework from the guest to the audience. Demo, this is not Mi-chan’s.
She didn’t get to choose yet as she was supposed to guest next week.”
Michiko: “Next week?”
Ogura: “You didn’t know? What’s your manger doing?”
Michiko: “Ano ne… I didn’t know I was going to be tonight’s guest. I was surprised when I heard the theme song play.”


Ogura: “But they told us that you like Arashi, that’s why they wanted you on the show.”
Sho: “Oh?! You’re a fan?”
Michiko: “I don’t know how they… found out.”

Damn that Momiji! She was the mastermind, wasn’t she? But how did she know?! She hadn’t told her or anyone!

Aiba: “Eh, nande? You were hiding it?”
Michiko: “Iya, it’s not that…”
Director: “CUT!”

from the staff jogged towards Ogura-san and whispered something in his
ear. He nodded then the director motioned to start filming again.

Ogura: “Your stylist said that she heard you belting out the songs in your dressing room.”
Sho: “You’ve memorized the lyrics?!”

She was going to kill her. No, first she was going to skin her alive then kill her.

Michiko: “Uh, some.”
Ohno: “So who’s your ichi-ban?”
Nino: “Oh, he talked.”
Sho: “Riida is curious ne.”
Aiba: “I am, too.”

Michiko glanced sideways at Jun. He had a stupid grin on his face.

Michiko: “I’m not telling.”
Jun: “Nande?”
Ogura: “We’ll find out eventually. For now, let’s do our first homework.”

End of Chapter LIII

- Ohh is it a possible scandal between Michiko and Shun?
love AnS!!! ^____^ Anyhoo, I was only able to start writing this
yesterday coz I've been busy. I should have the next chapter out soon.
Thanks for reading as always and supporting this fic! 11000 views yay!
Haha. It never cease to amaze me. Comments are always appreciated.
MWAAH to all!

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:48 pm

Chapter LIV

Thankful to Ogura-san, Michiko gave him a sweet smile and that made Jun slightly frown.

Ogura: “Please investigate and submit delicious desserts from the different shops at Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest.”
Sho: “UWAA, this is going to be good!”
Ogura: “Do you like desserts, Mi-chan?”
Michiko: “Hai. Suki desu.”
Nino: “Have you been to Jiyugaoka?”
Michiko: “Nope. I don’t know what it is… gomen.” *embarrassed smile*
Ogura: “Eh? Maa, you’ll get to taste some of the best desserts from that theme park today.”
Michiko: “I can’t wait.”
Aiba: “HAI HAI! I’m in charge today! Since the desserts were limited to the ones found in the theme park, we decided to choose the ones that were voted by the most by our viewers.”

Everybody got up and walked to the front of the stage. Michiko unknowingly passed Ogura-san and stood next to Jun. Then she saw one of the stage hands gesturing her to move back to the center stage. “The guest should be in the middle.” Jun quickly leaned in and whispered to her. “Oh.” She blushed then took the space in between Sho and Ogura-san.

Aiba: “Hai, minna. Here’s our first dessert. This is from Paaa-ti-ssss-se? Pari-ssuu…”
Nino: “Just show us the food, Aiba. There’s no way you’re getting that right.”
Aiba: “Patissse-ri-ehh Parisu Se-ano-be-ee-ru… aahhh, this is FRENCH. It’s hard to pronounce.”
Michiko: “Let me see.”

Aiba showed the card to her.

Michiko: “Patisserie Paris S'éveille.”
Aiba: “Ohh. So that’s how you say it. Okay, whatever Mi-chan said. Here we go! OPEN!

He lifted the cover.

Audience: “OOOHHHHHHH!”
Michiko: “AH! Kawaii!”
Sho: “Hontou ni kawaii.”
Jun: “Is that whip cream on top? Made of caramel maybe?”
Aiba: “This is called the Caramel Ga-tea-u St Honoré. Jun-kun is right. Those things down here ne, are called cho-cho…
Nino: “Cho-cho? What is that?”
Aiba: “Let me finish! Choux. It’s a light pastry dough. And on top of it is a caramel cream with roasted hazelnuts.”

Sho handed her a plate and she took a piece of the choux and some of the cream.

Michiko: “Itadakimasu.”
Ogura: “How is it?”
Michiko: “Mmmm.”
Jun: “Mmm? Oishi?”
Sho: “Umai?”
Michiko: *started hopping and nodding*
Aiba: “Amai?”
Michiko: “Hai. Oishi! Umai! Amai! Ahh I love caramel.”

Everybody else dug in and agreed with her.

Aiba: “Okay! Next one! This is from the shop called Merci Crepes.”
Jun: “It has to be a crepe then.”
Sho: “It can’t be anything else ne.”
Ogura: “Do you know what crepes are?” *directed question to Ohno*
Ohno: *looked at Nino*
Michiko: “Really, really thin pancakes.”
Ohno: “Eh? Sou ka?”
Nino: *smacked Ohno’s head* “You know that, Riida. We’ve had crepes before.”
Ohno: *shook his head*
Nino: “Yes we have.”
Jun: “Remember?? We bought it at this truck that was park outside the location we filmed at for Pikanchi. Didn’t you get the chocolate filled one?”
Ohno: “Ah.”
Nino: “You remember?”
Ohno: “I don’t remember.”
Aiba: “Anyway! This is their famous banana crepe!”
Michiko: “Ooohhhhhh!”

The crepe had sliced sweet plantains on top, nuts, confectionary sugar, and it was drizzled with chocolate syrup. Michiko was about to cut a piece with her fork when Jun reached out and grabbed her arm.

Jun: “Matte.”
Ogura: “Oi, Matsu-Jun. You’re being rude to our guest.”
Jun: “Iya iya.” *he let go of her arm* “Ano…”
Michiko: “OH! That’s chocolate ne?”

How could she not have known from the start, Jun thought. That dildo.

Aiba: “Hai. Chocolate syrup.”
Michiko: “I can’t have it then, gomen!”
Ogura: “EH?! You don’t like chocolate?”
Sho: “Such a person exists??”
Michiko: “It’s not that. I love chocolate and I used to eat but I can’t anymore. The caffeine in it triggers my migraines.”
Ogura: “OH. But how did Matsu-Jun know?”
Jun: “I didn’t know. I was just going to cut it for her.”
Nino: “Trying to earn some points eh, Jun-kun.”
Ogura: “NARU HODO!”
Ohno: “He’s aiming to be Mi-chan’s ichi-ban ne.”

Jun laughed and waved his hand in front of him. “Iya iya. I was just being nice. It’s her first time here so…”

Michiko: “A-ri-ga-to, Matsumoto-kun. Well, don’t let it go to waste. Everyone else should eat it.”

Before she even finished her sentence, Ohno and Sho already hovered over the crepe.

Ogura: “Where are you manners? How is it that all of you seem so hungry? Didn’t you eat before the show?”
Sho: *closed his eyes* “UMAI!”
Aiba: “Riida, riida. How is it?”
Ohno: “Mecha umai!”

While Sho, Ohno, Aiba, and Nino ate, Ogura-san chatted with Michiko.

Ogura: “Don’t mind them. They were raised by wolves.”
Michiko: *laughed*
Ogura: “That must be tough ne. Not to be able to eat chocolate? And anything with caffeine?”
Michiko: “I got used to it. There are chocolate substitutes that I eat but uh, I haven’t really had the time to really shop for food. So I haven’t found it yet.”
Ogura: “Chocolate substitute? There is such a thing?”
Michiko: “Yeah. It’s not the same but it satisfies me.”
Aiba: “Let’s move on to the next one so Mi-chan can eat ne?”

The next table was pushed in then Aiba took the box off.

Aiba: “This is from…” *showed the card to Sho*
Sho: “Le Souffle.”
Jun: “Aren’t you in charge?”
Aiba: “Hai demo I’m not good with French. They make a lot of good desserts though ne?”
Jun: “I don’t know how not being good with French relates to them making good desserts, Aiba.”
Sho: “Uwaa! It’s tall. It’s busting out of the cup.”
Aiba: “This is a vanilla souffle. With raspberry sauce. You’re supposed to poke a hole in the middle and pour the sauce in the center. Hai, Mi-chan, dozo.”

Michiko pushed the spoon in the middle of the fluffy cake and then poured the sauce. After that, she took a small piece and ate it. Some sauce oozed out the corner of her mouth.

Michiko: “Oishi. The raspberry sauce is light enough for me to enjoy. I don’t usually like raspberries. But this is good.”
Jun: “Ba--, Michi… you have a…”

He pointed to her mouth then made a wiping gesture on his.

Michiko: “Oh.”

She wiped the right corner with her index finger.

Jun: “Iya. Other side.”

She wiped the left corner then stuck the finger in her mouth to lick it off.

Ogura: “You want some more sauce, Michiko?”

He held the souffle in front of her.

Nino: “Ogu-san!”
Ogura: “What’s wrong with offering her my sauce?”

Michiko laughed. “I’m good, thanks. NEXT!”
Aiba: “Hai, Mi-chan!”

He really loved how nobody else called her that and he was going to use that from now on. It felt like he was closer to her now because of it.

Sho: “Matte! Don’t we get to try it, too?”
Aiba: “Ah, hai. Hayaku. I wanna show Mi-chan the next one!”

Aiba rushed the others and after a couple of “UMAI!” and “UWAA,” he rolled the next table in.

Aiba: “Mi-chan. Do you like fruits?”
Michiko: “Hai.”
Aiba: “This next dessert is from Hong Kong Sweets. OPEN!
Ogura: “Eh. Nani sore?”
Aiba: “They’re little balls of fruit coated in jelly and a sugary sauce.”
Sho: “Uwa! KAWAII!”
Jun: “There’s only six pieces.”
Aiba: “Janken!”

“Saisho guu Janken pon!”

Winners: Michiko, Jun, Sho, Aiba, and Nino.
Losers: Ogura-san and Ohno.

“Saisho guu Janken pon!”

Winner: Ogura-san.
Loser: Ohno.

Ogura: “You can tell which kind of fruit it is. Go ahead and pick one, Michiko.”
Michiko: “Hai, arigato.”

Everybody but Ohno held a small plate, waiting for their turn to pick. She looked at the fruits and without thinking, scooped up one and dropped it on Jun’s plate. She was oblivious to the “EHHH” from the crowd and the funny look on Ogura-san’s face while she proceeded to scoop another one for herself. When she finally looked up, everyone was looking at her. Aiba and Sho both had wide smiles on their faces. Ohno’s and Nino’s mouth were slightly open. Jun was biting his lip, trying to stifle a laugh.

Michiko: “Nani?”
Ogura: “Looks like we know who your ichi-ban is.”
Michiko: “Huh?”

How could she be so clueless? Jun wondered how she was going to explain herself.

Ogura: “You just served Matsu-Jun first.”
Michiko: “I wanted to make sure he got the mango befo--”

What she had done, it finally dawned on her.

Michiko: “Fuck!”

Then realized she just cussed.

Michiko: “Gomen!”

Everybody started laughing at her.

Ogura: “Ii yo, Michiko. I’ve heard about your cursing.”

She saw Jun with his hands on his knees, laughing his ass off. That bastard was gonna get it later. Right after she was done with Momiji and Aiba.

Michiko: “Okay, okay. Fine. Now eat your damn balls.”
Nino: “It’s really sweet.”
Sho: “UN. Very sweet.”
Aiba: “Which one did you get, Mi-chan?”
Michicko: “The strawberry. You?”
Aiba: “Watermelon.”
Nino: “I think I got an orange.”
Sho: “Apple for me. Ogura-san?”
Ogura: “Hmm… Kiwi?”
Jun: “I got the mango.”
Sho and Nino: “We know.”
Jun: *smiles* “It was good. Arigato, Michi.”
Aiba: “Mi-chan!”
Jun: “I can call her whatever I want since I’m her ichi-ban. Ne, Mi-chi?”

She gave him smile but her eyes told a different story.

Aiba: “Last one! From the Mixn Mixream Ice Cream shop!”
Sho: “Ice cream!”
Ohno: “Ohhh!”
Ogura: “Their tension just went up.”
Sho: “It looks really tasty!”
Jun: “It has almonds and crackers. Ah, and is that caramel syrup?”
Aiba: “Again, Jun-kun is right! This is a salt caramel cheese cake. It’s made with warmed salt caramel, cream cheese, almond, and graham biscuit.”

Jun quickly looked at Michiko and hoped that this time she remembered.

Michiko: “AWWWW! It has cheese! That sucks!”
Ogura: “You can’t have cheese either?!”
Michiko: “It also triggers my migraines.”
Ogura: “I feel sorry for you.”
Michiko: “I used to put a lot of parmesan on my spaghetti.”
Aiba: “You’ll have to come back again so you can choose your own homework for the audience, Mi-chan!”
Michiko: “I should ne? It’s only fair.”

Director: “CUT! Break!”

Aiba: “Eh?! We didn’t get to try the ice cream!”

The director decided to edit the ice cream part out as Michiko couldn’t eat it anyway.

Aiba: “Well, I’m eating it while on break!”

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:48 pm

While Aiba, Sho and Ohno started digging into the ice cream, Michiko
excused herself and went to find the bathroom. She passed by Momiji who
was sitting in the audience. She got up to follow her but Michiko
glared at her viciously and so she sat back down and decided it would
be best if she stayed out of her way for now. As she turned into the
empty hallway, a hand caught her shoulder.

“Momiji, do you really want to die right now?”

She turned around glowering but found Jun instead.

Someone might see us!” She hissed at him. He grabbed her hand and
pulled her forward. “Where are we going?” She whispered while he led
her down the hall until they came upon a room. Jun opened it and gently
pushed her inside then locked the door behind him.

“Okay, I can explain. I…”

cut her off by seizing her waist and pulling her into a kiss. She
couldn’t help but surrender her lips, parting it as soon as they
touched his. Wanting him inside her… in more ways than one. He
distracted her by accepting her invitation and slipping his tongue in
while his hands left her waist and searched around her chest. “Jun,
don’t.” She managed to speak in between kisses. “Jun… not here.” But he
didn’t stop. His fingers carefully traced the valley between her
breasts then stopped at the last button on her blouse. Michiko wanted
to stop him from loosening up the others but was too busy tasting his
bottom lip. She thought, any moment now, he was going to strip the top
off her but instead, she felt his fingers going up… fumbling on the
next button above the last one. Why, he wasn’t unbuttoning… he was
buttoning her up!

“What are you doing?!”

She pulled back and looked at him incredulously.

“What does it look like? I’m covering up what’s mine.”

Michiko’s lips pursed into a thin a line and she placed her hands on her hips.

“What’s yours? Since when did you own my boobs?”
“Since the day you told me you were mine.”
“There. That’s better.”

He had buttoned it up to her neck.

“I’m going to get in trouble for this.”

She started loosening one button but he took her hand away.

“In trouble for what?!”
“My stylist wants it open down to here. There’s an image clause on my contract. I have to let her do her job.”
“Image clause?!! What does that mean?! If she tells you to walk around naked, you would?!”
“She’s not going to make me walk around naked, babe. It’s only four buttons.”
“No way.”
“How about I unbutton three?”
“Two on top and two from the bottom.”
“And let your belly button show? No.”
“It’s either that or three buttons.”

He frowned.

“Fine. Two on top and bottom. At least you’re not showing too much cleavage with that.”
“We better go. People will start noticing our absence.”
“I’ll go first. Wait a couple of minutes before you head out.”
“I have to go to the bathroom anyway.”
“I’ll see you soon.”

He had his hand on the door when Michiko spoke…

“And Jun. Stop glaring at everybody who looks at my chest.”

He turned and smiled sheepishly.

“Was it that obvious?”

She nodded.

“Okay, I’ll try.”

Break was over and everybody gathered back to the stage and sat on the couch.

Sho: “Saa, let’s move onto our next homework!”
Ogura: “Yoku Michiko’s image homework. What did you do last night?”
Sho: “In this corner we come to understand the image people have of our guest. Let’s have the emails from our viewers!”
Ogura: “Even though it was a short notice, we still received a lot of emails for Michiko.”
Sho: “Sou desu ne. She seems to be quite popular already. Well then, Riida has one of the emails ne?”
“Hai. From bottanbutton in Hokkaido. Michiko-san played XBox Live all
night while yelling and cursing at Russians, Germans, etc. in English
and Japanese.”
Nino: “As expected from the Goddess ne? Playing all games all night.”
Sho: “You can curse in Japanese, too?”
Michiko: “Hai. I can.”
Aiba: “EHH!”
Ogura: “Let’s hear it. Pretend you’re playing online with Nino-kun.”
Nino: “Eh.”
Michiko: “Ii desu ka?”
Nino: “Ii desu. Go ahead.”
Michiko: “Kisama! Kocha Koi! Koro shite yaru! ( You! Come here and get your ass kicked. I’m going to kill you!)
Nino: “Zakennayo!” (Fuck you!)
Michiko: “URUSAI GAKI! Namen nayo! (Shut up, brat! Don’t fuck with me!)
Nino: “Okay, that’s enough.”
Michiko: “Noob.”
Nino: *twitch* “OI!”
Michiko: “Uwa, Nino-kun kowai.” *turns to Ogura-san* “Everybody hates being called a noob.”
Ogura: “Noob?”
Michiko: “Hai.”
Ogura: “Nino-kun’s a noob?”
Nino: *twitch* “IYA! I’m not! Michiko!”

She started laughing out loud.

Ogura: “How come it looks like you two know each other already…”

Sho interrupted Ogura-san.

Sho: “Nino, you have an email also?”
Nino: *calms down* “Hai. From diale11 in Kyoto. Michiko was playing videogames all night long sitting on her boyfriend’s lap.”
Ogura: “It’s almost the same as the first one ne?”
Aiba: “She is a gamer so people naturally think she plays games all day and all night ne?”
Sho: “Sou sou sou.”
Ogura: “But the email said that you played games while sitting on your boyfriend’s lap?”
Michiko: “Ano…”
Ogura: “Do you have boyfriend? I know you’ve mentioned it in your past interview that you are dating someone. So, is it true?”
Michiko: “About what? Sitting on his lap while I played? Iya. Never happened.”
Jun: “Would you want to try it?”
Michiko: “Huh?! Uh…”
Sho: “So you do have a boyfriend…” *grinned at her*
“I uhh… said I was dating someone… it’s um, complicated. Actually, my
360’s not working so I haven’t been playing at all.”
Nino: “EH? Red rings of death?”
Ohno: “What’s that?.”
Nino: “It’s a hardware problem ne.”
Michiko: “Hai, I have to send it back to Microsoft and it’ll take a while before I get it back.”
Ogura: “We have two more emails but before that, let’s take a look at Michiko’s newest commercial.”
Michiko: “Oh! Is this going to be the premiere? We just filmed that today!”

commercial played. First, the camera focused on a TV monitor. The game
Soul Calibur IV was on. It was Ivy VS Mitsurugi. It showed that it was
a Live game on the 360. A voice over of guy cursing was heard while the
camera panned from the monitor down to the floor where the 360 was then
darted forward, following the cord of the controller. It then focused
on the black high heels Michiko was wearing. Slowly, the camera panned
up her legs. They were slightly parted, forming a triangle from the
knees down. She was wearing a gray slim-lined skirt and white ruffled,
long sleeve blouse. Her body was bent forward, allowing the audience a
nice view of the top of her lacy bra underneath the blouse. She was
biting her lip in concentration and when the game ended with her
opponent screaming at her, she cracked a smile. “Good game. Gomen, I
have to go to work.” She pushed the power button on the controller,
grabbed the blazer next to her than headed out for the door. End of

Ogura: “Nice legs.”
Michiko: *blushes* “Arigato. Ano, this CM is supposed to target working women.”
Nino: “I think it’ll work.”
Ohno: “It worked for me and I’m not a woman.”
Aiba: “Riida’s talking a lot today ne?”
Sho: “What do you think about it, Matsumoto-kun?”
Jun: “Of what? Riida talking a lot or the CM?”
Sho: “Mi-chan’s CM of course!”
Jun: “Un.”
Aiba: “Un?!”

He was not liking the image clause on her contract.

Aiba: “Saa, here’s another email. It’s from… oh matsujundaisuki.”
Ogura: “One of your fans, eh, Matsu-Jun.”
Aiba: “It says, at night, Michiko is secretly running her own thong/lingerie shop.”
Michiko: “Nande?! Thong? Lingerie shop?!”
Sho: “You have that image, huh? You like lingerie? Lacy stuff?”

Michiko saw Momiji nodding her head vigorously. What? She wanted her to say yes? Like hell she would.

Ogura: “You were wearing a lacy bra on the CM. Are you wearing one now, too?”
Aiba: “You’re wearing a thong also?”
Nino: “OI, OI! Calm down you two.”

He had noticed Jun’s expression and it was bad. God only knew how much control he had left before he explodes.

“Iya, I don’t run a lingerie shop and I’m not really into lingerie.
I’ve never really bought one before. I’ve gotten some as gifts but
that’s it. And ano, I’m not wearing a thong or a lacy bra tonight.”
Aiba: “Bikini?”

Jun smacked Aiba’s head.

Ogura: “People have given you lingerie?”

She chuckled at his inquiry.

“Hai. Eeto… my mom did because she thought I needed to be in touch with
my feminine side. I was quite a tomboy growing up. Hmm, my friends
pitched in and bought me one also but it was a joke. You know, a gag
gift? And I guess, my EX did because well, why do you think?”
Ogura: “Men like to see their girlfriends in lingerie.”
Michiko: “I guess so. Is that true?”

She was looking directly at Jun.

Jun: “Uh…”
Aiba: “Maybe a nice leopard print one.”
Nino: “Aiba, wouldn’t you want her dressed in an animal mascot?”
Aiba: “OH! That would be cute ne? Usagi? Kuma? Iya iya, neko?”
Ohno: “Rhino.”
Aiba: “Nooo! That’s not cute.”
Sho: “But you liked riding that rhino on your show.”
Aiba: “It was hard trying to get on top of it.”
Jun: “But your girlfriend is not going to be that big ne?”
Michiko: “How about you, Sho?”
Sho: “She would look good in a simple jersey.”
Ogura: “Jersey?! Like the ones they would wear in the Olympics?!”
Sho: “Sou… desu… ne.”
Nino: “I want mine to cosplay. Ivy has a sexy costume.”
Michiko: “She does!!!”
Jun: “How about Riida?”
Ohno: “Huh?”
Aiba: “What do fisherwomen wear?”
Michiko: “Fisherwomen?”
Aiba: “Women who fish.”
Ohno: “Same thing fishermen wear. Ah. Ii ne.”
Nino: “That’s just regular clothes!”
Ogura: “Matsu-Jun. You never gave us your answer.”
Jun: “Iya, lingerie is not important to me. I think the sexiest thing is when she’s not wearing anything but my T-shirt on.”
Sho & Aiba: “OHHHHHHHHHH!”
Ogura: “Are you satisfied with our answers?”
Michiko: “HAI!”
Sho: “Okay, let’s go back to talking about you! The last email please, Matsumoto-kun.”
Aiba: “Matte! Before Jun reads it, can you tell us what you REALLY did last night?”

End of Chapter LIV

- Sweets Forest in Jiyugaoka

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Pq1FNNtA

Photo's and info credit to:

update ne?! But it's not over yet!!! Stay tuned for more AnS with
Michiko! Thanks for reading and again, love the comments!!!!

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:49 pm

Chapter LV

That was the question she was dreading the whole time they started this homework. She unconsciously rubbed her wrist and that action caught Jun’s eyes. When her gaze met his, she blushed furiously. “Ano… I was sorta tied up.” Jun’s eyes widened.

Sho: “You did a lot of things then? Quite busy?”

Oh thank goodness he interpreted it that way.

Michiko: “Hai. You could say that. A lot of things were done…”

To me. She thought silently.

Ogura: “For example?”
Michiko: “I had a… full body massage.”

Jun snorted and she glared at him.

Michiko: “You have problem with that, Matsumoto-kun?”
Jun: “Iya. I love massages. Receiving and giving.”
Sho: “Was it good? Only one person or did you have a few people massage you?”
Michiko: “Just one. I loved it but he was… kinda rough.”

Jun cleared his throat.

Ogura: “You don’t like it rough? Some people like some pain.”
Jun: “Would you say that you’re an M or an S?”
Michiko: “Hmm. I probably lean more towards M but I don’t mind being an S sometimes. You’re DoS ne?”
Jun: “That’s just a rumor.”
Michiko: “Sou ka…” *slightly raised eyebrow*
Nino: “Iya iya, he is. Extreme S.”
Aiba: “Would you rather receive massages or give them?”
Michiko: “Hmm. I like giving them. I’m very good at it.”
Sho: “OH? Hontou?”
Michiko: “Hai. Nobody’s complained so far. I could get paid for it for sure. That’s how good I am.”
Ogura: “HOOOO!”
Nino: “Then how about a demonstration?”
Michiko: “Sure sure! Who am I…”
Nino: “J--.”
Ogura: “Ohno.”
Jun: “Demo, Ohno hates massages.”
Ohno: “If it’s Michiko, it’s ok.”
Michiko: “Okay! Why don’t you lie down here.”

Michiko, Sho, and Ogura-san stood up so Ohno could lie down on the couch. “On your front, Ohno-kun.” After Ohno laid down… “Is it okay if I sit on your back? I’m going to give you the works!”

Ohno: “On second thought… maybe Jun should do this.”
Michiko: “Uh-uh. No backing out.”

She gently put her weight on his lower back.

Michiko: “How does that feel?”
Ohno: “Surprisingly good.”
Michiko: “Good. It’s better if I slip my hands under your shirt. Is that ok or should I just massage over it?”
Ohno: “Ano… I don’t know.”
Michiko: “Alright, we’ll worry about that later. I’m going to start massaging your scalp first. Let me know how it feels.”
Ohno: “Aaaahhhhhh.”
Nino: “Riida looks like he’s really enjoying it and she just started.”
Aiba: “I want a massage from Mi-chan, too!”
Sho: “Mi-chan, can you do me next?”
Aiba: “No! You go after me!”
Nino: “She’s not massaging anyone else after Oh-chan.”

Nino glanced at Jun. He had his arm crossed and was leaning back. He was not a happy camper.

Michiko: “Your neck is a bit stiff. Let me take care of that.”
Ohno: “Uh, arigato… oh… ah Michi…”
Michiko: “I’m not applying too much pressure, am I?”
Ohno: “Iya.”
Michiko: “I’m going to slip my hands underneath your shirt now. If you’re uncomfortable with it, let me know.”
Ohno: “Hai.”
Michiko: “Is that okay?”
Ohno: “Hai.”

She kneaded on his shoulder blades first then slowly moved down. Michiko was sitting on his lower back and usually she would start moving her hips when she got to this point but she only did that part of the massage for just one person. And that person was looking on, his eyes boring through her back.

Nino: “Michiko.”
Michiko: “Hmm?”
Nino: “I think…”
Sho: “Riida fell asleep.”
Aiba: “EH?!”
Ogura: “Oh! You’re right.”
Michiko: “Whoa. Is that good or bad? I’m not sure.”
Nino: “I’m not sure either.”
Michiko: “Should we wake him up?”
Ogura: “We have to continue the show.”

Jun abruptly stood up and purposely walked towards the sleeping Ohno then smacked his head hard. His head shot up and he stared at Jun, confused. “Okaa-chan?” Michiko burst out laughing. Ohno craned his neck and wondered why Michiko was sitting on his back. “Ah gomen, gomen. I’ll get off you now.” After she did, he sat up and looked around. “Are we still taping?”

Sho: “Hai.”
Michiko: “Ohno-kun? Did you like it?”
Ohno: “Un. That’s why I fell asleep. Gomen.”
Michiko: “Iya. It’s okay.”
Sho: “Let’s move on then. Matsumoto-kun, if you please.”

Ohno took his seat next to Nino and was telling him how the massage felt while everybody went to their respected seats.

Jun: “From nana_chan in Tokyo. It says, Michiko went out on a date last night. Hmm. So, Michiko, were you tied up because of a date?”
Michiko: “I did go on a date last night… actually, the date started at lunch then we went to the mall and then he took me home.”
Ogura: “Makes me wonder what kind of guys do you date.”
Jun: “Or is she dating more than one guy, ne, Ogura-san…”
Ogura: “Good question. Matsumoto-kun.”

Yabai. She remembered the photos of her and Shun that were on the latest celebrity gossip magazine. It seemed like Jun hadn’t seen them yet, she should tell him about it later before he hears it or sees it himself.

Michiko: “All I’m going to say is that I am dating.”
Ogura: “Himitsu ka?”
Michiko: “Himitsu.”
Nino: “I think Mi-chan is dating a gamer.”
Ogura: “That could be true. Since she works with them and meets a lot of them.”
Jun: “But wouldn’t that make you want to date someone with different interests?”
Ogura: “Oh, I see what you’re getting at, Matsumoto.”
Sho: “Like an actor? Or a singer.”
Ohno: “She should date someone who can fish.”
Michiko: “Eh?”
Ohno: “See, they can go fishing… ne… then after… ne… since they’re both tired ne, she can give him a massage.”

Nino smacked Ohno’s forehead and Michiko giggled.

Ohno: “I think that would be nice.”
Aiba: “Well then, I think everyone wants to know… do you have a certain type, Mi-chan?”
Sho: “Ohh! Or a fetish maybe? A few of our guests have shared their fetishes.”
Michiko: “I uh… do have one.”
Ogura: “HOOOOO!”
Jun: “Ogura-san, calm down.”

Ogura-san’s tension was UP UP.

Sho: “Let’s hear it!”
Aiba: “She got shy all of the sudden.”
Ogura: “Is it a certain part of the body?”
Sho: “Like their arms?” *started flexing*
Michiko: “Ohh! They’re pretty toned, Sho-kun.” *she squeezed his biceps*
Nino: “Don’t be so amazed, Mi-chan. They’re pretty useless, too.”
Sho: “OIIIII! I did beat one of our guests in arm wrestling!”
Jun: “You mean Suzuki Sarina?”
Sho: “Ssshh!”
Aiba: “She’s a girl!”
Michiko: “So?! Are you saying girls can’t beat guys?”
Nino: “Uh-oh.”
Michiko: “Saa, SAKURAI-SAN.”
Sho: “What happened to Sho-kun?”
Michiko: “I’m challenging you!”
Sho: “…”
Ogura: “This is getting really interesting. We’ll have to have you on the show again, Michiko.”
Sho: “Shouldn’t we talk about your fetish instead?” *pleaded with his eyes*
Michiko: “Later.”

She knelt next to the table and had her arm ready. Sho wasn’t sure if he should be worried that he might hurt Michiko or that she might hurt him. But either way, he had to accept the challenge and he didn’t want to lose.

Nino: “You both ready?”
Sho & Michiko: “Hai.”
Jun: “Matte, matte! What’s the punishment for the loser?”
Michiko: “Sho has perform A.RA.SHI. By himself.”
Sho: “EHH?! This is not UTABAN! This is Arashi no Shukudai-kun!”
Michiko: “I’ll perform A.RA.SHI., too, if I lose.”
Aiba: “OHHH!”
Ogura: “I want to see that.”
Jun: “You better win, Sho!”
Ohno: “Gambatte, Sho-kun!”
Nino: “Gambatte!”
Michiko: “EEHHH? Nobody’s rooting for me?”
Michiko: “That’s better.”

The tension in the air that surrounded Sho and Michiko was thick. Hands clasped together, elbows steady on the table, faces hardened in concentration, eyes squinted… they were both serious about this. So serious that Michiko had forgotten about her wrist.

Nino: “San! Ni! Ich! Start!”

Michiko: Fuck! My wrist’s hurting.
Sho: UWAAH, she’s strong!
Michiko: But I can’t lose! I can’t!
Sho: I can’t let her win! There’s no way!

A minute passed and they were still at it.

Ogura: “It looks like a draw.”
Aiba: “Sho-chan!!! Gambatte!”
Michiko: “Sakurai-san, you’re going down!”
Nino: “Ohhh, she’s pushing him down!”
Ohno: “Eh?!”
Jun: “Sho! Makenaide!” (Don’t give up!)
Michiko: Jun, you bastard!

That fueled Michiko’s willpower.

Sho: “URUSAI, Matsumoto! You’re not helping!”
Jun: “Eh?”
Nino: “Come on, Sho-kun! No mercy! You’re only a guy with sloping shoulders, remember?”
Sho: “HAI!”

With that said, Sho evened it out again.

Michiko: “MOU!”
Ogura: “The winner is going to be the one with the most endurance.”
Michiko: He’s right. And my wrist is getting weak. The bruises are throbbing now and I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. Jun, you idiot! If I lose, it’s all your fault!
Sho: Eh? She looks like she’s wincing in pain. I feel so bad about this. Maybe I should let her win?
Michiko: “Don’t even think about it, Sho-kun.”
Sho: “Eh?”
Michiko: “Your expression just now… I’m fine. I can take it.”

Jun cursed inwardly. He had forgotten about Michiko’s wrist. It was probably hurting a lot right now but knowing her, she wouldn’t give up. She would push herself to the limit. What if he…

Jun: “Sho-kun, what’s taking so long? Can’t beat a girl?”
Sho: “…”
Jun: “She can’t be that strong.”
Sho: “…”
Jun: “I can probably beat her easily.”
Michiko: Is he purposely trying to make me mad?! Because it’s working!

She turned around and looked up angrily at Jun. Her eyes met his smirk. And then she slammed Sho’s arm on the table with one swift move. Pain flickered across her face as her wrist also felt the brunt of the hit. She quickly looked away but it was too late, Jun had seen it.

Jun: “CUT!”

He briskly walked to the director and apologized then lied about how he felt a bit sick. The director accepted his apology and told him to rest up in his dressing room for a bit then announced that they were taking a 15 minute break.

Michiko: “Daijoubu? Gomen. I didn’t mean to slam it that hard.”
Sho: “Daijoubu desu.”

Sho darted his eyes towards the direction Jun was headed. Michiko followed his gaze and slightly nodded. She got up and went to Momiji first, who had a frown on her face. “What’s your problem?” She asked the younger woman. “Maybe you should have let him win? It’s their show.” She rolled her eyes at her. “He’d feel a lot worse if I let him win. Sho-kun’s very competitive. We’ll have a rematch next time.” Momiji smiled a bit after that reply. “I’ll schedule another appearance then! I thought you were going to be uncomfortable with them but it’s totally the opposite! It’s like you guys know each other already!” Michiko laughed nervously. “Yeah, well, maybe it’s because I hang out with guys all the time. Uh, I’m going to the ladies room. Why don’t you talk to them for a bit? Give them some more info and stuff, you know. The show is far from over.” Momiji’s eyes lit up. “Good thinking!” She left her brewing with different ideas and she hoped she wouldn’t regret what she had just done. Michiko looked back to make sure nobody was following her before she dashed towards Jun’s dressing room. The door was left cracked open so she pushed her way in. Jun was seated on a chair, his arms resting on the table in front of him and he was looking at his phone. He looked up when he heard the door open, set his phone down and walked towards her. She stepped back and pushed the door close with her body, locking it at the same time. Wasn’t she mad at him for taunting her? But it was because of those taunts that she won and was able to finally rest her wrist.

“Let me see them.”

Jun ordered as soon as he got close to her.

“They’re fine. Nothing to worry about.”
“When are you going to learn? I can tell when you’re lying.”
“How can you tell?”
“Your voice. It drops a pitch lower. Sexy but very telling.”
“It does?! How can you hear that? It’s just a pitch lower.”
“Can you just show me your wrists, please?”

Michiko pulled her sleeves up and held out her arm. A scowl formed on his face. They looked a lot worse than before. The morning after, they were red but now they were bruising horribly.

“You just had to challenge Sho, didn’t you?” Jun let out an exasperated sigh. “And you couldn’t let him win… even if it was hurting you.” What was he going to do with her?
He gently held both her wrists then bent down to plant a soft kisses on them. Michiko leaned her back against the door. Jun stopped and smiled then placed her arms down to her side. “Do you need painkillers?”

“I don’t need them, I have you.”
“I can’t make the pain go away, babe.”
“Oh you can.”
“THAT doesn’t take the pain away. It temporarily makes you forget about it.”
“Then we’ll just have to do it over and over and over…”
“Michi… can you not give me visuals?”
“So you’re going to call me Michi now eh?”
“You have a problem with that?”
“Nope. I’m glad you’re the one calling me that now. Although Ohno…”
“I’ll have a talk with him.”
“Don’t do that.”
“But I don’t want him calling you that.”
“I hardly spend time with Ohno-kun.”
“Seriously babe.”

Jun checked his watch. They better go back.

A loud knock startled both of them.

“It’s just me. Michiko, your stylist is looking for you.”

She opened the door and Nino stood outside with his hands in his pockets. He looked cute, like a little kid waiting for his mommy. A giggle almost escaped her lips while she thought of that description. “Arigato, Nino.” She turned around and brushed her lips on Jun’s jaw line then left. “Jun. As long as she’s happy, you’ve got nothing to worry about from me.” Nino stated then followed Michiko.

“As long as she’s happy?” That cheeky bastard.

Filming resumed when everybody was back on stage.

Sho: “Do I really have to?”
Michiko: “You lost, you perform.”
Sho: “Mou! Why me?”
Aiba: “Go Sho-chan! I wanna hear about Mi-chan’s fetish.”

That earned him a smack from Jun.

Sho: “Okay, okay.”

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:49 pm

It was extremely embarrassing but Sho did it. He performed the chorus from their debut song A.RA.SHI.

Michiko: “You rocked!”
Sho: “You’re just saying that.”
Michiko: “Could I have done that? Probably not. That’s why I always have to win.”
Ogura: “Michiko.”
Michiko: “Ogura-san.”
Ogura: “Is it kinky? Your fetish.”
Jun: “Ogura-san! You are in the zone tonight.”
Nino: “The pink zone.”
Michiko: “Uh.”
Aiba: “So is it a certain part of the body?”
Michiko: “Not really.”
Sho: “Stop stalling.”
Michiko: “Well… I have a thing for uh…”
Nino: “For?”
Michiko: “I have thing for moles.”
Sho: “A mole fetish?”
“HYAAA! Mmm. They can be anywhere on the body but I like them on the
chest, the back, on his face and most especially on his neck.”
Aiba: “Why do you like them?”
Michiko: “Mm, I think they’re sexy. I like to connect the dots.”

Warmth crept up Jun’s neck and his face was starting to feel hot.

Ogura: “Who in Arashi has a lot of it? Maybe you guys should take off your shirts and show Michiko.”

laughed. There was no need for that. Her fetish came about when she met
Jun. She would not be so interested in anybody else’s moles but his.

All five members exchanged glances.

Aiba: “Jun-kun is the one with a few on him.”
Michiko: “Oh, sou ka.”
Sho: “Hmm, Aiba’s right.”
Nino: “Hai, it’s Jun-kun.”
Ohno: “Take off your shirt.”
Jun: “EH?!”
Aiba: “Take off shirt.”
Nino & Aiba: “Take off shirt.”
Sho, Nino, & Aiba: “Take off shirt.”
Ohno, Sho, Nino, & Aiba: “Take off shirt.”
Audience, Ohno, Sho, Nino, & Aiba: “Take off shirt.”

Michiko fell on her knees laughing.

Jun: “Nande da yo?! YADA!”
Ogura: “Too bad, Michiko. He won’t do it.”
Michiko: *was still laughing* “That’s okay.”
Ogura: “If Matsu-Jun was not included, who among the other four would be your type?”
Michiko: “Nino.”
Jun: “That was quick.”
Ogura: “Because you both love to play video games?”
“Hai. Demo ne, most of my friends are like Nino. And I’ve never dated
any of them. So even though he’s my type because we have the same
interests, it doesn’t necessarily mean I would go out with him.”

Ohno comforted Nino while he pretended to look hurt.

Sho: “Oh. So if you’re picking a type that you would consider dating, who would it be?”
Aiba: “Is Jun-kun still not included?”
Sho: “Hai.”
Michiko: “You.”
Sho: “Me?”
Michiko: “Hai.”
Aiba: “Nande?”
“I like guys who are competitive. Who knows what they want and work
hard for it. I like a guy who can take charge because I’ve always taken
charge and I need a change of pace sometimes. I can be very submissive
to the right amount of pressure.”
Sho: “OHHH.”
Ogura: “Michiko, if Matsu-Jun was not excluded…”
Michiko: “I would’ve picked him of course.”
Jun: “Yosha!”
Nino: “Doumyoji came out.”
Aiba: “Ii ne, Jun-kun.”
Jun: “Like there was any doubt.”
Michiko: “Don’t get cocky now.”
Sho: “Michiko. We were talking to Momiji-chan.”
Michiko: “Momiji-chan?”
Sho: “Hai, that’s what she told us to call her. Anyway, she dished out some information about you.”
Michiko: “EH?!! Nandato?!”
Sho: *reached behind his back and pulled out a small board.* “Top Three Things We Learned When Michiko Gets Drunk.”
Michiko: “Chotto matte yo! Nanda sore?!”
Aiba: “She curses a lot?”
Michiko: “Oi, don’t start guessing!”
Nino: “She doesn’t need alcohol for that, Aiba-chan.”
Sho: “Actually, that’s number 3!!”
Nino: “You curse a lot more when you’re drunk? I can’t imagine that.”
Michiko: “A lot more I guess.”
Sho: “Any more guesses?”
Michiko: “Just show us number 2 already.”
Sho: “She’ll reject a threesome but would happily grind on every woman on the dance floor.”
Ogura: “HO-HOO!”
Jun: “Ho-hoo?”
Ohno: “Only women?”
Michiko: “My alcohol filled system thinks it’s safer that way.”
Ogura: “Let’s go clubbing together, Mi-chan.”
Nino: “Ogu-san, Ogu-san! They won’t let you in the club.”
Sho: “And the number 1 thing they learned about Mi-chan when she gets drunk is… she goes on full hentai mode.”
Aiba: “EHHHH?”

Michiko covered her face with her hands.

Michiko: “I am not coming on this show again.”
Ogura: “What did they mean by full hentai mode?”
Sho: “Hmm, wakarenai. She didn’t explain.”
Ogura: “Michiko?”
Michiko: “I um, become more open with my sexuality.”
Sho: “Let’s go drinking after the show.”

Ohno smacked Sho’s head.

Sho: “Riida!”
Jun: “What do you usually drink?”

was trying to stir the topic away before Michiko spills any hentai
stories. She looked quite relieved when he posed the question.

Michiko: “Vodka. But I’m starting to like wine.”
Ogura: “You don’t like beer?”
Michiko: “It tastes nasty to me.”


was getting late and the recording had gone over the time allotted for
the show. There was going to be a lot of editing so Director-san
decided to cut out AibaLand and go with Oshiete Arashi instead.

Ogura: “This is the ‘Oshiete Arashi’ segment!”

Michiko: “Oh! I love this segment!”

“This is a love problem from Kiseki-chan in Tokyo; my boyfriend and I
have been dating for almost 3 months, and I am already in love with
him. I know he cares about me a lot, but I'm not sure if he loves me.
How can I know how he really feels? So, everyone in Arashi, please
teach me how I should ask him about his feelings.”

Aiba: “So, she knows he cares about her but he hasn’t said the word love to her yet ne?”
Sho: “That’s not surprising though, they’ve only been together for 3 months.”
Nino: “Demo, I don’t think time has anything to do with it. If he loves her, he should tell her. That’s what I think.”
Jun: “She wants help on how to ask him about his feelings, hmm. It has to be phrased right or he might think she’s nagging ne?”
Aiba: “Hai hai. There are words that might make it awkward between them.”
Nino: “I get it. I get it.”
Sho: “She needs to thread carefully or she might alienate him.”

Ogura: “Saa… is there someone who’s got one?”

Aiba: “Hai, hai!”
Ogura: “Aiba-kun.”
Aiba: “HAI!”
Ogura: “Well then, words that will ask a person about his true feelings, a plan to initiate a confession, Aiba-kun!”

The lights dimmed and Aiba stepped unto the podium.


Aiba: “Matte! The setting is, we’re at a picnic.”
Ogura: “Okay, okay.”


“Hai. Bento desu. Hai, that is a heart made out of tomato. Hai, I did
cut the hamburger that you love to look like a heart as well. Hai, I
know you love ketchup so I put a lot. Ano, I know everything that you
love except for one thing. How about me? Uh, you want more ketchup?”

Ogura: “You want more ketchup? Why did you say that at the end?”
Michiko: “Demo, kawaii ne? With the tomato and hamburger heart!”
Ogura: “So, well then, here’s the judgment. Michiko as well, go or no go? Dozo!”

32/50 - Michiko voted O instead of X.

Aiba: “Not bad. Not bad at all, ne?”
Michiko: “I like it, Aiba-chan but I probably won’t use that method.”
Ogura: “So who’s next?”
Sho: “Alright! I’ll go!”
Ogura: “Ah, ok, let’s go with Sho-kun.”
Michiko: “Gambatte, Sho-kun! I’ve seen you fail a lot, I hope you get it right this time.”
Sho: “OI OI! Don’t remind me of those.”
Jun: “What’s the setting?”
Sho: “After a date. Ano, he took her home.”

Lights dimmed and it was Sho’s turn on the podium.


“Ah matte! Don’t go yet. We’ve been dating for 3 months ne? And every
night you take me home, kiss me good night then leave. I always feel
sad every time you go. And I know you don’t want to make sad, ne? If
you think about it, I’m sure you already know how you can change that.
Saa, can you tell me how?”

Nino: “Huuuuh?!”
Sho: “No good?”
Nino: “It’s not clear.”
Aiba: “Demo, it would really make him think ne? He might get it.”
Jun: “Let’s see what the women think.”
Ogura: “Hai, here’s the judgment!”

19/50 - Michiko voted X.

Sho: “Michiko, nande?”
Michiko: “Gomen, Sho-kun. I was rooting for you but… it was confusing. Most of the time, men can’t take a hint.”
Ogura: “Ohh, are you speaking from experience?”
Michiko: “Heh heh heh.”
Ogura: “So who’s next? Ah, Riida.”
Ohno: “There will be no confusion with me.”
Audience: “OOHHHHHH!”
Ohno: “Doesn’t matter what setting. Anything will work.”
Audience: “OHHHHHHH!”
Ogura: “Asking someone about their true feelings, will Ohno-kun make him confess? Dozo!”


Lights dimmed. Ohno took the spotlight.

Ohno: “Aishiteru yo. YOU love me?”

Ogura: “OI OI!”
Jun: “There’s definitely no confusion there.”
Aiba: “As expected from Riida. Straight to the point, ne?”
Sho: “Ehhh. Would that work?”
Ogura: “Saa, the decision!”

44/50 - Michiko voted O.

Jun: “Suge~”
Nino: “Mi-chan, you thought that was good?”
“Un. If he said that to me, I’d definitely have to answer ne? Demo, if
I was going to use that… ehh… I might not pull it off.”
Ogura: “Saa, Nino? Matsu-Jun?”
Nino: “I’ll go.”
Aiba: “Nino!”
Sho: “Nino!”
Nino: “No setting as well. My words will invoke a confession.”
Ogura: “Ja, Ninomiya’s version.”


“We’ve been together for 3 months now, haven’t we? Within those 3
months, I’ve seen you express how you feel about me. I know that it can
be hard to say that’s why you haven’t yet but I’d like to hear it.
Because… it’ll only make me fall in love with you more.”

Jun: “Sugoi desu yo.”
Aiba: “UUUWAAHH, that was really good.”
Sho: “Nino, Nino.”
Nino: “Huh?”
Sho: “Aishiteru.”
Audience: “HYYYYAAAAA!”
Ogura: “Sugoi! Ninomiya, that was very heartfelt.”
Ohno: “Have you used those lines before?”
Nino: “Of course not, Riida.”
Ohno: “Sounds like it came from experience.”
Ogura: “What’s the judgment?”

50/50 - Michiko voted O.

Michiko: “Nino, hontou ni suge~”
Ogura: “Next is Matsu-Jun! Then Michiko, ne?”
Michiko: “Eh? Me, too?”
Ogura: “Hai.”
Jun: “Eeto… after he took her home one night, she invites him in for some wine. So, they’re alone in the living room.”
Audience: “OOOHHHHHHHHHH! Kyaa!”
Ogura: “You already got the audience to confess.”
Aiba: “Must be the wine.”
Ogura: “Searching for true feelings… can Matsu-Jun get a confession? Dozo!”


“Eto, I’m really happy you’re keeping me company tonight. Ano, I know
it’s been 3 months already. But it seems like yesterday ne… I’ve
thought about this a lot and well… is it strange that my heart still
skips a beat when I see you? Or maybe, you feel the same way?”


Jun stepped off, he couldn’t meet Michiko’s eyes, which was okay
because she had hers staring at the floor while her cheeks burned.

Ogura: “Decision please!”

50/50 - Michiko voted O.

Sho & Aiba: “UWAAAHHH!”
Ogura: “Two perfect scores in one segment! This makes Shukudai-kun history!”
Jun: “Arigato!”
Ogura: “Michiko. It’s your turn.”
Michiko: “Eh?! Maji?! Nande?!”
Sho: “The person who emailed us is a woman so wouldn’t it be best if you show her your version?”
Aiba: “HAI! Straight from a woman’s heart!”
Michiko: “Fine!”
Ohno: “Setting?”
Michiko: “Ano… after dinner and sex…”
Sho: “Oi Michiko!”
Michiko: “Ah gomen. She didn’t say if they were that close ne? Okay, he’s about to leave her apartment.”
Ogura: “If you were drunk, this would be really entertaining, wouldn’t it?”
Aiba: “Ogu-san!”
Ogura: “Michiko’s words to sway a confession. Dozo!”


“Chotto. I know it’s late and you have to go. Demo ne, if I don’t do
this now… I might lose my courage. It’s… not easy for me… so I know it
must be a lot harder for you. *she took a deep breath* Can you hear me
breathe? As long as you can, I can wait for those words. I’m already
happy knowing you’ve chosen me.”


Michiko: “Eh? This is bad. I failed ne?”
Aiba: “Mi-chan! Aishiteru ze!”
Michiko: “Eh?!”
Sho: “It’s like reverse psychology.”
Nino: “If that doesn’t guarantee a confession, I don’t know what will.”
Ohno: “I think my heart skipped a beat.”
Michiko: “Ohno-kun!”

couldn’t lift her eyes to meet Jun’s gaze and he was staring at her.
She could feel it. Did he know? What she had spoken WAS directed at
him. If only she had to guts to say it to him face to face… but… she
was not that strong or drunk. It would definitely take a lot of
strength and alcohol for her to confess anything remotely like that.
Maybe in time, she would build the courage to tell him exactly how she
feels. That was if he didn’t already know.

End of Chapter LV

- Thanks to all who participated! I appreciate the enthusiasm and the support! This is why I love my readers! ^_^
The love problem from Oshiete Arashi was picked randomly and the winner was nana_chan's suggestion. Arigato!
I re-watched a lot of AnS and also the Oshiete segments. I hope that I did them justice. It was hard. Very hard.
Thank you again for reading and comments will definitely make me happy!
:heart: :heart: :heart:
If I forget anything, lemme know. I'm sleepy.

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:50 pm

Chapter LVI

How long was she going to avoid him? Jun knew that SHE knew that HE was staring at her but she acted like she didn’t know. It was very obvious that she felt uncomfortable and embarrassed after she stepped down from the podium. Her cheeks were flushed and she kept her eyes on the floor except when someone besides him gave her attention. So while everybody else complimented her, he wondered if everything she said was directed at him. Truly, it was. There was no doubt ne. His chest sorta tightened when she began her monologue and then when it came to the part when she asked… can you hear me breathe… he felt like walking over to her and taking her into his arms. Jun still wanted to do that but she was surrounded by the others. But even if she weren’t, he couldn’t because it was not allowed. He was beginning to really hate it… hiding their relationship.

“Michiko!” Momiji came sprinting towards her, pushing herself in between Sho and Aiba. “We have to go. Now.”

“Where? I thought I was free to go home after this?” Michiko was hoping Jun could take her home tonight.

“Ah gomen but Ken called and his instruction was to bring you to headquarters as soon as possible.” She frowned at what Momiji said. She hoped it had nothing to do with the photos of her and Shun. Was it causing trouble already? She hadn’t even told Jun about it. Letting out a heavy sigh, she let Momiji drag her off the stage. Just then her phone rang.

Jun: “Where are you going?”
Michiko: “Ken wants to see me right now.”
Jun: “Why?”
Michiko: “I don’t know. But he said I have to go there now.”
Jun: “How long will you be there?”
Michiko: “I don’t know. I have something to tell you… I’ll call you when I get home.”
Jun: “Call me when you’re done and I’ll pick you up.”
Michiko: “Are you sure? You should stay home and rest.”
Jun: “Babe, just do what I say. Call me.”
Michiko: “Okay.”

When she hung up, she looked back quickly and saw a glimpse of Jun watching her leave. Momiji caught that look and smiled. “He is scrumptious, isn’t he? Too bad he’s taken.” Michiko’s heart dropped to the floor. “Taken?” Momiji snorted at her reply. “Yeah, didn’t you know? He’s with that girl he co-starred with in his drama.” Her mouth formed an O. “I thought it was just a rumor.”
“They’ve been spotted everywhere. Why spend so much time with her if she wasn’t his girlfriend eh? That’s what couples do.” A soft aching pain started to spread from her chest to the rest of her body. “That’s… true.”

Headquarters was virtually empty. Michiko noticed that most of the lights were already out and even the people who cleaned the rooms and hallways had gone home. Momiji opened the door to Ken’s office and light streamed out from inside when they both stepped in. Michiko froze. Momiji pulled her inside and she almost tripped on her own two feet.

“Ah, you’re here.” Ken’s voice reached her ears. As soon as he spoke, the back of the person she was looking at, straightened, and his tall frame turned to face her. A smile appeared on his face and he stood up then deliberately made a bee line towards her.


He stopped in front of her then bent down to kiss her forehead. A gesture she was starting to get accustomed to.

“So… you’re just friends?” Momji asked with one eyebrow raised.
“Hai.” They both answered at the same time.
“And that morning, you just drove her home. She didn’t spend the night with you.” Ken asked.
He nodded. “She was with someone else that night.”
She nodded. “I was.”
“Ken, what is the meaning of this? I thought I was allowed to date whoever I want? What’s with the Spanish inquisition?”
“It was not Kitahara-san’s idea to bring both of you here, it was mine.”

Michiko glared at the woman who spoke. She was about as tall as Shun, had horn rimmed glasses on, her hair was pulled tightly into a bun and she was wearing sweats. Who the fuck was she? A recently fired librarian who had just discovered life out of blazers and high heels?

“I’m Oguri-kun’s manager.”

Of course she was.

“First things first. Thank you, Yoku-san.”
“Eh? Why are you thanking me?”
“Shun-kun’s been in a slump. His last drama was not as big as a hit as we thought it would be and although Crows Zero II is coming out in 2009, he hadn’t received any other offers after he finished filming that. But after this morning, offers kept coming. Nande? Any publicity is good publicity and you my dear was the catalyst. So thank you.”

Michiko looked up at Shun and he shrugged.

“Now, I have a favor to ask.”
“A favor…”
“It’s an easy one, don’t worry. I’m not going to ask you to pretend to be his girlfriend or date him. All I’m asking you is to continue whatever relationship it is that you have with him.”
“Well, I had no intentions of avoiding him. If that’s what you’re thinking.”
“Is that it?”
“I already told Shun-kun that he doesn’t have to be in disguise if he goes out with you.”
“Eh? But…”
“Why should he hide when you’re both… just friends?”
“I guess. But the photo… people are assuming we’re more than that…”
“Let them believe what they want to believe.”

That was what Jun and Mao were doing except they were both intentionally going out in public to cause that belief. In Shun’s and her case, they went out without any hidden agenda.

“Michiko, this is good for you as well.” Ken interjected into her thoughts.
“How so?”
“You might get offers for other projects that are not related to gaming or to this company. We have no problem with that.”

This was weird.

“Wait. If was interviewed about this, you don’t mind if I say that we’re just friends?” Her question was directed at Shun’s manager.
“No problem whatsoever. They might think you’re lying though. That photo is really convincing. Plus you’ve never dropped the name of the person you’re really dating. And I doubt he’s coming forward any time soon.”

She was right. There was nothing she could do really. If she wanted the rumors to die, the only solution was to stop hanging out with Shun. But, Michiko didn’t want to do that.

“That’s all I wanted to talk to you about, Yoku-san. I shall take my leave. Shun-kun, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“I’ll go with you.” Ken pushed Momiji towards the door and they both followed Shun’s manager out into the hallway.

They both stood in silence for a couple of minutes.

“Do you need a ride home?”
“I’m supposed to call Jun as soon as I was done here. He said he’ll pick me up.”
“Oh. Okay. I’ll keep you company until he gets here then.”
“You don’t have to.”
“What are friends for ne?”

After Michiko called Jun, they both went to the lobby and waited there. He talked about the new offers he got and she told him about her appearance at Arashi no Shukudai-kun. She got him laughing out loud when she recalled the time when her clueless self served Jun the fruit ball first. And later on, she confessed about the Oshiete Arashi segment. But before Shun could ask any questions about it, her phone rang.

“I’ll be right out.”

Jun slipped his phone in the pocket of his jacket then stared at the entrance of the building. He saw the double doors open and smiled when Michiko came out. But his brows furrowed as soon as he saw Shun behind her.

“Were you waiting long?” He asked when they reached his car.
Jun turned to look at Shun.
“Ou. K, Michiko, good night. Later, Jun.”
“Thanks for staying with me. I’ll see ya around.”
Shun nodded then left.
“Get in.”

He didn’t ask any questions but simply drove her home quietly. Michiko wished she could read his mind. Was he thinking about Shun? Wondering why he was with her maybe? Or was he thinking about the Oshiete Arashi? She had made it too obvious, she was sure he knew she had him in her mind when she delivered her speech. But what did he think of it? Would it persuade him to confess? Although, there was nothing to confess. She knew how he felt about her. All those thoughts were driving her insane. So she was relieved when they finally arrived at her apartment. Jun didn’t speak until Michiko came out of the bathroom dressed in her sleeping clothes.

“Why was Shun with you?”

He was trying hard not to look mad or jealous but a scowl crept out and pulled the corners of his mouth downwards. It was best if she laid it all out in the open, literally. She zipped open her bag and pulled out the magazine that would explain everything. After flipping to the right page, she handed it to Jun. His right eye twitched when he saw the photos then his scowl deepened when he read the article. Once he was done reading, he looked up, opened his mouth then closed it. He took a step forward then stepped back and crossed his arms. Michiko decided to break the silence.

“Shun’s manager wanted to see me so she went to Ken’s. That was why Shun was there. To my surprise, she thanked me for the publicity and asked that I not stop seeing Shun. I told her that if asked, I’m saying that we’re just friends. That he is not the person I’m dating. She was fine with that. And umm, that was it.”

He still had the scowl on his face and he didn’t reply right way, instead, he threw the magazine on the floor then sat down on the bed.

“Everybody’s assuming that you spent the night with him.”

So that was what’s bothering him the most.

“I know. I can’t do anything about that. I told Shun’s manager and Ken that he only drove me home and I spent the night with someone else. But, the photo… and I can’t tell them who I was with that night… so…” She didn’t know how to finish the sentence. So what? So that was it. What was she supposed to do?

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:50 pm

“Do you also feel a numbing pain in your chest when you see photos of me and Mao?”
He cut her off.
course you do. And not only with Mao ne? I still remember that night
when I thought you were having a heart attack while you were telling me
about that anan photo you saw.”
“I knew it was hard on you
but I didn’t know it was… there’s a soreness that lingers after you’ve
seen the photo. But it’s not just the photo… it’s the thought of people
thinking you’re with someone else. Just that thought… even though I
know it’s not true… even though I know you were with me that night.
Even then… it still hurts because other people believe you were with
him. That he… and you…” Were in bed… together… the whole night. Jun
tried to block those images out of his mind. It didn’t happen. She was
with him not Shun. “I don’t want them thinking that way!” He spat out
the last sentence. Michiko took his trembling hands and placed them on
her waist after she sat on his lap. “I know babe. I know.” She ran her
fingers through his hair and he titled his head up to meet her eyes.

Jun forgot what he wanted to ask as he suddenly felt himself react to
Michiko’s weight on his lower half. Ashamed that he couldn’t control
himself, he lowered his head down and breathe in and out slowly.
“What’s wrong? Jun? Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, I’m fine. Just…” Don’t move too much, it’s making me hard.
“Are you sure? Why are you breathing like that? Jun-kun… look at me.”
“I can’t.”
“Why not?!”
She wiggled her ass while she whined. His hands tightened around her waist and he tried to stop her movement.
“Please, don’t… move.”
“Can you get me some water?”
Jun looked up and found her smiling wickedly.
“We’ll talk later?”

Much later…

back was pressed against Jun’s chest. His hand slid up her thigh to her
waist then down her stomach then crept up to cup her breast, squeezing
it while he kissed her neck. “We’re supposed to talk now, babe.”
“No, seriously, Jun.”
She twisted her body to face him.
“I’m serious about this.”
He climbed on top of her and nudged her leg apart with his knee.
“It hasn’t even been five minutes!”
protested by squeezing her legs together but his knee was caught in
between. Jun pushed it up and it touched the sensitive part that he
loved to tease. Her hip arched up in response. “I see no objections.”
He grinned at her reaction then used his knee to massage the flesh on
top of it. A moan escaped her lips and she knew that was the end of it.
There was no mercy after that because whenever he got her to start
moaning, he didn’t stop until she was out of breath and her voice
hoarse from screaming his name.

“I can’t. No more. I’m going to
lose my voice tomorrow.” Michiko’s eyes scanned the bed but didn’t find
her shirt so she stood up naked then wobbled towards her luggage. She
had yet to unpack since she moved in but that was because she didn’t
own any drawers or hangers for her closet. “It’s what happens when you
scream really loud and continuously for a long period of time.” Jun
said while he stared at his girlfriend’s sweat slicked body move slowly
across from him. “Are you okay? You’re taking unsteady steps there.”
She turned around and glared at him. “It’s what happens when one’s legs
have been apart for quite some time and something hard kept pounding in
between it.” He sat up and raised an eyebrow at her. “But I didn’t hear
one complaint about the pounding. All I heard was you repeating my name
over and over again and since when did ‘Jun’ mean stop?” He ended his
reply with smirk. Michiko stuck her tongue out at him then squatted on
the floor.

“Here’s your shirt, dildo.”

“Eh?” A long
blue shirt hit her face. “OI!” She growled at him before putting the
shirt on. “Ah, it’s going to get wet from the sweat.” Michiko stood up
and went to the kitchen. Jun slipped his boxers on then followed her.
When he caught up to her, she already had the fridge door open and was
bending down, reaching for something in the back. Jun felt himself jerk
at the sight of her bare ass up in the air. He quietly moved forward
then stood right behind her. When she stepped back, her behind collided
with his pelvis. “What the?!” She craned her neck back and found Jun
biting his lip then she felt his hands on her hips. “Babe! I’m sore!”
He cursed out loud then stepped back. “Gomen. But you kinda… assumed
the position. It was too tempting.” He closed his eyes and rubbed his
temples with his fingers, trying to find an image of something that
would calm him down. But before a single thought came to mind, his
boxers were pulled down swiftly and he was engulfed to the hilt. Jun’s
eyes flew open and his jaw dropped when he found Michiko kneeling in
front of him. She let go of him for a second... “I need something to

“Enough!” Michiko wriggled away from under Jun about
three seconds after they both climaxed. She crawled all the way to the
end of the right side of the bed and fought to catch her breath. How
did she end up under him again this time? After she had her way with
him in the kitchen, she went back to bed with every intention of
sleeping but obviously, that didn’t happen. “Michi, come back here.” He
stretched his arm towards her and wiggled his fingers. “Keep your horny
self away from me. Oh God, my throat hurts.” Jun jumped off the bed to
go to the kitchen. He came back with a bottle of water in hand. “Here
baby. You want some of this?” His eyes glinted with mischief. “Gimme.
The water! Nothing else.” She looked unbelievably cute with her arms
extended, reaching for the bottle. There was a small pout on her lips
while she waited for him to get on the bed. “Here you go.” He dangled
the bottle just out of reach of her fingers. She sat up and attempted
to snatch the bottle away but he quickly hid it behind his back. “MOU!
Gimme!” Driven by thirst or maybe madness, Michiko reached around Jun
for the water but he kept switching it from one hand to the other
causing her to fail every time. Forgetting they were both naked and
Jun’s “problem,” she hopped on his lap so she can reach further behind
him. Jun lifted his arms up, holding the water above his head. It was
bait and she took it.

“YES!” She yelled out after successfully
prying the bottle off his fingers but her celebration was cut short
after she looked down and saw Jun’s tongue darting out. “IYA!” She
quickly sat down and he ended up licking her face instead. “Aren’t you
tired?! Gawd, you’re like the Energizer Bunny! You keep going and

“As long as you keep coming and coming…”
“Do you know what time it is?”
“It’s time to get off me if you really don’t want anything to happen.”

was something different about him tonight. He didn’t usually give her a
choice, not that it ever bothered her as her choice was always the one
he wanted. Also, she had gotten used to the multiple times they’d have
sex but tonight there was a sense of urgency when he took her. It
almost felt like he was claiming her. And his roughness never came as a
surprise but he was pinning her bruised wrists down. Of course she
didn’t complain… she did feel pleasure within the swirling pain. But he
usually paid attention her expressions and if she there were any
indication that she was hurting, he would stop and ask but tonight, he
simply wanted to make her his with each stroke.

“You know me.
Even when I say I’ve had enough, I always end up giving in. But maybe
we should about the photos and the article?”

He didn’t want to. She could tell by the way he sucked his cheeks in, it was one way he showed his displeasure.

“It bothered you a lot, didn’t it?”
“It shouldn’t.”
“It shouldn’t because?”
“Because you’re mine.”
“Is that what you’re trying to prove tonight?”

lowered his gaze, a bit scared of what she might think if she read his
mind. But she figured it out, didn’t she? For some reason, he needed
reaffirmation that everything that she was, every part of her, every
thought that occupied her mind, every pore, every gaze, and her entire
being was his. Simply. Purely. Selfishly his.

“Ne, Jun. You like it when I can’t stop screaming your name, ne?”

her cry out his name gave him the same feeling he feels whenever he was
performing at a concert. It gave him a natural high and it pumped him
up. And the way she screamed it out… each ‘Jun’ was cloaked with
different intensities. Jun, she would urge him. Jun, she pleaded to
him. Jun, she wanted him now… Jun, right now. Yes, he loved it.

“That’s an understatement.”

It was enticing, the way she just said his name.

She teased him with the way her lips slightly pouted when she prolonged the ‘u.’

A purring sound accompanied it this time.

Breathy. Her pitch dropped dangerously low.

Her voice came out strained and she whimpered at the end.

hadn’t even moved a muscle and yet it felt like she was grinding on him
with her voice alone. It was incredibly surreal. What was she doing to
him? He was already breathing through his mouth and he was taking
quick, short breaths. Michiko dropped the bottle on the floor and
wrapped her arms around his neck while she molded her body unto his. He
held her tight, his arms around her back. This time, he made love to
her gently, slowly… relishing every moan, enjoying the feel of her skin
on his, and he stared into her eyes, loving the blush on her cheeks…
loving her warmth. Loving everything about her… loving her… love…
“Michiko…” Aishiteru.

End of Chapter LVII


- Wow, yeah. Ecchi ne? Actually, it went over the R rating so I had to
revise some paragraphs. Thanks to keira_aoi for helping me out. Sorry
but no uncensored version for this chapter LOL. Anyhoo, is this the
calm before the storm? Hmm. XP Thanks for reading!

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 8:53 pm

Quote :
Loving everything about her… loving her… love…
“Michiko…” Aishiteru.

I'm never going to forgive you for that....ever! How could he not say it OUT LOUD?!

oh well, till ur next update
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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyTue Dec 02, 2008 7:22 pm

Chapter LVII

“Whose phone is ringing?” Michiko grumbled into Jun’s chest. The sun had been up for four hours now and yet the couple made no move to detach themselves from each other’s embrace. It was only when the constant ringing of someone’s phone wouldn’t stop that finally one of them budge. Michiko rolled to the side of the bed, her ear listening carefully to the annoying sound. The ringing stopped momentarily when she was about to get up then started again when she was about to crawl back into Jun’s arms. Still a bit disoriented from just waking up, she tripped her way into the living room and pulled out the phone from within Jun’s jacket.

“OUJI!” Mao-chan yelled out impatiently as soon as she heard the other line pick up.
“Huh?” Michiko looked at the screen and saw Mao’s smiling face. Oopps, she thought.
“Ouji?” Mao didn’t recognize the voice.

Michiko ran to the bed. She quickly got on top of Jun and shook the man awake. After a few seconds of stretching, he propped himself up on his elbows and openly stared at her. “You up for some more?”

“OUJI!!!” Mao screamed out loud. Wow, that girl could scream. She was not on speakerphone but it sounded like she was. “Is that?” Michiko nodded then dropped the phone next to him. She turned to leave but Jun steered her back into his arms. He laid back down, keeping Michiko with him then picked up the phone.

“What is it, Mao?”
“Have you seen it?! Did you see it?!”
“Calm down. See what?”
“I can’t believe it. It’s only been a few weeks ne? And he’s sleeping with other women already! I mean, that’s not MY Shun!”
“Chotto matte. Shun’s sleeping with other women?”

Michiko burst out laughing and Jun had to push her head into his chest so her laugher didn’t reach Mao’s ears.

“Matsumoto, is there someone else with you?”
“But like I was saying! He is! Okay, I know I confessed to you and all but, but… how could he do this to me?”
“Mao-chan. You did break up with him. What did you expect him to do? Mope around for eternity?”
“Not eternity but at least a year or so.”
“You women are crazy.”

That earned him a jab on his side. He glared at Michiko and mouthed “Don’t do that.”

“I shouldn’t have left him. Ouji! It’s all your fault!”
“EH?!! What did I do??! Besides, it might not be true. Have you even considered that?”
“But the article pointed it out clearly! She was wearing the same dress when she was at the club then the morning after, she was in Shun’s car! There is no room for error there!”
“Why don’t you call Shun and ask him yourself?”
“I can’t do that. He would think I’m jealous.”
“Which you are.”
“It’s all your fault! You call Shun and find out.”
“Again, how is this my fault?”
“You made me weak and uncertain of my feelings.”
“I did nothing of the sort.”
“Well, I don’t care anymore. Ask him then call me.”
“Right now?”
“YES! And I want a detailed explanation. While you do that, I’ll see if I can find out more information about that woman. I don’t know her. Do you?”
“You know her, don’t you?!”
“Why don’t you do your research. I’ll call Shun. Je ne.”

Jun lowered his head down and found Michiko staring at his chest.

“That was Mao.”

She didn’t look up.

“I know. I picked up the phone, remember?”
“She saw the photo of you and Shun together.”
“And she wants him back now? After what she did…”
“I’m sure Shun still loves her.”
“Then there shouldn’t be a problem.”
“I wonder if I should tell her.”
“Tell her what?”
“About you.”
“I already told her that I have a girlfriend.”

Michiko looked up and met his gaze.

“You did?!”
“I did.”
“And… what? She asked if we can still be friends and I said yes and that’s it.”
“Oh. Are you calling Shun then?”
“Why should I do that, dildo. I already know he didn’t sleep with you.”
“Well, aren’t you calling her back?”
“Maybe later.”

There was something bothering her, he could tell from the way her lips were pursed.

“What is it?”
“She calls you… ouji? That means prince ne?”

She began to write the word prince on his chest with her finger.

“She does.”

There wasn’t really any explanation for it. She just started calling him that when they worked on the Hanadan set. His band mates used to call him that, too, but eventually stopped.

“I guess it’s okay. Shun…”

Maybe she shouldn’t tell him about that but then again, he might eventually hear it.

“Shun? What about Shun?”

Yabe~ He was not going to like it. If he was going to talk to Ohno about him calling her Michi, how would he react to Shun having his own nickname for her?

“Shun’s okay with her calling you that ne?”

He shrugged.

“He never complained about it so I guess so. I mean, it doesn’t mean anything special.”
“Sou ka.”
“By the way, Michiko. Starting tomorrow and for a month or so, I’m going to be really busy.”

When she didn’t say anything, he sighed and told her his schedule. First, there was a drama special that he will be starring in with Mao-chan. The next two weeks, they would have to go several locations in Japan and then after that, they were heading to Hawaii and they were going to film there for at least a week. But he will be in Japan for his birthday, only because he had the 24 Hour Television’s annual charity program to attend to. That was before he actually leaves for Hawaii.

“EHH??! You’ll be here but you’ll be working?! That’s not fair! How and when are we supposed to celebrate? And then the week after that, you’re leaving for Hawaii!”

“Gomen but that’s when it was scheduled. I rarely get a day off on my birthday. We’re always out doing something, may it be a concert or some TV show or movie.”

She grumbled some more before she finally let him continue.

“After Hawaii, we’ll be rehearsing non-stop for our upcoming concerts. There’s going to be one in the Tokyo Dome then we’re going to Korea. But that’s not till December. And we’ll only be there for three days then we go to Taiwan for three more days then Shanghai.”
“MOU! What am I supposed to do when you’re not here?!”
“Miss me.”

Their time together that day didn’t last long. Jun received a call from Ohno telling him he was late for an interview. He sounded calm while in the background, Nino was yelling at him for sounding calm. “I don’t care if he’s at Michiko’s, he better get his ass here right now!” Jun had let his guard down and forgotten about the interview. He apologized to Ohno for forgetting and then to Michiko for leaving so soon. She didn’t hide how she felt at that moment. Her eyes were sad and there was a hint of uncertainty for their future.

“I’ll try to call you when I can, okay?”

They were at the door and Michiko was biting on her lip so hard to stop it from quivering that she ended up drawing blood. It didn’t help that it was already swollen from him kissing her all night and during the wee hours of the morning.

“Babe, don’t do that.” He brushed a thumb on her lips and she parted them. “Fuck, you’re bleeding.” Jun tilted her chin up and brought his mouth down to suck on her bottom lip. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him back inside the apartment. He couldn’t stop kissing her and she didn’t want him to stop. Before he knew it, they were almost near the bed. Jun broke the kiss and stared at her face… she had tears in her eyes.

“Michi, I can’t stay.”
“I know.”
“Aren’t you going to work?”
“No, not today.”

They reached the door and after one more kiss, Michiko closed it but before she could lock it, the knob turned and Jun pushed it open.

“Here’s the keys to my place. I’ll see you there after work.”

He kissed her again then left. Michiko stared at the keys in her hand then called out to him.

“Jun?! JUN?!”

But he had already stepped into the elevator. Quietly, she sighed.

“I love you.”

It didn’t take long for Michiko to pack up her laptop and leave. There was absolutely nothing to do at her place. She didn’t have cable or internet connection and her 360 was still not working. What she should have done was take her 360 with her and drop it off at the post office but she got lazy. While she was on the train, she thought of Jun’s schedule. So starting tomorrow, he would have no time for her. And on top of that, he was going be shooting a drama with Mao. That meant she was going to be with him for almost a month. If what she was feeling right now could be seen clearly, there would be thunderclouds over her head and lightning would be shooting out of her eyes. Boy, she would love to get some headshots on Halo just about now. It was not fair, she thought. Why did Mao get to spend a lot of time with him? Maybe the publicity with Shun could help her get into the acting business and eventually, maybe she could be in a movie with Jun, too. That would be awesome! Hmm, she could definitely try to use this to her advantage. Ken was right. This would only help her career. And it was good that Shun and his manager were on the same page. If she ever got a movie or drama offer because of that photo with Shun, she was definitely going to consider it. But she was not that lucky. Who would want someone who had no experience?

Michiko thought more about making movies and started daydreaming of different scripts for Jun and her. She had gotten off the train and gotten on the bus when her phone rang.

“Eh?” She looked at the caller ID.

“Gomenasai! I’ve been busy!”
“I know it’s been almost three months.”
“No, I’m not hiding anything from you.”
“Yes, I’m NOT pregnant.”

That reply earned her some stares from the other people on the bus.

“Do you really need to know that?”
“Sex is a form of exercise.”

Someone snickered.

“Like you can last one hour.”
“Oh yeah? Well, I’ll ask Ma.”
“You saw that? But how?”
“You ordered it at Kinokuniya?!”
“That’s ‘cause I wasn’t wearing a bra.”
“They’re called nipple patches.”
“You don’t have the man boobs for them.”
“He’s doing fine.”
“I don’t live with him, Otou-chan! How am I supposed to feed him?”
“He is not that thin!”
“He is not anorexic!”
“You want me to move in with him so I can make him fat?”
“He knows how to cook, you know.”
“Fine, tell Ma to email me the recipes.”
“Okay, I’ll talk to Ma.”

Short pause.

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyTue Dec 02, 2008 7:22 pm

“Rui? I do know him.”
“Yeah, he’s a friend of…”
“I am not getting his autograph for you.”
“MA! That’s blackmail!”
“Oh you saw the Hanadan movie?”
“Can you tell Otou-chan that? He thinks he’s too thin.”
“Mhmm, that scene on the island.”
“Sexy is the right word.”
“MA!! You’re so nasty! What if Otou-chan hears you?!”
“I don’t need pointers.”
“I know what I’m doing.”
“Too much information, Ma!”
“What the--”
“Fudge. I said fudge!”
“Because Otou-chan asked me the same question.”
“I am not telling!”
“Well, what does sexually active mean to you?!”
“Five times a day?!”
“Are you crazy?”
“I’m sorry.”
“Of course you’re not crazy.”
“No NO, don’t give the phone to--.”
“I’m off today. Hai.”
“I’m on the bus. I’m going to his apartment.”
“He does. He gave me the keys.”
“You’re reading too much into this.”
“Play wife my ass.”
“I’m not ready to get married yet!”
“Now who wants who to get pregnant!”
“You’re not that old.”
“My eggs are just fine.”
“I’m sure his are fast swimmers.”
“HA! That’s why I’m an only child.”
“Maybe I can come home for Thanksgiving?”
“Okie dokie.”
“Frank was there? Why? When?”
“Put them in my room then.”
“I will.”
“You me want me to what?”
“No you can’t talk to him.”
“Blackmail!!!! You and Ma are too much!”
“I love you, too.”

rest of the bus ride was awkward. People kept staring at her. Some
giggled and some gave her dirty looks. Great, just great! Why was it
that her conversations with her parents always end up like that?
Michiko was relieved when her stop came and after a short taxi ride,
she arrived in front of Jun’s complex. She timidly walked inside,
looking around, nervously wondering if it was okay for her to be there.

“OH! Osashiburi desu ne!”

A loud voice from behind
startled her. She quickly turned around and blinked at an older woman
who was maybe in her late forties to early fifties. Michiko bowed and
smiled at her while she racked her brain for a name but she never met
any of Jun’s neighbors except for Shun. Her face was not familiar at

“I remember you very well. You’re on the 5th floor, aren’t you? I always see you coming home late at night.”

She did?

“But you suddenly disappeared.”
“Ah, I actually, ano, don’t live here.”
“I figured as much dear.”
“So who are you with?”
“Excuse me?”
“I figured you were with someone from the 5th but I saw you go to the 3rd floor twice.”

Who was this woman? Stalker? Spy?

“It’s okay dear, you don’t have to tell me.”
“Well then, go on ahead. Good to see you.”

too,” she said, although that was the first time she’d seen her. What
an odd encounter, she thought while she headed to the elevator. She saw
that the door was open so she ran for it. “Arigato!” She bowed when she
discovered that the person inside held it for her. When she looked up,
she almost gasped. Inoue Mao stood in front of her. “Are you getting
in?” She asked and Michiko stepped in while Mao stepped back. She
turned her back to her and stared at the elevator doors closing.
“You’re going to the same floor?” She heard her ask. The 3rd floor
button was lit and she concluded that Mao maybe visiting Shun. Michiko
pushed the 5th floor button, thankful that Mao didn’t recognize her
from the photo. When they arrived on the 3rd, she breathed a sigh of
relief but it was short-lived. The door opened and who else would be
standing there but Shun.

“Hime! You came to see me?” A wide smile spread on his face. Michiko made a cutting motion with her hand in front of her neck.

Mao’s voice came from behind her and Shun leaned sideways, his jaw
dropping slightly. Mao came into view; she stepped forward, pushing
Michiko to the side. “Mao-chan? What are you doing here?” Big mistake
Shun! That was not the right question to ask!

“What am I doing
here?!” The younger woman’s gaze fell on her, even when she wasn’t
looking at her… Michiko could feel her ice cold stare. What was she
supposed to do? Her eyes pleaded to Shun. He lifted his shoulders in
response to Mao then pulled her out of the elevator. Mao glared at
Michiko and she in turn just smiled back while she frantically pushed
the ‘close door’ button. It was when the doors were slowly closing when
Mao finally recognized her. “HEY! You’re that woman on the—.” The doors
shut and the elevator went up before Michiko could hear the rest of her
sentence but she caught a glimpse of Shun’s “Oh-shit” expression when
Mao spoke. “Fuck. He’s dead.”

The hours passed quickly for
Michiko. By noon, she finished cleaning and fixing up the apartment.
And she also got to go online and email some of her friends. Aside from
that, she downloaded some Arashi shows, Jun’s dramas and movies, and
started watching them. She was in the middle of Tokyo Tower when the
doorbell rang. Michiko almost fell out of her chair when she rushed off
to go to the door. She was smiling broadly when she swung the door open
but it was not Jun that greeted her. Her disappointment showed and she
tried to hide it by faking a look of surprise.

“Too late. I
already saw the ‘Aww man, it’s not him’ look on your face. I don’t know
why you bothered hiding it. It’s me, Michiko.”

She smiled sheepishly at Shun then peered behind him.

“She went home.”
“Oh. So soon?”
“Well, come on in. Have a seat. Can I get you something to drink?”

good. I’m not bothering you, am I?” Shun asked while he took off his
shoes. Michiko led him to the couch and they both sat down. “Not
really. I was just watching one of Jun’s movies.”
“I see.”

A few seconds of silence passed between them.

“I’d offer you some liquor but Jun only has wine. No whiskey. And it’s a bit too early to be drinking.”
“If I wanted to drink, I would’ve just stayed home.”
“What’s wrong, Shun?”
“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

He leaned back on the couch with his hands behind his head.

dreamt of this day. When Mao comes back and tells me that she was wrong
for leaving me. But now that it did happen… I don’t know.”

He looked torn and she wished there was something she could say that would ease his troubles.
“Don’t you still love her?”
“That’s the thing. There will always be a part of me that loves her but…”
“A but is never good in this type of situation.”
“Well why is there a but?”
“I think… I might be… in love with someone else.”

kept looking straight. If he had looked at her, his eyes might have
betrayed him. There was no point telling her this. There was nothing
she could do to help him… unless… He sighed. Why did he come see her?
It was only making him feel worse. He should have stayed home and

“That’s serious.”
“Does she know about this?”
“Did you tell Mao?”
“How about this other woman?”
“She doesn’t know anything.”

And he preferred it that way.

“Well, are you going to tell her?”
“She’s already with someone.”

got up and stood in front of him then bent forward. She placed her
hands on his shoulders then started shaking him senselessly.

“Why. Are. You. Doing. This. To. Your. Self?!”

Shun had a look of pure amusement when Michiko shook him.

a great guy. You deserve better. If you don’t want to get back with
Mao, fine. But don’t go pining for someone who’s already taken! Unless…”
“Unless you’re going to take action. Unless you have a plan to make her yours.”

looked away from her searching gaze. It never occurred to him… the
thought of taking her away from Jun. Great, now she had planted the
seed. But it was impossible anyway. The probability was… fuck, why was
he even entertaining the thought?

“I see you never thought of
it.” She straightened up and held out her hand. He looked at it with a
raised eyebrow. “You hungry? I am.”

Wanting to cheer Shun up,
Michiko took him out to lunch. They decided to go somewhere close in
case Jun comes home early. They went to a cozy okonomiyaki place that
was about 10 minutes away from the apartment. They were lucky it wasn’t
crowded because Shun didn’t bother hiding who he was from the public.
Michiko thought it was dangerous. What if he gets mobbed by a bunch of
women? What if they end up attacking her for being with him? It made
her a bit jumpy all throughout the time they got out of the complex and
up to the point they sat in a the little booth.

“Michiko, relax. No ones going to start a cat fight with you.”
“I don’t know. Some fans can be really possessive of their idols.”
“Stop thinking about that and cook. I’m hungry.”
“Who says I’m cooking for you?!”
“But you’re so much better at it ne? Come on.”
“Hmm, maybe Mao is better off without you.”
“Eh? What happened to the ‘You’re a great guy’ speech?”

opened her mouth for a rebuttal but a flash caught her attention. She
turned and found some guy with a professional looking camera snapping
away. She glared at him.

“What the fuck?!”
“Let him be, Michiko.”

But she already stood up and was walking towards the guy. Shun immediately stood up and followed her.

“Can you at least take your fucking flash off? Seriously. You call yourself a paparazzi?”

person blinked at her, stunned at her reaction. He didn’t expect her to
actually confront him. “Yoku-san, ne? Men sure love that rough and
tough quality about you. It certainly has a sexual appeal to it.” Shun
protectively held her shoulders, he turned around, his back facing the
photographer. “Let’s go eat. Just ignore him.” The person snickered
from behind and he turned his neck to glower at him. “Oguri-san. Your
taste in women have changed. I can’t say I can blame you. The sweet and
pure types always tend to fall for the bad boys.”

clenched her teeth. She knew he was talking about Mao and Jun. “You’ve
taken enough photos of us. Can you now leave us be?” He asked politely
even though all he wanted to do was shove the guys face on the hot
stove next to him. “Always the nice guy, eh Oguri-san. One last shot…
please?” Shun felt Michiko move. Remembering what she had done to the
woman who called her a slut, he acted quick and without hesitation.
With his hands still on her shoulders, he swiveled her so she faced
him. “Hime.” She looked up, distracted by how soft his voice had
become. He lowered his lips and her eyes grew big. “Shun, no.” Her
hands went up to his chest and she tried to push him away but it was
too late, his lips touched her forehead and she heard a snap.


End of Chapter LVII


- GAAHH SHUN!! What were you thinking?? BAKA! LOL. Will Shun do
something about his feelings? How's Michiko going to deal with Jun's
busy schedule? When are they fuckin gonna say it?!! LOL.

for reading!!!! Sorry if its a bit dull. Kinda mulling over how to
unfold the next series of events. I know ya'll have your theories ^^

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptySun Dec 07, 2008 2:03 pm

Chapter LVIII

“Arigato na, Oguri-san… Yoku-san. I’ll make sure this goes on the front page.”
“Fuck!” She cursed again.

When the bastard left, Michiko crossed her arms and stared angrily at Shun.

“You were going to hit him!”
“I was not! I was going to grab his camera and bash his head with it.”
“Even worse.”
“Shun, you shouldn’t have done that.”
“I’ll…” He looked around and remembered where they were. Pulling Michiko back to their booth, he whispered the rest. “I’ll explain it to Jun, okay? Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

She gave him a doubtful look but dropped the subject and decided that her tummy was growling too much to care about how Jun was going to react this time around. If it was going to be same reaction as last time, she better do her kegels and get some rest when she gets back to his apartment.

Shun sensed the ominous aura around Michiko after the paparazzi left and decided to keep quiet all throughout lunch. What he did was probably a big mistake and he might regret it later but it was better to have that photo plastered on the tabloids instead of a lawsuit against Michiko for attacking without probable cause. And she would have attacked the guy. He could tell from the way she menacingly looked at him. How did Jun keep her in check? Especially when they weren’t around each other most of the time?

“How’s Jun?” They were walking back to the apartment complex when he finally started a conversation. Michiko gave out a heavy sigh. “He just told me this morning that he’s going to be busy from tomorrow on. Which was why he gave me the keys to his apartment. So I can be here when he gets home. Though, I don’t know when he’ll be home. He hasn’t called or messaged me.”

“You’ll be fine ne? You’ll be busy at work, too. Plus if you get bored, you can always call me or one of Arashi.”

Michiko gave him a look that said ‘Yeah right.’

“He probably wouldn’t like it if I spend too much time with you or the others but what else could I do? Sulk at home?”
“So he still gets jealous?”
“Is the earth round? The sky blue? Am I not the best Halo player on the planet? Yes, yes, and hell yeah I am.”

Shun chuckled at her reply and she glared at him so he cleared his throat and replied seriously.

“What are you doing about it then?”
“Tell me, what am I suppose to do? Hmm? Even if I wanted to shout out to the world that I’m Matsumoto Jun’s girlfriend, I can’t.”
“The world doesn’t need to know, Michiko. He’s the only one that needs reassuring.”
“Like I haven’t reassured him enough by moving to Japan to be with him?”
“Good point.”
“Why don’t you talk to him and knock some sense into him? Seriously. Hit him a few times. Maybe that’ll clear up his head.”
“You don’t really want me to hit him ne?”
“I should hit him myself. It did him some good before.”
“You… punched… Jun?”
“Yeah. And I kicked him, too. Maybe that’s what he needs. A nice beating.”
“You’re crazy.”
“Crazy like a fox.”

They just entered the building when Michiko’s phone vibrated.

Wrapping up a short interview. Will meet you at home soon. -- Jun

“Yep. Said he should be home soon.”
“Lucky you.”
“Meh. He didn’t say how soon.”
“You’re very demanding.”
“As I should be. I might not see him in months. He’s even going to be out of the country for a week or so.”
“Why don’t you do something special for him before he leaves?”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know. You figure it out. Maybe you can give him something that he can take with him to remember you by?”
“Hmm. I love plotting. Thanks, Shun. I’ll think about it.”
“And don’t worry about that shot earlier. I’ll talk to him about it.”

Shun bid her goodbye when he got off his floor and promised again that he would talk to Jun about the photo before the magazine hit the stands. She thanked him for that and got off the fifth floor. It was only twenty minutes after three in the afternoon and she had no idea how long the interview was going to take. So she thought about Shun’s suggestion. What could he give Jun before he leaves for Hawaii? Michiko got online and did some research. She also downloaded some more J-pop songs that she could listen to while she brainstormed. A couple of hours later, her eyes were tired and watery. She rubbed them with the back of her hand and leaned back on the chair. But just when she was about to give up, a song played on her iTunes that caught her attention. Suddenly, her head was filled with ideas but they seemed too elaborate. But she could pull it off. Maybe. Guess, she would have to give it a try and see. Michiko smiled and stretched out her arms.

“I think I’ll take a nap.”

Loud pounding resounded from the living room. Michiko opened an eye and yawned. Where was she? Oh, she was at Jun’s. The banging was louder now and it didn’t let up.


She rolled off the bed, tripped on the sheets that slipped to the floor, got up while rubbing her knee then quickly ran towards the door. When she opened it, she automatically jumped on Jun, throwing her arms around his neck, her legs around his hips. “Babe! Let’s go to…” Her eyes widened in shock and embarrassment. He was not Jun. “…bed.” Two pairs of laughing eyes stared at her while the pair right in front of her, expressed a sort of dazed and confused look. “Ohno-kun?”

“Osoi yo, Aiba-chan!”

Jun’s voice echoed through the hallway. Michiko turned and found herself looking at his “What-the-fuck-is-going-on” expression. To make matters worse, she was only wearing one of his white button down shirts and underwear. Actually, no, what made it worse was that Ohno’s palms were on her ass to keep her in place. “Fuck!”


Ohno dropped his arms and Michiko slid off him, her face a nice shade of pink.

“Hi hi, Michiko!” Aiba greeted her, waving his arms wildly.

Jun briskly walked towards her.

“Why didn’t you tell me we were having guests?!” She yelled at him then ran into the apartment, heading straight for the bathroom. Jun broke into a sprint and chased her.

“This is like old times ne?” Sho laughed while he pushed the still dazed Ohno inside.
“Eh? What’s wrong with Riida?” Aiba asked, trotting after Sho. Nino rolled his eyes upward and followed everybody in. They kept themselves entertained in the living room, not wanting to intrude or complicate whatever discussion Michiko and Jun were having. But so far, there was no discussion happening. Michiko was inside the bathroom, too embarrassed to face Ohno and the rest. Jun was right outside the door, asking her to let him in.

“Come on, babe. Open the door.”
“No! I’m staying in here all night.”
“Don’t be stupid. You can’t sleep in there.”
“I’ve slept on the floor many a times, I’ll be fine.”
“Can you please stop this and just let me in?”
“I didn’t mean to jump on Ohno-kun! When I opened the door, I just assumed it was you standing behind it.”
“I know, I know.”

Jun heard a click then the door slightly opened. He went inside and closed the door behind him. She stood in front of him, her head bent down, eyes on the floor. Her hands were behind her back.

“Michiko. Stop digging your nails into your hands.”

She let her arms fall to her side.

“Why do you keep wearing my clothes? Seriously.”
“I took a nap.”
“Can’t you nap in your own clothes?”
“But this smells like you.”
“Don’t tell me you took that out of the hamper…”
“It was on top of it…”
“Babe, that’s disgusting. Come here.”
“It doesn’t stink!”
“Come here.”

She pouted but stepped forward. Jun reached out and started loosening the buttons.

“Wait. I don’t have anything to wear if you undress me.”
“Who says you’re getting dressed after?”

He pulled her closer, one hand went around her waist, supporting her lower back while the other hand held the back of her neck. His lips came down and brushed her lower lip. They stared at each other, Michiko knew what was about to happen. Jun wanted her but there was something else hidden behind the lust in his eyes.

“Ne, Michiko…” His voice trembled a tad.

Jun opened his mouth then closed it. He bit his lip and gulped. “I, uh…” His heart was beating so fast and he was starting to feel a shortness of breath. “Ai…”

“Nani ga?”

Shit! He couldn’t say it. It was on the tip of his tongue.

“Gomen, I…” He let go of her, stepped back and took a deep breath. Her brows furrowed at his behavior. She had no idea what he was going through. He wanted to tell her but he couldn’t bring himself to say it. What was wrong with him? This was not the right time and place, he reasoned. They were in the bathroom for crying out loud. There was nothing romantic about that.

“Daijoubu desu.”

It didn’t look like she believed him.

“Well then… can you get my bra and jeans? They should be near the bed.”
“I’ll get you a new shirt, too.”

He had his hand on the knob but something urged him to turn around.

“Actually, Michiko…”

This time, it was her who pulled him closer and kissed him. There was no resisting this woman, he thought as he slipped his hands underneath her shirt, up her back and down then detouring to her front, sliding up and cupping a breast. She moaned and yes, that started it all.

In the living room…

Nino: “They’re not doing a good job entertaining their guests.”
Sho: “Why are you complaining? You have your DS to keep you busy.”
Aiba: “Nino, can I play? Let me borrow it for a second.”
Nino: “No way. Not even for a nano-second.”
Aiba: “Mou! I’m not going to break it.”
Sho: “It’s useless, Aiba-chan. Nobody touches Nino’s DS but himself.”
Aiba: “I bet you can say the same thing for his…”

Sho smacked Aiba’s head.


Ohno: “Did you guys hear that?”
Nino: “The argument must have just started.”

In the bathroom…

Jun: “Sshhh. Babe, you’re getting loud.”
Michiko: “I can’t help it! Oh God…”
Jun: “I said, keep it down.”

She bit on her lip hard.

Jun: *stops* “Don’t do that.”
Michiko: “Don’t. Don’t stop, Jun.”
Jun: “Your lip is going to bleed again.”

She stopped biting down.

Back in the living room…

Aiba: “I’m going to turn the TV on.”
Sho: “Put it on the news.”
Aiba: “Iya! I want to watch the Animal channel. There’s a show about pandas today.”
Ohno: “I wonder if Jun has the 24 hour fishing channel.”
Nino: “Why would he get that?”
Ohno: “Because fishing is cool.”


Nino paused his game. That didn’t sound like they were arguing. Aiba was too busy searching for the right channel and Sho was helping him. Apparently, they didn’t hear her. When he looked at Ohno, it looked like he had gone daydreaming about fishing again. Great, of all people, he was the one who heard her clearly.


[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptySun Dec 07, 2008 2:04 pm

And in the bathroom…

Jun: *stops again* “Babe!” *sternly this time* “That was really loud.”
Michiko: “Goddamnit, Jun! Stop stopping!”
Jun: “They’re going to hear you.”
Michiko: “Then stop doing it so good.”
Jun: “Seriously?”
Michiko: “Jun, please…” *moves her hips*
Jun: *grits his teeth*

Back to the living room again…

Nino concentrated on his game, relieved that she was keeping it down but still disconcerted because of his awareness of what was taking place a several feet away from them.

Sho: “So after 5 minutes, change the channel to the news.”
Aiba: “Fine. But if they show the pandas, I’m not doing it.”
Nino: “Turn the volume up, will ya?”
Aiba: “But it’s already loud.”
Sho: “Yeah, it is. Don’t listen to Nino, Aiba-chan.”
Nino: “Suit yourselves.”


Aiba: “What did you say, Nino?”
Nino: “I didn’t say anything.”


Sho: “Who was that?”
Nino: “Seriously?”
Aiba: “What’s harder?”

Sho started to explain to Aiba the meaning of the word. Nino grabbed the remote while they were both distracted and turned the volume way up high.

Ohno: “My ears are starting to hurt.”
Aiba: “Nino! What are you doing?!”

The trio looked at Nino questioningly. He dropped the remote into his pants.

Nino: “Saving us all.”


Her cries were muted down by the TV, thanks to Nino’s heroic efforts. But…

Nino: “Oh-chan, yamete!”
Aiba: “Give it up or we’re taking it by force!”
Ohno: “Either way, you’re going to end up with your pants down.”
Nino: “Don’t you guys understand? This is for your own good.”
Sho: “Ne. Isn’t there a volume control on the TV?”
Nino: “No!”
Aiba: “Oh, you’re right! Where is it?”
Sho: “I don’t know. I always use the remote.”
Ohno: “Baka. It’s right there.”
Sho: “Doko?”
Ohno: “On the side.”
Aiba: “EH?! Riida’s right.”
Nino: “You guys are making a big mistake.”

He took his game and went out of the apartment. He warned them. It was out of his hands now.

Sho: “There.”
Aiba: “Much better.”
Ohno: “My ears…”


Ohno: “…still hurt.”

Their eyes widened.

Aiba: “Turn the volume up, Sho-kun!”
Sho: “HAI HAI!”
Ohno: “I’m… going to find Nino.”
Aiba: “Riida! Matte!!! I’m going with you!”
Sho: “OI! Don’t leave me alone here!”

Michiko was breathing hard and so was Jun but that didn’t stop him from laughing.

“What’s so funny?” She curiously asked.
“I think they heard you.”
“You think so?”
“Okay. I know so. You were screaming your head off, babe.”
“Nooo. Was I?”

He nodded vigorously.

“Fuck! Just great! How am I supposed to face them now?”

Jun kissed the tip of her nose.

“They’ll get over it. But, they might think twice before visiting me again when you’re here.”

Surprisingly enough, the four members didn’t go far. They were huddled right outside Jun’s door. “Do you think it’s safe to go back in?” Aiba whispered to Nino, who was cursing under his breath for dying several times in his game. “I don’t know, Aiba!!” He snapped at him. The taller man scooted away from him and bumped shoulders with Sho. “Sho-chan. Go in and listen.” Sho looked at Aiba incredulously. “Why me?” Ohno held out his arm. “Janken?” Nino glared at the oldest in the group. “We can’t solve everything with Janken.” Just then, the door opened and Jun stared at them. “What are you guys doing out here?”

“Save it for the judge, Jun-kun. We know you know why we’re here.” Nino replied, annoyed at Jun’s nonchalant attitude. He stood up and went inside. “If you wanted some time alone with Michiko, you shouldn’t have invited us.” Sho said, patting his shoulder before going in. Jun felt his neck and face warming up. Aiba just smiled then ran inside yelling, “Pandas!”

Jun looked at Ohno. “Riida?” He stood in front of him and shook his head, “Tsk tsk tsk,” then went inside. He ran his fingers through his hair. They were never going to let him forget about this for sure.

But they didn’t tease Michiko about it. The next few hours were spent ordering food, eating, and then watching a movie. When the movie ended, Nino volunteered to drive Ohno home. He had a TV appearance to go to in the morning and didn’t want to stay up late. After they left, Aiba asked for a massage. Michiko happily got on his back and started. Jun turned away and tried his best not to get jealous, focusing his attention on Sho talking about his upcoming projects.

“AAHHH, that feels so good, Mi-chan! Can I get a massage once, no, twice a week from you?!”

She chuckled lightly. “When you’re free and I’m free, sure, Aiba-chan.” He smiled widely and closed his eyes, enjoying her palms kneading the area right under his neck. When she moved to his shoulder blades… “Oh right there, Mi-chan. Harder.” She paused, blushing at the memory of her screaming the same word earlier, twice. “Mi-chan?” Aiba craned his neck to look at her. “Ah gomen.” She continued massaging. “Jun-kun is so lucky. I bet he gets a massage every night.” Michiko laughed at that. “How is that possible? We don’t live together anymore, remember?”

“Oh, sou desu ne. That’s sad. You shouldn’t have moved out.”
“It’s for the best.”
“But don’t you miss him?”
“Of course I do.”

Jun was guilty of eavesdropping on Aiba and Michiko’s conversation. His lips curled into a smile when he heard her last reply.

“What do you miss the most?”

Oh, good question. He sent his gratitude to Aiba telepathically.

“Hmm. I miss sleeping next to him. My bed feels so big even though it’s only a full-sized bed. His is king sized. I don’t know what he does with all that room.”

He filled it up with pillows in replacement of her body.

“Though come to think of it, he has a lot more pillows now than before.”
“He probably hugs the pillows thinking it’s you.”
“What are you saying, Aiba-chan?! That I’m fluffy?”
“That you’re soft.”
“What else, Mi-chan?”
“There’s quite a few…”

She thought of the massages she gave him. When she would move her hips on his lower back… and how it usually led to…

“OHhh, Mi-chan. Whatever you’re doing right now, don’t stop. Kimochi.”

Michiko stopped and immediately got off Aiba.

“Gomen ne, Aiba-chan. I’m feeling a bit tired.” She lied.
“It’s okay! Thanks for the massage. I loved it.”
“My turn!” Sho announced but Aiba grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the door.
“Let’s go home, Sho-chan. Mi-chan’s tired.”

Sho grumbled but left with Aiba anyway.

Michiko was waiting in bed when Jun finally came out of the bathroom.

“You shouldn’t be fantasizing while you’re with someone else, dildo.”
“Who said I was fantasizing?!”
“Oh so you knew what you were doing when you started grinding on top of Aiba’s back.”
“Then you were fantasizing about doing that to me. NE?”
“Un.” She replied quietly.
“You don’t have to fantasize about it now.”

Jun laid himself down on the bed, back facing up. She grinned and sat on his lower back.

“You want the special ne?”

Michiko started moving her hips.


She felt him twist his body so she lifted herself up and let him roll unto his back then she sat back down. He groaned when she made contact with his lower region.

“Okay, you may continue.”

The shrilly ring of Michiko’s phone sounded off.

“Let it ring.”

She nodded and rubbed herself on him. The ringing stopped then started again. They ignored it and it stopped. Michiko took off her shirt and Jun reached for her breasts. The phone rang again.

“CHIKUSYO!” It was pissing him off.
“I should just pick it up and tell whoever it is that I’m busy, okay?”

She bent down and kissed him then went to get her phone.

“Moshi moshi.”

She walked back to the bed with the phone on her ear.

“Dare?” Jun asked.

Michiko’s jaw dropped.

“Gomenasai! I totally forgot.”

Jun frowned.

“Dare?!” He asked again.

Michiko held a finger to her lips, asking him to shush.

“Iye, Otou-chan. I’m not busy.”

End of Chapter LVIII

A/N -
When I started this chapter, I wasn't planning on bringing the rest of Arashi along with Jun to his apartment. So instead of moving onto the next day, we got stuck on the same day. I hope you receive this chapter well. It's mostly crack, I suppose LOL.

Kegels (Kegel Exercises) - named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, consists of contracting and relaxing the muscles which form part of the pelvic floor (sometimes called the "Kegel muscles"). They also increase sexual gratification.

Thanks for reading!! Comments please, harder! ^___^ Eh, that didn't make sense LOL.

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyWed Dec 10, 2008 8:44 pm

Ne, Minna-san. This chapter has a lot of dialogue actually. Hope that's okay. Just trying to move the story along. I suppose there's a bit of foreshadowing in here.. XP

Chapter LIX

How could she have completely forgotten that To-chan was suppose to call tonight? Michiko had promised him that he could have a chat with Jun for a few minutes. Obviously, she didn’t have a choice in that matter. To-chan and Ma were very well verse in the language of blackmail. It didn’t help that they had contacts in Japan that would bow down to their every whim. That was how powerful and dangerous they were. Why did she have parents like them?! Now the problem was, she hadn’t told Jun about the arrangement she made. He watched her curiously while she nodded to everything that To-chan was telling her. But he was simply reassuring her that there was nothing to worry about. He was not going to grill him to death. And he promised that Ma was going to gentle with him as well. That bit of information made Michiko groan. Her Ma talking to Jun was not part of the original deal, she complained to him about it but he reminded her of what would happen if she didn’t comply. Michiko wanted to yell at him but she held her tongue.

“Okay, hold on for a few minutes.”

She pressed the mute button on the phone then looked at Jun. “Babe?”

He eyed her suspiciously. Michiko got on the bed and crawled towards him.

“What is it?”

She bit her lip then hugged him tightly.

“Eh?” Jun looked down at Michiko clinging to his chest.

“What is it?” She looked up and smiled sheepishly.

“Are you going to tell me or not?”
“Umm. I kinda promised my parents you would talk to them for a bit.”

She clapped her hands in front of her then bowed really low.


Jun looked at her in disbelief.

“Oi! Maji desu ka?!”

She nodded.

“Well, they just wanna get to know you or something. Just a few minutes, babe. Pleeeaaase?”

She batted her eyelashes at him but ended up hurting her eye and she had to rub them.

“Damn, I was never good at this.”
“Are you sure it’s okay? What if they don’t like me?”
“I’m not worried about that. Just answer honestly. I’m sure they’ll mostly be asking questions.”
“If you say so… but…” He smacked his lips together. “I don’t know about this.”

What was the worse that could happen ne? It was her parents. He should feel honored that they wanted to get to know him better ne? That meant that they didn’t have any hard feelings towards him for asking their only daughter to move away from them… ne?

“Thank you!”

She dropped the phone and kissed him square on his lips. Jun wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back passionately. Before she knew it, she was on her back and Jun was on top of her, slipping his tongue inside her mouth. A purring sound tickled the back of her throat. His hands began to explore her body. And then the phone rang. They both pulled back and stared at the vibrating piece of metal.

“Oh shit!” Michiko answered it. “Gomenasai.” To-chan was angry. He asked if he was interrupting anything. “Iya iya iya. We just got disconnected, that’s all.”

“K, To-chan. Here’s Jun.”

She handed him the phone. Jun sat up, cleared his throat then greeted Michiko’s father.

“Moshi moshi. Ohayou gozaimasu. Ano, Yoku-san.”
“Ah, hai. It is almost midnight here.”
“Actually… she’s going to sleep here tonight.”
“Demo. Must I really answer that question?”

Michiko frowned. She held out her hand, asking for the phone.

“Matte, Yoku-san.”

He handed the phone to Michiko.

“To-chan. What the hell did you ask him?!”
“EH?! You can’t expect him to answer that!”
“Fine! We WERE about to get it on when you called. Satisfied?!”

Jun’s eyes grew big and his mouth fell open.

“Look what you did. Jun’s in total shock now.”
“Because this is not how a normal conversation between parents and their adult children should sound like.”
“Do you promise to behave?”

Michiko gave the phone back to Jun. He looked at it like some kind of contagious disease contaminated it. But he took it anyway after several deep breaths.

“You don’t have to apologize.”
“I’m just not used to that kind of questioning.”
“No, my parents and I don’t talk about that.”
“Ano… okay. Go ahead.”

Michiko held out her hand again but Jun shook his head.

“Iye. I don’t. Demo Michiko wa…”
“Hai. She is using birth control pills.”

She groaned out loud after hearing his reply.

“Ano, no I’m not ready to have a baby yet.”
“Eh? Hontou?”
“Maa, I should use them then ne.”
“I… am, I guess.”
“Well, your daughter… likes it rough sometimes.”

Michiko gasped. “WHAT FUCK IS HE ASKING NOW?!” Jun ignored her, a little smile formed on his lips.

“Sou ka?”

Jun chuckled.

“Like mother like daughter eh?”
“No, we haven’t tried that yet.”
“It is weird talking about this, demo, I sorta like how you’re very open about it. I wished my parents were like that.”
“Hai, we kinda lack that kind of communication.”
“Hai. Arigato. I’ll try my best.”
“Oh. About that.”
“Yeah. We’re still not allowed to have a public relationship.”
“There’s absolutely nothing to worry about.”
“Absolutely nothing.”
“I… haven’t…”

Jun looked at Michiko.

“I know. I understand what you’re saying.”

Long pause. Jun was listening intently while Michiko was wondering what To-chan was telling him now.

“But, Yoku-san… that’s a bit unreasonable.”
“I’m just saying…”
“What if there’s an explanation?”
“I see. Very well then.”
“Eh? Okay.”

Short pause. Michiko assumed that it was her Ma’s turn to talk to him. Feeling a bit neglected, she tried to hop on Jun’s lap. He shook his head and wouldn’t let her get near him. Jun mouthed “No.” Michiko pouted and complained loudly. “Why not?!” He rolled his eyes at her. “You know why.” His lips moved silently.

“I’m doing well.”
“Hai. My schedule is going to be quite hectic this coming weeks.”
“She’s doing fine.”
“Oh you mean right now?”

Jun laughed and winked at Michiko.

“You’re right about that.”
“She knows exactly what buttons to push.”

Michiko glowered at him.

“I find it…”
“Gomen, I can’t really say it.”
“Demo, it’s still inappropriate.”
“Kaa-san, you’re making me blush.”
“Oh she said that?”
“But she said she hated the movie.”
“Ohhh, that part eh?”
“Iye, I don’t work out.”
“Well… she’s never complained.”
“She gets along with them very well.”
“I can tell she prefers having guy friends than girls.”
“As a matter of fact, I do.”
“Thanks, that’s reassuring.”
“Eh? As long as they’re not Hanazawa Rui’s type?”

Michiko tried to grab the phone from Jun when she heard his last reply but he managed to jump off the bed before she got near him. He started walking around, all the while keeping an eye on her every move.

“Sou ka? She did mention that she liked his character in the movie.”
“Hai. He is a close friend of mine.”
“He wouldn’t. I don’t think Michiko’s his type.”
“Kaa-san, you’re making me worry.”
“True. That she did.”
“Ano… her feelings?”
“Not yet. But I’m not too concerned about that.”
“Yoku-san asked about that, too. Is it a big deal with her?”
“I see.”
“Okay. Well, it was nice talking to you.”
“Hontou? I don’t mind. I’ll get Michi to send you my number then.”
“Nan desu ka?”
“That’s a bit too personal.”
“Why is it that you two are so interested in our sex life?”
“Gomenasai. I didn’t mean to sound rude.”
“Is there anything you want me to tell Michiko?”
“You did?”
“Eh? My email address?”
“Excuse me?”
“Ah hai. I’ve taken care of that.”
“She promised to only drink around people I trust and in a controlled environment.”

Michiko placed her hands on her hips and glared at him. Was he trying to warn him? Because she wasn’t doing a good job. There was absolutely nothing scary about a semi-naked woman sitting on his bed, pouting slightly at him. In fact, she was turning him on.

“It’s true. That’s what she said word for word.”
“You’re welcome.”
“Take care.”

Jun hung up and set the phone down on the night stand.

“Did you have to tell her about that?”
“About what? Oh the drinking? She asked about it. And she wanted you to know that they burned everything that Frank gave you.”
“Of course they did. What normal parents wouldn’t?” She replied sarcastically.

His eyes left Michiko’s face and dropped down to her chest. She noticed this and a mischievous grin tugged the corners of her mouth.

“I think I lost weight.”

She cupped her breasts and squeezed them.

“See? They’re a tad smaller ne? Come here and feel them. I’m sure you can tell the difference.”

He didn’t say anything but simply hurried towards the bed. When he was kneeling in front of her, she grabbed his hand and placed it on her left breast. “Am I right? And this one is usually bigger than the other.” She suppressed a giggle when he gently applied pressure on it. “Well? What do you think?”

“I… can’t tell.”
“Squeeze harder.”

She heard him take a deep breath before he squeezed.


He looked up and shook his head.

“Would it help if I… ano…” He licked his lips wet.
“Do whatever you need to do, babe. You have a different way of telling?”

Jun and Michiko picked up where they left off. It was getting hot and heavy but just when Jun was about take her, he stopped. “Matte.” He turned and opened the night stand drawer.

“Jun?! What are you doing?”

He rummaged through it and found a foiled packet then got back on top of Michiko.

“Eh?! Nande?!”

He tore it open with his teeth.

“Your dad said that although the effectiveness is between 99.5 to 99.9%, the failure rate for pills is around 7.5% with typical use.”
“So I kinda told him that I’d start using one when we, you know.”

Jun slipped it on him and was about to slide in when she pushed him to the side.

“Oi! Doushita no?!”
“You talking about percentages, rates, and MY dad just killed the mood. Good night.”

With that, she pulled the covers over her, turned to her side, and tried to sleep. Jun gaped at her then looked down.


The whole night, Jun grumbled behind Michiko. When she didn’t respond to that, he let his hands do the talking and they were very persuasive. Eventually, she surrendered to his touch and he made sure he didn’t make the same mistake twice when she was ready and begging for him.


[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyWed Dec 10, 2008 8:44 pm

It was the first day of a start of a busy month for Jun. The filming
for his drama special with Mao started early that morning. He left
Michiko at 6AM to travel to Hokkaido, the location for the first scene
they were shooting. It turned out to be a long, tiring day. Several
takes were needed due to the weather changes. It rained a bit and they
had to wait a few hours before starting the shoot again. During the
time they waited, Mao kept bugging him about Shun. He only started
paying attention to her when she mentioned meeting the woman on the
photo with him on the elevator yesterday. She had thought that she was
there to visit Shun but it turned out that she was there for someone
else. Jun wondered why Michiko didn’t mention seeing Mao or Shun.

what I know, she’s supposed to be around 28 years old but she didn’t
look that older than me when I saw her. That annoyed me. And you know
what else annoyed me?”

Jun opened his mouth to ask what but Mao just went on ahead and told him.

fact that Shun already has a nickname for her. ARRGH! It’s making my
blood boil. He didn’t have one for me! So what’s so special--.”
“Chotto matte. He has a nickname for her?”
“HAI! Can you believe it? How long have they known each other? I bet it’s just to make me jealous. And the thing is--.”
“What is it?”
“What is what?”
“What did he call her?”
“I was about to tell you! Don’t interrupt me, ouji.”

Jun apologized quickly. He wanted to know what Shun called Michiko already.

“I know exactly why he chose that nickname. You know why? I’ll tell you why. It’s because I call you Ouji.”
“And he said that it never bothered him before but I knew it! I knew he was lying!”
“Mao… what is it?”
“Isn’t it obvious? He calls her Hime.”

Now his blood was starting to boil. Shun thought of Michiko as his princess?!

“The nerve of him!” He exclaimed.

Jun composed himself after that. It was a good thing that Mao thought that he was only sympathizing with her.

“How is she a princess?! There is nothing princessy about her.”

continued to express her not-so-good opinions about his girlfriend.
There was nothing he could do but nod and pretend to agree with her. So
imagine how relieved he was when his phone rang, interrupting Mao’s
rant. He excused himself and found a private area to answer the call.
It was Shun. Jun smirked at the perfect timing of his call.

“I’ve been trying to call you but I guess your phone was off earlier.”
“Hai, we started shooting early. What is it?”
“I met with Michiko yesterday for lunch and we were spotted by a photographer.”
“Sou desu ka.”
“Michiko was pissed and confronted him.”
“EH?! Did she get in trouble?”
I was able to calm her down a bit demo, he was really annoying. He was
taunting Michiko and me. She got particularly mad when he implied that
Mao left me for you.”
“And? What happened?”
“After he said that,
he asked for another shot of us. Michiko moved and I got nervous. I
thought she might hit the guy so I had to do something about it. Gomen,
Jun. It was a quick reaction. I didn’t really know what I was doing
till it happened.”
“What did you do exactly?”
“I kissed her.”
her forehead, Jun. Where I always…” Shun paused, that was something he
shouldn’t mention right now. “Gomen. Hontou ni gomen!”

Jun was glaring at the empty space in front of him.

Michiko tried to stop me but it was too late. The photo was already
taken. I promised her I’d talk to you about it. The photographer said
it’d be on the front page today. I haven’t had the chance to go and
check the stands though.”
“Shun. I’d rather ask you this in person but seeing as I will be busy for quite some time…”
“Huh? Nani ga?”
“Do you like Michiko?”

Shun’s grip on his phone loosened and he almost dropped it.

“Of course I like her.”

He tried it play it off casually.

“No, I mean. You’re not falling for her, are you?”
“I… that’s… seriously? Of course not, Jun.”

He was lying through his teeth. But what was the alternative? Telling Jun the truth?! No fucking way.

“I wouldn’t have asked if I hadn’t heard from Mao that you didn’t want to get back together with her. It got me thinking.”
see. I don’t know, Jun. Something’s changed. But I’m willing to start
over again… maybe. I just can’t pretend like nothing happened and be
with her, you know. Maybe if we start dating again. I don’t know.”
guess I understand where you’re coming from. You should talk to Mao
about this then. She’s not going to figure it out by herself.”
“You’re right. Well, I don’t want to keep you from work. I just wanted to give you the heads up about the photo.”
“Okay. Thanks. WAIT!”
“Since when did you start calling Michiko, Hime?”
“Oh. That. Ano… since that night she started ordering me around. Gomen. If that’s making you uncomfortable, I’ll stop.”


was VERY uncomfortable with it. Knowing that another guy had a special
nickname for his girlfriend - even if it was a close friend - didn’t
sit well with him. He finally got ‘Michi’ off her ex’s but now this?

“Jun. I’ll stop, okay? It started out as a joke but I kinda got used to calling her that after a while. Gomen.”

was glad that Shun decided on it himself because although he wanted him
to stop, he felt a bit guilty asking him to. It was mainly because Shun
didn’t complain when Mao started calling him “Ouji.”

“No problem. Ja, I’ll let you go now.”
“Hai. Je ne.”

filming started as soon as Jun got back on location. Mao frowned at
him, she had wanted to vent some more. They kept working for hours. By
the time they finished, it was already 8PM at night and there were
still a few key scenes that needed to be shot so they had decided to
check in for the night and continue the next morning. Jun was lying
down on the bed in his hotel room after taking a shower when thought
about the photo.

“On the forehead? Then he said… where he always… what did he mean by…”

was then that he realized what Shun meant. He remembered him kissing
Michiko’s forehead that night she comforted him when he was drunk. Then
he tried to kiss her at the same spot that time he found him leaving
Michiko’s apartment. How many times had he done that without his
knowing?! And Michiko was okay with it? Nande?! But then again, he did
the same to Mao and he had explained it to her that it was just because
they were friends. So it was okay since Shun and Michiko are friends.
Still… What also bothered him was that Michiko hadn’t said a word about
the run in with the photographer or her having lunch with Shun or her
meeting Mao on the elevator. Did she purposely hide it from him because
she thought he would be mad at her? Or was she feeling guilty for
spending time with Shun? Whatever her reason was, he needed to know.
What would she be doing right now? He should give her a call.

Michiko! Mi-chan!! Your phone is ringing! It’s Jun!” Sho yelled out to
be heard over the loud music that was playing. They were at Aiba-chan’s
apartment, drinking. “Eh? Jun-kun? Pick it up before he hangs up!” She
got up from the couch and made her way towards Sho.

“Moshi moshi, Jun-kun.”
“Hai. Chotto matte. Mi-chan’s coming.”
“Where are you guys at?”
at Aiba-chan’s. He wanted to drink and called up everyone. We invited
Michiko, too. Aiba thought she might be feeling lonely ‘cause you’re
not around.”
“Drinking? At Aiba-chan’s?”
“Hai. Oh, here’s Michiko.”

She took the phone from Sho then went to find the bathroom.

“Michiko. Are you drinking?”
“Hai. But I’m with people you trust and in a controlled environment.”
“Who else is there?”
“Everybody but you.”
“It was loud when Sho picked up the phone.”
“Yeah, we have Arashi music blasting on the speakers.”
“So where are you now?”
“I’m in the bathroom. It’s quiet in here. Are you still in Hokkaido?”
“Yeah. We’re staying here tonight. I’m in a hotel.”
“Awww. I love hotels!”
“Then why aren’t you here with me?”
“Jun, stop it! I’d drive there if I had car. But even if I had a car, I can’t go ne? ‘Cause you can’t be seen with me.”

Michiko had been drinking. Which explained why she was getting emotional. Jun heard her sniffle a bit and sighed.

“Gomen ne. Don’t cry.”
“Am not crying, dildo.”
“Well, you were about to.”

Hearing her like this made Jun forget about the reason why he called her.

“I’ve only been gone for… what? A few hours? And you already miss me this much?”

Jun just remembered but there was no point in asking her about Shun anymore.

“A few hours?! It’s more than 12 hours, babe!”
“We’ve been apart for weeks before, Michi.”
“So. I’m glad you’re not getting used to it.”
“I like it when you miss me.”

Before Michiko could reply, she heard several loud knocks on the door.

“Matte, Jun. Someone’s knocking.”
“I heard it actually.”

opened the door and Nino rushed in with Ohno in tow. “Out of the way,
Michiko!” Nino shouted, pushing her aside then reaching for the toilet
seat cover. “Eh? Nande?!” She flattened herself on the wall and gave
way to Ohno, who was looking very pale. “Michi, what’s happening? I
heard Nino yelling at you.” Jun asked. “Oh-chan wa… AAHHHH! OH-CHAN
JUST PUKED!!! Take a picture! Take a picture! AIBA-CHAN!! Where’s your
camera?!” Ohno’s head was in the toilet. Nino rubbed his back while he
kept vomiting. “Michiko!!” Nino glared at her. “Gomen.” She apologized
quickly. But suddenly Nino’s lip curled into a smirk. “My phone has a
camera. Here.” She grabbed the phone with her other hand, went around
Nino and started snapping. “Babe, I’m taking pictures of Oh-chan
puking!” She giggled loudly. “A recording would be better.” Jun
suggested. “OHH, you’re right, babe! Nino-kun! Can this record videos?”
He nodded. “Hurry up though, I think he’s about done.”

you call yourselves his friends.” Sho was right outside the door,
observing the both of them. “Jun suggested the video.” Michiko
snitched. “Mataku.” Aiba peered from behind Sho. “It must look like a
waterfall.” Michiko giggled at Aiba’s comment. “Waterfall of partially
digested ramen and alcohol.”

“Ah Michi, I didn’t need to hear
that.” Jun groaned at the visual. “Go-men-ne! Here Nino.” She handed
the phone back to him then clapped Ohno’s back. “Gambatte!” Excusing
herself, she passed by Sho and Aiba then looked for another quiet place
to talk to Jun. “Aiba-chan, can I use your walk in closet?”

“It’s dark in there, Mi-chan.”
“Daijoubu. I can’t see Jun anyway.”

She let herself in and slid the door close.

“Uwaah, it is dark in here.”

Michiko sat down between a pile of stuff toy animals and clothes.

“Jun? Did you fall asleep?” She whispered the question.
“I’m here. Just thinking.”
“Of me?”
“IYE?! Then who?!”
“Should I be jealous?”

He chuckled lightly.

“Do I look like I’m attracted to Shun?”
“I don’t know, babe. What if you have homosexual tendencies? I mean, all those fan service could actually get under your skin.”
“I love girls.”
“That’s plural. Hmph. I’m hanging up now.”
“Michiko! Don’t you dare hang up on me. I hate it when you do that.”



Still nothing.

“Babe? MOU!”
“I’m here.”
“Damnit, Michiko. Can you not do that?!”
“Why are you thinking about Shun? OH! Did he tell you about that stupid paparazzi?!”
“Hai. He called this morning.”
“That dildo! Of all the things to do! Why’d he do that?!”
“So you didn’t know he was going to kiss you?”
“I was so pissed and I wanted to reach out and grab the camera but then Shun called me.”
“Hai. Gomen, I wanted to tell you that morning Mao called but was scared you’d get mad at me.”

Her voice was suddenly low.

“You don’t mind him calling you that?”
“He said that I order him around like one. It didn’t occur to me that he’d keep calling me that till later on.”
“Well, he said he’s going to stop. Is that okay with you?”
“Of course it is.”
“Too bad Mao can’t do the same thing.” She muttered to herself.
“You said something about Mao, didn’t you?”
“Nothing, OUJI.”
“Michi, I can’t ask her to stop. She’s been calling me that for years now.”
“Fine. Just forget it.”
“Why didn’t you tell me about the incident with the paparazzi anyway?”
“My mind was occupied with something else.”
“And what was that?”
“I can’t tell you.”
“I don’t want you keeping secrets from me.”
“It’s a surprise okay? So stop asking about it.”
“Am I going to like it?”
“I hope so.”
“Is it for my birthday?”
“I said stop asking!”
“Demo, you got me thinking about it now.”
“Then think of something else!”

The closet swung open and Aiba poked his head in.

“What is it, Aiba-chan?”

Jun thought he heard Aiba say “Hokane.”

“HAI! We’re taking you to an onsen!!!”

End of Chapter LIX

A/N -

Looks like Jun took the news about the photo and the nickname rather
well. But how is he going to react when he actually SEES the pic? And
Shun... he's going to stop calling Michiko, hime. Ii yo ne? WAH!
Arashi's taking Michiko to Hokane! Onsen!!

Thanks for still
reading this fic. We're going to reach chapter 60! UWAAHHH! I love you
all! ^_^ Comments are always appreciated!

listening to: Koe - Arashi (Dream Alive)

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptySun Dec 14, 2008 11:43 am

wahhhh! remind me never to not read updates! i have so much to comment on...so little time!

anyways, Michi and her adventures with Arashi should be rather interesting ne?

*goes to read My Beloved*
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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyTue Dec 16, 2008 9:29 pm

Chapter LX

Hakone Takuminoyado Yoshimatsu. That was where Arashi was taking Michiko. Yoshimatsu was located in the heart of Hakone, on top of a hill by the Lake Ashi. She was informed that the trip to get there was going to take at least three hours. It was decided that Aiba, Sho, and Nino were taking turns in driving Aiba’s car. While she got in the passenger seat, Michiko volunteered to drive even though she didn’t have a license yet. Aiba gave her a sideways glance while he started the engine. “Not going to take that chance, Mi-chan. There might be cops on the highway.” She grumbled but didn’t argue with him, knowing fully well that she was in the wrong for asking. The ride was quiet, Sho and Ohno were asleep while Nino was playing with his DS. They had left early so that they could go sightseeing before they checked in at 3PM. She thought Aiba would chat with her but he was concentrating on the road. Gradually, her lids became heavy and she, too, nodded off.

Ninety-seven kilometers later, a hand shook her shoulders and she heard the excited voices of Aiba and Sho.

“Mi-chan! Mi-chan!”

Her eyes opened and she looked around, thinking they had arrived but found that they were still on the highway.

“We’re not there yet.”

She was about to shut her eyes again when Aiba pulled over to the side. Everyone got out except for her and Nino. Michiko turned around to face him. “What’s up with them?” He lifted his shoulders up and shook his head. Just then, Aiba opened the door. “Come on, Mi-chan! We wanna show you something while there aren’t any cars on the road.” She got out and stretched then followed the trio to towards the toll booth.

“UWAAH! Is this it?” Aiba exclaimed, walking around the toll booth. Curious, Michiko followed him. “I didn’t expect this.” Ohno replied, his hands on his hips. “That just tells you how Japan’s dedication to road maintenance has deteriorated over the years.” A smart but unnecessary observation from Sho. “Actually, this is the first time I’m seeing this, too.” He added later. Michiko bent her head left and right, looking at the booth, wondering what the fuck was she supposed to be staring at. “Mi-chan, see these scratches here?” Aiba pointed at the paint scrapings on the booth. “Hai.” She still didn’t understand why they were so amusing. Ohno was silently laughing behind her while Sho had his mouth open, a look of disbelief on his face. “Mi-chan. This was caused by your boyfriend.” Aiba bluntly stated then sputtered in laughter. Her brows furrowed while she digested that bit of information. “Jun did this?” She turned and found the three in fits of laughter. “HAI! It’s funny now but not then. Ne, Aiba-kun?” Sho replied after he finally stopped laughing. “Sou sou sou. See that parking lot over there?” She looked at where Aiba was pointing at then nodded. “Well, that was where Jun-kun took the driver’s seat ne and then, see, that’s not even a kilometer away and he totally slid and scraped my car on this toll booth.”

“MAJI DE?!” Michiko inspected the booth again. “USO! I was going to ask him to teach me how to drive… but now…” Sho clapped his hands on Michiko’s back. “You don’t have to worry. Jun’s usually a good driver. He was just not used to driving with the steering wheel on the right side of the car.”

“Sou ka.” She pulled out her phone then took a picture of the scratches then sent the photo to Jun with the subject, “I know what you did in Hakone.”


The four looked back at Nino, who was motioning them to come back. After one more look, they all went to the car. Aiba and Sho switched seats then continued on with the drive to Hakone. Sho was more talkative when driving. He asked her about work and if she had plans for the holidays. Ahh, the holidays were coming up. First, there was Thanksgiving. She had mentioned to her parents that she might go back and spend it with them but she wouldn’t know for sure until she got her schedule for that month. Then there was Christmas. If it was up to her, she would want to stay in Japan and spend it with Jun especially since her birthday was the day after. But it was possible that he’d be working then as well. Michiko sighed. She knew he wouldn’t be available for New Year’s, too. They usually do a count down on some show. She didn’t really want to spend Christmas, her birthday, and then New Year’s alone. If she had to, she would probably go home to New York.

Only thirty more kilometers to go before they reached their destination. Sho exchanged seats with Nino after twenty kilometers of driving. Michiko teased him about it. “Aiba-chan did about 90! While you can only drive 20?!! Sho!” He covered his face with a blanket and pretended to sleep. “Daijobu, Sho-chan. I just have a lot more endurance than you. Remember the Mago Mago Boating Club?” Sho reached up and blindly smacked Aiba’s face. “OI! Is that how you treat someone who’s trying to make you feel better?” Michiko watched Sho lift the blanket up and invite Aiba in. She smiled then took a picture of them. She also sent this picture to Jun with the message, “Guess who’s under the covers.” After that she turned to the new driver next to her. A lot had happened since that day he kissed her in the woods. Nino had been open with her with his feelings unlike Jun, who preferred to show it than say it.


His voice made her blink away her thoughts.

“I have a favor to ask you. Actually, all of you. But I’m going to need your help the most.”

He quickly glanced at her then turned his attention back to the road.

“Something for Jun?”
“You can tell me the full details later.”
“Okay. Thanks.”

She closed her eyes and was about to drift to sleep when Nino spoke.


Was she truly happy here in Japan? With Jun? Nino always wondered about it.

“Nevermind. I forgot what I was going to ask.”

Nino drove silently for thirty kilometers until he found parking at Sekisho Ato Iriguchi. Before they were to check in at Yoshimatsu, they were taking Michiko for a thirty minute boat cruise on Lake Ashi. And they chose to take a walk on the old road that is now called Cedar Avenue. It was said that the rows of cedar trees on this old road to Lake Ashi were planted in 1618. There were supposedly 412 trees left standing since that day.

“SUGE~” Michiko looked up at the tall, majestic trees around her. “EY! Take a pic of me!” She handed the phone to Aiba then went to the skinniest tree and hugged it. “San, Ni… oh squirrel!” Aiba pointed the phone up towards the tiny animal that was perched on one of the branches. “AIBA-CHAN!!!” Michiko glared at him. “Gomen! Okay. Ready?” She rested her head on the bark, closed her eyes, and smiled. “San, Ni, Ich! OKAY!”

“Saa, we better go so we don’t miss the cruise.” Sho reminded everyone. “HAI!” Michiko took the phone and giggled while she sent another message to Jun with the last picture attached. Then she caught up to the group and walked beside Nino. He asked her about the favor and Michiko told him all about her plan.

“Is it possible? Do you think I can do it?”
“You’ve got about three weeks to prepare. Will you have time to practice?”
“I hope so. But will you guys be available?”
“Our parts are easy. Well, I will have to do a lot more than those guys but I think I can manage it. With Jun busy, we don’t really have much Arashi guest appearances scheduled. And as far as individual projects… they’re not too hectic.”
“It could work ne?”
“It will. By the way, why now?”
“It was Shun’s idea…”

Aiba’s ear perked and he slowed down so he was next to Michiko after a few strides from them.

“Shun?! Why did you mention him? Did he score another point?! Nandayo?!”
“Eh? You’re still keeping score, Aiba?” Ohno asked.
“This is Aiba we’re talking about, Riida.” Sho replied.
“What was Shun’s idea? I have a lot of ideas, too, Mi-chan.”
“Aiba-chan…” Michiko started.
“OH! KUSO!” Aiba cursed before she could finish her sentence.
“Eh? Doushitano?” She asked, startled by his outburst.
“Shun has 3 points now! I only have 2 no, wait. We’re tied, ne? Because coming here was my idea, ne?”

Ohno scratched the back of his head. Aiba’s way of thinking always confused him. Sho humored him and asked how he tallied the points.

“Dinner with Mi-chan, 1 point. Giving Mi-chan an idea, another point. Getting Mi-chan to call him Shun, another point! Demo ne, he might have other points that are unknown to me.” He stopped Michiko from walking by grabbing her arm then he stared at her. “Tell me, Mi-chan. Is there something that I should know?” She blinked twice, laughter was bubbling within her.

“Do you really want to know, Aiba?” She replied with a serious face.
“I can take it.” He nodded. Next to them, Sho chuckled while Nino shook his head at the incredulity of it all.
“Well. Shun took care of me when I had a fever. I went out to eat with him, twice. And he drove me home when I needed a ride.”
“USO!!!!! That makes it… AAHHH! That’s 4 more points for him!!! I can’t believe this!”

He hung his head low and began to sulk. Ohno patted him on his back sympathetically.

“Daijobu, Aiba-chan. You can still catch up.”

Nino sneered at them then started walking away. Michiko couldn’t help but feel bad, it seemed like he was really taking it hard. She took his hand and pulled him forward. Aiba looked up and walked with her.

“This earns you a point ne?” She lifted their laced fingers up. Aiba grinned. “Hai!”
“Also, how about if I call you… hmm… Ki-kun from now on?”
“Ki-kun?! URESHII!” He started skipping and Michiko had to keep up with him.

Ohno suddenly appeared in between Michiko and Sho. “Toshi desu.” She chuckled at his introduction. “And you can call him Kazu.” He pointed at Nino, who was in front of everybody. “IYA, you don’t have to.” Nino yelled back, his hands in his pockets. He didn’t want a false sense of closeness with her. “Looks like I need to earn some more points before Nino would let me call him that, ne?” Michiko jokingly announced. His back was facing her so she didn’t see his lips curl into a smirk.

The walk ultimately ended and they were on the boat to cruise around Lake Ashi. It was such a calming experience. The sound of the waves and the occasional chirps from the birds flying above. Michiko couldn’t help but close her eyes, take a deep breath and sigh happily. If only Jun was with her now. It would be nice to feel his warmth while he hugged her from behind. She inadvertently shivered then felt someone’s hands rub her shoulders up and down.

“The breeze is a bit cold, ne?”

Michiko glanced up at a smiling Aiba. From the side, Nino frowned. Jun should really free up his schedule for her, he thought, after snapping a photo of the two. Opening up his inbox, he typed up a short message and attached the photo.

“I want to fish.”

Ohno interrupted Nino’s thoughts of plotting to make Jun jealous.

“You always want to fish.”
“Yes. But I want to fish right now.”
“We’re going to the onsen after this, Riida.”
“There are no fishes in the onsen, Nino-chan.”
“Nino-chan? You’re not even drunk.”
“I am drunk with the thoughts of fishing.”

The check in time was nearing so after the boat cruise, they set out for Yoshimatsu. On the way there, a playful game of Janken started. Nino was on the wheel when he announced the first punishment for the loser.

Nino: “Loser has to wear that bright green blanket over his or her head and then buy us some snacks at the first market we see.”
Aiba: “OKAY!”
Sho: “Shouldn’t he wear sunglasses, too? I have one here.”
Nino: “Yeah, yeah. Let’s do that.”
Michiko: “EH? You can’t play while you’re driving, Nino.”
Nino: “I can, I can.”
Aiba: “YOSHA!”

Ohno lost.

Sho: “Riida, I want an onigiri.”
Michiko: “Oh! If they have spam onigiri, I want that. If not, then just a plain one I guess.”
Aiba: “Hmm, banana please.”
Nino: “A cup of coffee.”


[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyTue Dec 16, 2008 9:29 pm

Ohno glared at a smirking Nino who pulled over when he saw a store across from the road. Sho placed the blanket over Ohno then slipped the dark sunglasses over his eyes. “Ja, I’ll be back.” Michiko laughed at his funny Terminator imitation. He got out and quickly ran towards the store, not even looking back once. The blanket whipped around him. He kept it in place by holding on to the flaps across his chest. The four waited in the car when Ohno disappeared into the door. A few minutes later, he emerged with his sunglasses drooping down the bridge of his nose. He held a cup in one hand while two onigiri and a banana was pushed against his chest by his other arm. He crossed the street slowly this time, careful not to spill the hot coffee. Michiko took a picture of him when he got close. The blanket was slipping off his head by the time he got to the car. He quickly threw the food through the open backseat window then handed the cup to Michiko.

Nino: “Arigato, Oh-chan.”
Sho: “Why didn’t you ask for a plastic bag?”

Ohno got into the car and removed the blanket and sunglasses off him. “I was in a hurry to leave so I just grabbed everything on the counter and didn’t think about it.”

Aiba: “You didn’t forget to pay, did you?”
Ohno: “Ah. Did I? I don’t remember.”
Michiko: “Nino! Drive! Hayaku! I see cops!”

She was lying of course but nobody even bothered to looked to see if she was, except for Nino. He grinned at her and started the engine but didn’t step on the gas yet.

Sho: “YABE~”
Ohno: “I don’t want to go to jail.”
Sho: “OI, Nino! GO!”

Aiba was eating his banana like crazy. After swallowing it…

Aiba: “Quick! Drive now! I can throw the peel on the road and they might slip and fall.”
Sho: “Manga ja nai.”
Aiba: “Remember how slippery they were when I tried to skate on them?”
Nino: “Are you guys stupid or what?”

Michiko was clutching her sides and laughing.

Ohno: “Eh?”
Michiko: “I was only joking. Taku! Why didn’t anybody look out the window? There are no cops there.”
Ohno: “Michi! You seriously scared me.”
Aiba: “I don’t want to play this game anymore. Let’s go to the onsen!”
Nino: “Hai.”

The hot springs at Yoshimatsu were absolutely breathtaking and relaxing. The four men went to their in-room open-air bath while Michiko enjoyed a small private bath with a view of Mt. Fuji. She regretted not having girl friends as she soaked into the steaming water. But at the same time, she relished the time alone. If Momiji came with her, she would surely upset the serenity of the place.


She remembered bringing her phone with her to the bath. It was on a small wooden table on the side. Adjusting her position slightly so her whole body would fit in the photo, she twisted around until she got it right then with a slight pout, she took the picture from an aerial view. Giggling like a school girl, Michiko sent the photo to Jun. Hopefully, he had the smarts to delete it after he sees it.

Thirty minutes in the hot springs was her limit. She carefully got out, feeling slightly dizzy from the heat. It would be bad if she slipped and fell. Though it wouldn’t be the first time, she thought, frowning at the memory of hitting her hips on the floor at the cabin in Nagoya. But her frown was replaced by a smile after she recalled Jun taking care of her that night. The happy memory lingered in her mind while she got dressed and walked back to their room. When she stepped inside, across from her, Sho had just gotten out of the bath and walked in with just a towel wrapped around his waist. His eyes bulged out and he quickly jumped back into the bath causing a splash that hit the other members. Michiko laughed at his reaction, walked over to the bath then poked her head in.

“OI OI, Michiko! I’m going to tell Jun about this!” Sho submerged the floating towel underneath the water and placed it on his lap. She grinned but didn’t budge. “I’m not even looking down.” Ohno and Nino had their backs safely facing her. “He still wouldn’t like the thought of you trying to take a peek at us.” Nino said.

“I am not peeking!”

Aiba stood up without shame and she had to turn her face. Both Nino and Sho yelled at him for being indecent. He tried to reason with them saying that Michiko was like family so it shouldn’t matter. She snorted at his reply and declared that she was going to leave the room for a few minutes so that they could change.

Michiko wandered around the garden before returning to the room. When she arrived, the four were seated at the table, dressed and animatedly talking to each other.

“This is my part right here. Heh. No doubt about it, ne?” Sho tapped his finger on a piece of paper that Nino was writing on. “How about me? What do I do?” Ohno asked, shaking Nino’s shoulder. “You are doing this part here, and here. Well, every time this part comes up, I guess.” Ohno looked at what Nino was underlining and nodded. “Isn’t it a small part?”

“If you read that line, you can tell that it’s important, Riida.”
“Hmm. You’re right. Okay.”
“Ne NE, how about me?!” Aiba stuck his head in between Ohno and Nino’s.

Nino circled his part. “This right here.” Ohno frowned a bit. “That’s a lot more than mine’s. That’s not fair.” Aiba skipped happily around the room. “Oh-chan. There are other things that we have to do, not just these. We have to take turns, well, you guys have to take turns on--.”

“Already working on it?” Michiko interrupted Nino’s explanation of the plan. He looked up and smiled. “If we could start practicing now, we would. We don’t have a lot of time, especially you. As soon as we get back, you need find out your schedule so we know when we can meet up.” Sho got up and let her sit next to Nino. “You wrote these down?” She stared at the paper in awe. “It wasn’t hard. Anyway, I’ll make sure they know their parts.” Nino continued to describe what he thought would work and Michiko gave her opinions on them. “I want to change the ending. I mean, I don’t want it to end with this.”

“You’re the boss.”

The shoot at Hokkaido was finally over and the crew arrived at Jimusho around 8PM. Jun still had an interview to go to at TBS that was going to start at 9PM. He was at his dressing room and had just finished changing when he remembered to turn his phone on and check his messages. There were a total of seven messages waiting for him.

Subject: I know what you did at Hakone.
Sender: Michiko

Image attached.

“Eh?! Is that what I think it is?” He looked at the photo closely. The paint color on the scratches… “Masaka!” It must be Aiba who took her to that toll booth.

Message: I was going to ask you to teach me how to drive but after seeing this… I’m not sure anymore… J/K!

Subject: Guess who’s under the covers.
Sender: Michiko

Image attached.

Jun guessed it’d be Ohmiya under the blanket.

Message: Sho and Ki-kun! BTW, I’m calling Aiba-chan Ki-kun from now on ‘cause he was upset that Shun had more M-points than he does.

“M-points?! What the hell are those?” Shaking his head, Jun opened the next message.

Subject: Wishing you were here.
Sender: Michiko

Image attached.

Message: Tree = You. Look, I’m hugging you! =) See how happy I am?

Jun secretly wished that he was that tree.

Subject: Taking care of Michiko.
Sender: Nino

Image attached.

Message: When the cat’s away, this particular mouse will play.

“Fucking Ninomiya!” His narrowed at Aiba’s hands on Michiko’s arm and the wide smile on his face. He quickly deleted the message.

Subject: Toshi lost Janken.
Sender: Michiko

Image attached.

Message: LOL. He bought us snacks at a store while he wore those. I got a spam onigiri!

“Poor Riida.” He felt sorry for Ohno but chuckled at how ridiculous he looked.

Subject: Magazine is out.
Sender: Shun

Message: Better if you don’t see it. Gomenasai.

Jun sighed then deleted that message.

Subject: Delete after viewing.
Sender: Michiko

Image attached.
No message.

Oh. My. God. Jun pressed the screen on his chest and frantically looked around. There was nobody near him or in the room. Of course not, he was in his dressing room… alone. He took a deep breath then looked at the photo again. Michiko was naked in a marbled, private bath. The water level was up to her breasts. He could see her nipples peaking out of the surface of the water. She was looking up, half-pouting half-smiling at him. Jun’s finger touched the screen, it traced her neck down to her breasts… What the fuck was she thinking when she sent him this?!

There were two loud raps on the door. Jun jumped up, his phone dropped on the table.

“Hai! Matte!”

He picked his phone up, closed the message but didn’t delete it then slipped it in his back pocket.

“Come in.”

A young woman timidly went inside and reminded him about the interview and that he should probably leave soon for TBS. He thanked her and said that he was about to leave. When she left, he tried to calm himself down before he went out. He passed by the cafeteria on his way to the elevator when he overheard a conversation that made him stop in his tracks.

“That’s Oguri Shun ne?”
“But who’s that girl with him?”
“You don’t know her?! That’s Michiko! She was a guest at Arashi no Shukudai-kun, remember?”
“AAH! So she’s dating Oguri-san?”
“That’s right. And not only that… they’ve already been intimate with each other, if you know what I mean.”
“OHH! Maji?!”
“It’s all over the tabloids! They’re not even trying to hide their relationship.”
“Well, there’s nothing on their contract that prohibits them from having a public relationship, ne?”
“True. I’ve always thought our Johnny boys had it tough.”
“Ne, this is quite a good shot.”
“KYAA! It is! Doesn’t it look like they’re so in love?”

Adrenaline surged through Jun’s body and in a matter of minutes, he found himself barging into his manager’s office.

“I want this fake thing with Mao to end now!”

Steely eyes looked up and stared at his angry expression.

“That’s not possible. Wait a little longer.” She replied calmly.
“It’s not possible or you just don’t want it to be possible?!”
“It’s a bad decision. Calm down, Matsumoto-kun and tell me what’s wrong.” She motioned for him to sit down. Jun looked at the chair but didn’t move towards it and instead closed the gap between him and her table.
“I am done pretending.”
“Can’t you at least wait till the year is over?”
“I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“I have a girlfriend.”

She pursed her lips and leaned back on her chair.

“Did she tell you to do this?”
“Of course not! This was my decision.”
“How long have you been with her?”
“Almost 4 months now.”
“You’ve done an excellent job at hiding it.”
“I don’t want to keep hiding it anymore.”
“That’s not a decision for you to make. You’re under JE or have you forgotten?”

A frustrated look fell on his face and he could only curse under his breath in response.

“It seems like she’s been very supportive of you. And she’s not demanding to be known. So why are you in a hurry to let people know?”

He didn’t like the public knowing her, treating her as Shun’s girlfriend.

“Matsumoto-kun. I would normally forbid you to see her but seeing as you both haven’t caused any trouble and have been very careful with your relationship… I’ll allow it.”
“ALLOW IT?! You don’t have the RIGHT to interfere with my personal life. I didn’t come here to ask for permission. I came here to inform you that I am with someone and I don’t wish to continue this charade with Mao.”
“Like I said, it’s not possible. You think Johnny’s going to let you broadcast your love life? Seriously, Matsumoto-kun. This is not the right time. Just wait.”

She had a point. Johnny-san was not going to be pleased if he told him about this.

“Think this over. You’ve got a good thing going here. Your career is reaching new heights and you have a woman beside you who understands your priorities. That is not a luxury that other JE artists have. You are lucky. Now, go to your interview. You don’t want to be late.”

Jun resignedly slumped his shoulders then turned around to leave.

“By the way, Matsumoto-kun. Who is she?”
“She was the last guest on Arashi no Shukudai-kun before I have been absent.”

She stared at his retreating back with eyes wide open. It was only after the door slammed behind him that she was able to open her mouth and loudly ask…


End of Chapter LX

A/N -
Places mentioned in Hakone do exist.
Yoshimatsu Onsen
Jun talked about him scraping Aiba's car in Oshareism 2007.4.22 and also at Utaban. Sho was out working so he couldn't go with the four.

What's going to happen next? ^_^
Thanks for reading and lemme dip into an onsen of comments! Hee.

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
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jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyTue Dec 16, 2008 9:30 pm

Chapter LXI

Nothing had changed and it infuriated Jun but what did he exactly expect to change? All he did was tell his manager that he had a girlfriend. In normal circumstances, that would have changed a lot, ne? But not in his world. Not when you were under JE. Two weeks had passed since he barged into her office and demanded the end of his fake relationship with Mao. Now that he thought of it, ending it wouldn’t have changed a thing either. Michiko and him would still have to hide their relationship. The realization made him envy Shun. He could be with anybody he wanted and flaunt the relationship. And his friendship with Michiko was being flaunted in public. At least, he knew it was just friendship but the rest of the world had a different interpretation. It was an interpretation that bothered him a lot. He didn’t like people talking about them like they were a couple because they were not! Jun slammed his fists on the table and a few of the passing staff members skittered away nervously from his area. He sighed and picked on his bento. The filming had taken a break. They were long gone from Hokkaido and were now in Fukuoka and they were to stay there for at least three days. When he gets back to Tokyo, he had to attend the 24HR television show with the rest of Arashi on his birthday. He remembered how upset Michiko was because she wouldn’t be able to celebrate it with him. There was nothing he could do about it though. The worst thing about it was that his flight to Hawaii was scheduled the next week. Jun couldn’t help but feel guilty for leaving so soon. He probably wouldn’t get a chance to see her before he leaves. And he missed her so much. So much that he had inconspicuously bought a couple of game magazines and tabloids just so he could read about her. But reading about her made him miss her more. He tried calling her a couple of times the past week but she didn’t pick up and when she did return his calls, he missed them or his phone was off. During the time he was on break, all he thought of was her. Was work keeping her busy? Or was she hanging out more with his band mates and Shun? Was she eating right? The memory of that lone moldy tomato in her fridge worried him. And he couldn’t stop thinking about it so he sent her a message.

“Dildo, you better have done some grocery shopping. A moldy tomato for breakfast is not only unhealthy, it is deadly. -- Jun.”

Mao tapped his shoulder and informed him that the director wanted to talk to him. He nodded then followed her. Before they neared Director-san, his pocket vibrated. Jun quickly checked his phone and smiled at the message.

“I miss you, too, babe. And for your information, I threw out that tomato ages ago. I’ve been eating healthy so you better be doing the same thing. <3 Michi.”

That one simple message made his day and he vowed to see her before he left for Hawaii.

The beveled gold letters on velvet black background glittered and winked at Michiko. It was an invitation to the one of the grandest gala in the gaming industry. One would think that galas and games didn’t go together and they would’ve thought right but this year, the gaming industry was set to prove them wrong. Ken handed her the invite yesterday after they finished shooting a commercial for the PS3. He made it clearly known that it was mandatory to bring herself and a date to the event. Emphasis was made on the word “date.” She whined and grumbled upon hearing it but he was not to be swayed. In the end, she promised him that she would not arrive unaccompanied. Ken clapped her on the back and reminded her that she should start looking for a gown. The gala was in three days. The night of Jun’s birthday and he was going to be hosting the 24HR show starting in the morning and onward. That meant she wouldn’t be able to celebrate his birthday with him.

“Oi, Michiko. Daijobu?” Nino looked at her with concern. She had been muttering to herself for the past five minutes now. “How about we call it a night? You’ve been practicing for two weeks now and you’ve got it down. All we need to do now is assemble everybody and well, actually do this.”

“You think I’m ready?” She asked while she got up and picked up her bag then slipped the invitation inside. Nino reached out and ruffled her hair. “You kidding me? Jun’s gonna love it. If he doesn’t, I’m taking you away from him.” Michiko laughed and punched his arm playfully. “What makes you think I’ll go with you?” He smirked at her. “I have my ways.” She snorted at his reply while she pushed him towards the exit of the studio. “You’ll always be a noob to me.”

Nino dropped her off at the front of her apartment. After waving goodbye, she proceeded inside. When she got to her floor, after rounding the corner, she found Shun slumped next to her front door. “Eh?” She hurriedly walked up to him. “Shun!” He reeked of alcohol. “OI! How’d you get here?! Did you drive?!” Upon hearing her voice, he reached out and hugged her. “Himehhhh.” Michiko staggered back from his weight on her. “Ne, Shun. Let’s go inside, okay?” She pushed him against the wall and quickly unlocked and opened the door. Shun suddenly grabbed her from behind, his arms going around her waist. “Michiko. Gomen ne.” He rested his head on her shoulders and released a deep sigh. “Shun. You’re a bit heavy.” She pried his hands off her then turned and guided him inside. He stumbled next to her and she had to sling his arm on her shoulders then hold him by his waist to keep him steady. She led him to her bed. “Sit.” He obediently sat down but eventually fell back. Michiko left him for a couple of minutes to lock the door. When she came back, he was sitting up again. “Gomen ne. I didn’t know where to go. Jun’s not home.” He looked up and smiled sheepishly at her. “Let’s take your shoes off.” She knelt down and slipped each shoe off his feet. “So… why were you drinking?” She asked after she stood up, her hands on her hips. “Gomen.”

“Stop apologizing, Shun.”
“Is this because of that woman?”

He couldn’t meet her gaze.

“It is, isn’t? Stop thinking about her! She’s taken!”
“It’s not that easy.”
“Drinking is not going to solve anything.”
“Why’d you… why did it have to be her? Of all the damn women in this fucking planet.”
“Unfortunately, you can’t choose who you fall in love with, Shun.”
“I can’t tell her how I feel. But I can’t stop myself from feeling.”

Of all the places to go, he decided to seek comfort from the very person who was causing him this torture. Iya, she was not torturing him. He was doing that to himself.

“Gomen, Michiko. I shouldn’t have come here.”

He stood up but wobbled in place. Michiko caught him; her arms went around his waist. Ah, that feels good. Her body felt warm against him. The heat was making him drowsy. Or it could be the alcohol. As his lids became heavy, he lifted his hands awkwardly… hesitating near her face. She looked up and smiled at him. At least, he thought he saw her smile. It was hard to tell when his lids were threatening to close. “Just talk to me. It’ll help, ne?” What would really help were her lips on his. He lowered his head…


He blacked out.


His body pushed her down and he fell on top of her on the floor.


He was dead asleep.

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” She muttered under her breath.


He was totally out.


She was about to push him off her when her phone rang. Her hand reached into her pocket and pulled it out to answer it.

“Why do you sound like that?”
“You wouldn’t want to know.”
“Hold on.”

Michiko pushed Shun off her and he rolled unto his back.

“You won’t believe this.”
“Did something happen?”
“Shun’s drunk and almost crushed me to death.”
“I found him at my front door reeking of alcohol. I helped him walk to the bed then after spilling his drama on me; he stood up on his very unstable legs. After steadying him, he decided to sleep while standing up. And without warning, he falls on top of me, knocking me down to the floor. God, I think I have a bump on the back of my head.”
“What the FUCK is he doing there?!”
“Weren’t you listening to me?”
“But why did he go to your place?!”
“Because you weren’t home.”
“Where is he now?”
“He’s still on the floor. I don’t know if I can carry him to the bed.”
“Leave him there.”
“Listen to me. Put a pillow under his head and throw a blanket over his body. Then I want you to go to my apartment and sleep there.”
“I am not leaving Shun alone. Besides, I don’t have your keys.”
“Really, babe. He might wake up and start puking. I can’t have that.”
“If he pukes, let him clean it.”
“Sometimes you can be so mean.”
“Stop worrying. I’ll leave him where he is and just try to make him comfortable.”
“He didn’t try anything, did he?”
“Try what? Jun, stop thinking like that. I’ll call you back.”
“No, don’t hang up. Set the phone down and I’ll stay on the line. I’ll wait.”


[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyTue Dec 16, 2008 9:31 pm

It didn’t take long for Michiko to slide a pillow under Shun’s head and
place a blanket over him. When she was satisfied that he was
comfortable enough, she went to the bathroom and changed then turned
off the lights and went to bed with her phone.

“I’m back.”
“Where are you?”
“I’m in bed, under the covers.”
“Can’t you sleep in the living room?”
“I don’t have a couch, remember?”
“Are you wearing a bra?”
“No, I’m not.”

Michiko smiled then whispered, “I’m naked underneath your shirt.”

“Babe…” His voice sounded strained. “I wasn’t implying… that.”

giggled, knowing fully well that he wasn’t looking for that reply.
Still whispering, she continued to tease him. “You want me to slip my
panties off?” He responded with a low groan. “No… don’t.” He managed to
add. “Or do you want me to slip my hand down my panties instead?”

God, Michiko. Don’t ask me questions like that. You don’t know what
you’re doing to me.” Or maybe she knew exactly what she was doing to
him. “Fuck! Look what you’ve done.” Jun glanced at the bulge on his
lower regions.

“I can’t see it, babe. You have to describe it to me.”

He kept silent.

“Well if you’re not going to talk…”

Jun heard a moan on the other line. His eyes widened.

“Wha-what are you doing?!”
“Mm. What do you think?”

Her voice came out breathy.

“Michiko! Don’t do that while Shun is there! He might hear you!”
“Oh Juuun…”
“FUCK! Stop that! Onegai!”
“I’ll call you tonight, I promise. And we can… just… stop what you’re doing right now.”
“You promise?”
“I promise.”
“Okay. Too bad though… I’m already sooooo…”
“I’ll talk to you tonight so get some sleep.”
“Ano… is there anything I need to know?”
“You know…”
“Oh! I have to attend some party thingy where I have to wear a gown and stuff and I have to bring a date.”

Jun was actually hoping her reply was more along the lines of how she missed him so much.

“Sou desu ka. Eh, chotto matte. You have to bring a date?”
“Hai. It’s mandatory. It fucking sucks. Who am I suppose to bring?!”
“I don’t know. Can’t you just… not go?”
“I can’t. I have to go.”

None of his band mates could take her. And he didn’t know anybody else…

“AH! I’ll ask Shun.”
“Oh. I guess he’s the only person you can ask.”
“Or I can ask To-chan if any of his friends have sons who are available…”
“Iya… I don’t know any of them. Just go with Shun if he’s available. When is it?”
“On your birthday. That 24HR show didn’t get cancelled by any chance, did it?”
“No. It’s still on.”
“I’ll stay at your place the night before your birthday then?”
“Ohhh. Pre-birthday celebration?”
“I’ll be expecting you then.”
“Mmhmm. K, babe. It’s getting late.”
“Oh okay. Good night.”
“Ne, Jun.”
“I miss you.”

Jun fell asleep with a silly grin on his face.

The next day…

when was his ceiling painted brown? If his memory served him correctly,
it should be navy, matching his curtains. And why was his bed so hard?
Shun slowly sat up. Why was he on the floor next to the bed that was
definitely not his? A bed that had a shapely leg draped over the edge.
Did he get thrown off the bed? Was the sex that wild? Hmm, he couldn’t
remember. He remembered driving from the bar and heading towards… where
did he go? He took the owner of that leg home, he guessed. Well, good
thing she was still asleep. It was the best time to leave. Shun stood
up, took a quick glimpse at the sleeping woman on the bed then quickly
stumbled back, his jaw dropping.


He closed his
eyes and counted from one to ten then opened them again. He was not
imagining it. Michiko was sprawled on the bed. It looked like she had
kicked the covers off her in the middle of the night. Both her arms
were raised high above her head, the loose shirt she wore was lifted up
and she was only… Shun started breathing hard… She was only wearing her
underwear to sleep. Try as he might, he couldn’t… look away. They were
white and extra small… her underwear.


He inhaled sharply. His eyes traveled from her thighs to her face and then back down.


He was frozen on the spot. A throbbing sensation on his groin had started to uncomfortably rouse him.


stirred in her sleep causing Shun to step back and almost trip on the
pillow on the floor. She rolled to her side and gave him a nice view of
her ass. He continued to step back and unfortunately, successfully
tripped this time around.

“SHUN! You’re awake!”

The loud curse must have woken her up. He abruptly got up on his feet then faced Michiko.


The word escaped his lips when he found her near the edge of the bed. On all fours. She blinked at him questioningly.

“Do you have a headache? Need some painkillers?”
“No, I’m fine.”

straightened up and stretched. She was oddly feeling cold. She glanced
down and found her bare legs exposed. Wasn’t she wearing shorts last
night? Then she remembered how she was teasing Jun and had taken it off
thinking they were going to do some… She didn’t finish her thoughts.
Her hands grabbed the covers and she pulled them over her lower half.

“I’ll be in the um, living room.”

soon as his back was turned, she jumped off the bed and ran to the
bathroom. There she quickly changed into sweatpants and a wore a bra
underneath Jun’s shirt. After she washed her face and brushed her
teeth, she went out to look for Shun. He was standing awkwardly in one

“Gomen. I never got the chance to buy a couch.”

He chuckled lightly.

“You don’t have to apologize for that. Um. Ano… Michiko. Last night… I didn’t do anything stupid, did I?”

Like, did he confess to her? Or kissed her? Or worse…

“You knocked me down to the floor when you fell asleep standing up.”
“That’s the reason why you slept on the floor. I couldn’t carry you to the bed.”

He dropped his upper body into a bow.

“Maa, you can make it up to me.”

Shun lifted his head up and wondered what it could be.

“You get to be my prince for one night.”

End of Chapter LXI

A/N -
YABE! LOL. Shun almost kissed Michiko. She sure loves teasing Jun, ne? HEHE, poor Jun. BTW, when I wrote "Breakfast in Bed"
(which is part of the birthday celebration for Jun,) I thought this fic
was going to end before that day. But that didn't happen LOL. Anyhoo.
Prince for a night!! Ohh Shun!!

Trouble heading Jun and Michiko? Heehee. Ok, I'm saying yes.

Thanks for reading. And ano, gomen for not updating My Beloved. Will get to it next.

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyTue Dec 23, 2008 5:47 pm

Chapter LXII

Matsumoto Jun was undeniably excited to see Michiko for his pre-birthday party celebration. There weren’t going to be any cake or candles or balloons. All he wanted was to unwrap his present. And that was Michiko. He had a huge smile on his face when he received a message from her.

“I’m getting ready to leave. I’ll wait at Shun’s until you get home, kay? <3 Michi.”

Unfortunately, as soon as he finished reading the message, he was approached by one of the crew from the 24HR show. He was at the station along with the other members of Arashi. They were there to finalize certain segments for the show. The director wanted to run through some of the events that were to happen and it actually took several hours before he was satisfied with their performance. The crew member informed him that they needed to stay longer.

“How much longer?” He asked, sounding quite irritable.
“Gomenasai. I don’t know.”

Jun frowned and went looking for Director-san. When he found him, he asked what the problem was and if it could be fixed quickly. Some aspects of the show needed to be changed. Specific guest appearances and such, he explained. This created a few conflicts within the time frame and set changes AND Arashi needed to adjust to the said changes. Therefore, a few more rehearsals were required. Being hosts of the show meant they had a great responsibility on their shoulders. If they weren’t thoroughly ready and prepared for everything and anything that could go wrong, the show would be a mess. Jun understood this, being a perfectionist and all, so he had no choice but to stay. Sighing deeply, he took out his phone and sent Michiko a message.

“Gomen. Unexpected problems came up and I have to stay. I don’t know when it’ll be done. I’ll message you again if I have to cancel our date. -- Jun.”

Michiko’s phone vibrated. Seeing that it was Jun, she smiled giddily and opened the message. Her smile disappeared after she read it. There was a chance that he might cancel their date?! How inconsiderate! Well, no… it was work. He had no choice, ne? ALWAYS had no choice when it came to work. Frowning at her reflection on the train’s window, she thought, maybe she should get off the train now and head back to her apartment. She had the feeling that he was going to cancel it. But what if he gets off earlier than expected? She didn’t want to take the risk of not seeing him just because of a feeling. It was not like she was psychic. Although she wished she were. This way, she knew exactly when to avoid disappointment. All throughout the train ride, Michiko kept checking her phone, expecting a message. But she didn’t receive any and she finally gave up checking when she arrived at Jun’s apartment complex. The security let her in without any problems. They recognized her face, she guessed. After all, she had been in and out of that building for months now. Michiko headed for the elevator and pressed the 3rd floor button. She had called Shun beforehand, it was mainly to avoid interrupting any planned or unplanned visits from Mao or other women. Fortunately, he was alone and was not expecting any guests.

“Yo. Come on in.” Shun opened the door and let Michiko in. She peered inside, wanting to make sure there was nobody else in his apartment.

“Didn’t I tell you I was alone? You think I’d lie to you?”
“Iya. I just, well. Didn’t want to interrupt anything. Remember last time?”

She stepped inside then went straight for the couch.

“That was the only time you caught me with another woman. And you didn’t interrupt anything.”
“Another woman? You’re making it sound like you were cheating on me.”

Shun laughed nervously. It did feel like he cheated on her.

“I’m assuming that you don’t have any plans on getting back together with Mao?”

He sat down next to her.

“I’m not really sure. I told Jun that maybe she and I could start dating again.”
“Just to test the waters? Not a bad idea.”
“But I don’t want to get her hopes up.”

She unexpectedly reached for his hand. Shun gulped when she laced her fingers through his.


If he faced her… if he looked at her straight in the eye, he might confess. He couldn’t do that. But he might. His heart was suddenly racing. This only started happening when she had introduced to him the idea, the possibility of taking her away from Jun. Which by the way was still an incomprehensible solution to his problem.

“Shun, will you look at me.”

Goddamnit, Michiko. Why did she have to insist?!

“Why can’t you look at me?”

It would be highly suspicious if he didn’t look at her so he turned his head to face her.

“That’s better. I don’t want to talk to your ear. It’s strange.”
“Nani ga?”
“Tell me, do you love her?”
“I’ll always love Mao but…”
“No, I meant the other woman.”

Fate was playing a trick on him. It was as if it was giving him the opportunity to confess right now. Or it was more like Michiko was a carrot dangling in front of him and he was an ass who would keep moving forward, trying to take a bite. Wanting to make her his. But much like how the carrot was tied on the string and adjusted to be a certain distance away from the animal it was luring, Shun was not allowed to have Michiko. She was always going to be unreachable unless Jun untied her and gave her to him. And Jun would never do that.


Her lips were so inviting and the way she said his name… it made him want to… if only he could…

He squeezed her hand then pulled her closer. To his surprise, she didn’t protest. There was no backing out now. His other hand snaked around her neck and then his lips came down on hers. He heard her and felt her moan into the kiss. It urged him to lay her down on the couch. Could it be that from that moment he saw her at Jun’s apartment, he had wanted this to happen? His lips left her mouth and roamed down to her neck. And while he licked and nibbled on her, his hand traveled from the back of her neck down to front of her shirt.


His hand paused on her breast. He fondled, squeezed…

“Shun, you’re squeezing my hand a bit too hard.”

He blinked and found himself still seated next to Michiko, who was staring at him oddly. Oh God. He was fantasizing about her while she was right in front of him. He quickly let go of her hand.

“Is something wrong? You’re all red.”
“Iya. I’m feeling a bit hot. I was umm, doing some push-ups when you rang.”
“Oh. You’re working out, huh.”
“Yeah, gotta get back into shape.”
“You don’t look out of shape to me.”

Her eyes roved over his body and he felt a bit uncomfortable.

“AH! You didn’t answer my question!”

He was avoiding it actually.

“Can we not talk about her?”

Because she was her and it he might slip up if she kept asking him questions about herself.

“Why not?”
“I just don’t want to talk about her.”
“Then just answer that one question.”

Saved by the phone. Michiko’s was vibrating, signaling her that she just received a message.

“I hope it’s good news.” He heard her whisper before she checked the message. She was biting her lip when she started reading. Her eyes moved left and right then stopped. He noticed her shoulders slump and a heavy sigh escaped her lips.

“He cancelled it.”

She looked at her phone again.

“It’s almost midnight.”

Her hand’s grip on her phone tightened.

“MOU! I hate this!”

She got up and went to the bathroom. When he heard the door closed, he muttered to himself…

“Jun, what are you doing? If you keep making her feel like this, I’m tempted to steal her away…”

Inside the bathroom…

Michiko stood in front of the mirror, her hands were on the sink, fingers clutching on to the hard porcelain. She kept taking deep breaths while she forced the tears back. Why did she move to Japan again? To be with him? But because of who he was, they couldn’t spend much time together. Not even a few hours on his birthday? Not even on the day BEFORE his birthday? The more he famous he gets - as if he wasn’t famous already - the busier he gets. Less time for himself, for his family, friends… and much less for her.

“Just… hang in there.”

She took another deep breath but when she exhaled, the tears came flowing and she started sobbing. Her knees buckled and hit the floor. She immediately covered her mouth and tried to cry as quietly as she could, not wanting Shun to hear. Not wanting him to worry when he had enough problems on his own.

“Don’t be such a crybaby. So you can’t be with him during his birthday. Big deal. There’s another one next year. Ne? And if not next year, there’s the year after that… it’s no big deal. Daijobu desu. Gambarimasu.”

Michiko stood up then washed her face. When she was satisfied with her appearance, she came out and found Shun waiting for her right outside the door. He took one look at her face and knew she had been crying.

“Do you want to sleep with me?”

Shun saw the shock on her face and realized what he just asked her.

“NO, I mean, not sleep with me. I meant, sleep here. HERE. With me but not like WITH me. On the bed together. No, not like that. But if you want to. I don’t mind. Sleeping on the same bed. But just SLEEPING. No sex or anything like that. Unless. I mean. Absolutely no sex. Or anything that would lead to sex. Because sex would be bad between us. NOT that I’m saying that you’re not good at it. I’m sure you’re good. I’m sure you’d be incredible. Not that I’m bad. I’ve had no complaints. But. Together, we’d be bad. Oh God. What the fuck am I saying?”

He turned his back to her and hit his head on the wall in front of him. What the fuck was wrong with him? He had wanted to comfort her but ended up going on and on about sex. This was totally humiliating. He’d understand it if she wanted to leave and not want to see him ever again. It was probably better if it ended that way. He didn’t want to make another mistake like that.

Behind him, Michiko didn’t know whether she should laugh or yell at him for his poor choice of words. She was stunned when she heard his question but in the back of her mind, she kinda knew that he didn’t mean it to come out that way. Wow, he was really beating himself up for what he said. Then again, he really did make it worse by trying to explain what he meant. Did he say that she’d be incredible in bed? Okay, that was funny. She wouldn’t yell at him for that. What should she do then? A smile played on her lips. She shouldn’t but it was too tempting…

Shun stiffened when he felt her arms around his waist and her head on his back.

“Let’s do it.

Let’s what?!


Her hands slid up his shirt. This was not happening. Michiko wouldn’t but she was… doing it. Damnit, she was teasing him, wasn’t she?! Knowing her, she would definitely take advantage of this situation. Fuck, she was really torturing him now. Especially since he knew she was joking. But how far would she take this? As painful at it was, he wanted to find out so he didn’t move.

Eh? He was not reacting to her advances. Hmm, he knew she was teasing him, ne? She should have known. Well, she couldn’t really go further than what she had already done. Slipping her hands under his shirt was pretty bold. If Jun found out about this, he’d have her ass on a silver platter. Wait, who said she had to keep touching him. There were other ways.

“Shun. I need you.”

No fucking way! She withdrew her hands from under his shirt and was simply clutching on the hem. He couldn’t take it. She had no fucking clue as to what she was doing to him. To hear her say those words. If only she meant them…

“I’m going to fucking kill you!”

He swiftly turned causing her to back away. Her eyes grew big and she instinctively made a run for it but he was quicker. His hands managed to grab her waist before she could even take a step.

“GOMENASAI! I couldn’t resist!”

She shouted but he paid no attention to her. Shun picked her up easily and threw her body on his shoulder.


He walked towards the bedroom.

“You said let’s do this, ne? It was your idea, ne?”
“IYA! I was just joking! Come on! You knew that!”
“Eh? You were? Hontou?”
“SHUN! Stop kidding around!”
“You started it.”
“HA! So you knew! So we’re even!”
“Not yet.”

He was enjoying this very much. It was time he got even. At least, he took her mind of whatever it was that made her cry. Jun, he presumed.

“Jun’s not going to like this!”
“I’m not telling. Are you?”

The bed was a foot away from him. He got on it, kneeling, before he slammed Michiko’s body on it then he quickly climbed on top of her.

“Let’s do this?”

Note to self, don’t ever piss off Shun. If this was how he reacted to a joke gone too far, she wouldn’t want to see him mad.

Yabe~ She looked so good underneath him. He kept his eyes on her face, afraid that if he let it travel anywhere else, he would lose control. What the fuck was he thinking when he took her to the bed?

There was something wrong with his expression, Michiko thought. Was it just her or did he suddenly look serious? It was like he was actually contemplating on whether he should do it or not. Her heart started to pound. It was very weird. Seeing someone aside from Jun on top of her. She never imagined there’d be anyone else who would look at her like… oh no. Shun. He couldn’t possibly…

The look of playfulness on her face disappeared and Shun worried that she had started to suspect.


He grinned at her.


She looked relieved.


Shun stumbled backward when Michiko pushed him off her.

“EH? You’re the one who pretended to want it.”

They both sat up and glared at each other.

“But you KNEW I was joking!”
“So you really thought that I wanted to…”
“IYA! Well, you looked so serious when you were on top of me…”
“Muri, muri.”


[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 EmptyTue Dec 23, 2008 5:48 pm

She crossed her arms like she was offended by his statement.

“It’s not that you’re not desirable, Michiko. It’s just that you’re… Michiko.”
“Uh-huh. I thought you said I’d be incredible in bed. Aren’t you the least bit curious?”

Lying was not his forte but he could act.

“Well, that’s good.”

He found it funny that she was a bit miffed at him for not admitting that he really wanted her.

“So… what do you want to do now that sex is not an option.”

She smiled a little then shrugged.

though he cancelled the date, I think I’ll wait for him anyway. I don’t
know when he’ll be home and I might end up spending just a couple of
hours with him but it’s better than nothing. It is his birthday.”

“Did you get him anything?”
“Un. Well.”

She blushed.

“He’d be too tired for it.”
“AH! I should message him a greeting!”
“And you should let him know that you’ll wait for him.”

There was a glint in her eye that made him afraid for Jun.

around 12:12AM, Jun received a message from Michiko. But his phone was
not with him around that time. When he finally got to check his
messages, it was already 2AM. He read Michiko’s message before he got
out of the car.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE! 25?! I feel so old. Is
that why you cancelled on me? Are you taking some younger woman to bed
tonight? Hmm?! I bet! =( You should have told me! I wouldn’t have
bothered preparing something… oh well. I shall see you whenever you
have the time I guess. Should I call your manager for an appointment?
J/K. Don’t even bother replying to this. I’m probably sleeping already.
I have a big day with SHUN tomorrow. BYE!”

Jun re-read the
message. She should have stopped typing after the happy birthday
greeting. Now he felt really bad about cancelling on her. But he didn’t
know when he was going to finish with work and he didn’t want her
staying up late waiting for him. He sighed and got out of the car. He
was walking to the elevator when he read Shun’s message.

“Call me when you get this.”

What did he want? Should he call him? Could be important.

“What’s up?”
“You wanted me to call you so you can wish me a happy birthday?”
“Heh. Thanks.”
“I’m walking to the elevator.”
“What time did Michi leave?”
“As soon as she got my message?”
“I know she’s upset about it.”
“But I couldn’t take off earlier.”
“She said not to bother replying.”
“I want to call her but…”
“Alright. I’ll talk to you later.”
“Good night.”

Jun rummaged through his bag for his keys while he got off his floor. He turned left and headed straight to his apartment.


was a big cardboard box in front of the door. He looked around,
checking if there was anybody in the area but he was alone. He slowly
walked forward. The flaps on top were not secured correctly. Somehow,
this reminded him of Kimi wa Petto. What if this was a prank? There
could be a body in the box. It was big enough to hold one. He could
even fit in it. Well, should he just slide it to the side and go in or
should he open it? He set his bag down and tried to slide it to the


Something moved inside. He better check then. Or should he call Shun?

“Ne, Shun. Somebody left a box in front of my apartment.”
“Yeah, a box. A big cardboard box.”
“I don’t know! Should I open it?”
“It’s not my box!”
“Yes, it’s right in front of my door but…”
“Fine, it’s my box. But should I open it?”
“You’re no help, Shun. Why did I even bother calling you…”
“Yes, why don’t you come here and open it for me.”
“I am not scared!”
“A present?”
“If it’s a present, they should have a least wrapped it.”
“Just get your ass here. I’d feel safer if there’s someone else with me.”
“What if there’s a dead animal or body in it?”

Jun sniffed the box.

“No, it doesn’t smell rotten or anything.”
“Well, what if there’s a bomb?”
“Seriously, Shun.”
“Good, I’ll wait for you.”

was not afraid but what if someone was hiding inside, waiting to attack
him? It was possible so he was only taking the necessary precautions. A
few minutes later, Shun came strolling towards him.

“What took you so long?”
“I was in bed when you called.”

Shun stared at the box.

“Well. I’m here. Open it.”
“I’m not really sure if that’s a good idea.”
“Then why did you call me?! Do you me to help you take it to the basement or something?”
“I tried sliding it to the side earlier but I felt something move inside.”
“Jun, just open a flap and look inside.”
“Why don’t YOU do it?”
“If it was an assassin, you’d be dead right now.”
“He could’ve fallen asleep.”
“You are starting to sound like an idiot, you know that?”
“Okay. Lift the flap and I’ll look.”

waited until Jun was hunched over the box before he reached for the
flap. Once he got hold of it, he looked away then lifted it up.

“I can’t see, it’s a bit dark.”

He moved the flap to the side so half of what was inside the box was revealed.


Michiko wrapped in ribbons. ONLY ribbons. She was curled into a ball on a jacket, asleep, her head resting on a small pillow.

“What is it?”

was laughing inside but acted like he didn’t know anything. He turned
his head and Jun stepped right in front of him, blocking his view of
the box.

“It’s… uh, thanks for coming up but I can take care of it myself.”
“EH?! That’s it? I don’t get to see what it is?”
“NO. It’s nothing special really. So…”

Nothing special my ass.
He knew who was in the box. First of all, that was his box that Michiko
borrowed. He had told her to wait until Jun called him before going and
setting herself up there but she wouldn’t listen. So the only thing he
could do was give her a pillow to rest her head on. Was she asleep in
there? She went up about almost an hour ago!

“I got it from here. Thanks.”

He shrugged and left.

“Happy Birthday again.”

Shun turned the corner, Jun swiveled around and unlocked the door then
pushed it open. He could just wake her up now but he didn’t want her to
stand up in that… attire… out in the open. So. He gently pushed the box
inside. Thank goodness she wasn’t heavy. The movement must have woken
her up because after he locked the door, he turned and found her
sitting up and rubbing her eyes. Purple and blue ribbons clung to her
body. The strip that was wrapped around her breasts hung loose and
threatened to fall. She stood up and Jun’s gaze fell on the big bow
strategically placed to cover the triangle between her legs.

“Tanjoubi omedetou.”

He smiled and shook his head in disbelief. She was certainly something else.

“So you’re THE present, huh?”

She nodded then stepped out of the box. The strip that covered her breasts fell.


And she tried to fix it.

“Leave it.”

Michiko looked up and saw Jun’s hungry gaze on her.

“Don’t you want to unwrap me yourself?”

He answered by picking her up and carrying her to the bed.

hour later and for the second time around, Michiko shuddered before
collapsing on the bed. Jun fell right on top of her back, breathing
heavily. He pushed her hair aside and kissed the back of her neck then
her shoulder blade.

“Mmm, Jun. Stop that.”
“Nande? Is it turning you on already?”
“Let’s get some sleep. You’re waking up early today.”
“After… one more time…”
“Jun, we just…”

She gasped, his hand was in between her legs already.

“Jun, it’s sensitive.”
“I’ll be gentle.”

He pulled his hand away and she whimpered in protest.

“Michi, make up your mind. You want it or not?”

She turned over and pouted.

“Finish what you started.”

His lips curled into a smile.

“Yes ma’am.”

A few screams later…

“I need to sound proof my walls. You’re getting louder and louder every time.”
“I do not.”
“My neighbors have complained before.”
“They have not!”
“They have.”
“Matsumoto Jun! You are lying!”
“Believe what you will. I’m telling you the truth.”

She eyed him skeptically.

“You really don’t believe me? I’ll record an audio next time. You’ll hear how loud you get.”
“HA! The next thing you’re gonna suggest is a video recording as well. You men are all the same. Hmph.”
“Don’t tell me you’ve made one before.”
“Of course not! Doesn’t mean it wasn’t brought up before.”
“Then I’m glad you didn’t do it.”
“And we’re not making one either. By the way, did you delete that photo I sent you from Hakone?”
“Which one?”
“What do you mean which one?! The one where I was naked?!”
“Oh, that one.”
“Yes, and?”
“Not yet.”
“I’m eventually going to delete it.”
“Jun. If someone gets a hold of your phone…”
“If you’re gonna worry this much, you shouldn’t have sent it.”
“Where’s your phone?”
“I’ll delete it.”
“When the time is right.”
“When is that?”
“Michi, it keeps me company at night when you’re not around.”
“You masturbate to it?!”
“You do, don’t you?!”

jumped on top of him and started tickling his sides. His body jerked
around violently and he almost threw her off him and off the bed.

“I DO! I DO! Are happy now?!”

She lay herself down on his chest and closed her eyes. Jun’s arms went around her back.

“You know you can always call me when you feel the need… remember that night?”
“Yes, I remember.”
“Didn’t you like it?”
“It was sorta weird at first but yes, I did like it.”
“You’re still going to be busy the week after this 24HR thing, ne?”
“Then you’re going to Hawaii?”
“That’s right.”
“Go to sleep then. I don’t want you looking like a zombie host.”

He chuckled the held her tightly.

“Just hang in there, babe.”

It was all she could do.

End of Chapter LXII

A/N -
bit ecchi this chapter. A bit. Anyhoo. Shun's doing a lot of thinking
in this chapter ne? Ya think, he'll eventually slip up and tell
Michiko? Next chapter... the Gala. Jun's busy with 24HR Television
while Michiko will be at the party with Shun. Yes, troubles are
ahead... we're getting there. Will the surprise happen before or after
the troubles? Hmmm.....

Thanks for reading!!! Comments are loved!!!!

What do you want for Christmas? ^____^

yeah. I am going to write a short JunXMichiko Extra (sorta like a
deleted scene from the fic) LOL. The one when they're talking about
"that night." Remember in the last chapter when Jun promised Michiko
he'd call her the next night? ^_^ Yesh. It will be chotto, what am I
saying, it will be full ecchi. So it won't be posted here. Most likely
my LJ. Anyhoo, I haven't written it. Will let you guys know when it's

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 4 Empty

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08
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