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 [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyWed Nov 26, 2008 3:03 pm

Chapter XXXIX

It was that part of his personality that won her over. He was persistent… very persistent to a fault. Frank was dressed casually as always. He was much like her when it came to clothes. The more comfortable, the better. Even when he was performing, actually, especially when he was performing unless it was for a music video or some big awards show or something. “You’re finally home. I’ve been waiting for an hour now.”
“And who told you to wait?” She replied gruffly to him. Pushing the bouquet he held out for her, she took out her keys and opened the door. “I know you hate roses. But it’s synonymous to how you feel about me.” Michiko hid a smile as she stepped into the loft. His sense of humor was nothing but odd and she liked that about him, too. Frank followed her inside. “I guess I’ll fill up the sink and drop these in there.” Of course he remembered that she didn’t own a vase since he had sent her flowers before. “Try the trash instead.” She yelled out. “How can you say that? These are gorgeous.” He turned the water on and waited for the sink to fill up. “Then keep them for yourself.” She replied. “They should be near someone as pretty as them.”
“Compliments are not going to get you anywhere, Frank.” She left him in the kitchen while she went to the bathroom to freshen up and change clothes. When she came out, she found him in the middle of the room with a frown on his face. “Michi, where’s your furniture? And why do you have your things packed in boxes?”
“I’m moving out.”
“Where to?”
“None of your business. Frank, why are you here?”
“Didn’t you remember what I told you in Japan?”
“Didn’t you remember what I told you in Japan?”
“Yes, and you didn’t give me an answer then. You just closed the door on me.”
Michiko opened her mouth to confess when the phone rang.
“More than Words?” Frank raised an eyebrow at her. Michiko distanced herself from him then answered the call. “Hi. Listen…”
“Matte, don’t say anything.” Jun replied on the other line. “I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to you when you called. And I’m sorry I didn’t call right away either. There were just some things on my mind.”
She felt a lot better after hearing his apology. There was nothing for her to worry about after all. But… she looked at Frank. She would have to call him back. “Gomen but I can’t talk right now.” Jun grumbled something about revenge. She laughed. “I’m not doing this on purpose, baka! I have to…” She whispered. “Get rid of someone.”
“EH?! Who?”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll call you back in a bit okay?”
Jun didn’t like the sound of that. Not one bit.
“MICHI!” She turned and glared at Frank.
“Michi?!” There was only one person who called her that, Jun thought angrily.
“Jun, I’ll call you back.”
She ended the call quickly before he got the chance to yell at her.
“Was that your new boyfriend? He’s Japanese?”
Michiko walked passed him and went straight to the door. “I need you to leave.”
“I’m staying right here. I told you I’m not giving up on you.”
“You. Are. Driving. Me. Crazy.”
“I always drove you crazy.” He grinned.
“I’m moving to Japan. To be with him.” She had to be blunt. It was the only way.
Frank’s grin disappeared. “Seriously?”
“Yes. We weren’t meant to be, Frank. You know that. You knew that back then. You wouldn’t have waited all these time if you really thought we were supposed to be together. Stop being in denial. You’re a great guy. The cheating… that was both our fault. So please, let me go. I have already moved on.” He searched her face, wanting to make sure she meant every word she said. She would not lie to him about something like this. Guess he was arrogant. He thought she would take him back after all these months. Or maybe she was right. Maybe he knew it wasn’t really going to work and he just needed to let her know that he made a mistake back then. Either way, it was over. For her to make a decision to move to another country… that was big. “Alright.” He walked towards the door. When he was in front of her... “Can I get a kiss?”
“Oh no. You already got one in Japan.”
“Yeah but…” He leaned in.
“Frank, don’t.” She held her arm in front of her and it hit his chest. “It’s not going to change anything.”
“I know but I miss it.” He gave her his best puppy-dog eyes. She was immune to it, unfortunately.
“And if you do this, you’ll want more. And I can’t give you more.”
“I’m a sucker for pain.”
“I don’t want to cause you pain.”
“I thought you wanted to be beat me up.”
“Okay so I want to cause you physical pain but not emotional pain.”
He smiled weakly.
“And there’s no chance for us keeping in touch?”
“I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry, too. If only…”
“No ifs, Frank. Thanks for that one year… now get the fuck out.”
He stepped out chuckling… “Boy, I really missed that.”
“You miss me cussing at you? You’re such a turd.”
Frank laughed until he got to the elevator. He looked back and sighed sadly when Michiko closed the door behind her.

When Frank finally left, Michiko hurriedly dialed Jun’s number.

“What the fuck was he doing there?!” She couldn’t help but laugh at his greeting.
“Hello to you, too.” She sat down on the floor and leaned her back against the wall.
“You promised me you wouldn’t see him again.”
“He was at my front door when I got home, Jun. I didn’t ask him to come over. He just showed up.”
“And you let him in?!”
“I wanted to show him I was serious about you.”
“Oh. How…”
“He noticed the loft was empty ‘cept for some boxes and my luggage.”
He was quiet after that.
“He gave up after I told him I was moving to Japan to be with you.”
“When will you get here?”
She smiled. He had forgotten about Frank already.
“How soon?”
Michiko played with her hair.
“I can schedule the flight for Friday.”
“Why not tomorrow?”
“I can’t. I have to ship some of my things to New Jersey.”
“Can’t you do that today?” He sounded impatient.
“It’s 8 at night, Jun. The post office is close.”
He sighed.
“Friday is only two days from today, babe.”
“How about Thursday?”
“Day after tomorrow… hmmm…”
“Don’t even think about it, do it.”
“Oh I know! I’ll see if Kyo can ship the boxes for me. If he can then I’ll schedule an early flight tomorrow.”
Jun felt a twinge of jealousy when she mentioned Kyo. But if he could help then he wouldn’t complain.
“If you can get here Thursday, I’ll pick you up at the airport.”
“I’m off Thursday so yeah.”
She wanted to jump up and down after hearing that.
“Okay! I‘ll call Kyo in a bit then schedule the flight later.”
“No, do it now.”
“But I’m talking to you!”
“I have to go to work anyway.”
“Why are you mad? You’re going to see me sooner than you thought.”
“I wanted to talk some more…”
“We’ll do that on Thursday. You can talk to me the whole day.” Or maybe not the whole day, Jun thought.
“Well, maybe not the WHOLE day.” Jun smiled. She just voiced what he was thinking.
“You have something else in mind?” He asked, still smiling.
“Stop smiling. I know what you’re thinking.”
“How do you know I’m smiling?”
“I can feel it.”
He chuckled.
“Oh yeah, why did you call earlier?”
“Ah! I got a job in Tokyo! So I can start looking for an apartment right away.”
“Hontou?! Suge~”
“Uhuh. Okay, I’ll let you go. I’ll tell you about it Thursday then.”
“Ano… Michiko…”
“I… umm… I…”
“Iya… I’ll see you soon. Ja.”
“Matte, Jun!”

He hung up already.

“I guess I’ll call Kyo.”

End of Chapter XXXIX

- yah, gomen for the short chappie but I'm hoping the next one would be long ^_________^ *hint hint* Anyhoo... finally over with Frank ne? At least we hope so ne? And Jun getting impatient. Hehe. So, ya think Michiko will be in Japan on Thursday as planned? Dun dun dun dun! Ahaha, I'm sure ya'll be happy with the next chap :D

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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Female Number of posts : 229
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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyWed Nov 26, 2008 3:07 pm

Chapter XL

At 1:10PM, Narita Airport was as crowded as usual. People from different backgrounds arrived and departed. They were busy talking, crying, hugging, or kissing to really pay attention to those who were around them. And the rest of the people, who weren’t awake, were asleep waiting for their flight. Jun stood near the gate Michiko was coming out from. He wore a zippered long sleeve hooded top over a black v-neck shirt, jeans and black boots. And he had his Armani sunglasses on. The airport’s digital clock blinked 1:17PM. Her plane should have landed already. It was just a matter of time… Just then, a throng of people came out from the gate. His eyes scanned that area, excitedly looking for Michiko. And then he saw her. She also wore a black v-neck shirt under a long sleeved camouflage jacket over jeans and running shoes. Her eyes darted left and right while her body twisted around, obviously searching for him. She would stop walking then stand on her tiptoe, trying to look over people taller than her. She looked somewhat agitated and when someone bumped into her, she immediately cussed at him. The gentleman bowed apologetically but she ignored him and continued to look around. Jun lifted a sign over his head. Hopefully, that would get her attention. And it did. She squinted at the word written on the paper with a heavy black marker. It was a good thing she quickly saw it, as he was a bit embarrassed holding it up. Michiko zigzagged her way towards him, her face lighted up when she got close. “Dildo!” She yelled out what was written, adding to Jun’s embarrassment. When he tossed the sign aside, she dropped her backpack and jumped on him, her legs wrapping around his waist, her arms around his neck. He had to firmly plant one foot behind him to stop himself from falling back while his arms went around her. “That happy to see me, huh?”
“Fuck! I wasn’t thinking.” Michiko cursed at herself for being overly excited.
“It’s okay, baby. You don’t need to think when you’re with me.” He grinned. Her face broke into a huge smile. “You’ve been practicing your English! That sounded so natural.” She kissed his nose. “Lower.” Jun ordered. “Uh-uh. Later.” Her legs loosened and she dropped her feet to the floor. “We still have to get my luggage.”
“How many do you have?” Jun retrieved the sign and dropped it in the trash a few feet behind him. “Three. One big one and two small ones.” His hand reached for her backpack and she gave it to him without argument. “Let’s go then.” He took her hand and they walked side by side towards the baggage claim area. They waited a few minutes for the bags to come out onto the belt. Jun stood behind her with his arms around her, his hands were on her waist, his thumbs tucked inside the waistband of her jeans and they traced circles on her skin. Michiko leaned on his chest; she slipped her hands inside his long sleeves, holding on to his wrists. They were quiet while they waited for her luggage. “AH! It passed! That was mine!” She went to run after it but Jun pulled her back. “It’ll come back around. Just wait.”
“But, I’d get it faster if I caught it.”
“We still have to wait for two more bags anyway.”
“I guess.”
It didn’t take that long for the same luggage to come around. Michiko pulled on Jun’s sleeves. “There! The one with the yellow ribbon!” Jun went and grabbed it off the belt and set it aside. “OH! The others are right behind it.” She reached for the smaller one while Jun took the big one. Once they had all three, they rolled them out to the exit. “Next time use purple.”
“Eh? Why purple?”
“Nevermind.” He was being insanely jealous of Nino just because she picked his color for the ribbon even when she was most likely clueless to the color’s significance. He guided her to his car, it wasn’t park too far from the entrance of the lot. “I don’t think we can fit all three in there.” Jun opened the trunk and slid the big one first. She handed him one of the small ones and it fit perfectly inside. He closed the trunk after that. “Guess this goes in the backseat.” She was about to roll the other one forward when she felt Jun’s hands on her waist. He pulled her towards him then pushed her back against the trunk. Before she could say anything, he leaned in and took her mouth hungrily. She responded with the same fervor and then slipped her hands in his back pockets and drew his body closer to her. They stood there in the parking lot, kissing for what seemed like forever until Michiko heard a little girl’s voice.

“Okaa-san! Look! They’re kissing!”
“Sumire-chan, stop looking. It’s not polite to stare. They should be ashamed of themselves though. Doing that in the open.”
“Kissu! Kissu!”

Heat crept up her neck and she broke the kiss. Jun groaned when her lips left his. “Jun, we should get going.” The quicker they get home, the sooner he could continue where they left off, he thought. With that in mind, he opened the door of the backseat and threw the luggage in. Then he opened the passenger door for her to get in before he went to his side. “I’ve got the directions to the house in Kyoto.” She pulled a couple of pages out of her backpack. Jun took a look at them then pushed them back into her bag. “Why’d you do that?” She asked, confused by his action. Jun leaned forward. “Iya!” She thought he was going to kiss her again but he simply reached for her seat belt and buckled it for her. “Oh.” He smirked at her disappointed tone. After he buckled his own seat belt, he turned the key and the engine started. “Chotto matte! You can’t drive to Kyoto without my directions!”
“We’re not going to Kyoto.” He replied then drove off.
“Eh?! Where are we going then?”
“To my place.”
Michiko stared at Jun’s profile. He was joking ne? Why would he take me to his place? He couldn’t be thinking straight. “Do you know what you’re doing? I can’t stay at your place.”
“Why not?” He had taken off his sunglasses and his eyes were focused on the road in front of him. “BECAUSE! Wouldn’t you get into trouble?”
“It’s only for a few days until you find your own apartment.”
“Yes but won’t your neighbors see me going in and out and suspect something?”
“In and out?” He asked, a smirk played on his lips.
“In and out, yes.”
“Well, I suppose so… OI! Anata wa yarashii koto kangaeteru desho! (You’re thinking dirty thoughts!)”
“Kimi mo. (So are you.)”
“Only cause you made me! Great! What was I saying before you interrupted me?”
“You were talking about going in and out.”
Michiko glared at him.
“This is serious, Jun. What if a rumor spreads?”
“Don’t worry too much. My neighbors keep to themselves. I’ve never had a problem with them before.” The car stopped on a red light so Jun turned to her. “Are you just worried about me getting in trouble or maybe you don’t want to stay with me?” Michiko held his chin then turned it to face front. “Green.” Jun frowned but let go of the brake. “Don’t be stupid. I’m more afraid of not wanting to leave you after I’ve settled in for a few days.” After she said that, she shyly turned away and looked out the passenger window. His hand covered hers. “I don’t want to get used to sleeping and waking up with you next to me.” She added.

“Then find an apartment quick or else I’m going to have to keep you.”

Jun finally pulled over into his parking space and had to wake a sleeping Michiko. It was almost 3:30PM when they arrived. “Michiko… Michiko. We’re here.” She rubbed her eyes then sat up straight. “Oh. Sorry. Didn’t mean to fall asleep.” He smiled then got out of the car. She did the same and then took the luggage from the back seat while Jun emptied the trunk of the other two. They walked into the building and stopped in front of the elevator. “Didn’t you get enough sleep on the plane?” He asked while they waited. The doors opened and they got in. “No.” She replied quietly. His brows furrowed at her reply. “Did something happen?”
“I…” The elevator door suddenly opened and she followed Jun to his front door.
“Here we are.” He unlocked it and pushed the door open for Michiko. She stepped into his home and wheeled her luggage inside. It was clean and tidy. Very modern. “You cleaned, didn’t you?” Jun locked the door and left the luggage next to it. “This is how my apartment always look, Michiko.” She rolled her eyes at him. “Sure.” The living room had a couch, a coffee table, a television, a desk and a computer. When she walked further into the room, she found the bed. She had to control her urge to crawl under the covers and sleep. “Ah! I forgot to take off my shoes!” Michiko ran back towards the front door then took her shoes off, along with her socks. Then she shed off her jacket and tossed it on the couch. Jun had already taken his boots and socks off and also his hooded top. “Go ahead and sleep. You know you want to.” He gestured towards the bed. She bit her lip. “Okay. Gomen.” She walked to the bed and Jun followed close behind. When she reached it, she hesitantly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans then wriggled out of it. Jun thoroughly enjoyed the wriggling. He decided to take his jeans off as well then crawled into bed with her. Jun reached for her but she stopped him. “Matte.” Michiko sat up and unhooked her bra then carefully pulled the straps off through each sleeve then finally yanked it out from underneath her shirt.

“Amazing.” Jun said after witnessing it. She laughed at his compliment. “It’s not that hard.” He shook his head in disagreement. “Unhooking a bra is hard enough for me.” She laughed again. “Come here.” Michiko lied down on her side, her head facing his chest. He slung an arm over her and pulled her closer to him. “So something happened on the plane?” She wasn’t sure if she should tell him the reason why she couldn’t get any sleep. “Umm… it’s nothing important.”
“It bothered you so much that you couldn’t sleep so it must be something big.”
“Just tell me.”
“They kept repeating that fucking movie and it annoyed me to death.” She blurted out. The moment she said it, she regretted it so she buried her face on his chest.
“Eh? What movie?”
She pretended to be asleep.
“I know you’re awake, dildo.”
She didn’t budge until she felt his hand underneath her shirt.
Her head snapped up. His eyes were laughing at her.
“I asked you what movie it was.” Jun inched his hand higher.
“Okay, okay.” She grumbled at him. He waited for her answer and had no intention of moving his hand away. “They kept playing Hana Yori Dango Final.”
Jun frowned. “You didn’t like it?”
“Oh yeah, I loved it.” She replied sarcastically. “Every time I saw you and your fake girlfriend on screen, hearts exploded in front of my face and I was left feeling all warm and fuzzy.” Jealousy obviously reared its ugly head and she looked down to avoid his gaze. “Can we not talk about it? I’m tired.” She tried to push the mental image of Doumyoji and Makino’s happy wedding out of her mind. If she was going to feel like this every time she saw them together, she was afraid she’d eventually have a heart attack. Being close to him now didn’t seem to help. She just felt guilty that she was feeling jealous over a stupid movie that she probably would’ve liked if that girl weren’t in it. And why wasn’t he saying anything? Oh fuck it! Michiko threw the covers off her and stood up on the bed.
“Okay! I--” She was about to loudly announce that she was going to the bathroom when her feet was pulled from under her and she landed on her back. “What the hell!” She yelled out. Jun got on top of her but he didn’t look pissed. Frustrated may be the right word. “I could’ve gotten hurt, you know. What the fuck?!” She glared at him.
“You are going to get hurt if you don’t shut up.” Jun snarled.
“You’re always telling me to shut up.”
“Only when you’re acting stupid. And you were acting stupid just now.”
“I stood up to go to the bathroom!”
“I wasn’t talking about that.”
Michiko closed her eyes. She shouldn’t have told him. Should have just kept it to herself and dealt with it alone. He was right. It was stupid. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes to apologize for her irrationality. But when she met his gaze, she was taken aback by his somber eyes. “I’m sorry.” Why was HE apologizing? “Umm. Why are you--” He softly kissed her lips. “You knew it was going to be hard. That’s why you didn’t want to do this. But I forced you to move here, didn’t I? Watching the movie was hard, wasn’t it? I can’t expect you to… but can you please bear with it? Just tell me what I need to do to make you feel better.” She thought he was going to yell at her some more but instead… There was a sudden ache in her heart. How could she not try and bear everything when he asked so… she sighed. She couldn’t find the words to describe it. “Baka. You didn’t force me into anything. I’m sorry, too. I should have reacted differently.” Jun kissed her again and this time, longer. “Iya. Don’t change. If you’re angry, be angry. If you’re hurt, be hurt. I don’t want you trying to shield me from your true feelings. This way there are no secrets between us.” His tone was so gentle. It was lulling her to sleep. “Michiko…” She smiled. “Hmmm?” He lied down next to her then gathered her into his arms. She snuggled close to him, nuzzling her face on his chest.
“You’re falling asleep while I’m pouring my heart out?” He sighed. “I guess we’ll talk later.” Jun muttered and allowed himself to drift off to sleep.


[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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Female Number of posts : 229
Age : 42
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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyWed Nov 26, 2008 3:07 pm

Something smelled delicious and very familiar. Like something he
usually cooked. Jun opened his eyes and found himself alone in bed. He
sat up and looked around. The clock next to the bed said 6PM. How long
was he asleep? 2 hours or so? “Oh lookie, my babe’s awake.” Michiko
came from the kitchen. He noticed she had changed into a gray
wife-beater and shorts. She got on the bed and crawled towards him.
When she got closer, she sat on his lap then kissed him. He could get
used to this, Jun thought. His hands automatically pushed her shirt up.
“Iya, not right now.” She pulled it back down. “Yes, right now.” He
pushed it up again. “No, Jun. I’m cooking.” She pushed it back down
again. “It smells delicious. But…” Jun lowered his head and traced her
nape with his lips, all the while inhaling her scent. “You smell
“Umm. It’s… my… perfume.” Michiko slowly replied, unmistakably
stimulated by his touch. “Do you smell that? I think the food’s
burning!” She pretended to panic then jumped off the bed. Jun laughed.
“You suck at acting.” She turned and stuck her tongue out at him. “I
can’t believe you still do that at your age.” He teased.
“Don’t deprive me of my inner child.”
“Inner child my ass.”
“I’ve seen your ass, it’s as smooth as a baby’s.”
Jun bolted off the bed. Michiko shrieked and ran. He chased her around
the apartment. “Yamero, Jun! Stop chasing me!” She cried out while she
hopped over one of her luggage in the living room then skidded towards
the couch. “Yabai!” It was too late to stop. The edge of the couch hit
her knee and she stumbled onto it. “Owwww.”
“Daijoubu?!” Jun knelt next to her and inspected her knee. “Take your
hand off it. Lemme see. What is it with you and bruises?” He sighed.
“I’m sure you’ll be getting one right here.”
“OW! Don’t poke it.”
“I’d rather poke something else but you won’t let me.”
“You are so hentai!”
“Not really. Only since I met you.”
“Oh don’t you dare blame it on me!”
“Weren’t you cooking?”
“Yabai!” She abruptly stood up but her knee gave out. Jun caught her
when she fell back. “Why don’t you sit here and I’ll check it.” She
nodded. “It’s in the oven.” Jun got up and went to the kitchen. “Oh and
the pasta should be cooked by now!” She yelled after him. Michiko
stretched her legs in front of her then after a few stretches, she
stood up. She was about to go to the kitchen when the doorbell rang.
Without thinking, she quickly went to answer it. She only realized her
mistake after she had already opened the door. A confused Oguri Shun
stood in front of her. He looked at the apartment number then stared at
the woman standing inside Jun’s home. She was maybe two inches shorter
than Jun. Her layered black hair fell to her shoulders. She had
striking dark brown eyes, defined cheekbones, a full bottom lip, and
her body… Shun blushed after noticing what she was wearing. He looked
up, trying to avoid her gaze. She didn’t look like the usual girls Jun
used to date. He wondered if she was the new girlfriend he hinted about
during the last time they met. Michiko crossed her arms over her chest
after she caught the guy glance at it. He looked very familiar. “AH!
Hanazawa Rui!” Michiko exclaimed when she recognized the character from
Hana Yori Dango Final. Shun looked down at her. He was relatively
taller than her. He was around 5 feet 9 inches. “Ano… is Jun here?”

“Michiko, did I hear the door--” Jun’s eyes met Shun’s. “Shun.” He
glared at Michiko, swung his arm behind him and pointed to the
bathroom. She quickly ran past him muttering her apologies. Michiko
grabbed her bra on the bed then disappeared into the bathroom.

“Is this a bad time?” Shun asked.
“Iya, come on in. What brought you here tonight?”
Shun held up two bottles of wine.
“I thought since we didn’t get to drink much last time…”
Jun smirked. “We’ll be having dinner so good timing.”
Shun stepped inside and closed the door behind him. As he followed Jun
into the kitchen, he asked… “So, was that your Halo girl?”

The two men sat down at the bar. Jun had set the table and was waiting
for Michiko to return. She walked in wearing the same exact clothes
except for that one change. “Sorry about that. I completely forgot.”
“I thought you didn’t want to get me in trouble and yet you open the door as soon as you hear the bell ring.”
“I said I’m sorry.” Michiko turned to the guest. “Hi.”
Shun lightly chuckled. “Hi. Oguri Shun.” He held out his hand and she took it for a shake.
“Yoku Michiko. Gomen. You are Hanazawa Rui ne?”
Jun frowned. “I thought you hated the movie?”
Shun laughed.
“Demo… Rui’s character was pretty cool.”
“I wouldn’t have gotten that role if Jun hadn’t recommended me when they cast him for the series.”
“Hontou? But you did a good job.”
“Arigato.” Seeing Jun’s frown deepening, Shun changed the subject. “So Yoku-san…”
“Just Michiko please.”
“Ah okay. Michiko. I heard you just recently moved here from New York?
That’s quite big move.” She took the seat next to Jun. “Hai. Umm. I
guess it is ne?” Michiko threw a sidelong glance at Jun. “Was it
because you fell in love with Japan during your last visit?” Michiko
stared at him suspiciously. Jun should have explained to him already
why she moved so why was he asking for her reason? She looked at Jun.
He was quietly eating his meatballs and spaghetti. Was he sulking? Or
was he jealous because she said Rui’s character was cool? Mou! She
preferred Doumyoji of course but she just hated how his character was
with that Makino girl. Well, she supposed she should make him happy.
She smiled shyly at Shun. “Hmm. I guess you could say I fell in love.”
The corner of Jun’s mouth suddenly twitched.
“These meatballs are delicious.” Jun finally spoke.
“Praising your own cooking, Jun?” Shun teased.
“Iya, Michiko cooked. She stuffed pepperoni in them, too. I wouldn’t have thought of doing that.”
“Eh? Pepperoni?” Shun bit into one. “Oh! Umai!”
“Told you.” Jun smiled.
Michiko beamed from the compliments.
“Jun has all the ingredients I needed. His kitchen is so organized! I was amazed when I looked inside your pantry!”
“I like to stock up since I don’t always have the time to go grocery shopping.” He pointed out.
“Good thinking.” Shun replied.
“So you both worked together in the series, too?”
They both nodded, still enjoying their food.
“Just that one drama or…”
“Hanadan and Gokusen.” Shun answered.
“Michiko. You should probably know…” Jun looked at Shun for approval and he nodded. “Shun is Mao’s real boyfriend.”
“EH?! Is that true?”
“So… how are you taking the whole fake relationship thing?”
Michiko was suddenly very curious. She grabbed Jun’s glass of wine and drank it empty.
“Take it easy, babe. You don’t chug wine. You sip.”
Shun chuckled. “Ano… about the fake issue…” Michiko leaned forward.
“There’s nothing I can do about it but support her. I trust Jun. And
now that I’ve met you…” She knew exactly what he was trying to say and
exactly what he felt. She was extremely happy she met him. “I know what
you mean.” She replied smiling. He smiled back. Jun watched the two
exchange a look. Did they just bond? “More wine?” Shun held out his
glass and Jun filled it to the top. “Where’s my glass?” Michiko
“You can share mine.” Jun said after pouring some into his glass.
“Fine. But don’t complain if I keep finishing it before you take a sip.”
To show what she meant, she took the glass and finished it off.
“OI! I said sip it! Don’t take it like a shot!”
She grinned. “Alright, alright… are you done eating? Lemme clean up
here. Why don’t you both go to the living room with the wine? I’ll be
there in a bit.” Shun got up and took both bottles while Jun grabbed
the glasses. “Don’t take too long. Just put them in the sink.”
“Iya. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. Ma always told me that.”

Jun and Shun sat on the couch, catching up on the latest industry news.
What were they working on recently. Any new movies out that they should
watch out for. They tried to schedule a date to catch a baseball game.
The usual topics they talked about. Michiko finally strolled into the
room then sat next to Jun. He stared at her shorts then placed his hand
on her thigh. She instantly knew what he was thinking. “Don’t start.
You’re wearing boxers!”
“I’ve seen Jun’s legs many a times, Michiko. It doesn’t bother me one
bit. Although… you recently waxed?” Jun groaned at Shun’s observation.
“I had to for this one photoshoot.”
“Oh, I didn’t even notice that. You legs were hairy when we were at
Atsuta.” Michiko started touching his leg. “Not in front of a guest,
Color flooded her cheeks and she leaned back, trying to hide from Shun.
He laughed at her reaction.

Two hours passed and they had finished the two bottles that Shun
brought and had already started on a new bottle from Jun’s wine
collection. Michiko was seated on the floor, her head resting on Jun’s
leg. She was getting sleepy but still wanted to drink. “Fill her up!”
She straightened up and held out the glass. Shun was about to pour when
Jun stopped him. “Michiko. I think you’ve had enough.” She looked up at
him through half-lidded eyes. “Iya. I want more. This particular wine
is sweet. I like it sweet.” She licked her lips wet. “You definitely
have had too much.” Jun took the glass away from her. “Last one,
please?” Shun found her amusing. “One more glass won’t hurt.” He said.
Jun gave Shun a look that said “You’re not helping.”
“See, Shun says it’s okay.” Michiko stood up and then plopped herself
in between Shun and Jun. She reached for Shun’s glass but Jun quickly
grabbed her wrist. “Don’t steal another person’s drink.” He sternly
said. “It’s fine, Jun. She can have mine.” Jun shook his head no. “Here
babe, I’m pouring you one.” He filled up his glass and handed it to
her. The truth was, he didn’t want her lips touching Shun’s glass… Was
he being overly jealous? But the thought of an indirect kiss between
the two of them caused his chest to tighten. Michiko took the glass and
sipped. “Mmm. I should be drinking wine more often. The liquid travels
down my throat smoothly.” While she said that, she threw her head back
and slowly ran her hand down her throat. With her eyes closed, she
smiled. “It doesn’t burn at all.” Shun looked at Jun’s expression. It
was a cross between “Fuck, that’s turning me on,” and “Don’t fucking do
that in front of Shun.” It took a lot of his self control to stop
himself from laughing out loud. He kinda felt sorry for Jun. But
Michiko, she was something else. Out of the blue, she stood up. After
setting the glass on the table, she turned to Jun. “I’m going to the
“Will you be okay?” He asked, concerned.
“I’ll be fine. It’s just over there, babe.” She giggled. “What could
possibly happen between here and there?” Jun could think of a dozen
possibilities. Most of them involved her tripping. “Maybe I should go
with you.” She waved her hand in dismissal. “Iya. Stay here.” She
started walking and surprisingly, she was not wobbly. When they heard
the door close, Shun burst out laughing. “Jun, she is definitely
different from all the girls I’ve seen you with.”
“Can’t argue with that.”
“I like her a lot. I wish Mao would drink with me sometime but she’s a lightweight. One glass and she’d pass out.”
“At least you don’t have to worry about her getting into trouble.”
“Has she gotten into trouble?”
“Well… not really. She only tried to kiss Aiba one time. Aside from that…”
“Then what’s the problem?”
“I don’t like the idea of her getting drunk when I’m not around. I
don’t think I can trust any of the people she drinks with. Even if
they’re my friends.”
“Even me?”
Jun thought about it.
“Oh come on! Even me, Jun?”
“Honestly? I don’t know. I’ve never been this jealous since… her. Are you like that with Mao-chan?”
Shun leaned back and drank some more.
“Yeah. I guess I can relate.”
“So you do get jealous when I’m with her, ne?”
“I wouldn’t be human if I said no.”

Michiko walked back into the living room. She had her arms up and was
fixing her hair. “It’s hot in here… or is it just me?” Shun stood up.
“I think I better get going. Don’t you have work tomorrow, Jun?” He nodded.
“Aw! No, not yet. We didn’t even finish the bottle.”
“Gomen ne, Michiko. I really do have to go.” She frowned but walked
towards him and gave him a hug. Shun didn’t expect that and stood there
frozen, worried about Jun’s reaction. “You’re fucking tall.” He
chuckled and hugged her back. When he turned to look at Jun, he was
scowling. He mouthed an apology and Jun sighed. “Okay, Michiko. Let go
of Shun so he can go.” She did then both of them followed Shun to the
“Thanks for the food and the company. We’ll have to do this again.”
Shun said when he stepped out. “OI Rui!” Michiko said when he was about
to leave. “Huh?” He turned to look at her.

“Make sure you keep Makino to yourself. Doumyoji’s mine.”

Michiko closed the door at a laughing Shun then turned to face a smirking Jun.

“You’re not marrying her, you hear?!” She stomped her way to the bed. Jun followed her. “That was just a movie.”
“Because if you do marry her… then I’ll have to move back to New York
and marry someone else. Eye for an eye you know.” She sat down on the
bed. Jun sat down next to her. “Don’t joke about that.”
“Maybe Kyo.”
“I said don’t joke about that, Michiko.”
She lied down then slowly pulled her shirt up. Jun’s mouth went dry.
“Yes, right now, Jun.”

End of Chapter XL

- This was a bit long ne? Hope ya'll enjoyed it though.
Not sure if its still the case but from what I've read somewhere, Shun
and Jun live in the same complex. Ah, finally they're together ne? Wah,
Michiko + Alcohol is a bad combo for Jun ne? Michiko and Shun seem
happy they met ^^ All seems fine! YAY! HeHe. Next chap, Michiko tries
to learn more about Arashi and Jun from online info and also tries to
look for an apartment.

Thanks for reading and for all your support! I was gonna post this last
night but mah drinking buddies came over -_- Funny coz they brought
two bottles of wine! HAHA!

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyThu Nov 27, 2008 12:46 am

ne. im too lazy to read this .

maybe tomoro i'll read this.

okay. if im not mistaken this is already completed to right?
please move this to the completed :)


[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 Shoon[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 Yabuchii2[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 Junpuzzle
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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyThu Nov 27, 2008 8:44 am

light_99 wrote:
ne. im too lazy to read this .

maybe tomoro i'll read this.

okay. if im not mistaken this is already completed to right?
please move this to the completed :)

^_^ No, it's not completed yet. Still ongoing.

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyThu Nov 27, 2008 9:04 pm

light_99 wrote:
okay. if im not mistaken this is already completed to right?
please move this to the completed :)


you have a long way to go...this isn't close to being done yet
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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:34 pm

Chapter XLI

Jun stood in front of his full length mirror inspecting his outfit for today. He held a long black skinny tie in front of him. “Hmm. With or without.” After repeatedly checking the difference in style when he had it on and off, he decided. “Without.” He tossed the tie aside then turned to his side and checked out his profile then faced front and fixed a few strands of his hair. He only used a fair amount of mousse to keep it in place and still made it look natural. Satisfied with how he looked, he crossed the room towards the bed and stopped right next to it. Michiko’s arm hung over the edge, she was on lying on her front sleeping. The thin sheet covered only half of her body, from the peak of her buttocks and lower. He contemplated on waking her up to say goodbye but decided not to disturb her. She was probably still tired from the flight plus from last night. It was her fault, he thought. If she weren’t so irresistible, they wouldn’t have done it thrice. Jun stretched his back and arms. It was quite a workout. He bent down and kissed her cheek then wrote a note on the night table. After taking one more look at Michiko and keeping a mental image of her, Jun left for work.

“Michiko’s back?! When?! Where?! Why didn’t you tell me?!” Aiba circled Jun frantically, obviously disturbed by the fact that Jun didn’t inform him of such important news. “I could’ve picked her up at the airport!” Jun kept quiet while Aiba complained loudly. It annoyed him that he was making a big deal about it. It was not like he kept her away from him purposely. And it had only been one day. Sho stopped Aiba. “Jun picked her up at the airport himself. I’m sure Michiko preferred it that way.” Jun silently thanked Sho because he was so close to snapping at Aiba. “Demo ne! If I was there, she might have WHOOSH towards me ne and thrown her arms around me for a big hug. That would have been nice. But, you’re right, Sho. Michiko probably wanted Jun there and not me.” Aiba was pouting a bit after he said that and Jun didn’t like how he looked sad. “She did ask about you, Aiba-chan. If you guys want, you can come visit her tonight after work.” Aiba’s face lighted up like a Christmas tree. “HONTOU NI?!”
Ohno, who was sitting on the couch next to Nino, voiced his concern. “You said she’s staying at your place?”
“Hai… just for a few days until she finds her own apartment.”
“Just tell her to be careful then.” Ohno replied.
“Did she find a job already?” Nino asked.
“Ahh. We were supposed to talk about that but we got distracted.”
“EH?!” Aiba gave Jun a knowing smile. He rolled his eyes at Aiba’s hentai thoughts.
“Shun came by and had dinner with us.”
“EHH?!! That’s not fair! Why did he get to have dinner with Michiko?! He’s not part of Arashi!” Aiba whined. “Michiko is not limited to having dinner with just us, Aiba.” Nino pointed out. “But we should have first dibs ne?” Aiba replied.
“First dibs? She’s not something you eat.” Ohno said.
Jun turned away, warmth creeping up his neck when he remembered that night at Chiba during the tournament.
“You know what I mean!” Aiba skipped towards Jun. “We’re definitely visiting her tonight. You can’t take it back.”
“I’ll let her know.”
“Yatta! I’m all pumped up now! Let’s start the shoot already!”

“Yada, Jun! Not there.” Michiko tossed and turned on the bed, seemingly having a dream. The sheet slipped off her body and onto the floor. “Jun… asoko. IYA! Hazukashi…” She jerked around too much that she inevitably hit the night table with her arm. “OW!” Pain shot through her and she abruptly sat up rubbing the spot that hit the sharp edge of the table. “Aah-aah, I was in the middle of a really good dream.” She glanced over at the clock. “It’s already 11PM?! JUN! Why didn’t you-- Oh. That’s right. He’s at work.” After looking a the time, she noticed a note next to the clock. She picked it up to read.

“I was going to make you breakfast but remembered how you didn’t like using the microwave. So help yourself. This is your home for as long as you want. -- Jun.”

He shouldn’t say things like that. It was making her heart pound. If only she could really stay with him here but it was impossible. There were too many risks. Michiko shook those thoughts away and got up to shower. When she finished, she fixed herself a quick breakfast then rummaged through her luggage for her laptop. She got it connected via Jun’s Ethernet cable. Everything was working fine. She was able to get online. Before she got comfortable on the chair, she made sure she had her phone next to her on the desk. And she made a mental note of calling Kitahara-san later.

“Kitahara-san said he’d email me some links for different apartment complexes in Tokyo. I better start looking.”

Michiko checked her email and found the message. She went and checked out each website and wrote down the addresses and phone numbers of the ones she liked. A few hours passed and she had a lot done. She contacted each of the apartments that she was interested in and had made appointments to check the rooms. She also called Kitahara-san and he had said that she didn’t have to come to work until she had settled in her new apartment. He also said that they had already scheduled several photoshoots, commercials, and shows for her so she should expect a rather busy schedule as soon as she started. But he assured her that eventually her schedule would be more flexible. Only the first couple of weeks would be very hectic as she needed to be introduced to the public. He didn’t mean to overwhelm her but that was what he did. It was sort of scary… this was, after all, a whole new experience for her. The tournaments exposed her to different crowds and some of them were televised but not at this grand of a scale. She hoped that she wouldn’t end up disappointing them for placing their trust on her. Michiko stared at the screen.

“Hmm. What if I searched…” Arashi. She typed it on google search. The first link pointed to a wikipedia entry. She clicked it then started reading.

“Arashi, literally means storm, is a five-member Japanese boy band under Johnny & Associates. They made their debut in September 15, 1999 in Honolulu, Hawaii… OHHH! They’ve been together since that year?! SUGE!” Michiko read the whole page. She found out that they’ve released a lot of CD’s, performed a lot concerts, hosted and guest in a lot of variety shows plus they’ve individually acted in dramas and movies as well. Around the end of the page, there was a small section about each group member. She couldn’t help but go directly to Jun’s summary. He was the youngest member?! And he starred in several dramas.

“He is the first Japanese male to grace the cover of Marie Claire Japan?! Maji ka?!”
“He gained the nickname DoS from the other members (S standing for 'Sadist' and Do means 'extreme' in Japanese Kanji…) EH?!!! I KNEW IT!”

Michiko leaned back on the chair. What had she gotten herself into? It seemed like they were more famous than Justin Timberlake. They toured Asia for crying out loud. And Jun… She hesitated but in the end, gave in to curiosity and typed Matsumoto Jun in the search box. She opened a new tab for the first link which took her to a drama wiki. “Oh, he’s won a few awards as an actor.” He was born on August 30th, 1983 and was a Virgo. She smiled. Virgos are very compatible with Capricorns and that was her sign. Michiko looked through other sites including his wikipedia one then clicked the image results for his name. Her eyes widened at the very first photo on the results page. She clicked the thumbnail for a bigger picture. That was a big mistake. Her hand clutched the front of her shirt as if she wanted to reach into her chest and stop her heart from beating so fast. The picture that stared at her was of Jun sitting naked in a bathtub with a naked woman. One of her arms reached up, her fingers through his hair while the other hand was on his neck. Her eyes seemed to be focused on his lips while Jun’s eyes appeared to be close. Michiko started breathing faster and deeper. She touched her forehead with her palm. Yabai, she was getting lightheaded and there was a pain in her chest. “Calm down. Michiko… calm down. It’s… it’s from a magazine…” She quickly closed that tab and got up. Her knees felt weak but she managed to reach the couch. This was not good. Not good at all. This was a whole new level of jealousy. The kind that caused her heart to palpitate dangerously. She shouldn’t have clicked that thumbnail. What the hell was she thinking? She lied down and tried to breath normally. Just then her phone rang. It was Jun. Forgetting momentarily that she was hyperventilating, she ran to the desk and answered the call. “FUCK YOU!” She yelled at him.

Jun pulled his ear away from the phone for second and stared at it, bewildered.
“Michiko? Why did you just curse at me?!”
“Gomen. I just had to do that.” She went back to the couch and lied down again.
“Doushita no?”
“I… nothing.”
“There’s something wrong, I can tell.”
“I’ll tell you later when you get home.”
Jun frowned.
“Why can’t you tell me now?”
“I’d rather have you near me when I tell you about it.”
He sighed. “Okay.”
She tried to sound cheerful. “So, how’s work?”
“Tiring. Anyway, I called to let you know that the guys will be coming home with me to visit you.”
“Oh.” She didn’t really mind them coming because she missed them, too, but she kinda wanted to be alone with Jun tonight.
“That’s okay ne?”
“Of course! That’d be awesome. Should I cook dinner?”
“Iya, we’ll bring the food to you so you don’t have to cook.”
“I don’t mind.”
“Just take it easy, okay? I’m sure you’re tired.”
“A bit. Maybe I should take a nap so I’ll have a lot of energy later.”
“Mmm. Are we going for 4 or 5 rounds tonight?”
“NO! Goodbye, Jun! I’ll see you later.”
“OI matte!”

She hung up on him. “Ah! I know what I can do.” Hopefully it would help her forget about the picture she saw. Michiko looked through Jun’s CD collection and did find their albums. Whoa, there were a few of them. There were eight albums, two compilations, and a whole lot of singles. She also saw a few concert DVDs. These would definitely keep her busy till they get here. Michiko popped in “Arashi No.1 Ichigou -Arashi wa Arashi o Yobu” in her laptop’s CD drive then searched for lyrics. She did this with each CD she listened to. Several hours passed and Michiko wasn’t sure when or how she ended up on the bed, but she just found herself closing her eyes, her brain filled with Arashi songs and falling asleep.

“MICHIKO!” Aiba stormed into Jun’s apartment yelling. “EH?! Where is she?” He swung around and squinted at Jun, who was right behind him. “You weren’t lying to me, were you?! Is this a prank?! Did Nino put you up to this?” Nino stepped inside followed by Ohno and Sho. “I wouldn’t think of such an unimaginative prank, Aiba-chan.” He huffed at him then plopped on the couch. Ohno and Sho also went and sat down after they set the plastic bag with Thai food on the table.

“Maybe she’s in the bathroom or the ki--.” Aiba didn’t wait for Jun to finish and dashed further into the apartment. “AAH! There you are!” He hurriedly got on the bed and hugged Michiko, who by the way, was still asleep. But Aiba’s tight embrace forced her to wake up. “Jun?” With her eyes still close, she wrapped her arms around the warm body on top of her. “I missed you, too, Michiko!” Her eyes flew open at the clear sound of… definitely NOT Jun’s voice. “AIBA!!!” A stunned Michiko stared at Aiba’s happy face that was only inches away from hers. She quickly let go of him and tried to roll away from underneath him. Jun came rushing in after he heard Michiko. “Nani yatten-no, Aiba!! (What the hell are you doing.)” His angry gaze traveled between him and Michiko who were in an incriminating position. “IYA, Jun! Don’t be mad!” She pushed a baffled Aiba off her then went straight to Jun. She placed her hands on his hips, ready to hold him back in case he tried to lunge at Aiba. “He was just really happy to see me so he hugged me. I was still asleep when he did and I thought it was you on top of me when I woke… Jun… JUN, look at me.” Jun met her eyes. “It’s okay. It’s just Aiba. Look at him, he has no clue…” He turned his gaze to Aiba and he did have a clueless expression pasted on his face.

“Nani? AH! Gomen! I didn’t mean to wake her up.” He slid off the bed and apologized sincerely.

“Aiba, why don’t you go to the living room? We’ll be out in a few minutes.”
He nodded, now aware of Jun’s rigid posture. “Hontou ni gomen.”

Michiko pulled Jun into the bathroom then locked the door. His hands were still balled into fists so she reached for them and tried to loosen them up. “He’s your friend, Jun. You’ve known him for what? More than 9 years now?”
“How did you know?”
“After I finished hunting for apartments online, I searched for information about Arashi.”
“You could’ve just asked me.”
“I know but you weren’t home.”
When his hands loosened up, she placed them on her waist then reached up and splayed hers on his chest. “You should trust him… them with me. Or don’t you trust me?”
“I do trust you and I do trust him. But I can’t help it. My emotions just take over and I can’t think logically.” She could tell from his voice that he was infuriated. “Believe me, I know what you mean.” Michiko felt stabbing pain when she recalled what she saw this afternoon. Jun carefully examined her face. His expression oddly reflected on hers. “What was it that caused you to curse me out earlier?” She lowered her head and chewed on her bottom lip.

“After I googled Arashi… I googled you.”
“And there were image results that came up during the search. The first image…” Michiko could feel her heart rapidly beating when she envisioned the photo. For some reason, it was more intense now compared to the earlier episode. She started breathing in small gasps through her open mouth.
“OI Michiko!! What’s happening?!!” Jun reached for the knob. He needed to call for an ambulance. “D-d-don’t go.” Her arms went around his torso and she rested her head on his chest. “D-daijobu desu.”
“NO, you’re not okay. You’re not breathing right! Let me take you to a hospital, okay?”
She shook her head furiously. “J-just give me… a few… minutes.” It was going to stop. Soon.


[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:34 pm

Jun helplessly waited. What scan did she see that made her react
this way? He knew he couldn’t protect her from all the gossip, the
photoshopped images, and the tabloids. And it was hard enough that she
had to deal with the public display of affection between him and Mao…
He wouldn’t blame her if she ever regretted moving here for him.

want me to get rid of them so we can be alone?” Jun asked, remembering
that his friends were here. She wanted to see them but she was too
shook up to face them. She was also afraid that she might burst out
crying in front of them for no particular reason. It wasn’t the right
time to hang out. So she nodded slowly. “Okay. Go to bed. I’ll be there
as soon as they’re gone.” Jun kissed her forehead then opened the door.

Did something happen?” Sho asked, obviously worried after Aiba came out
wearing a guilty look on his face. “Michiko’s not feeling well.” Jun
“Huh?! What’s wrong with her? Is it another migraine?” Nino
stood up, deeply concerned. “Do you need us to buy some medicine?” He
“Iya. I got it.”
“GOMENASAI! I got her upset, didn’t I? It was because I woke her up suddenly! GOMEN JUN-KUN! I won’t do it again!”
“No, no. Aiba, it’s not your fault. Really. She’s just tired. Maybe she’s still a bit jet-lagged.”
took Aiba and steered him towards the front door. “Then we’ll get going
then. Tell Michiko to feel better. We’ll see her some other time.” Sho
followed Ohno out. Before Nino closed the door, he faced Jun. “Take
care of her.”

As soon as they left, Jun ran to the bed. Michiko was staring at the
ceiling, she had a hand underneath her shirt. “Does your chest hurt?”
He asked when he got on the bed. “It’s slowing down… my heart rate.”
She replied, smiling sheepishly at him. “You really scared me then, the
way you were breathing… I thought you were suffocating.”
“Gomen. It wasn’t like this before. I was hyperventilating but tonight, it seemed heightened.”
“What…” He paused. Not sure if he should mention the image. “Maybe it’s best if you don’t think about it.”
I should try and overcome it, ne? I don’t want to keep having these
attacks whenever I see a picture like that.” Michiko took a deep
breath. “You…” As soon as she thought of it, she felt a pinch of pain.
“Matte.” Jun said then undressed in front of her. “Jun! What are you doing?!”
you.” And he was doing a fantastic job at it. He slipped under the
covers then pulled her close to him. “Go on… continue.” She bit her
lip. “I… well… you were… naked in a tub…”
“Ah. The anan photoshoot.”
Why did she have to see that one? Jun pulled her hand away from her
chest and replaced it with his. Michiko’s body suddenly tingled in
anticipation. What was she anticipating exactly?

“You heart’s still beating fast.”
“For a different reason…”
“It’s a good reason ne.”
“Umm. You can’t keep distracting me whenever I get jealous.”
“I know it doesn’t sound right coming from me but you don’t have anything to be jealous about.”
“Look who’s talking.”
“She was just another model. After the shoot, we never saw each other again.”
“And in the back of my mind, I know that. But like you said earlier… I can’t help it either.”
“I don’t like how you reacted to it. Maybe you should get checked up. I’ll set up an appointment.”
“Iya! I don’t need to go to the doctor. I’m sure it’s normal. I just need to think happy thoughts when I come across those…”

had been restraining himself ever since he got on the bed but he
couldn’t take it anymore. He moved his hand slightly to the right, his
fingers touching the side of her breast. Michiko inhaled sharply. Jun
pulled his hand out right away and sat up. “That’s it, we’re going to
the emergency room!” She grabbed his arm before he got the chance to
stand up. “Jun, you got it all wrong.” He turned to her with puzzled
look. This was the man who teased her constantly, making her realize
how strong his hold was over her and he was staring at her like an
innocent teenager who had no idea that his touch could elicit such a
strong response. “But…”
“Is Aiba-chan rubbing off on you?”
Before she could explain, a loud growl was heard.
“Oops.” She smiled sheepishly and rubbed her tummy.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were hungry?”
“I forgot.”
Jun got up and walked out into the living room and picked up the food.
“We’re not eating on the bed.” He said after he came back.
“Could you at least put a shirt on over your boxers please?”
She slapped her forehead.
“Forget it.”
got up and followed Jun into the kitchen. They sat across from each
other. Jun took out the food while she waited impatiently. When it was
all set, she picked up her chopsticks and dug in.


were having grilled pork, pan-seared dumplings, and chicken pad thai.
“Oohh, oishii!” The food was very tasty but Michiko kept glancing at
Jun’s bare chest. “Nani?” He asked after he caught one of her glances.
She pointed her chopsticks at him. “You are evil.” Jun raised an
eyebrow. “Oh don’t raise your brow at me. Stop pretending like you
don’t know what you’re doing.” She stuffed a dumpling into her mouth.
“I really don’t know what you’re talking about.” Michiko drank some
water before replying. “Liar.”
“Michiko, if you have something to say… say it.”
yeah?! Actually, I have a better idea.” She dropped her chopsticks on
her plate then moved her stool back a bit. Curious, Jun leaned back and
wondered what she had in mind. Then she took her shirt off. The sound
of Jun’s chopsticks hitting the floor made her smirk. Michiko
disregarded Jun’s shocked expression and continued eating. “Where did
you order this from? It’s really good.” She said after she ate more of
the grilled pork and rice. Jun was still staring at her, his eyes were
wide open and so was his mouth. “Oh! Last dumpling! We’ll share it,
okay?” She straightened her back and leaned forward to cut the dumpling
in half. Her breasts swayed just a tad and she heard a low moan.
Michiko bit back a smile and looked up innocently. Her eyes met his
heated gaze. “Jun-kun? Doushita no? Are you done?” He just stared at
her. “Jun?” He dropped his eyes to his plate and breathed shakily.
“Hurry up and finish your food.”
“You don’t want your half of the dumpling?”
“Why so grouchy? Seriously.”
Jun looked up and glowered at her.
“Ah! I forgot something.”
She stood up and stripped off her shorts leaving her wearing just her red string bikini.
don’t want the dumpling anymore.” She bent down to pick up her shorts
when she saw Jun’s chopsticks. “Eh, don’t just leave those on the
floor.” Michiko placed her shorts on the chair then walked to Jun’s
side and squatted down to pick the chopsticks up. The sight of her legs
bent and wide apart usurped what little self control he had. Jun pushed
the chair back and dropped down to his knees. He grabbed her calves and
pulled her towards him. She gasped when her back hit the cold kitchen
floor, her hand letting go of the chopsticks. “You are DoS.”

never did it on the kitchen floor before.” Michiko sat up, wiping the
sweat off her forehead. “First time for me as well.” Jun stood up and
held out his hand to her. She smiled and took it. He pulled her up then
pushed her shoulders to side to check her back. “It’s red.”
“I might get a bruise on my shoulder blades.”
“Gomen. Another two to add to your collection.”
Michiko lifted her left knee. “Yep, there’s one there and…” She showed him her right arm. “One here.”
“When did you get that?!”
“This morning when I woke up. I kinda swung and hit the night table.”
He rolled his eyes.
“No rolling.”
“You are the clumsiest girl I know.”
“I am not clumsy! I am just accident-prone.”
He laughed then took her hand.
“Sure! Wait. Not together.”
“Yes, together. That was only the first tonight.”
“Who says we’re breaking the record?”
“Says I.”
“Says I? Who says that?“
“I just did.“
“You have work tomorrow and I have to go apartment hunting.”
“Fine, just a bath. Nothing more.”
eyed him suspiciously but agreed. When they were inside the bathroom,
Michiko unfortunately remembered the picture. Jun sensed it and
suggested… “You want to do our own photoshoot in the tub?”
“EH? Maji ka?”
“That way you’ll forget about that photo and just remember us.”
Michiko seriously considered it. Was he joking though? It would be embarrassing to say yes when he wasn’t serious about it.
“I’m serious.”
“Okay.” She shyly replied.
“I’ll get the camera.” He grinned.

Michiko: “Add another book under the cam. Oh my God! I just remembered!”
Jun: “What?”
Jun: “You want to record a video instead?”
Michiko: “No no, I’m just saying… how could I have forgotten?”
Jun: “Easy. There was nothing in that video cam that was of value.”
Michiko: “Tell me you didn’t watch the videos in there.”
-- silence --
Michiko: “JUN?!”
Jun: “Just one.”
Michiko: “Which one?”
Jun: “The one that you should have deleted already.”
Michiko: “Oh. I’ll delete it later.”
Jun: “Don’t have to, I already did.”
Michiko: “EH?!!”
Jun: “Are we doing this or what?”
Michiko: “We are, we are.”
Jun: “Okay I have the timer set.”
Michiko: “How am I suppose to pose?”
Jun: “Just take my lead.”
Michiko: “Why are you putting your hand there?!”
Jun: “Sshh, it’s okay. It’s not going to show up on the picture.”
Michiko: “I know! And that’s the reason why I’m asking!”
Jun: “Shut up, it’s going to--”

-- snap --

Jun: “Fuck. Let’s try again.”
Michiko: “Gomen!”
Jun: “Ah, I have an idea.”
Michiko: “Eh?”
Jun: “Don’t ask any questions. Oide.”

End of Chapter XXXXI


- Aw, she didn't get to enough research coz of that pic ne? It is the
first photo that comes up for me when I use google. For those who
haven't seen it... http://img291.rockyou.com/imagehost/2/2329/2329887/2329887_55f933a31190478416_m.jpg It's from anan mag.
Poor Michiko. Will she really be able to handle being Jun's girl?
Eehh, more ecchi stuff? LOL. Getting it out of the way before both parties get busy schedules ^^ Gomen.

Next chap? Michiko gets jealous again but reacts differently this time. Oh?!

writing about Thai food made me crave for Thai but both restaurants
were closed on Sunday, and the one we ended up ordering from didn't
have my grilled pork! BOO! but the beef with chili was good! KARAI! but

Thanks for reading and comments are the spice of my life! Nyehe!

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:35 pm

Chapter XLII

“Isn't it a bit too early to be fantasizing about me already?”

Michiko delivered a punch to the unsuspecting and innocent rail map at the train station. Several people around her were startled and looked at her with their eyes wide open. “Sumimasen.” She quickly bowed and apologized. A sigh escaped her lips. That Jun. So early in the morning and he was teasing her already. She had left earlier than expected due to that. And now she had to wait a little longer for her train to arrive. While she stood waiting, she stretched her arms and neck. Needless to say, she was exhausted. Just a bath he said. Nothing more he said. Like hell. They ended up staying in the bathroom for an hour and when she crawled into bed, she was all pruny. But on the bright side, the photos turned out… mmm. Too hot for words, she thought. Her lips curved into a smile when he pointed at his favorite shot. It was the one where his tongue was on –

“… train to Chiba prefecture departing in one minute.”

That was her train. She quickly jumped into the open car in front of her. Whew. Good thing she heard the announcement in the nick of time. She tried to empty her mind of the impure thoughts but such musings kept her occupied, thus eliminating the cause of jealousy from yesterday. But there was no avoiding jealousy. It came in different mediums. Today, it was delivered via a tabloid magazine on the floor while she waited for the train. Pictures of Jun and Inoue Mao were spread all over the page. And then when she glanced up, the billboard had their digital camera ad. In the train, a high school student was reading a volume of Hana Yori Dango. When she closed her eyes, Mao’s sweet face popped and she groaned in frustration. Maybe she should fantasize… But before she could start thinking of Jun, she felt a presence next to her. She opened her eyes and turned to her right. What used to be an empty seat next to her was now occupied by a middle-aged salary man. He was staring at her. Michiko prayed that he wasn’t one of them perverts she had heard about. “WHAT?!” She asked loudly. The man’s eyes grew big and he quickly faced forward. Great, what if he was a normal person? Because of that, the rest of the train ride was awkward. But finally her stop came and she got off. From there on, Michiko saw four apartment complexes located in different parts of Tokyo. She didn’t like the first three that she went to but the last one was to her liking. It had hardwood floors, the kitchen was spacious and had a lot of cupboards, and the bathroom had a big tub. It was, like the rest, a studio apartment but it was fairly larger than the other three. The rent was a bit more expensive but all utilities were included except for cable. What made her sign the lease on the spot was the proximity of train and the bus stop to the place. The market was also very close. And the apartment had a laundry room in the basement. After signing the lease, she gave the landlord the security deposit. When everything was finalized, she was told that she can move in anytime. Michiko excitedly accepted the keys to her apartment and the lobby door. She came out of the complex singing happily until her stomach growled. It was 3PM and she hadn’t eaten lunch yet. She looked around the area for a place to eat when her phone rang. “More than Words” played.

“Babe. What’s up?”
“Did you eat lunch yet?”
“Good. I have time. Meet me here.”

Jun gave her directions to Johnny’s.

“I’ll probably get there in 30 minutes though.”
“Take a cab.”
“Michiko, I’ll pay for the fare.”
“Iya. I’ll pay.”
“Then hurry up and get here!”
“Who set your ass on fire? Okay, I’m hailing one now.”
“See you soon.”

Jun was smiling after he hung up. He had the feeling that Michiko got too busy looking at apartments that she forgot to eat lunch and he was right. That was why he decided to just snack on a fruit bowl at noon. He had set aside the bento he made for the two of them and was now anxiously waiting for Michiko’s arrival. The private break room designated for Arashi was not empty. In fact, the other four members where there relaxing. Jun walked back to the couch where Nino was playing with his DS while Ohno was flipping through a fishing magazine. Sho was leaning against the wall, reading his newspaper while Aiba was seated near a table, eating some cookies. When Jun sat down, all four pairs of eyes stared at him.


Sho grinned and looked at Aiba. “Ne, Aiba-chan. What do you call that expression on Jun-kun’s face?” Aiba cocked his head sideways and thought about it for a second. Then his face lighted up. “Rabu-rabu desu.” Sho nodded his head several times. “Sou desu ne. That’s what Masumoto Jun looks like when he’s in love ne?” Ohno turned and squinted at Jun’s face. “Nani-o?!” Jun moved back. “Hmm. He looks the same to me. Except he’s smiling a lot more now.”
“Ohhh. All that smiling might ruin his cool image ne?” Aiba snickered. Nino’s lips slightly curved into a smirk but he didn’t look up and continued to play his game. “Eh? He’s not getting mad nor is he denying it.” Sho said. That was Nino’s cue. “Why should he when it’s all true?” Jun stood up, aware that he was blushing. “Jun-kun! Is Michiko having lunch with us then?!” Aiba asked animatedly, his hands clasped in front of him. A rolled up newspaper suddenly smacked his head. “Sho-kun! That hurt!”
“She’s having lunch with Jun.”
“EH?! Why can’t we eat with her, too? Shun already got to do it. He’s got more points now.” Aiba complained.
“Points?” Ohno blinked. He was confused. When did they start playing a game with Oguri-san. And what kind of game was it?
“Hai! Dinner with Michiko is 1 point. Shun one, Aiba zero.”
“Don’t make up games just for the hell of it.” Sho smacks Aiba’s head again.
“Where are you taking her, Jun?” Nino asked, his game paused.
“Ano… I’m not taking her anywhere.”
“EH?!” Sho and Aiba exclaimed at the same time.
“I uhh made… ano… bento.”
“EHH?!!” Both Sho and Aiba again.
“Nanka… sweet deSU.” Ohno approved of it and gave Jun a thumbs up.
“I’d be worried since Riida liked your idea.” Sho joked. Ohno looked at him with a blank expression. “Huh?”
“Can I see the bento?! Did you make a hearts out of carrots? Or did you write it out with ketchup?! Aahh I wanna see! I wanna see!” Aiba jumped up and down.
“No way.” Jun went around Aiba to get to the door. It swung open before he could open it and he came face to face with his manager. “Matsumoto-san. I’ve been looking for you.”
“Nani ga?”
“A new French restaurant opened. You and Inoue-chan will be attending the grand opening in half an hour. Come with me. Inoue-chan is waiting.” She turned around when Jun protested. “Chotto matte! I already made plans.”
She frowned then turned to look at the four people in the room. “Gomenasai. I know it’s short notice but he’ll have to take a rain check on whatever plans he had with you four.”
There was an uncomfortable silence but finally Sho spoke up.
“Shoga nai yo. We’ll schedule it another time, Jun-kun.”
“Arigato gozaimasu. Saa, Matsumoto-san.”
Jun pursed his lips into a thin line but didn’t argue. “You go ahead. I’ll be right there.”
She nodded then left the room.
“She’s annoying. Fire her.” Nino said as soon as the door closed behind her. Jun mentally agreed with him. “She’s good at what she does. I just wished she told me about this earlier. Now I have to cancel my lunch date with Michiko.”
“IYA! Don’t do that! She can eat with us! I’ll make sure she eats your bento, Jun!” Aiba said.
“She is on her way already ne? She might as well stay. We’ll entertain her.” Sho agreed with Aiba. Nino looked at Jun. He had been unusually jealous when it came to Michiko. But he really needed to stop acting like that.
“I guess that’s fine.”
“YAY!” Aiba immediately hugged him.
“Okay, okay! That’s enough, Aiba. I’ll call her now to let her know.”
Jun pressed 1 on his phone. It rang several times but she didn’t pick up.
“Hmm. Why isn’t she picking up?”
“Her phone’s dead?” Ohno wondered out loud.
“Can’t be. It didn’t go straight to voice mail.”
“We’ll wait at the lobby now then.” Nino suggested, dropping his DS in his backpack.
“HAI! Iku!” Aiba skipped out of the room.


[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:36 pm

Michiko sat at the backseat of the cab clutching her stomach. She was
starving. Ahh, she was getting dizzy because of the lack of food. The
driver was trying to start a conversation with her but she didn’t hear
any of what he was saying. Guess she was turning deaf due to hunger. “Are we there yet?
She asked weakly. The driver looked at her strangely from his mirror.
“Nani?” He asked. He was hard of hearing, too? Michiko wondered, not
realizing she had asked in English. “I said, are we there yet?” Again, she unknowingly asked in English. “There? Oh! Asoko! Hai.”

Five minutes later…

got out of the cab and walked hurriedly towards the tall building. She
still felt a bit dizzy but her determination to get there fast pumped
out some adrenaline and she was able to make it to the clear double
doors. When she stepped in, she noticed a small crowd at the far right
side of the lobby. They looked like the press. Cameras and microphones
were raised. She supposed it was not such an odd thing since this was a
talent agency. Where is Jun? He didn’t say where exactly they were
going to meet but she figured it would be in the lobby. She got curious
and moved towards the crowd. After taking only three steps forward, she
saw Jun. Her heart started beating fast and a wide smile appeared on
her face. But it disappeared as soon as she saw the girl standing next
to him. They were both smiling and then she realized that they were
they reason the media was there. “Eh? EH?! Dare ga?! Who the fuck is
she?!” Was it because she was in the brink of starvation? But Michiko,
at the moment, had forgotten all about Inoue Mao and the fake
relationship with Jun. Her eyes were wild with rage as she took out her
phone and called him.

The Halo 3 theme song played. Jun looked
down and took his phone out of his pocket. Yabai! Was she here already?
He looked around and over the crowd in front of him.

What song is that? I don’t think I’ve heard it before.” Mao asked
curiously. Jun pretended not to hear her and simply shoved his phone
back into his pocket. He couldn’t possibly answer her call right now.
“Aren’t you going to answer it?”
“Iya. It’s not important. We should go.” Jun hoped Nino and them find her soon and explain everything.

fucker!!” Michiko saw him look down and assumed it was his phone he was
looking at but he didn’t answer her call. She strode purposely forward.

“YABAI!” Sho exclaimed.
“Eh? Nani?” Aiba asked.
over there! I think she saw Jun and Mao. But… something’s weird. She
looks pissed and she’s walking towards them!” Sho replied agitated.
“Aiba, Riida… go from behind her. Sho, from her side. I’ll block her from the front.” Nino quickly ordered.

kept walking and walking but when she was about to break into a sprint,
Nino appeared a few feet in front of her. “Michiko.”
“Nino. Step aside.”
“Iya. What are you planning to do?”
“After I bitch slap that girl, I’m beating the hell out of Jun.”
“You’re not thinking straight, Michiko.”
She turned and saw Aiba and Ohno behind her. Her eyes narrowed.
“So you guys knew about this?! Who the fuck is she?!”
Nino looked at her in disbelief. Aiba tried to grab her arm but she pushed him back and ran forward.
froze. She was utterly pissed but just when she was about to slam into
him, Sho came out of nowhere and tackled her to the ground. Michiko’s
breath was knocked out of her. She tried to quickly get up but Sho
pinned her down. It was a good thing that the press were too busy
following Jun and Mao out of the building to notice a girl being held

“You got her, Sho?” Nino asked.
“Yeah. But I think I
tore up my muscles though.” He replied then looked at Michiko’s face.
She growled at him. “Kowai.” Nino knelt beside her. “Michiko.” He said
softly. She turned to face him. “It’s okay. He’ll be back. It was a
last minute engagement that his manager set up. He didn’t want to go
but he had no choice. Inoue-san was already here. He left the bento
that he made for you with us.” Michiko’s anger suddenly melted away and
a look of pure embarrassment replaced it. “AAHH! I’m so stupid! I
fucking forgot about her!” Sho laughed and gently hit her forehead with
his. Nino quickly pulled out his phone and took a picture. “Chance.” He
said with a smirk. “Ano, Sho-kun. Can you get off me now? There might
be people staring…”
He stood up abruptly and looked around then
sighed in relief. The lobby was practically empty now that the press
was gone. As soon as Michiko stood up, Aiba threw his arms around her.
“Aiba-chan, I missed you, too. Sorry about last time.” Aiba let go of
“Iya, it was my fault.”
“Ano… how could you have forgotten?” Ohno asked the question on everybody’s mind.
think…” she started. “I was so hungry and it came as a shock. Actually
seeing them together in person that I just… totally blanked out.” And
on cue, her tummy growled really loud. Sho burst out laughing. “She is
telling the truth.”
“I wouldn’t joke about that.” Michiko suddenly felt dizzy again, her body swayed. Nino grabbed her waist. “Food now?”
“Onegai shimasu.”

bento that Jun made for her was simply delicious. Aiba asked several
times if he could have some but Michiko was greedy. She didn’t even let
him touch the bento that was meant for Jun. She actually finished both
of them. Stuffed, she leaned back on the couch, a overly satisfied
smile on her face. “Should we tell Jun about what happened?” Sho asked.

“Iya! Don’t! HAZUKASHI!” She cried out, feeling embarrassed again.
From now on, she was going to make sure she didn’t skip a meal. Nino
laughed out loud. “He should know, Michiko.”
“No! I might get into trouble.”
“Are you going to wait for him to come back?” Aiba asked. “You should. Stay here with us until he’s back!” He added.
I think I’ll go now actually.” Aiba’s face fell. He wanted to spend
more time with her even though it annoyed him when she wouldn’t share
her bento with him.
“He’ll be busy when he gets here anyway. We
won’t really be able to spend time together. I think I’ll call my boss
and see if I should drop by and see him.”
“Then… visit us whenever you can!” Aiba said after hugging her.

hugged the others then left. While she was walking out of the building,
she called Kitahara-san. He was pleased to hear from her and had given
her directions to the company. She also called Jun. As expected, it
went straight to voicemail so she left a message saying she was sorry
they couldn’t eat lunch together but thanked him for the delicious
food. She also informed him that she will be meeting with her boss and
she didn’t know what time she’ll be back home but that she would call
him later. The ride to where she would be working at from now on was
short and when she arrived, Kitahara-san met her. He gave her a tour of
the building, which actually took a couple of hours. During the tour,
she was introduced to everybody that worked within each department.
After the tour, she got to start beta-testing some new games. She did
that for an hour or so. Then she met with her stylist, Kumashiro
Momiji. She was a very nice woman who as two years younger than her.
She assured her that her own style would not be completely changed.
That she should think of it as just an improvement. Tweaking what was
already there. Exposing it more. She also gave her some make-up tips.
It was easy to talk to her and she didn’t feel uncomfortable about the
whole “sexy” image that they wanted of her. When they were done, it was
announced that she would be treated to dinner and drinks. It was
company policy so she couldn’t refuse. Before they left, she called Jun
again but his phone was still off so she left another message.

boss and co-workers are taking me out for dinner. I’ll call you when
it’s over.” She paused for a few seconds then hurriedly added at the
end, “Imissyoubye.”

End of Chapter XLII

- Stupid manager-san. I'm with Nino, fire her! XP
So date was cancelled and Michiko ends up at work. At least, she has an apartment of her own now!
Why did Nino take a pic of her and Sho? Hmm...
What could possibly happen in the next chap? ^^

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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Chapter XLIII

“See I am not the only one awaiting the release of Guild Wars 2.” Yamashita Soujiro from the 3D graphics department said after Michiko mentioned her interest on the same game. They were at a restaurant that specialized in hot pots. She was holding a cup of sake and nodded her agreement to what Yamashita-san was talking about. “Hai. I do prefer it over World of Warcraft.” That comment started a whole debate and she leaned back and just enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere around her. There were about fifteen people that were present to celebrate her start in the company. Everybody was easy to get along with and after a few drinks of sake, the table turned into a comedy theatre. Across from her, Kumashiro-san and Yamashita-san started playing a game they called, “nipple janken.” Michiko’s jaw dropped when she found out how the game was played. It was basically regular janken but whoever wins get to squeeze the nipples of the person who lost. She vehemently refused to play when a drunken Kumashiro-san challenged her. This was the same woman who was in charge of dressing her up? Worried, she put her sake down. It would be wise to stop drinking now. But as soon as her cup touched the table, Kitahara-san poured some more in it. She turned to him and smiled while she shook her head. He smiled back but kept pouring.

“I guess I should warn you that we don’t take no for an answer. Well. Except for nipple janken. I don’t care much for that either.” She laughed and accepted the drink. As long as she kept hydrating herself with water, she’d be fine. While the others were still busy playing other silly games, she chatted with Kitahara-san.

“So, did you like the tour?”
“Of course! It’s good know where everything is especially the game room.” She grinned.
“Spoken like a true gamer. How about Momiji? You two get along?”
“Very well. I don’t think I’ll have any problems with her. Except when she’s drunk and is insisting on squeezing my nipples.” Kumashiro-san heard her name and turned quickly to Michiko. A big smile was on her face.

“We’re both women, Michiko! It’s okay if we get a little touchy-feely.”
“Uhh, gomen but I’m not really into that…”
“You have to be comfortable with your body. I’m going to give you some homework.” Her eyes twinkled.
“I’m very comfortable with my body, Kumashiro-san. It’s just that my nipples are off limits.” She smiled apologetically.
“I’m not a lesbian you know.”
Everybody laughed at her. Michiko was glad that Yamashita-san challenged her again so she turned her attention to him.

Half an hour later, Michiko got up to go to the ladies restroom. She drank more than she hoped and was almost buzzed. Kitahara-san kept refilling her cup and she couldn’t refuse. When she reached the restroom, she heard Kumashiro-san’s voice calling for her.
“Matte, Michiko! I’m coming with you!” She wobbled towards her and Michiko had to steady her. “You’re drunk already. It’s time to stop, ne?” She nodded and they both went in. After a long pee, Michiko came out and found Kumashiro-san splashing cold water on her face.
“Daijoubu?” She asked while she washed her hands.
“Hai. Daijoubu desu. Ano, Michiko…”
“Would you be interested in a threesome?”
“HUH?!” The paper towel she used to dry her hands with dropped to the floor. Was she joking?
“You know Yamashita-san? He’s my boyfriend.”
“Oh!” That information made them look less crazy but still crazy for playing that game in front of everybody.
“And we’ve been looking for the perfect third party. I like you.” She cornered Michiko between the wall and the sink. She didn’t want to get along with her THAT well.
“Ano, Kumashiro-san…” She was feeling very uncomfortable. Her face was inches away from hers.
“Ah-hai. I’m not really interested, Momiji. Gomen.”
“Don’t you like Soujirou?”
“Eh? What’s wrong with him?!”
“Iya, I mean, he’s nice…”
“So you do like him.”
“Iya… ano… I don’t want to fuck him.”
There she said it. This was weird. How was she supposed to work with her now after she just rejected her offer? Momiji burst out laughing.
“Did you hear that, Soujirou?!”
“EH?!” Michiko turned to the door.
Yamashita-san suddenly came in and the rest of the crew was also outside the restroom laughing their ass off. Oh great. Was this an initiation?
“I’m hurt, Michiko. I thought I was your type.”
“MOU! I can’t believe you guys… okay, I see. Is this how ya’ll play? Fine. It’s on.”
She loosened up a lot after that and ended up drinking a bit more. By the time they were done, she was buzzed but still coherent and not racy. Kitahara-san offered to drive her home and she accepted. The restaurant wasn’t too far from Jun’s apartment actually and when the car was about turn on his block, she told Kitahara-san to stop.

“I can drive all the way to the apartment, Michiko.”
“Iya. I need the walk and the fresh air. It’ll sober me up a bit.”
He frowned at her, not sure if she was going to be okay.
“I’ll be fine really. I’m not drunk.” Although she said the same thing when she was drunk. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, definitely.”
“Okay! Thanks for the ride again, Kitahara-san.”
“Ken is fine, Michiko.”

She got out of the car and waved as he sped away. Michiko took out her phone and called Jun while she walked. It was almost midnight and yet Jun’s phone was still off. She sighed and didn’t leave a message this time. She supposed she would have to wait outside the building for him. A breeze happened to whiz by and she hugged herself. She was only wearing a baby tee over her jeans. Good thing she had boots on though because Jun’s apartment was actually farther than she thought. She should have gotten off the next block. Well, it was too late to complain now. Her body shivered a bit so she walked faster. The alcohol in her system was making her sleepy but the wind blowing on her face was keeping her awake. A sudden beep from a car horn made her jump. Beside her, a car had stopped and the window rolled down.


“RUI! Ah gomen, Shun.”

Shun chuckled from behind the wheel. “What are you doing walking out here in the middle of the night? And where’s Jun?” Michiko moved closer the car. “I got dropped off by my boss. Jun is still working.” Shun noticed her flushed face and her droopy eyes. “It looks like you had some…” Her laugh cut him off. “I wish. I didn’t get to see Jun since this morning though.” It was his turn to laugh. “No, Michiko. I meant, you had some alcohol… not sex.” It was possible for her to turn a shade deeper. “Oh!” She averted her eyes. “Get in. I’ll take you home.” She nodded and got in the passenger seat. “You can stay with me until Jun gets back.” Michiko smiled gratefully. “Thanks.”

Michiko followed Shun to his apartment quietly, she was still embarrassed by her lusty thoughts and accidental confession of wanting some. His apartment was much like Jun’s. Apart from a couple of clothes on the couch, it was tidy. “Don’t be shy. Have a seat.”
“Thanks.” She had taken her boots off then flopped down at the far end of the couch. As soon as her back hit soft cushion, she got sleepy. “I’m just going to change into something more comfortable. You want something to drink? Coffee maybe?” He smirked. “Iya. Coffee doesn’t work plus I can’t have caffeine anyway.”
“Okay, I’ll be right back.”
When Shun left, Michiko called Jun again. “Fuck! It’s still off.” She waited for the beep then recorded her message.
“Left him a message?” Shun came out wearing a shirt and shorts.
“Yeah. His phone is still off. I’m getting sleepy, I hope he gets off work soon.”
“You can sleep here if you want.”
“Thanks for the offer but I don’t want to be rude. If you’re sleepy though, you can go ahead. Don’t mind me. I can entertain myself.”
“I was actually going to drink some… kinda need to unwind. Care to join me?”
She knew she shouldn’t even though the walk did sober her up a bit. But a few drinks should be okay. She was a bit annoyed that Jun hadn’t even tried to leave her a message so she knew what was up. “Sure.”
“I’ll get the glasses and… whiskey, okay?”
“Whiskey is fine.”

A few minutes later, Shun was pouring her a glass. She waited for him to fill his glass up before she took a sip. It was a lot stronger than wine. And it didn’t taste as good. This was the type of drink the troubled ones prefer. “Wanna talk about it?” She leaned back then crossed her legs. Shun sat next to her. His brows furrowed and he gave her a curious look. “Do I look troubled to you?”
He smiled. She seemed very intuitive. But she might not be the right person to talk to about his problem.
“If it’s about your girlfriend… I’m fine with it.”
Shun let out a deep sigh. It was about Mao. Lately, she seemed detached. They didn’t talk as much anymore. She was always busy. It had been more than two weeks since she visited him or set up a date. He brought the glass to his lips and drank it empty. Michiko did the same then took the bottle and refilled both the glasses.
“You know today, I had a lunch date with Jun but he ended up going to some grand opening of some restaurant with Inoue-san.”
Mao didn’t even tell him about that. He hadn’t spoken to her today.
“What was funny was… well, it wasn’t funny then… but I totally forgot about their fake relationship so when I saw them together, I totally flipped. If Sho hadn’t tackled me to the ground… I might have successfully caused a scandal. I’m sorry Shun but I was ready to bitch slap your girlfriend.” She downed her drink and heard Shun laughing uncontrollably. He had to set his drink down or it would’ve spilled all over him. He was clutching his sides and it looked like there were tears in his eyes. When he finally stopped and looked her, she confirmed the tears. “It’s funny now but it was pretty scary earlier, not to mention humiliating. And I know you’re wondering how I forgot. I was starving, Shun!” He started cracking up again.
“Okay, okay. I get it. It’s hilarious.” Michiko said after a few minutes lapsed and he was still laughing.
“Gomen ne, Michiko but that was the funniest thing I’ve heard today.”
“I’m glad I’ve brought joy to your life.” She replied sarcastically.
Shun composed himself then reached and patted Michiko’s shoulder.
“Arigato. Seriously. That took a lot of things off my mind.”
“My pleasure! Now pour me another drink.”
“Your wish is my command, Hime-sama!”
Michiko took a sip. “I don’t like whiskey much.”
“You should have told me. I have vodka.”
Her eyes lit up.
“That’s my kind of drink but I shouldn’t. Since I’m already drinking this.”
“I’ll get it anyways. In case you change your mind.”
Michiko shouldn’t have said anything. She eyed the bottle of vodka. It was tempting her.
“Shun, you shouldn’t have brought that out. It’s the devil!”
He laughed at her then poured her a shot.
“Noooo, why are you doing this to me?” She pouted but took the shot anyway. Shun was really liking her company. He swore nobody would be bored if she was around. And he had forgotten, temporarily, about his problem with Mao.
“Are you gonna be okay though? I don’t want Jun to get mad at me if you get drunk.”
“I know my limits. And I know very well how I become when I’m drunk.” Michiko looked at Shun. She scooted closer to him and his eyes widened a bit. He was handsome but she had to admit, nobody could rival Jun’s good looks. But maybe she was just biased. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to sexually harass you.”
He chuckled nervously.
“Say, Michiko. If you know how you get when you’re drunk, why do you still drink?”
“Because it’s fun. And it’s not like I drink all the time. AND when I drink to get drunk, I make sure I’m with friends that I trust. I don’t get drunk with strangers.”
“So it’s safe to assume that you trust me.”
“Jun trusts you ne? So I trust you. Besides, I’m not drunk yet.” She smirked at him. “You’ll know when I’m drunk.”
“Let’s not get you there. Jun will kick my ass.”
“Does Inoue-san drink?”
“Not really. She doesn’t care much for alcohol. And when she does drink, one glass is her limit.”
“Those girls do exist. I’ve never met one before.”
“So all your girl friends are like you? That’s scary.”
Michiko laughed.
“I don’t have girl friends. I have boy friends. And that’s why I have a high tolerance. Well, kinda.”
“Doesn’t Jun get jealous of your boy friends?”
“Yep. But they’re all in the U.S. I haven’t had a chance to really get to know people here except for Arashi and now you!”
Shun looked at the clock. It was getting really late and Jun still hadn’t called. What could he be doing?

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:37 pm

“Otsukare-sama Deshita!”

Finally. It was over. There was
a last minute schedule change earlier which caused a lot of shows and
photo shoots to be rescheduled at a later time. He had no time to call
Michiko or even check his phone. Not to mention that his manager took
his phone from him right before he and Mao entered the restaurant. It
was almost 2AM and he was deeply worried about Michiko. What if she was
outside the building freezing to death, waiting for him to return? No,
she was not stupid. Maybe she decided to go to a hotel for the night.
Sho had told him that she left after they ate and that she was going to
meet up with her boss. What if one of her co-workers offered her a
place to stay for the night? That would be better than staying out
waiting for him. And yet he didn’t like the idea of her sleeping on
someone else’s bed or couch or even their floor.

“Where’s my
phone?” He held out his hand. Jun’s manager rummaged through her bag
then placed it on his palm. “Great job today, Jun. See you tomorrow.”

When he turned it on, three voice messages waited for him.

one. “Jun, too bad we didn’t get to eat lunch together today… I loved
the bento! It was so good. I didn’t share it with anybody. Oh yeah, I’m
going to meet up with Kitahara-san right now. I don’t know what time
I’ll be home. I’ll call you later.”

Message two. “My boss and co-workers are taking me out for dinner. I’ll call you when it’s over.” Short pause. “Imissyoubye.”

Jun smiled.

Message three. “Babe, I’m at Shun’s. Hope to see you soon.”

“Shun? Nande?” Jun took off after hearing the last message.

It was getting harder and harder to keep her eyes open. But she didn’t want to sleep yet.
Why don’t you just sleep here? I’ll wake you up when Jun arrives.” She
shook her head no but her lids were getting heavier by the second.
“Shun, pull me up. I’m sliding down. I wanna stand up.” She held out
her arms and he grabbed them then pulled her up. She suddenly felt
woozy so she held on to his waist. “My body feels weak. Why is that?
This never happened before.” She let go of him then hugged herself, it
was as if she was freezing. “You do feel a bit warm.” Shun placed a
palm on her forehead. “Shit! I think you have a fever.”
“My eyes feel hot. Are you sure it’s not the vodka?”
“Sit down.”
“But I don’t want to--.”
“You have to. Hime-sama, just listen to me.”
“Hime… I told Jun I’m not a princess.”
“You give orders like a princess.”
“Oh shut up.”
frowned then sat down. Shun ran to the bedroom then came back with a
blanket. He wrapped it around Michiko then he went to the kitchen and
looked for some medicine. When he found it, he took a bottle of water
from the fridge then went back to the living room. “Here, take these.”
He handed her two tablets. “What are these?” She squinted at the funny
looking pills. “I already took my birth control pill this morning.”
Shun chuckled at her reply. She was still funny even when she was sick.
“Why would I have birth control pills, Michiko? Do I look like a woman
to you?” She stared at him. “No.”
“You had to look at me before you
answered?!” Michiko nodded then popped the pills in her mouth. Shun
handed her the water. After drinking, she leaned back on the couch.
“Lie down.” She did and he moved her legs up on the couch and stretched them out.
“I hope Jun gets here soon.” He muttered, looking worriedly at Michiko.

had fallen asleep. It was a little after 3AM when the door bell rang.
Michiko’s head rested on his lap. At first, he wasn’t sure why she was
at his place then he remembered. The bell rang again and again and
again. “That must be Jun.” He carefully lifted Michiko’s head then
gently placed it down. Before he answered the door, he felt her
forehead. It was still warm but her fever must be going down. When he
finally opened the door, Jun strode inside quickly. “Where’s Michiko?”
Shun resented his tone. “She’s on the couch sleeping.” Jun walked
briskly towards the living room and found her. Shun followed him
closely. He was glad that he cleaned up the table and stored the liquor
away. Only the bottle of water was left. Jun knelt beside the couch and
brushed her hair gently. “She still has a fever.” Shun informed him. He
looked up, his forehead creased. “I gave her some medicine already so
it should be going down… I found her walking two blocks away from here
around midnight. It was a bit windy outside so that’s probably why she
got sick. She didn’t have jacket on.”
“Midnight? She’s been waiting
since then…” Jun picked her up and carried her. Michiko instinctively
clung to him, her arms went around his neck. “Jun…” She whispered,
still asleep. Shun smiled. “She never stops thinking about you, doesn’t
“Thanks, Shun. I owe you one.” His eyes were sincere, Shun
thought. “Not a problem. Next time though, at least send her a
message.” Jun nodded. “I’ll return the blanket tomorrow.”
“Whenever you have time.”

stared at the door of his apartment. How was he supposed to reach for
his keys and unlock it when both of his arms were being used. He should
have asked for Shun’s help but he was in a hurry to take Michiko to bed
that he had forgotten about it. She was sleeping soundly in his arms
and he really didn’t want to wake her up. So a couple of minutes passed
when he slowly squatted down. Her behind rested on his lap and he
pulled his left arm from underneath her legs. Keeping his right arm
around her back, he gently pressed her against his chest. His left hand
dug into his pocket and searched for his keys. He managed to hook his
pinky into the chain and pull it out successfully. While still in the
same position, he reached up and unlocked the door then he pushed it
in. Jun didn’t bother putting the keys back into his pockets and
instead threw it on the floor inside. He then placed his left arm
underneath her legs and slowly stood up. His knees made a creaky sound
and he looked at Michiko but she was still asleep. Leaving the door
open, he walked to the bed and tenderly laid her down but she wouldn’t
let go of his neck. He had to pry her grip off him. After he
accomplished that, she turned on her side. Jun quickly went to close
and lock the door. “Ah, I forgot to bring her shoes. I guess I’ll get
it when I return the blanket.” Just as he turned to return to bed, he
heard a loud thud followed by a loud, “OW!” He ran to see what happened
and found Michiko on the floor next to the bed. She sat down rubbing
the right side of her head.

“Babe! Daijoubu?!” He knelt next to her and massage the side she was rubbing.
fell.” She said then looked up to face him. “JUN!” Michiko flung
herself into Jun’s chest, her hands going around his neck. Jun fell
back on his ass and when he caught her, she hastily climbed on his lap.
“Babe, you need to get some rest. You’re sick.” Jun tried to pull her
up with him but she refused to budge. What she did next caused a ripple
of pleasure to wash over him. Michiko rotated her hips on top of him.
Oh fuck, she was grinding and he lost control of his senses. She then
pulled his head down and captured his mouth, swiftly sliding her tongue
inside. Jun reacted by pushing her shirt up but when he felt her warm
skin, he stopped and yanked it back down. He pulled back and looked at
her, his want reflected on her face. He swore under his breath. “Jun…”
She whimpered. “No.” He replied hoarsely. “You need to go to bed and
“I’ll sleep after…” She pleaded. Her hands reaching for his
belt. Jun grabbed her wrists before she could get to it. “Don’t argue
with me. Get your shapely… ass… FUCK!” Jun wanted nothing more than to
take her on the floor. Right now. Michiko bit her lip. He was really
trying hard not to get turned on. “GET YOUR ASS IN BED!”
She jumped up then undressed after she crawled in under the covers. Jun
stood up and went to the bathroom. He took his time changing, using
that time to calm down. When he finally came out, Michiko was fast
asleep. But when he thought he was safe, he felt her naked body when he
slid next to her in bed. “Damnit to hell.”

End of Chapter XLIII


- nipple janken - AnS episode 12, their guest was this old lady lol and
she played it with Jun, Jun won but didn't want to squeeze her nipples.
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What's this? Mao and Shun having problems?

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:38 pm

Chapter XLIV

Jun slumped on one of the chairs in the green room while Arashi was waiting for their turn for an interview at Nihon TV. He did his best to cover up the dark cirles under his eyes but he couldn’t hide how tired and sleepy he looked. It wasn’t because of work either. It was because he spent the whole night tossing and turning. He just couldn’t sleep even after he got up and put clothes on Michiko. By early morning, he had moved to the couch. Only then did he fall asleep. But a couple of hours later, he had to wake up for work. And now, here he was.

“Had a rough night?” Sho asked, noticing Jun yawn. He nodded then closed his eyes. “I need sleep badly.”
“I’m surprised you got some seeing as Michiko was so freakin maaaa…aahhh, look at the time. What’s taking so long?” Nino snorted at Sho’s slip up. Jun gave Sho a strange look. “What did you say about Michiko?”
Aiba stifled a laugh but a small giggle came out of him. Sho glared at him.
“Should we tell him?” Ohno asked. Sho threw his arms in the air. “We have to now that you asked that!” Ohno shrugged. “I don’t see anything wrong with it.”
“But we promised Michiko!” Aiba pouted.
“Promised her what?!” Jun was grouchy from the lack of sleep. Nino got up then dangled his phone in front of him. He had to move his head back a bit but when his eyes focused on the screen, it narrowed and his jaw twitched. “How. Did. You. Get. That. Picture?” He looked up and coldly stared at Nino. “Why are you mad at me? I’m not the one on top of your girl.” Sho’s jaw dropped and he pointed at Nino. “You took a picture?! What the fuck?!”
“No. What the fuck?!” Jun growled at Sho. He had no choice but to tell Jun what happened, Nino also added his side of the story. His reaction was unexpected… Jun clapped his hands and started laughing his head off. “Did she really say she was going to bitch-slap Mao-chan?”
“And beat your ass up.” Nino said.
“So you’re not angry, Jun-kun?” Aiba asked.
He shook his head, still laughing.
“I can’t wait to get home.”

It was already noon when Michiko woke up… with clothes on. “Eh? How…” Her brow furrowed. She distinctly remember undressing last night. Did he dress her? But why would he? It seemed like she didn’t recall having a fever and falling asleep at Shun’s couch. “When did Jun…” Her eyes glanced at the bed stand and found a note. She quickly picked it up and read it.

“I’ll try to come home early so don’t go anywhere – Jun.”

Michiko’s face lit up. All she needed to do was keep herself busy until then. Guess she wouldn’t be moving out today just yet. “Hmm, I have to tell him that I already have an apartment.” When he arrived home, she guessed. Michiko got up and took a shower then ate breakfast. After that, she took her Xbox 360 out of her luggage and set it up next to the television. She hadn’t played in so long. Well, a few days was a long time for her. It was around 1AM in New York so Kyo should still be playing. As soon as she got online on Xbox Live, she got an invite to play Halo 3. Putting on her headset, she joined his party.

“Fuck, Michiko! What took you so long?!”
“I fucking miss you, too, Kyo.”
“Everybody’s been asking about you. Where the hell is the Goddess?”
“And what did you tell them?”
“She’s fucking her God.”
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Blasphemous dude.”
“Seriously though, how are you? Is he treating you right? Do you have your own apartment already? Are you working?”
“Okay, one question at a time… actually, start matchmaking so I can play already. I’ll talk to you in game.”
“Yes ma’am.”

Three hours later and they’re still playing.

“I still can’t get over the fact that you’re gonna be some big time spoke person. Someone got the laser.”
“Where? Oh I see him. Laser dude down. Dude, I got to beta-test some new games yesterday. You should have been there. It felt like I’ve died and gone to heaven.”
“Stop trying to make me jealous. Did someone pick up the laser he dropped?”
“I can’t get to it. Too far. And who else am I suppose to tell this to?”
“Uh, your boyfriend? I think Josh just took it. His headset is not working.”
“Buy a new one, Josh! Jun is not into games like we are.”
“Then get him into it. I’m getting sniped. What are you doing, Michiko?”
“I got that bastard, Kyo. I should get Nino’s number.”
“Who’s that? And thanks for the cover. I’m going in for the flag.”
“Go now. Two are out of the base; I’ll get them as soon as you take the flag. Oh, Nino is one of his friends who’s a gamer.”
“Is he going to be my substitute? Josh, stay with me. Okay, I got their flag. Jumping off. Am I clear?”
“Hell no. I mean, yes you’re clear. The hell no was for your substitute comment.”
“That’s right. No one can replace me. Mike, take the flag I’m dropping, I got a battle rifle.”
“Bitch! This dude can’t fucking snipe.”
“Stop spawn killing, Michiko. Leave some kills for us. This is the last flag.”
“Have I told you I miss you, Kyo?”
“Yep, but keep telling me. I forget.”
“So is Mike not scoring the flag until you get more kills?”
“Josh should get more kills. I bet he has a negative right now. Oi, maybe I’ll come visit you soon.”
“I have a tourny this weekend. If I win, I’ll see ya next week.”
“Hmm I’m sure Kitahara-san wouldn’t mind you hanging around with me.”
“You should be more worried about Jun. I don’t think he’d want you spending time with me.”
“Oh pffft. He gets to go on dates with his fake girlfriend.”
“Does that mean I’m your fake boyfriend.”
“What’s fake about you being my boy friend?”
“You mean a friend who’s a boy.”
“Same shit.”
“You should be careful with that. He might misunderstand.”
“You’re worrying a lot more than I am.”
“When I got to talk to him, I got the feeling that he’s the jealous-possessive type of guy.”
“He is.”
“Don’t provoke him then, Michiko.”
“I’m not. I haven’t been… okay, Kyo, I’m out. Look at that, 49 kills. I needed one more.”
“Yeah yeah, you are awesome. We really miss you. So don’t be a fucking stranger. Get on and play.”

It was 5PM. How early was he coming home? How early was early? Michiko twiddled her thumbs then went to the desk and turned on her laptop. She pointed her browser to YouTube and searched for Arashi videos. “Wow, look at all these music videos.” The first video she watched was “Happiness.”

“Waahh, sugoi!”
“Jun looks so cute! And so does Aiba-chan!”
She laughed at Aiba getting his waist slimmed down by some weird exercise machine.
“Ehh? Can Jun really fix a motorcycle?”
At around 1:29 into the video, Jun started bopping ghetto-like.
“AHH! Aiba’s biting Nino’s head!”
“Why is Ohno covering his face?”
“Sho, pink is not your color…”
“UWA! Jun dunked the ball!”
“Nino’s a conductor!”

Michiko was all smiles and her face hurt from laughing after watching the video. They looked like they were really having a lot of fun. She watched a few more after that like Sakura Sake, Wish and PIKAêêNCHI DOUBLE. It was such an eye-opener for her. Jun hadn’t really talked to her about his job. Well, he didn’t give her any details like they danced and sang. So okay, it was boybandish. And she was not a fan of that type of music but because she knew them… she was able to appreciate their talent. People often ridicule boy bands but what they do require a lot of heart and dedication. It was not easy learning choreography or singing live and dancing at the same time. What made Arashi so lovable was the chemistry and the friendship among the members. It was real. And she still couldn’t believe that she was dating one of them. Jun’s fan girls would probably kill her if given the chance. A lot of the videos she saw had a lot of comments from fans. A lot of “MatsuJun’s so hot!” And then there was a discussion about Jun and Ohno being bi… together. As in, they supposedly dated. Their pairing was known as JunToshi. Curious, Michiko typed that in the search box. She scanned through a few videos and finally clicked on one called “Perfecta [Jun x Ohno].” Her eyes were glued onto the screen for 3 minutes and 45 seconds. 3:45 of Jun and Ohno dancing seductively, Jun kissing Ohno twice or was it thrice? Their faces were always close to each other. And a few times Ohno looked like he was having an orgasm after Jun got close to him. On one hand, Michiko was disturbed by how easy it was for Jun to initiate the fan service… on the other hand and although she was never into yaoi, Michiko got hot and bothered. “I must be nuts!”
She shook her head then slapped her face. “It’s fan service. That’s it. Ne?” How was she supposed to face Ohno now after watching that? She hoped she wouldn’t act all weird.
“Okay enough of that!” She glanced at the video. “Demo, it should be okay if I watch it again ne? IYA! What normal girlfriend would want to watch her man with another guy? Oh, matte.” She wondered if Jun was also paired with the other members. “Dame, dame! I shouldn’t.” But her head was filling up with different scenarios. “WAAH YAMETE KUDASAI!”


[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:38 pm

In the end, Michiko watched the JunToshi video again. For some
bizarre reason, she was not jealous of Ohno. Maybe it was because she
knew him enough to know that they were definitely not “gay” with each
other. She popped in the Dream “A” Live CD then laid down on the couch.
It would be nice to attend a concert ne. She started daydreaming but
eventually fell asleep.

Michiko woke up to someone kissing her neck. “Ohno-kun, yada!”
Her eyes flew open and saw Jun, fuming on top of her.
“What are you dreaming about?! And why is Ohno in your dreams?!”
Yabe~ She knew she shouldn’t have re-watched the video. “Uhh…”
“This better be good.”
“Actually… I was, ano… watching some videos on YouTube… and saw this one with you and Ohno-kun…”
“That doesn’t explain anything.”
“Yes it does! You were like practically all over him!”
“Don’t Oh me.”

Jun stood up and paced back and forth. How was he supposed to explain that?

okay, Jun. I know it’s an act for the fans.” She got up and stopped his
pacing. “I saw the video twice. It’s pretty hot.” She grinned.
“Eh?! You’re not jealous?” He stared at her incredulously.
“Are you bi?”
“That’s good enough for me.”
“Did you say that it was hot?”
“Mmhmm. Is that weird?”
“No, it’s not! Your fan girls think so, too!”
He grabbed her waist and pulled her to him.
“You’re my girlfriend.”
She smiled broadly.
“Hey, I like that sound of that.”
“I like the sound of you --”
She pushed him then walked away.
“Hmph! You had your chance last night.”
“Oh come on, babe! You had a fever! You think it was easy for me to deny you of…”
“Don’t toss that word around nonchalantly.”
“I can toss penis around whenever I want!”
Jun sputtered a laugh. He looked at her then laughed again.
“Are you laughing at me?!” Annoyed to the max.
else would I be laughing at?” He passed by her and patted her head then
went straight to the bathroom. Michiko circled the table in the living
room. What was taking him so long in there? Suddenly, Jun’s phone rang.

“Babe!!! Your phone is ringing!!”
She picked up it from the
desk to see who was calling. Her eyes grew big and she almost dropped
the phone. She stared at the screen. It would be so easy to just answer
the call. But it would be wrong of her to do that. And so it kept
ringing in her hand.
“Who is it?” Jun stood next to her. She lifted
her hand and faced the phone in his line of vision. Mao’s bright smile
met Jun’s gaze. Ah, so that was what she did when she took his phone
from him back then. Mao had personalized her contact information,
enabling her picture to show up when she called him. He took his phone
and answered the call, walking towards the kitchen, away from Michiko.

“Hai. Nani ga?”
“Ah, gomen. I can’t.”
“Hai. I’ve got plans already.”
“I didn’t know about that.”
“Iya, she didn’t tell me.”
“Hontou ni gomen.”
“Is it that important?”
“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?”
“Why don’t you just call him?”
“You guys need to talk.”

Jun peered into the living room.
“I already promised someone I’d…”
“Mao-chan, are you crying?”
“How about I call you later?”
“I’ll see if I can but I can’t promise you anything.”

hung up then sighed. Mao was having problems with Shun again and wanted
to meet up with him. When he went into the living room, Michiko had
just opened the door. “Where are you going?” She didn’t turn around.
“Michiko, matte!” He reached her before she got the chance to step out.
“I just need some fresh air, I’ll be back.” She still didn’t turn around to face him.
“I’ll walk with you. Just give me time to change.” She shook her head no.
don’t do this. I’d rather you react violently than… than this, whatever
this is you’re doing.” Jun stepped out and blocked her way. Michiko
“Fine.” She backed away from him then headed for the
couch. Jun watched her toss her shoes on the side then lean back. She
combed her hair with her fingers, pausing midway to stare at him.
“Close the door dildo.” That term of… endearment made him realize that
she wasn’t that mad at him. Jun locked the door and sauntered towards
her. “Don’t saunter.”
“How can you tell?” His eyes were smiling.
“I know a saunter when I see one. Sit.” She ordered.
“Let’s go to bed.”
“Jun! Shouldn’t we talk about this? I thought that’s why you wanted me to stay?”
“I’ve only had two hours of sleep, Michiko.”
“So we’re going to sleep SLEEP?”
“I am. You don’t have to but can you keep me company until I fall asleep?”

was there to talk about anyway? She thought. So Mao’s picture was on
his phone. It was not unusual. She was his friend after all. But did it
have to pop up when she called? Obviously, that didn’t happen when she
called because he didn’t have a picture of her on his phone. And she
wasn’t going to ask him to put it in there because it was too risky.
But a part of her wished there was some sort of trace of her in there.
If not a picture…

“Call me.” Jun interrupted her thoughts.
“Where’s your phone?” She pointed at the desk.
“Go get it and call me.” She shrugged, got up, and picked up the phone.
“I need to buy my own phone. I can’t keep using this, it’s under your name.”
he didn’t respond, she sighed then pressed 1. After a few seconds, she
heard the theme for Halo. “Eh?” Michiko looked at Jun’s phone vibrating.
“People have asked me if I played Halo.”
And of course he didn’t. She did! Her heart did a back double somersault pike. Her elation showed on her face.
“Can I sleep now?”
She nodded then took his hand and led him to the bed.
fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow. He wasn’t joking
about just sleeping. That was fine with her. She used this time to
study his face and think about what it meant to be with him. For every
single time she got jealous, he had reassured her. She needed to stop
being so jealous. Stop being insecure. He wouldn’t have asked her to
move to Japan for him if he wasn’t serious about her. That alone should
be reason enough for her trust his feelings. Even though he hadn’t
verbalized them yet, he had shown it sufficiently. Michiko leaned down
and softly kissed his lips then she rested her head on his chest and
hummed “Happiness.”

End of Chapter XLIV


- Another day in the life of Jun and Michiko. Sometimes I want to fast
forward but I ended up writing one day's event for each chap. That
explains the number of chapters in this fic... I've read fics that do
that skipping through days/months and they're done very well. I just
can't seem to do it right. Well, there will be something like that

Anyhoo, trouble with Mao again? Will Jun go and meet her? JunToshi video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv1Us9mctYY

Thanks for reading another chapter from moi. I love all your comments. :heart:

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:39 pm

Chapter XLV

“So you only came here because Jun told you that we needed to talk? Why couldn’t you have thought of that yourself? I mean, you know we have a problem… I’ve called you several times but you were always busy. And when you have a day off, you’re doing something else. You couldn’t even spare a few minutes of your time to be with me. We haven’t seen each other in what? A week now? It’s not because I haven’t tried either. You have been purposely avoiding me.” Shun towered over Mao. She stood in front of him with her head down, in the middle of his living room. Her eyes were brimming with tears and she thought, why did she listen to Jun? They needed to talk but at the same time, she didn’t want to talk. She just wanted things to go back to the way they were. When she enjoyed being around Shun. When he made her day brighter by just smiling at her. Where were those days? How did they come to this? Things had gotten worse after the scandal with Jun. The time she spent with him seemed to have triggered unwanted feelings to resurface. Unwanted? Clearly, they were not invited ne? And they were unexpected ne?
“Mao. What are you thinking? I need to know.” Shun asked, his voice filled with exasperation. “I thought I was supportive enough and understanding enough when you got into that mess with Jun. Did you see me getting angry at him or at you for the photo? For the implications of the photo? Did you see me doubt? Of course I was affected by it but I trusted in us. And although I still get jealous, I’ve tried to reassure myself that there was nothing to worry about because you no longer have feelings for him. Was I wrong?”
Shun desperately needed to know even though he was scared of her answer. Mao rubbed her eyes of the tears and looked up. “Gomenasai. I’m not sure… I… sometimes feel like everything I felt before was coming back… but I don’t know why. We… you have been trying your best to keep us together… demo… even though I like you… I… can’t seem to get over… him. He still… when he looks at me…”
“Who the fuck am I to you then?! Was it that damn easy to just forget about me and think of him? Why did you agree to be my girlfriend? Did you feel sorry for me?!” Shun couldn’t bottle up his feelings anymore. He knew Mao was straying. He knew it was because of Jun.
“IYA! Shun, it’s not that! I… it just happened… I thought I was over him. But…” She didn’t know how to explain it. The feelings just started coming back. That was it. She couldn’t stop them. It was not his fault.
“But what? He smiled at you one day and suddenly you’ve fallen for him again?”
“Stop it! I didn’t intend for this to happen, Shun! Believe me! I don’t want to feel like this!”
“I don’t believe you. Jun told me that he was against the whole fake relationship but Kitagawa-san said that you already agreed to it. Tell me then, why?”
“I…” She wanted to be with Jun. She wanted to know how it felt like to be his. Shun was right. She lied to him. And it was time to stop lying. She had hurt him too much.
“Mao, please. I don’t want us to end. But you are making it hard for me. I can’t be the only one trying to make this work.” It sounded like he was begging her to stay with him and maybe he was. Shun didn’t want to…
“Let go.”
“I said, let go. Of us. Of me. I can’t be with you when my heart is not fully yours. Gomen, Shun. Hontou ni gomen!” Mao ran out of his apartment crying, the door closing behind her with a slam. Stunned, he stood there - motionless - until the tears slid down his cheeks.

There was something underneath his shirt. It was poking him, tracing lines on his chest. Jun opened his eyes and saw a hump. “EH?! Nanda kore?!!” He peered through the neckline of his shirt and saw hair. “Michiko?! What are you doing?!”
“I’m connecting the dots!” She replied like it was something he should be used to.
“HUH?! You’re stretching my shirt!”
“Hmm. Start with this mole then connect it to that one…” That one was the one next to his nipple.
“YA-YA-YAMETE! Tha-that tickles!” Jun squirmed and when he couldn’t take it anymore, he pushed her head down.
“Oh. Is this what you want?” Her tone was that of surprise and excitement. Jun wasn’t sure what she was talking about until he felt her hand on his thigh. He looked down and his eyes widened. He had pushed her head down towards his… her face right above…
“You could’ve just asked you know.” She met his gaze, her eyes darkened by desire. The moment her tongue flicked out to lick her lips wet, his lungs felt like they were going to burst. And then the doorbell rang. “AAAHHH CHIKUSYO!”
“Should we just ignore it? Who would be visiting you at this hour?” Michiko wondered, not moving an inch from her position. “I have no fucking clue but I’m getting rid of him.” Jun reluctantly slid away from her then stormed to the door. When he opened it, Mao came rushing into his arms. “OUJI!”
Oh no. Not her. What was she doing here?! He told her he would call. He specifically told her he had plans… FUCK! He was afraid to turn around. But what if Mao sees Michiko from this angle? Jun wrapped his arms around her then slowly turned her so she was facing the door even though her face was buried on his chest. As soon as he did that, his eyes met Michiko’s from across the room. There was hell to pay. Forget about what she was about to do to him a few minutes ago… Jun had the feeling abstinence was in the horizon.

Michiko placed her hands on her hips and glared at Jun. Boy, was he in trouble. Another woman in his arms? For what reason? There weren’t any camera crew or reporters here. No taping for some drama, show, or movie. Fake or not, she had got to go. It was fine when they had to pretend and shit but to do that here… in his apartment… well, that was unforgivable. But she was a friend of his, her inner self whispered to her. Fuck friendship. Why didn’t she go to Shun’s? Didn’t he live in the same complex? She probably had a fight with him, a voice inside her head reasoned. Michiko was torn. If that girl needed her boyfriend for support then she should try to understand. But seeing his arms around her… it brought back memories that she had forgotten because of Jun. Even though she trusted Jun… that he wouldn’t do what her ex did… just witnessing the exact same scenario felt like someone had reached into her chest and squeezed the life out of her heart. It was painful. But what else could she do but let him comfort her. She didn’t want to be a martyr. They always end up dead. Unfortunately, she had no choice. It was either that or kick both their asses out the door. She had made her decision.

Jun watched Michiko retreat into the bathroom. He had no idea what she was thinking of while she watched him embrace another woman in front of her. She looked utterly pissed but he thought her features softened before she left. He looked down at Mao, she was still crying. “Mao-chan. What happened?” She looked up and pulled away from him. “Gomen ne.” She looked around and saw a new laptop and gaming system. “You bought those? I didn’t know you played anything else aside from you DS.”
Ah, he hadn’t told Michiko about that but it had been awhile since he touched it. He used to play the same game Shun did at the Hana Yori Dango set. “Ano…” Should he tell her about Michiko? Maybe it was better if she knew. “I was with Shun.” She blurted out. “So you guys finally talked?”
“It’s over.”
“HUH?! Maji ka?! Doshite?”
“Gomen, can I use your bathroom? I’m a mess.”
“Uh, matte. Let me fix it up a bit.”
She nodded.
“Why don’t you sit down, I’ll be right back.”

Jun hurriedly went to the bathroom. It was a good thing that she couldn’t see it from the living room. He knocked and it opened. “Is she still here?” She asked quietly.
“Yeah. Michiko, I--.”
“Shh. She might hear you.”
Jun stepped inside and closed the door. When he reached for her, she instinctively backed away. “Michiko.” It hurt to see her react that way.
“Gomen. I didn’t mean to… my legs sorta moved on their own.” After she said that, she moved forward. Jun cupped her face with his hands and brought his lips down to hers. He kissed her softly as if he was afraid she would break. “Jun…” She pulled away. “Try to distract her while I slip out of the apartment.”
“You don’t have to go.” He was worried. What if she didn’t return?
“I’ll be back later. Call me when she’s gone.”
“Where will you go?”
“I can go to Shun’s…”
“No.” Jun didn’t want her there. Not when she was vulnerable. Not when Shun was vulnerable. Even though he knew Shun could use the company right now.
“Jun. It looked like they just had a fight. If you’re going to comfort Mao then I should go to him. He might need someone to talk to.” Uncertainty flashed across his face. She was right after all. “Okay. But don’t drink. He’ll most likely be drinking.”
“Alright. I better get going. She’s probably wondering what’s taking you so long.”
“You’re right.”
“You can always tell her you had to take a dump.”
“No way!”
“Just spray some air freshener in here so it looks like you tried to mask the odor.”
“NO fucking way.”
Michiko chuckled then grabbed his neck and pulled him down for passionate kiss. After that, she slapped him across the face. Jun touched his cheek, it was burning. “What the fuck?!”
“I just had to get that out of my system.” She grinned. He scowled at her. “Eh, you should be happy I didn’t knee your precious nuts.”
“You wouldn’t dare. They’re as precious to you as they are to me.”
“Maa, you’re right about that.”

After Jun successfully distracted Mao by tripping on some clothes on the bedroom floor, Michiko took off from the kitchen to the living room, quickly grabbing her flip flops and phone before she left the apartment. She looked back once, praying she made the right decision then went to Shun’s.

A bottle of whiskey, vodka, and rum were on the table along with a few bottles of beer. Shun was sitting on the floor, his back against the couch, fingers gripped an empty glass. He probably looked pathetic, he thought. Well, he felt pathetic. Drowning his pain with liquor. They didn’t work. At first, he was only going to drink beer but his body needed to feel numb and only the strong ones could do that. He mixed all of them in one glass and that shit burned through his stomach. But the pain wouldn’t go away. And now he had a pounding headache. He tried to get up, it was unbelievably hard to do when he’d consumed too much alcohol. But he managed to stand, wobbly but he was off the floor. Just then the doorbell rang. That woke him up.


Shun stumbled to the door, tripping a couple of times on the way. He swung the door open and disappointment showed on his face. “Not the person you were hoping to see, I take it. Well, you’re stuck with me for the time being.” Shun stared at Michiko. “What… are you doing here?” She took one look at him and knew he was drunk. He also reeked of alcohol. “I’ve come to order you around. First things first, no more drinking.” She stepped in and he backed away but almost fell back. Michiko grabbed his waist and steadied him. “You are wasted. I’m surprised you’re still coherent.” She pushed him against the wall then kicked the door close. “Don’t move.” After locking the door, she placed his arm around her shoulder then held his waist. “Let’s do this slowly. One step at a time.” Shun nodded and they moved at a snail pace towards the couch. Once they reached it, Michiko sat him down. “I’m going to scout the area. Once I know where everything is, I’m coming back to get you.”
“Why are you here?”
“You’re no longer Jun’s friend to me. You are my friend now. That’s what happens when you share a drink with me. So deal with it.” Shun managed to smile but it looked more like he was going to throw up. She left him with that ambiguous expression and looked around the apartment. After finding where the bed was and the bathroom, she returned to him. He was now lying down on the couch. “Shun. Shun, are you asleep?”
That was a stupid question. “I’m taking you to the bed.”
“YADA!” He cried out. Okay, so he was awake and grouchy.
“Hime-sama says so! You better obey.” He opened his eyes and squinted at her.
“Hai. So let’s go.” Michiko pulled him up. “Ah FUCK!” He was heavy. This was dangerous. “Remember how we got to the couch? Let’s do that, okay?” Shun nodded and stood up. He swayed to the side but Michiko got him. It took them ten minutes to get to the bed but she finally got him lying down. Should she try to sober him up? Or should she let him sleep it off? She turned to go get some water when Shun grabbed her wrist. He was sitting up and staring at her with half-lidded eyes.

“Ikanaide.” (Please don’t go.)

Michiko’s heart went to him. That was the same look she had when Frank had broken her heart. When she found him with another girl. Shun was hurting that much. What could have happened? She kicked her flip flops aside and got on the bed. She knew Jun wouldn’t approve of what she was about to do but she couldn’t stand seeing Shun like this when it reminded her so much of herself back then. He needed her right now much like how Mao needed Jun.

“It’s okay, Shun. I won’t leave.”

As soon as she sat on his lap, Shun wrapped his arms around her and cried on her shoulder. She held him while his cries turned into sobs. Michiko couldn’t help but wonder if Mao was doing the same thing on Jun.

Mao sat next to him, unusually quiet. It would have been better if she was pouring her heart out to him because the silence was letting his mind wander. What was happening at Shun’s? She better not be drinking with him. He better be behaving. But if he was drunk… nah. Shun wouldn’t. Even if he was drunk. He would not make a move on her. Jun knew Shun loved Mao. Even alcohol couldn’t alter that. At least, he hoped. Ahh, this was driving him crazy. Did she just come here to sit?

He turned his body to face her. “Mao-chan…” It happened so fast. Mao suddenly leaned forward, her lips smacked his. Jun quickly held her shoulders then pushed her off him. “What the hell?!” She bit her lip and shyly lowered her gaze. “Mao! What were you thinking?!”
“Jun… I need to tell you something.”
“Iya. I don’t want to know.” He let go of her and stood up. It made him nervous. Shun had already told him about her feelings for him before. But he figured she had given up or gotten over them. She had no right to confess to him now when he was already with somebody else even if she didn’t know he was with somebody else. And what about Shun? Was this why she said it was over? Did she tell him that she still…

“Suki desu! Jun ga suki desu!”

Mao let out a high pitched “Kyaa!” then ran out of the apartment. Jun stood there, staring at the open door.

“What the fuck?!”

End of Chapter XLV

- O_O What the fuck?! HAHA. I didn't really see this coming but I ended up writing it. Now what?!
Thanks for reading!!!! And as always, comments make my heart go thump thump! :heart:

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:40 pm

Chapter XLVI

The navy blue curtain that hung over Shun’s bedroom window stared back at Michiko. It had no design whatsoever. The plain fabric was all she looked at while Shun emptied out his sorrows on her. He had stopped sobbing a few minutes ago, his breathing returned to normal except for a few gasps here and there. His arms were still tightly around her; his fingers crumpled the piece of her shirt that he clutched on to. She didn’t know how long they had been in this position. And Jun hadn’t called yet. She was about to pull away when he felt Shun move. He loosened his arms and pulled back, his head bent down. “Gomenasai, Michiko. And thanks for being here.” She smiled and combed his hair back. Shun looked up, his eyes told her he was going to be okay for now. Her thumbs dried his tear-stained cheeks then she pulled her shirt up to wipe his nose. “AH! Hazukashi!” He quickly turned away and used his own shirt to do it. She stifled a laugh, not wanting to embarrass him more. When he faced her again, his eyes fell on her shirt. It was soaked with his tears. “Again, I’m sorry.” He sighed deeply. “I didn’t mean to drag you into this.” She snorted. “If there were any dragging, it was me trying to get you to the bed.”
“I’m heavier than Jun ne? Oh. He let you come here?”
“He didn’t want to at first but I convinced him.”
“But how did you… ah… she went to him…” He sighed again, heavier this time.
“Yes, she did.” She sighed next. Shun took her hands. “I’m sure you don’t have anything to worry about.” Michiko squeezed his. “Thanks. But I’m not the one who needs to be comforted… If you need to talk…”
“I’ve used you enough for tonight.” He jutted his chin towards her shoulder.
“Isn’t that what they’re there for? For someone to cry on?”
“I personally thought their purpose was to keep our arms in place.”
“Ah well, that’s what the crazy ones say.”
He chuckled lightly.
“You’re sober?” She looked at his face closely, trying to discern his drunkenness.
“I cried all the alcohol out.”
“HA! Right.”
“If I squeezed that part of your shirt into your mouth, you’ll see. It’ll taste like rum and vodka… and whiskey.”
“And snot!”
“Don’t remind me.” He looked down, embarrassed. “Wait, you know what snot tastes like?” Her face crinkled in disgust. “EWWW! Don’t say that!”
Shun laughed at her expression. A minute passed and he became conscious of Michiko sitting on his lap. “You should probably go.”
“Jun said he’d call me when she leaves.” Why hadn’t he called yet?! What was taking so long? Shun saw the flicker of annoyance on her face.
“How about I call him?”
“It’s okay. I’ll wait.”
He didn’t know why but having Michiko with him made him feel better. Although he still ached from Mao’s decision, Michiko had managed to help him vent out his frustrations and made him smile and even laugh. He didn’t think that was possible after what he went through tonight. He felt better, in fact, it was enough for him to suggest…
“You want play a prank on him?”
“Well, do you?”
“Demo, aren’t you… DAIJOUBU?!” She placed her palm on his forehead. Michiko was concerned. Had he lost his mind?
“For now, yeah. Thanks to you. I might have a relapse later but I don’t want to think about that.” He said while he removed her hand.
“I really shouldn’t provoke him…”
“Let me wash up then we’ll do it.”
Shun lifted her off him without problem then went to the bathroom. She got up and followed him. Michiko watched him wash his face then brush his teeth and gargle. He then took his shirt off and she had to turn away. Shun caught a glimpse of her blushing on the mirror in front of him. “Hime.” She responded to his nickname for her and turned, only to realize he still hadn’t put a shirt on yet. She quickly dropped her gaze to the tiled bathroom floor. “Nani?”
“I thought… with all the guy friends you have, you’d be use to seeing a guy bare-chested.”
“Ah, maa, I have seen my share of naked guys parading around me like I had a dick like the rest of them.” She replied without looking up.
“Then why can’t you look at me?” Shun moved closer to her. He leaned his arm on the doorway; right above her head then gently lifted her chin up with his hand so she looked up at him.
“Nanka… it’s different with you.” Actually, seeing him topless made him yearn for Jun.
“Hmm. Maybe because you don’t know me well enough yet.”
“That must be it.”
“We’ll have to fix that then.” He left her standing there and grabbed a shirt from a drawer.
“Ano… we really shouldn’t play a trick on Jun. You know how he is.”
“I know he’s not to blame but how would you feel if he went to Mao after you two had a fight?” It wasn’t just a fight. They broke up. But he wasn’t sure if Jun would want Michiko to know about Mao’s feelings for him. She seemed to be dealing with the fake arrangement well enough right now. He wouldn’t want her needlessly worrying about nothing. Because he knew Jun loved her even if he hadn’t said it.
“That dude wouldn’t know what hit him.”
Yabe~ he got her mad.
“So let’s do it?” Shun asked at a perfect time.
“Okay but you’re taking full responsibility.”
He grinned.

“AAAHHHH… when did she learn to run that fast?!” Jun bent down, his hands on his knees… he was breathing hard after chasing after Mao-chan. She had disappeared after he got out of the first floor emergency exit. He took out his phone and called her. “Pick up.” To his amazement, she did. “Mao-chan, I--.”
“Ouji, I’m going home. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”
She ended the call.

Suki desu! Jun ga suki desu!

He stood at the lobby for a while. His weight on his left foot while he crossed his arms over his chest. “Doushiyo?” How was he supposed to face her tomorrow after she confessed to him? “That baka!” She didn’t think about the ramifications of her actions. Not only would this affect his relationship with her, it could also cause a rift between him and Shun. Shun… He then remembered… “Michiko!”

Dun du-du-du-duuuuuun dun-du-du-dunnnn…

“Babe! Gomen, I was about to call you.”
“EH?! Shun?! Why do you have Michiko’s phone?”
“Never mind that, hurry up and get here! I don’t think I can restrain her any longer.”
Jun heard Michiko giggling in the background.
“Restrain her?!”
“AHHH, Michiko dame!”
“Dame… EH?!!”
Jun ran towards the elevator. He heard Michiko’s loud, clear voice on the other line. “Juuuuun!” And then Shun’s… “IYA! I’m not Jun!”
“I wanna connect the dots again!!”
Jun slammed on the up button and then kept pushing it several times. “OSOI!” He yelled at it.
“I said I’m not Jun, Michiko! Iya, not there!”
What the fuck was she doing to him?
“Mmm, remember where we stopped when Inoue-san came?”
She giggled uncontrollably.
The elevator door opened and he jumped in.
The line went dead.
“That woman’s going to be the death of me!”
His heart was racing, multiple scenes flashed through his mind.
“Hurry the fuck up!”
It finally reached Shun’s floor and he dashed out, almost slipping on the waxed floor. When he got to his apartment, he pounded on the door. “MICHIKO! SHUN!”
No one answered. Jun twisted the knob and was surprised it was unlocked. But he didn’t spend a second wondering about it. He pushed the door open and went directly to the living room. Or would they be in the bedroom?!
“OU.” Shun greeted him.
Jun found him relaxing on one end of the couch while Michiko was sitting cross-legged on the other end.
“It was his idea!!” She pointed accusingly at Shun who looked up at him innocently. Shun was not drunk. She was not drunk. Was he?!
“Thanks for letting Michiko come here, Jun. She really… helped a lot.”
Jun stared at him then at Michiko.
“I told you he was going to get mad.” She hissed at Shun.
“How do you think I felt when I found out Mao went to his apartment?”

Suki desu! Jun ga suki desu!

“AAAHHH, stop rewinding in my head!” Jun cried out.
Shun and Michiko exchanged a bewildered look.
“Gomen, Shun.”
“Eh?!” That was a quick change of attitude, he thought.
“About Mao-chan. Gomen.”
Shun looked at Michiko, worried that Jun might spill the beans.
“Iya. It’s not your fault.”
“But I…”
“Why don’t you take Michiko home? She’s been waiting for your call. And I’m sure she’s tired from taking care of me.” He smiled and got up. Shun walked over to Michiko. She stood up as well and was about to go to Jun when she felt his fingers wrap around her wrist. She looked up and Shun’s lips met her forehead.

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:40 pm

“OI!” Jun pulled Michiko away.
“Arigato.” Shun said, unperturbed by Jun’s reaction.
“Go outside. I’ll be right there.” She nodded and left the two men alone.
“Jun. You’re lucky to have her. I hope you didn’t get second thoughts after Mao came over.”
“Of course not.”
“Keep it that way. I’d hate to see her hurt.”
“How about you? Are you okay?”
But there’s nothing I can do to change what happened. She already made
a choice. And it wasn’t me… and don’t say you’re sorry.”
“But I am.”
“You couldn’t have stopped it so don’t worry about me. Just take care of Michiko.”
“You’re not going to give me that speech they use a lot in dramas, are you?”
“Huh? What speech?”
“When the rival tells the boyfriend… If you don’t take care of her, I will… something like that.”
“Don’t be absurd.”
“Just making sure.”
“I’m in no condition to take care of anybody right now. Maybe someday.”
Jun glared at him.
“Jodan da yo!”

soon as Jun pushed the door open, Michiko took off her shirt then ran
towards the bathroom. “Wait till I close the damn door, Michiko!” He
yelled after her. When he reached the bed, she came out wearing one of
his shirts and… just underwear? He gulped. “I… I wore that shirt
yesterday. Let me get you a new one.”
“It smells like you. That’s why I’m wearing it. My shirt smells like Shun.”
“And why is that?!”
“Shun cried on my shoulder.”
cried a lot.” She sighed. “How was Inoue-san?” Michiko crawled unto the
bed. Jun’s eyes widened. She was not wearing underwear. “Who?” Jun
asked, his mind wiped out blank after seeing her behind. She went under
the covers then stared at him questioningly. “Inoue Mao? Shun’s
girlfriend? That girl who I left you with?”
The same girl who told him she liked him. The one who broke up with Shun tonight. Yeah, okay. That girl. “What about her?”
“Wha? What about her? She came crying into your arms and all and you can’t tell me how she is?”
“There’s nothing to tell.”
“Right and the Pope is not Catholic. Turn the lights off and come to bed.”
shed off his jeans, turned off the lights then slipped under the
covers. Michiko slid closer to him. She slung her leg over his lower
half, purposely letting her knee rub up against him. She heard him
inhale sharply. “Nothing really happened? Don’t lie to me.” Jun didn’t
want to lie to her but he couldn’t tell her that Mao kissed him and
then confessed to him. Wouldn’t she get mad and jealous? Before he
could decide whether to tell or not to tell, he felt her hand slip
underneath his boxers. “Well? I’m waiting.” She whispered into his ear
then her tongue darted out to lick his earlobe. Jun wasn’t sure if she
was waiting for his answer or for him to do something else. He abruptly
sat up.
“I can’t talk about Mao when you’re feeling me up!”
“Oh. Okay. I won’t touch you then.” She scooted back.
“You’re too far.”
“Make up your mind.”
“You really want to know?”
He looked serious. Aww man, did she really want to know?
“Hai.” She sat up and braced herself.
“She uh… actually, ano… she…” Jun lowered his voice. “Kissed me.”
Did she hear him right?
“She WHAT?!”
kissed me but I pushed her away. It was nothing more than a smack on
the lips. I hardly felt it. It was like the wind blew by.” He laughed
“Was that it?” Her voice came out strained.
“And she told me she liked me.”
“Michiko. She’s not like that. Mao’s a swee-ee…” She was glaring at him.
“I should shut up now.”
“How can you defend her? She hurt Shun!” She stood up, outraged by what she heard.
“In her defense, she liked me before she ended up with Shun.”
“I don’t care! Matte… did you happen to… were you in love with her before?”
Jun reached up and pulled her back down.
“No. But I did like her.” She frowned. “DID! I said I DID like her. Past tense, Michiko.”
“So what else happened?”
was taking this a lot better than he thought. Yappari, being honest
with each other was the best solution. He tapped his thigh and at first
she hesitated but eventually sat on him. He lifted her ass and pulled
her towards him. Michiko held on to his neck and bit her lip while she
wrapped her legs around him.
“That’s it. After she confessed, she ran out. I chased after her but lost her at the lobby.”
“Eh?! You couldn’t catch up to her? She has short legs for crying out loud!”
“She must be training in marathons or something…”
“I don’t know. I was just making that part up.” He said sheepishly.
fell silent after that. She was glad that he told her everything but
she was also worried about the consequences that might follow after
knowing. When she finally came to terms with her jealousy, this had to
happen. How was she suppose to react when she saw them together, now
that she knew Inoue-san liked him and he, at one point, liked her, too?
It would be harder ne?
“Are you going to bite my neck again?”
“Huh?” She looked up. Jun had his eyebrow raised.
“You were staring at my neck.”
She was staring at his mole.
“Iya, I was just thinking.” He leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.
“About what?” He kissed her again.
“About different ways to control my jealousy.”
When she finished talking, he kissed her again.
kept doing that. Giving her short kisses after he replied AND after she
replied. “Remember what you told me at the cabin? After I almost hit
Nino?” He asked.
Michiko expectantly leaned forward, anticipating his kiss. He smiled and didn’t disappoint her. “Don’t be jealous, I’m yours?”
Jun kissed her longer this time.
he said that, he didn’t make a move and she pouted. He grinned and gave
her what she wanted. “And?” She asked then pulled his head down for
another one.
“Boku ga…” He purposely didn’t finish so he could kiss
her again. “… hoshii no wa…” The next kiss was more heated and his
hands roamed around her body. Finally, he pulled back. “…kimi dake.”
Boku ga hoshii no wa kimi dake. (You’re the only one I want.)
“You’re so fucking smooth.”
Jun’s eyes glinted and he bent forward, taking Michiko with him… laying her down on her back.
“I’m only telling you the truth.”

End of Chapter XLVI


- Well, minna, Thanks for reading everyone! Hope i didn't disappoint
you all with this chapter. Everybody had their expectations and such.
Maybe I'm not that very good with drama LOL. But I hope ya'll still
enjoyed it. I appreciate all comments, criticisms and such ^^
Oh and
am I scaring some readers off coz of the Ecchi? O.O Gomenasai! they
have been purty physical since the beginning but since they got
together, it just seemed natural to write them in those situations

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:41 pm

Chapter XLVII

One eventful night led to an eventful week. Mostly for Michiko.

Michiko’s Monday.

Finally moved out of Jun’s apartment and into her own. She left early so she could go out and buy some furniture. But she could only afford a bed and a 32” TV. They were to be delivered the next day so she bought some sheets, a blanket and a couple of pillows as she would have to sleep on the floor that night. The next stop was grocery shopping. She grabbed mostly canned foods and instant ramen. Then she bought toiletries and other necessities. By the end of the day, she was tired but she had to call the cable company and her internet provider. After unpacking, she took a nap. She woke up and it was already dark. Feeling extremely lonely, she called Jun but his phone was off so she just left a message. The first night sleeping without him was rough. And it wasn’t because the floor was cold and hard on her back. She stared at the ceiling for hours, waiting… wondering if he would call after hearing her message. But it didn’t come… at least, not right away.

It was late when her phone rang. Usually when Jun called, she would pick up right away but tonight she listened to whole verse. When it stopped, she wondered if he would call again. Not a minute passed and the song played again. She smiled. Okay, that was enough torturing him. He might get pissed.

“Moshi moshi.”

Jun’s Monday.

He tried to convince Michiko to stay another night but she said she couldn’t. “Don’t make this harder for me, babe…” She had said. So he let her go and he went to work. All day long, he worried if she was going to be okay living alone in a city she was not familiar with. Even though she had lived by herself before, this was a totally different environment for her. Questions kept popping into his head like, “Was the apartment furnished?” And “Is there food in the fridge?” Also, “Was she in a safe neighborhood?” His friends had noticed how troubled he looked and asked…
“Doushita no?”
“You’re not sick, are you?”
“Are your briefs too tight?”
The last one was asked by Aiba.
The morning for him went by slow and when the afternoon came, he had to deal with facing Mao-chan. Another photo shoot? He was getting tired of it. Every pose for each magazine looked the same to him. Mao had acted normally though, like nothing happened last night. Did she regret what she did? Maybe there was still hope for Shun.
Next in the itinerary was the taping of Arashi no Shukudai-kun. Just before it started, he checked his phone for messages and saw one voice mail waiting for him.
“What’s the point of having a phone if you have it off almost all the time? HUH?!”
He chuckled at her irritated tone. “And I’m tired of calling you all the time! Have you lost my number?!” Of course not, he thought. “Call me back… if you want to. I won’t answer! See how you like that! HA!” He frowned. She didn’t really mean what she said ne. Guess he’d find out later.

Jun was on the bed, about ready to sleep when he finally called her. He couldn’t believe it. Michiko was not picking up. It rang several times before her voice mail message came up. He hung up. Maybe she was sleeping already. No. She was waiting for his call for sure. Jun called again. It kept ringing and ringing… when he was about to end the call, she picked up. He knew she couldn’t resist him.

Jun: “You missed me ne?”
Michiko: “I was sleeping you know.”
Jun: “You’re lying. You were awake waiting impatiently for my call.”
Michiko: “Nope. You are mistaken.”
Jun: “I bet you were staring at the ceiling and fantasizing about me.”
Michiko: *outraged* “I was not!” *she was*
Jun: “You need to share your fantasies with me. I might make them come true.”
Michiko: *was thinking about it*
Jun: “You’re thinking about it ne?”
Michiko: “IYA! Demo ne…
Jun: “As long as it’s not too weird.”
Michiko: *giggles*
Jun: “What?! You thought of one already? That was quick. What is it? Tell me.”
Michiko: “Hmm. You can be the Master Chief and I can be Cortana.”
Jun: “EH?! Who are those?”
Michiko: “From Halo!”
Jun: “Ahhh. But I still don’t know who they are.”
Michiko: “You’d be wearing the Spartan suit and ohh, you’ll like what Cortana’s wearing… it’s skin tight… well, actually, she’s a holographic image of a woman.”
Jun: “I said nothing too weird, Michiko.”
Michiko: “You can act like you’re saving me from the aliens! Oh wait, they can’t really kill Cortana. Hmm.”
Jun: “Think of something else.”
Michiko: “Not right now. Can you sing to me sleep?”
Jun: “Uhh…”
Michiko: “Forget it. I’ll just play your solos on repeat.”
Jun: “Which one’s your favorite?”
Michiko: “I love your voice in the last one.”
Jun: “I figured you’d like that.”
Michiko: “What?! Because it’s called Naked?”
Jun: “You’re so predictable.”
Michiko: “Pffft. You sound like a little kid in the other ones. I don’t want to feel like a pedophile.”
Jun: “Babe, I’m getting sleepy.”
Michiko: “Then go sleep.”
Jun: “Are you mad?”
Jun: “Michiko…”
Michiko: “I’m going to sleep now.”

She hung up quickly. Michiko was a little mad because she wanted to talk some more. But now she felt guilty hanging up on him like that. Sighing, she turned on her laptop, which was next to her on the floor. The phone rang before it booted up.

Jun: “Don’t do that again.”
Michiko: “Nani.”
Jun: “At least let me say goodnight first.”
Michiko: “Good night, Jun.”

She hung up again. He called back for that? Her laptop was ready and she opened up iTunes. Her phone rang again.

Jun: “You are really pissing me off!”
Michiko: “What do you want? Go fucking sleep, dildo.”
Jun: “I’m really tired, Michiko.”
Michiko: “Which is why I’m letting you sleep. Now stop calling me and sleep!”
Jun: “Don’t you da—.”


Jun: “If you want me to sleep then stop picking up.”
Michiko: “Fine!”
Jun: “Mat--.”


Michiko: “If you don’t want me to pick up, don’t call me!”
Jun: “If you stopped hanging up so quickly, I wouldn’t be calling you back!”
Michiko: “Then hurry up and say good night already.”
Jun: “If you’re going to be mad then I won’t sleep yet.”
Michiko: “I’m. Not. Mad. Now go sleep.”
Jun: “Stop lying.”
Michiko: “Do you want to sleep or not?”
Jun: “I’ll stay up if you want me to.”
Michiko: “I don’t want you to stay up just because I want you to stay up. I’d rather you want to stay up because you want to.”
Jun: “Huh?”
Michiko: “Jun, I’m going to hang up now. So if you have something to say, say it now.”
Jun: “I wish you were here.”
Michiko: “I miss you, too. Now close your eyes and picture me naked next to you. Sweet dreams!”


Jun groaned.

Michiko’s Tuesday.

7:37AM - Woke up looking for the bed stand and Jun’s note.
7:45AM - Finally remembered she wasn’t at Jun’s apartment.
7:50AM - Dragged herself off the floor and showered. Left the bathroom door open, expecting Jun to join her. Was disappointed.
8:10AM – Had SPAM and rice for breakfast. Missed Jun’s rice omelette.
8:25AM – Called the furniture store for bed and TV’s delivery time.
8:30AM – Called Ken for her schedule. Found out she needed to come in this afternoon.
8:32-10:00AM – Moped around. Listened to Arashi.
10:03AM – Yay, the bed and TV arrived.
10:30AM – Finished assembling bed and positioned TV. Waited for cable company.
11:00AM – Cable company called. Appointment re-scheduled at the end of the week.
11:07AM – Momiji called. She was to meet up with her at the mall at 1PM.
11:10AM – Ate more SPAM and rice.
11:28AM – Got ready to leave. Missed Jun hugging her from behind while she brushed her teeth.
11:53AM – Left the apartment.
12:47PM – Arrived at meeting place. Momiji nowhere to be found.
01:30PM – Momiji apologized profusely for being late. Soujiro wanted a quickie before she left home. Too much information, Michiko thought. Momiji loved shopping and was really excited for her.

“This is going to look really good on you. Try it on.”
Michiko gaped at the blouse Momiji held up in front of her. It was a black sleeveless top with a deep plunging neckline. “Uh. I don’t think so. That’s too… revealing.”
“Baka! It’s classically sexy. You definitely need one of these. We’ll buy you one of those nipple patches for this. And you can wear this with just jeans. Trust me, this is you.”
Michiko shook her head. “Come on! Just try it on. Take off your bra when you do.” She shoved the top unto her hands and Michiko grumpily went into the fitting room. After putting it on, she looked at herself on the mirror. Well, it did look good on her but it showed too much skin on the front. No bra? Nipple patches? What the fuck?!
“Michiko! Let me see!” She sighed and peered outside to make sure Momiji was the only person around the area. Momiji pulled the door to look at her. With a look of pure astonishment, she exclaimed… “You look stunning! There’s no way we’re not buying that! I already know when you’re going to wear it.”
“You already know?!” Michiko stared at Momiji’s evil grin. She was the daughter of Lucifer! Seriously. “Okay, you need some low riders and a lot of skirts. Some dresses and those sexy boots.” This was going to be a long day. “Oh and thongs!” Michiko almost choked on her saliva. “Thongs?! Oh no, no, no. Besides, nobody’s going to see them when I wear them. What’s the point?” Momiji wagged a finger at her. “Nobody has to see it. When you wear one, you automatically feel sexy. Don’t worry, wear them for a week and you’ll see. You’d wonder why you never wore them in the first place.” Michiko didn’t believe her. “How am I suppose to feel sexy when they give me wedgies?!”
“I’m telling you, Michiko. You’re gonna love them.”
“Whatever. Let’s go.”

6:38PM – Finally finished shopping with Momiji. Ken had called her and told them to stop by work to do a quick photo shoot.

“A photo shoot already?” Michiko asked when she met Ken. “Why waste time? By tomorrow morning you’ll be on the front page of the most popular game magazine in Japan.”
“Okay.” She was a little scared now. “Don’t be scared.” Ken said.
“How do you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Can you read minds?”
Ken laughed out loud. “Of course not. But your face is like an open book. It’s easy to read.”
“Oh!” That explained why Jun always knew when she was lying.
“Come on, Michiko. Let’s get you changed.” Momiji dragged her into the bathroom. She looked through all the clothes they bought today and pulled out that black top with the revealing neckline. “No! Not that one!” She grinned “Yes!”
“But won’t it be inappropriate for a game magazine?”
“Not at all.” Momiji found a pair of skinny jeans. Then took out the black leather boots and… “Are those them nipple patches you’re talking about?”
“Yep. There’s instructions in the box. I’ll leave you alone to get ready. When you’re done, just come out so I can put make-up on you.” Momiji left and she stared at the outfit she was about to wear. Well, she better get to it.

10:13PM - Got back home. Tired. Found a voice mail message.

“Uhh. Since you complained about me not calling you. Here I am calling you. You don’t have to call me back. I don’t think I’ll be able to stay up tonight. I’m really tired. So… good night.”

Jun’s Tuesday.

6:45AM - Wondered why Michiko woke up early today.
6:46AM - Looked for her in the shower.
6:47AM - Looked in the kitchen.
6:48AM - Didn’t find her in the living room.
6:49AM - Oh. She moved out yesterday.
6:50AM - Showered. Missed her soaping his back.
7:20AM - Didn’t feel like cooking breakfast. Blended a fruit smoothie.
7:33AM - Got dressed.
8:41AM - Finally ready.
9:37AM - Meeting with Arashi and the usual crew for the planning of upcoming concert.
1:02PM - Lunch.

Jun leaned back on his chair. What he would give to have Michiko massage him right now. She always did an excellent job when he got home tired and his muscles were stiff. Aiba eyed Jun rotating his neck clockwise then counter clockwise. “Ne Jun. You want me to massage your shoulders?”
“It’s okay, Aiba.” He wanted Michiko’s hands on him. But Aiba stood up and went behind him. “I’m pretty good.” He placed his hands on Jun’s shoulders and started kneading. He wasn’t bad. “How does that feel? Good ne?” Jun closed his eyes and ended up imagining that it was Michiko and not Aiba. She usually started with his head, massaging his scalp then worked her fingers down his neck to his shoulders and then when she reached his arms, she would plant kisses on his nape. She’d gently push him down and sit on his lower back while massaged around his shoulder blades and down. While she sat on him, she’d also use her hips. Damn, it felt good. Eventually, he’d roll over but that didn’t stop her hips. Shit. Jun abruptly stood up and ran to the bathroom.

“Was it that bad?” Aiba asked, startled by Jun’s reaction.

3:00PM - More planning for the concert.
4:30PM - Went to the Tokyo Dome. Wanted to show the lighting crew some new ideas.
8:00PM - Had dinner with Sho and Aiba.

“When is Michiko visiting? Can’t we plan a get-together? How about this weekend? We can do it at her new apartment! I’ll bring the drinks!” How Aiba was able to say all that while he chewed on barbequed meat and rice, Jun had no idea but was amazed. They were at a yakiniku restaurant. Sho glanced at Jun. “How is she holding up? Or should I ask, how are YOU holding up?” He shrugged. “I’m fine.” Just fine. Aside from the urge to jump into his car and drive to her apartment right now… he was just fine. Actually, that was not a bad idea. Maybe he should sleep over there tonight. He could grab some clothes from his place and head over there. Jun was about to stand up when Aiba dropped some meat on his plate. “Eat!”


He sighed. Yeah. He was just fine.

10:15PM - He knew he told Michiko not to call but he hoped she would.
10:20PM - She did.

End of Chapter XLVII

- Master Chief and Cortana - from Halo 3, here's an art with both of them [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 1213124376_191

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:42 pm

Chapter XLVIII

Wednesday and Thursday flew by fast. Ken had Michiko hopping from one location to another for photo shoots, commercial shootings, and tournaments. Each day she came home past midnight, exhausted. Needless to say, she hadn’t talked to Jun since Tuesday night. Today was Friday and she had to cancel her cable appointment, as she wouldn’t be home to let them in. At the moment, she was at another location to shoot a commercial for the game Cooking Mama for the DS. Momiji had her wearing a yellow sundress, white cardigan, and yellow sandals. She managed to convince Michiko not to change after the shoot and they both went out for drinks. When they got to the bar, Soujirou and Ken showed up.

“So Michiko, how are you liking the thongs?” Momiji asked, a sparkle in her eye betrayed how leisurely she posed the question. Both men on the table raised their eyebrows and looked at her expectantly. “I haven’t worn them yet.” She meekly replied. Momiji growled at her. “Now, now, dear. No need to get upset.” Soujirou tried to calm her girlfriend down. “I have the right to be angry! I specifically told you to wear them this week!”
“But I want to be comfortable for all the interviews and such. You wouldn’t want to see me squirming about while a reporter asked me questions ne?” She tried to reason with her.
“Psshaw!” Momiji turned to Ken. “When you know a woman is wearing a thong, doesn’t that turn you on?” He choked on the scotch he was drinking. “Daijoubu?” Michiko asked, stifling a laugh. “Hai. Ano…” Ken stumbled on his reply.
“If Michiko was wearing a thong right now and you knew that. Wouldn’t you be thinking, ohh that’s hot?” Momiji pressed on, wanting to hear his answer. Ken avoided Michiko’s curious eyes. “I think she’s hot enough without wearing thongs… I mean, wearing regular underwear. I didn’t mean her not wearing anything… I need to go to the men’s restroom.” He stood up quickly and left the table. “See what you did, dear? You got the boss all flustered.” Soujirou grinned, enjoying Ken’s reaction. Momiji ignored him and grabbed Michiko’s arm. “Eh?! What?” She was suddenly scared. “You’re changing into one right now.” She pulled her and Michiko stood up to avoid falling off the chair. “HUH?! Why would I bring one with me?”
“I have an extra.” She stared at her in disbelief. She was crazy if she expected her to just go with her and change into a thong just so she can prove a point. Michiko and Momiji later on came back to the table; Momiji had a huge, satisfied smile on her face, Michiko with a scowl on hers.
Ken looked up and laughed. “What’s the matter?”
“She is the devil incarnate!” Michiko pointed at Momiji.
“She’s wearing one now, Ken.” She winked at him.
“This is the most uncomfortable piece of clothing that I’ve worn in my whole life!” Michiko exclaimed.
“You’ll get used to it.”
“I don’t want to!”
Ken cleared his throat. “Ladies, I just a got a call from Kanegawa Riko.”
“Eh? The Kanegawa Riko from GTV Nihon?” Momiji asked, flabbergasted.
“Hai. The same one. She wants Michiko and I to come on the show tonight. I know it’s last minute but I said yes. It starts at 10PM. So we have a lot of time to prepare for it.” He looked at Michiko’s attire. “You don’t have to change unless you want to.” Before she could answer, Momiji put in her 2 cents. “The show is a bit laid back. I suggest going with jeans and maybe a halter top?” Michiko agreed. “I should go home and change then.”
“Iya. I have your clothes at work, in my locker.”
“I’m a stylist, Michiko. I’m always prepared. They’re washed and ironed. Don’t worry.”
“You just don’t want me to go home and change my underwear.”
Momiji feigned innocence. “Don’t be ridiculous.”
“I guess I should stop drinking then.” Michiko pushed her drink away from her.
“Oh yeah. That reminds me. Don’t make plans for Saturday night. We’re going out for drinks again. And you can invite anyone you want since it’s going to be a celebration for you.”
Ken finished his drink then stood up. “Alright?”
“It’s not going to be a big gathering, is it?”
“Just the people from last time and their guests.”
“Okay.” Michiko would invite Jun but she knew he couldn’t go.
“I’m heading back now so I can change as well.”
“We better go, too, Momiji.”
She blew raspberries at her. “Can’t we drink some more?”
“I really don’t want to see you play nipple janken with Soujirou again. Can you save that for Saturday?”
Momiji grumbled but got up and they left with Ken.

Mao’s pleading voice stopped him from turning the doorknob and leaving his dressing room. It was mistake. He shouldn’t have agreed to talk to her in private. It wouldn’t lead to anything good. A couple of days ago, he thought she had given up but she proved him wrong today. Jun felt her tug on his shirt. They had tried to talk about what happened but it only led to her reminding him of her feelings for him and him rejecting them which hurt her and he didn’t want to hurt her. He did like her after all. And she was his idea of a perfect girlfriend. She was not the type to drink a lot or curse or had a violent streak or walk around half-naked among her friends. They both have a lot in common. They read the same books, they enjoyed the same films… although, those were aspects that he hadn’t gotten the chance to explore with Michiko. He made a mental note to ask her about that.

“Jun. Are you listening to me?”
He turned and faced her. “I don’t know what you want from me. I already told you that I don’t feel the same way.” Jun didn’t want to keep repeating himself.
“I can’t. It’s not that easy you know.” Why wouldn’t he give her a chance, she thought. This was agonizing for her. It felt like she was begging him.
“I’m sorry. I have to go.” If he stayed any longer, he might hurt her more.
“Is there someone else?” Mao asked, praying that was not the case.
Jun looked at her for a long time before answering. She should know.
“Don’t lie to me.” She didn’t want to believe it. When did he get the chance to meet anyone?
“I’m not lying.”
“Then why haven’t you told me before?” Maybe she could’ve avoided all this if she knew that he was with someone else already. Maybe she didn’t have to hurt Shun.
“I don’t really see a reason why I should inform you of my personal life, Mao.” After he said it, he regretted it. He sounded mean.
“We’re friends, aren’t we?! You never mentioned anybody!” Didn’t he trust her? She always went to him when she had problems. She thought he would open up to her also.
“I met her when I was on vacation.”
“Oh.” Mao wondered what kind of person she was. For Jun to be with her, she must be perfect.
Jun gave her a hug then turned to leave.
“But we can still be friends ne?” She asked. It was not what she wanted but she still needed to be close him, no matter what.
He turned around again. “Of course. That’s not going to change. You can always come to me for anything.”
She smiled weakly.
A loud knock on the door made both of them jump.
Jun opened the door and found Nino. He looked at him and Mao disapprovingly. Jun knew what he was thinking and he didn’t like it. It was none of his business. “Nino. What’s up?” He was glaring at Mao. “Nino.”
“Since you’re busy… I’ll talk to you later.” He turned around.
“You hunted me down and now that you’ve found me, you’re going to leave?”
“Well, if you and Inoue-san are done talking…”
“I’ll see you around then, Mao-chan.” She nodded and left them alone. Nino watched her leave and when she was out of sight, he shoved a magazine in front of Jun’s face. “Have you seen this?!”
Jun took the magazine and looked at it closely. “What about it?” It was a gaming magazine. Something he rarely read. There was a stunning woman on the front cover holding what looked like a glowing sword and a sniper rifle. The blouse she was wearing had a plunging neckline; it parted dangerously between her breasts. Her smile was what caught his eye though. It looked like it was directed at him and only him. It was strange but she looked familiar. “Nino. Why are you showing me this?”
“You’re kidding me, right?” He looked at him disbelievingly.
Jun scanned the cover again and read the top articles. He didn’t notice it before but right underneath the woman’s boots, written in bold white letters was, “The Goddess has Arrived.” And then in smaller font under that, “Yoku Michiko Exclusive Interview.”
“Michiko…” He looked at the woman again staring seductively at him. His gaze fell to the valley between her breasts, there he found the tiny mole he adored. The realization knocked the wind out of him. He was speechless and compulsively wanted to buy every single copy of the magazine.

“Are you sure?! Is this Michiko?! She’s… she’s HOT!” Sho’s eyes bulged after looking at the cover. Aiba snatched it away from him. “Don’t drool on it, Sho-kun!”
“I am not drooling!” But his hands consciously wiped his mouth. Ohno grabbed Aiba’s arm and moved it so he could see the magazine. After staring at it for a minute, he nodded. “Oh. That is her.”
“Riida! We already know it’s her.” Nino slapped Ohno’s back. “Ah. Hai. It is Michiko. Sexy ne? Wild and sexy.” Ohno replied. “Hmmm. She doesn’t have a lot of make-up but how come we didn’t recognize her right away?” Aiba wondered out loud.
“That’s because we’ve never seen her wear anything like that before!” Sho pointed out.
“Sou sou sou. She’s always wearing a plain T-shirt and jeans.” Aiba agreed then looked at the cover again. “She’s not wearing a bra.” Sho scrambled to his side to check. “Oh! You’re right.” Jun, who had a dazed expression awhile ago, stood up from the couch and grabbed the magazine from Aiba. “That’s enough ogling my girlfriend.” He glanced at it then groaned. “She didn’t tell me about this.” But why should she? He didn’t tell her about his photo shoots. Still. This was her first one, wasn’t it? “Nino, is this the only magazine she’s on?” Nino shrugged. “I don’t know. But from the rack, it’s the only one I saw with her on it.”
“What’s her job exactly?” Ohno asked.
“I’m not really sure. I never did ask.”
“BAKA! Why didn’t you?” Nino frowned.
“I don’t know! I assumed it was something like her old job.” Jun was getting frustrated by the second. He should have asked. Why didn’t he?
“Well now you know it’s not.”
“Thanks, Nino. For stating the obvious.”
“You should thank me for showing that to you. Anyway, that came out on Tuesday. And you said you haven’t talked to her since then ne? She must be very busy. That’s the number one gaming magazine in Japan. Which means every gamer out there has seen it or bought it. By the end of this week, she’ll be the new face in gaming. That I can assure you.” Nino’s words sunk in and Jun wasn’t sure if he should be happy for her or not. He should be ne. It meant that she had more than a steady job. Jun sneaked a peak at her picture again. He needed to talk to her tonight for sure.

It was quarter to 10PM and Michiko was nervously pacing around the green room. She wore a silver halter top that exposed most of her back, flared jeans, and leather boots. The only jewelry she had on was a cross pendant on a silver chain. The show was live and that was what worried her the most. What if she messed up? That would be very embarrassing. It was a good thing that Ken was going to be with her. “Jun, I wish you were here right now!” She contemplated on calling him but what was she going to say?
Just then, the door swung open and Ken poked his head in. “You’re ready?” He smiled at her. “I’m fucking nervous!”
“You’ll be fine! Matter of fact, I know you’ll do great! Come on. It’s time.”
Michiko took a deep breath then followed Ken out. “Gambarimasu.”

Jun had just gotten out of the shower when his phone rang. “What now, Nino?”
“Michiko’s on GTV-N right now! It’s a live show.” He ran to the living room and turned the TV on then switched the channel. “This is crazy, Jun. She and Kitagawa Ken will be interviewed by Kanegawa Riko herself. Do you know who that is? She’s one of the most influential game host in television. Anyway, I’m recording this already. Just thought you’d want to watch. Je ne.” Jun didn’t hear much of what Nino said because he was too busy staring at Michiko. The host just introduced her and when she walked on stage, he saw her bare back. He had to sit down, the shock weakened his knees.

“I’m really glad you were able to come in such short notice, Yoku-san.”

Jun turned the volume up.

Michiko: “It’s such an honor to be here, Kanegawa-san. Ken had told me about your show and how widely respected you are in the gaming community.”
Riko: “That’s such a huge compliment coming from Kitagawa-san himself. Let’s bring him out, shall we?”

A young gentleman strolled into the camera view and sat awfully close to Michiko.

Ken: “Good to see you again, Riko-chan.”
Riko: “Aah, Ken-kun. It’s always good to have you on my show. And now you have brought along with you this extremely talented young woman.”
Michiko: “Iya iya.”
Riko: “Where did you meet Yoku-san?”
Ken: “At the Halo Tournament in Chiba. She caught my eye then. I knew she was the woman for the job. I mean, look at her. She’s not only an awesome gamer, she’s also hot.”


[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:42 pm

Jun noticed Michiko blushing and he gritted his teeth. Who was this guy?!

Riko: “Ken-kun!! So bold of you to say that. Is it safe to assume that you like her a lot?”
Ken: “Who wouldn’t? But don’t misunderstand. We’re not dating or anything like that.”
Riko: “Ohh. Is that so. Well, Yoku-san. How do you like working for Ken?”
“So far it’s been exhausting but fun. It’s definitely different from
what I used to do. I am very grateful to him. I mean, it came as a
surprised when we met in New York. When he told me that they flew there
specifically to see me. I was like, wow! Maji ka?!”
Riko: “You were shocked ne? You’ve been busy this week ne. I saw you on the cover of Weekly Famitsu.”

The cover of said magazine was shown on camera for a few seconds before focusing back on Michiko.

“Hai. Had a lot of fun during the shoot. I was scared at first. It felt
a bit awkward posing since I’ve never done anything like that before.
But after they handed me the mock sniper rifle, I relaxed.”

She laughed and Jun smiled.

Riko: “I guess that got you into character huh? That was a very sexy photo, don’t you think so, Ken?”
Ken: “She’s a natural. Honestly? Even if she just wore a plain T-shirt, Michiko would still look good.”

He sounded like he was hitting on her. And Jun didn’t like it one bit.

Michiko: “You’re exaggerating!”
Riko: “I agree with, Ken-kun. But what do you prefer, Yoku-san?”
“I am a T-shirt and jeans girl. I mean, I dress up when I need to. Like
if there’s a special occasion. But if I can get away with just a shirt?
Why not?! Demo, it’s also nice to try out new styles. So that’s what
I’ve been experimenting on lately.”
Riko: “Ahh. Sou ka. Let’s take a
break right now but after the commercials, we’ll read some emails that
were addressed to Yoku-san.”

Jun got up to get a drink then quickly went back to the living room.

“We’re back and we’ve got emails to read. First email reads… oh, this
is a personal question. Will it be alright, Yoku-san?”
Michiko: “Someone’s bound to ask the same question eventually so I guess I’ll answer it now.”
Ken: “Good point.”
Riko: “Okay. NinjaGaidenZ wanted to know if you’re single, dating, or taken.”

Jun’s grip tightened on the bottle of water he was holding.

Ken: “Ah, that question. The guys are curious, Michiko. What’s your answer?”
Michiko: “I’m currently dating.”
Riko: “OHH! Interesting. But that basically means you’re single ne.”
Michiko: “I suppose so but there are single women who don’t date.”
Riko: “That’s true. Ok, next question. EH?”

Riko stared at the camera. “Nani kore?!”

Ken: “What is it? Ecchi?”
Riko: “Chotto ecchi… Yoku-san. Do you prefer boxers or briefs on men?”

Ken burst out laughing and Michiko laughed with him.

Michiko: “Why are you guys asking me this?! But if you really want to know. I prefer boxers.”
Ken: “Now all the guys who wear briefs who are watching this interview will buy start buying boxers.”
“There must be a decent question in here that has something to do with
gaming. NE?! Don’t disappoint me! Hmm. This one asks… ahhh… come on!
There must be something about you, Yoku-san, that makes these people
think of hentai stuff.”
Michiko: “EH?! NANDE?!”
Ken: “What’s the question, Riko-chan?”
Riko: “I guess it’s okay since this is a late night show. What color panties are you wearing tonight?”

covered her face with her hands, embarrassed by the question. She WAS
on national TV. Jun yelled at the screen, “You don’t have to answer it,
dildo!” He wanted to strangle the host for even reading the question.
She should have skipped it and looked for a different one.

Ken: “Daijoubu? You don’t have to answer it, Michiko.”
Michiko: “Hazukashi ne! Nande?! What’s the purpose of that question? It has nothing to do with who I am ne?”
Riko: “Your fans are just curious. If it makes you feel better, I’m wearing a pink bikini with neko-chan on the back.”
Ken: “KAWAII!”
Riko: “Demo, I don’t think any of my viewers wanted to know that.”
Michiko: “Maa, since Kanegawa-san answered it…”
Ken: “I’m wearing my tighty-whiteys.”
Riko: “Ken-kun!!! Bikurishita!!”
Michiko: “Ahhh, Ken! I don’t want that visual! Haha!”

yelled at the screen again, “Don’t fall for that, Michiko! They’re just
trying to get you to answer it! AH FUCK!” She was going to answer it.

Michiko: “Okay, okay. But this is the last intimate question I’m going to answer tonight.”
Riko: “Hai, wakarimashita.”
Michiko: “I’m wearing a black, lacy thong.”

Her face flushed red and so did Jun’s but his was because of anger. Somewhere else in Tokyo, Nino’s ears turned pink.

show finished soon after that as they ran out of time. Michiko gathered
her things and followed Ken to his car. He had offered to give her a
ride home. Waiting for the bus and train didn’t sound appealing to her
so she accepted. She was tired and the first thing she wanted to do
when she got home was take off the stupid thong and then crawl into
bed. The ride took about thirty minutes and Michiko almost fell asleep
but she managed to keep her eyes open somehow. Ken apologized for the
nature of the questions asked when she got out of the car. She smiled
weakly and replied with a, “No problem.” Michiko hurriedly got on the
elevator and when she reached her floor, she bolted out. She rummaged
through her bag for her keys and when she was a few feet from her door,
she looked up. What greeted her made her heart pound furiously.

smile was met by a scowl. She was too happy to see him that she
completely ignored the dark expression on his face and threw her arms
around him. “What are you doing here?! Oh fuck it, who cares?” Michiko
grabbed his shirt and pulled him down for a kiss but Jun turned away.
Her lips hit his jaw. She stepped back, stunned by his move.
“Open the door.” He ordered. Troubled by his attitude,
Michiko didn’t argue and let him in. Jun took his shoes off then
briskly walked inside. She locked the door and dropped her bag on the
floor. After taking her boots off, she walked over to Jun.

is something wrong? I’m sorry you had to wait but I didn’t know you
were coming. I just came from a TV show. Good thing my boss gave me a
ride home. You would’ve been standing there a lot longer if I took the
train.” He didn’t respond but continued to stare at the floor. She
wrapped her arms around his waist. “What is it? What did I do?” He
pushed her arms off him and backed away. Jun knew it wasn’t her fault
but she could’ve chosen not to answer those questions if she wanted to.
Right? Maybe not. Maybe he was overreacting but he didn’t want the
public knowing personal information about her. Not merely personal but
very intimate things about her. Although, of all people, he should

“Okay. You know what?! If you’re not going to tell
me what’s wrong then you might as well leave. I. Am. Exhausted. I was
really happy to see you, Jun, but if you won’t even let me touch you
after four days of being away from you then get the fuck out!” Pissed
and totally worn out, Michiko yelled at him. She didn’t know what was
wrong with him but she was not going to put up with it. “I’m not like
any of the other girls you’ve been with, Jun. This silent treatment and
mind game you’re playing is not going to work with me. Either you tell
me what the fuck is on your mind or you leave me alone so I can sleep.”
was trembling now from anger. And he was still not responding. “Fuck
you!” Michiko pushed him and he staggered back. He looked up to face
her but didn’t say anything. “I can’t do this. Do what you want, I’m
going to sleep.” She turned away and headed towards the bed. Jun took
hold of her wrist and pulled her into his arms. He was such an idiot,
getting all insecure and jealous of guys she obviously didn’t care
about. And the questions weren’t even that bad. Plus compare that photo
of her to the one she saw of him on anan magazine. His was far worse.
“I’m a fucking moron, Michiko. Gomen.”
“That you are. I don’t even
know what you’re apologizing for. If I wasn’t tired, I would’ve beaten
you to a pulp by now but since I am, I’ll forgive you this time.” She
rested her head on his shoulders and wrapped her arms around his waist.
“I’m really sorry. It was just that--.”
“Sshhh. I don’t care. Tell me some other time.”
“But babe…”
“I said, forget it. I don’t want to talk about it right now.”
“Alright. Let’s get you to bed then.”
He picked her up and carried her to the bed.
“How’d you know where it was?”
Jun chuckled. “You see it right away as soon as you go in the door, you know.”
“Oh, that’s right.” Her apartment was smaller than his.
When he set her down, she crawled towards the middle and pulled her socks off.
“Jun, I need you to help me with something.”
He got on bed as well. “Oh, what would that be?”
there are several things I need you to strip off me. You better hurry,
they’re driving me crazy.” She pulled her halter top off her.
What are those?” Jun knelt next to her and bent down to look at her
breasts closely. He poked the flower shaped sticker that covered each
of her nipple. She let out a small whimper. “Take them off.”
slowly peeled off the edge with the use of his thumb and forefinger.
Gradually, the sticker came off exposing one rosy bud. Michiko bit her
lip. “The other one, too.”
Jun’s fingers were poised to peel but
this time, he did it with a quick flick of his wrist. She gasped.
“What’s next?” Jun followed her gaze down to her jeans.
She stood up and stripped her jeans off herself revealing the black,
lacy thong Jun knew she was wearing underneath. She tugged on the
thong. “I want this off me now.”
Jun found it hard to breathe but replied, his voice heavy with desire.
“If I may, I’d like to use my teeth.”

End of Chapter XLVIII

- Weekly Famitsu is the most popular game mag in Japan as far as I know.
got a bit jealous ne? Heehee. Well it was his turn. It can't be Michiko
all the time LOL. Anyhoo, thanks for reading!!! Ah.. I need to update
"My Beloved." I'll try to get some chapters done for that ^^ I did a
quick proof-read on this, sorry for any mistakes.
I love all your comments!!! :heart: :heart: Warm fuzzies!!!

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:43 pm

purple = flashback

Chapter XXXXIX

It was time to wake up but Jun didn’t have the energy to break free from Michiko’s grasp. The only description he could think of was… she had molded herself unto his body like a well fitted glove. The leather kind. The ones that eventually make your hands sweat when it was hot. And he was sweating. “Doushiyo.” He looked down at her face, it was resting on his chest. She would sometimes start nuzzling and it tickled him especially when her lips were dangerously close to his nipple. Last night she had played with it too much, it got so sensitive. “I shouldn’t be thinking about that.” He quietly muttered to himself. His hands tried to move her arm away but once he successfully pushed it off him, she’d swing it back on him. “Okay. How about her leg then.” He slowly brought his knee up and it lifted her leg but when he tried to push it to the side, she crawled sideways to get on top of him… much like what a crab would do. Jun ran out of ideas. He knew he had to go to work. It was Saturday and he was hosting Jun Style this morning. If he didn’t get up now, he was going to be late. “Michiko.” He shook her shoulders. “Mi-chi-ko.” He tried again, a bit more forceful this time. “Shoga nai yo.” Jun quickly turned to his side causing her back to topple on the bed. Her eyes flew open. “Ah kowai!”

“Kowai?!” She glared at him then pushed him off the bed. “ITAI!” Jun climbed back on and swiftly pinned her down. “OI! There can only be one S in our relationship and that’s me.” She didn’t reply but he notice her bite her lip. What a strange reaction, he thought. “What are you thinking?”

“This S & M thing is really turning me on. Mm, and apparently, it’s also turning you on.”

Jun looked down towards his lower half then gulped.

“Gomen. I have to go to work.” He jumped off the bed and dressed. Michiko pouted. “Don’t have time for even a quickie?”
“No. I have to go home and shower then get dressed. It takes me at least an hour to get ready.” He sat on the bed and put his socks on. Michiko hugged him from behind. “But it’s a radio show! Nobody’s going to see you.” She whined. Jun turned around and gave her a quick kiss. “The station’s not deserted. There are other people working there.” He then got up and went to find his shoes. She followed him to the door. “Michiko, don’ t walk around naked. You’re going to get sick.” While he put his shoes on, Michiko stood in front of the door, her feet spread apart and arms stretched out sideways. “Babe… I can’t stay.” He moved forward and reached for the door knob but she blocked it with her body. His hand ended up hitting her ribs. When his knuckles touched her skin, he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop touching her. He let his fingers trace the underside of her breast. Michiko let out a shuddering breath. Jun looked up. “How quick?” She smiled. “Ten minutes?”
“Ok, you win.”

“Babe, if I email you on Jun Style, will you read it on the next show?”
“Depends?! Depends on what?”
“Depends on what you write. I don’t read all the letters that are sent in, you know. I mean, I don’t read all of them live on the show.”
“But you’ll read mine ne?”
“And what are you going to write about?”
“How you can’t resist me. And how you love it when I play with--.”
“There’s no way I’m reading that.”
“How about if I write about how yummy you look in your Arashi videos?”
“I host a morning show, babe.”
“Well then I’ll write about how I hated Hana Yori Dango Final. That’ll be the first hate mail you get ne? It’ll be interesting ne?”
“Hmph. I’ll definitely write you and you won’t know it’s from me.”
“I’ll know.”
“We’ll see about that. Oh, before you go… gimme Aiba’s, Sho’s, Ohno’s, Nino’s and Shun’s phone numbers.”
“EH?! Nande?!”
“I wanna hang out with them when you’re not available!”
“Fine. Just don’t hang out with them too often.”
“Don’t be jealous.”
“I am not jealous.”
“You can’t fool me. It takes one to know one.”
“K, here. All of them are in there.”
“Arigato! Now go.”

Jun wondered if he made the wrong decision by giving her their phone numbers. But they were her friends now, too, so there was nothing wrong with them hanging out with her. He should be glad that they were the ones who were going to keep her company when he was busy. And not those people at her work that he didn’t know and trust. Especially that guy with her on the TV show last night. Michiko had explained that he was her boss. But he was too young to be managing a corporation. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a text message.

“Ken and the rest are treating me for drinks again tonight. He said I can invite anyone to come with me. I know you can’t go even if you wanted to =( But I still want to ask you. You’re the only one I want to go there with. Just thought I’d let you know… have fun at work! <3 Michiko.”

He stared at the <3 sign next to her name. That means love ne. A goofy smile appeared on his face. AHHH, he wished he could go but he was busy tonight. There were concert promotions and he might be starring in a new drama series. Manager-san still had to go through negotiations. It was not final. Jun sighed. Even if he had nothing scheduled tonight, he still couldn’t go anyway. She knew that but still asked. It would’ve been better if she hadn’t because he didn’t like turning her down. The song he was playing was almost over so he quickly replied to her message.

Michiko was listening to “One Love,” the song Jun was currently playing when she received his reply.

“I’m going to be swamped today. We’re promoting our upcoming concert. I told you about that, haven’t I? If not, I’ll tell you about it next time. Don’t get drunk -- Jun.”

“Don’t get drunk?! MOU! Maybe if he ended it with a heart, I’d consider it.” But he didn’t. It was only two characters. How hard was it to type <3 ? She decided not to reply right away and listened to him read a couple of letters from fans who watched Hana Yori Dango Final.

Dewa. Please listen to another song. “Truth” by ARASHI.

As soon as the song played, she replied to his message.

Jun read her message. “EH? Nani kore?”


Michiko walked around restlessly around her apartment. With no cable and internet connection, she was bored to death. The small dinner party wasn’t going to start until 8PM tonight. What was she supposed to do until then? Ken had given her the morning off so she could rest up for tonight. He had also told her to relax on Sunday since next week she will bombarded by a lot of work. She was grateful for the day off though and hoped that Jun would have some time to spend with her then.

“I guess I’ll play the campaign mode for Halo.”

After hooking up her 360 to the TV, she sat down on the floor in front of it and turned it on. A few seconds later… “AAAAAAAAAHHH!!! THE RED RINGS OF DEATH!” Michiko stared at the power button, horrified. It was a hardware problem for sure. Which meant she had to send it back to Microsoft to be fixed. “NO!!! Why me?!” She pouted and decided to go out and explore Tokyo. Half an hour later, she found herself walking around the game centers in Shibuya. She was itching to play so she went into one of the arcades. While she played, a few people looked at her curiously. Not sure whether it was because she was playing good or because she was the only female in the room, she ignored their stares. After a few minutes though, she got hungry and stopped. When she got out, she heard a few people yelling at her from behind. “Eh?” She turned around expecting to have left something inside but three guys came out holding up their phones.

“Yoku-san?! Yoku Michiko?!” One of them asked excitedly. She nodded and all three of them started slapping and pushing each other about.

“I told you it was her!”
“She looks hotter in person ne.”
“Sshh, she’s right there. Don’t be rude!”

“Ano…” She interrupted their conversation. The tallest one bravely stepped forward and asked if he could take a picture of her. “I was at the Messe but didn’t get the chance to see you. Is it okay to take a picture?” Why would he want a picture of her? Was it okay? Damn, Ken didn’t talk to her about this. It was very unexpected. “Um. I guess so.” She held up a peace sign and smiled. “UWAA! Kawaii!” The chubby one next to him clapped his hands together in front of him and asked as well so she did the same pose and he took it. “Hontou ni kawaii! Akira’s going to be so jealous when he sees this! ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!” She bowed slightly then looked at the younger of the three. He was biting his lip and shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

“Did you want a picture, too?” She asked with a smile.
“Ano… can I be in the picture with you?” He shyly asked.
“OHHHHHH!” His two friends loudly exclaimed.

By now a small crowd had gather around them, wondering what the fuss was all about.

“Ah. I guess it’s okay.” He beamed and gave his phone to the tall guy and quickly stood next to her.

“Ano saa…” He started while his friend counted down.
“I’m wearing…”


[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:43 pm

The shot was taken. “Chotto matte.” She said, knowing her expression
wasn’t exactly the best. He took a look at the picture and was quite
happy with it. “Ii ne. Arigato, Yoku-san!” Michiko waved goodbye and
left feeling drained and much hungrier than before. So she went in the
nearest restaurant she found. It was a small ramen shop. After ordering
a large bowl of soy sauce ramen, she took out her phone and called Jun.
And of course he didn’t pick up. Who could she call? If Jun was busy,
the rest of Arashi should be busy, too, ne? She still had around seven
hours to kill before she went to dinner. Hmmm, maybe…

“Michiko desu.”
“I got your number from Jun. I’m surprised you answered.”
“Ahh. Hai, this is his old phone.”
“What are you doing?”
“Sou ka.”
“Iya, I’m just bored.”
“Ii desu ka?”
“Je ne.”

hour later, Michiko waited near the Giant Sky Wheel at Palette Town in
Tokyo. She scanned the area, looking for his familiar face to pop out
of the crowd. Demo, he was probably wearing a disguise ne. She was
staring at someone intently when a tap on her shoulder startled her.

“Are you lost?”

She turned around and saw Shun’s smiling face.

“Iya! If I was lost, I wouldn’t have made it here ne?”

Michiko gave him a hug then pointed at the Ferris wheel.

“Eh? I thought you wanted to shop for a phone?”
“But they said it’s one of the largest in the world!”
“Even if that was true… wouldn’t you want to ride it with Jun for the first time?”
“And when will that happen? Seriously. I don’t think I can even go out on a proper date with him anywhere in Japan.”
“Don’t say that. It’s possible.”
“It’s too risky. I’m actually going to a dinner party later and of course I invited him even though I know he can’t go.”
we’ll ride it but if Jun gets mad at me for doing this, I’m telling him
you forced me.” He made a serious face then grinned.

got two tickets and Michiko offered to pay for hers but he waved his
hand at her. It took almost fifteen minutes of waiting before they
finally got on one of the cars. When the wheel started moving and they
were on top, Shun took his beanie and sunglasses off.

“Must be annoying ne.” She said. They sat opposite each other.
“What is?” He was leaning back, his arms stretched out.
“Putting those on all the time when you go out.” She pointed at his accessories.
“Ah. You get used to it after a while. There are some places where I don’t need it.”
“Oh? Can you give me a list so me and Jun can visit them?”
He chuckled at that.
He leaned forward. “So, how’s it going between you two?” He had been
worried about her after he saw a lot of TV and magazine appearances
from Jun and Mao.
“We’re doing fine. What really bothers me the
most is the fact that I can’t walk around in public with him. I mean,
okay, he can wear a disguise but it’s not the same.” She sighed. At
least with Frank, she was able to do that.
“Gambatte, Michiko.” He
took her left hand and held it. “Jun’s crazy about you. I’m sure it’ll
work out eventually.” She smiled. “Un.”
Unconsciously, Shun started
tracing her fingers with his. It was a soothing feeling, Michiko
thought. “You’re allowed to have a public relationship ne.” She asked.
People knew about me and Mao. But… during that one interview with her
and Jun… she kinda denied it, saying that we were just close friends.”
Michiko regretted what she said. “Gomen. I didn’t mean to…”
“Daijoubu. It’s the past.”
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
“I am sure.”

they got off, they went to the mall and looked at a lot of phones. In
the end, she couldn’t decide which one she wanted and wisely postponed
buying one at a later date. Michiko needed some clothes that was more
her style but didn’t want to drag Shun all over the women’s stores
while she shopped. She told him that he could wander around on his own
and they could just meet up somewhere after a certain time but he said
he would rather walk around with her. So off they went from one store
to the next.

Michiko picked a couple of outfits and Shun had
also picked out some clothes for her to try on. She was about to go in
the fitting room when…

“Your boyfriend can sit in here if you
want to show him what you’re trying on.” She pointed at a seat inside a
fairly large fitting room. “Eh, daijoubu?” Shun asked, surprised.
“Hai. I’ll be right here anyway.”
Okay. Thanks. Did you hear that, hime? Try on the ones I picked.” Shun
winked at Michiko and she chuckled. “Hai hai. Whatever you say.”

Shun, this olive green overall’s cute. I like how it cuts just below my
knees demo the top part… is it supposed to be like this? The spaghetti
strap is too short so these triangular thingies only cover a small part
of my boobs. And the v neck plunges down to my midriff.” Michiko yelled
“That’s why there’s a tube top that goes with it!” He yelled back.
“Oh.” A minute later. “OHHH!”
Michiko came out with the outfit that he picked. Shun’s eyes widened a bit and he looked at her appreciatively.
think he likes it a lot.” The sales lady said after noticing his
reaction. Heat crept up his face and he turned his gaze away from
Michiko to the floor.
“I like it, too! You have surprisingly good
taste!” She inspected herself on the full body mirror and Shun couldn’t
help but look at her again. “I… a… I think Jun might like that.”
think so? I think he prefers me with oww--.” Michiko cursed at herself
and blushed furiously. He stifled a laugh at her almost obscene
comment. “Imma go and try the other ones.”

After a couple more
outfits, they left with a purchase. She had bought the first one that
she tried on. The one that Shun had picked. Michiko was tired already
after that and so they went to a dessert shop for a snack. She had
ordered a strawberry shortcake while he chose a coffee cake.

“So Michiko… have you told Jun you love him?”
Her hand immediately reached for her glass of water after she choked on a piece of cake when she heard his question.
“Ah gomen, didn’t mean to surprise you with that question. I was just wondering.”
She almost finished the whole glass before she set it down and stared at him.
“You don’t have to answer it.”
uh…” She hadn’t. It was not because she didn’t but she just never found
the right time to say it if there was supposed to be a right time. “No.
I guess I haven’t.”
“And he hasn’t told you either ne.”
wait too long. I know some people say that it’s not necessary as long
as you convey your feelings through your actions… but my question is,
if you can show it then why can’t you say it? It will be hard the first
time, I think… but only because you’re over thinking it. Once you’ve
gotten over that first… you’ll want to keep saying it. And it feels
good to hear it.”

Michiko pondered on what Shun said after she
got back home. It was true. She knew that from experience. But since
Jun mentioned the song “More Than Words,” she had accepted the
possibility that he may not say it, ever. Was that what was stopping
her from saying it to him? Her phone rang, interrupting her thoughts.

“Moshi mosh.”
“Ah, Momiji.”
“Hai. I’ll meet you guys there then.”
“Iya, I’m not bringing anybody.”
“He’s not available.”
“No, I’m not telling.”
“I don’t want Soujirou!”
“I don’t want Ken either.”
“Yamete yo!”
“I’m hanging up, Momiji. Je ne.”

showered and got dressed. The question that Shun raised got her mind
reeling. She welcomed the distraction tonight. Food and drinks. What
could be better than that?

End of Chapter XXXXIX

- A bit of ShunXMichiko in there eh? When will Michiko say those words? ^^ Ahh, I wonder also XP Next chapter: Party?

for reading and the continued support eventho its getting really long,
LOL. I really enjoy reading your comments. I check a few times a day
LOL. It's become a force of habit.

Oh, for those who are curious about the outfit that Shun picked out... here it is...

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 PqPv6er

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:44 pm

Chapter L

There were no dance floors in a Shabu Shabu restaurant. Nor were there disco balls and flashing strobe lights. And as far as she knew, people didn’t gyrate against other people when they Shabu Shabu. So they were definitely not in the right place. It was either that or this was a new trend among restaurants. But loud trance music didn’t really go well with thinly sliced beef being swish-swished in a boiling pot. Michiko placed her hands on her hips and with her eyes, asked Momiji for an explanation. She shrugged and pointed towards a hallway in front of them. She had no choice but to follow her.

“Momiji. I thought were going to eat Shabu Shabu?” She yelled while they made their way through the crowd. “Change of plans! Ken thought this would be more fun! And I agree with him.” She yelled back at her. So this was why she persuaded her to change her outfit for tonight. The short black dress she wore wasn’t exactly the kind you wear to a simple dinner party. “Where are we meeting them?”
“Ken got us a private room so we can eat there but we’ll most likely hang out on the dance floor.” Michiko scanned the floor and met several beer goggled eyes that looked at her with interest. This was too much. She rarely went to clubs and she had never been to a really fancy one like this. Ageha was one of the most popular clubs in Tokyo. And it was pricey. Very pricey. “Come on Michiko. The room is over there.” She followed her into the room and found Ken, Soujirou and the others already drinking and snacking on a sushi plate.

“OI! There you are! We’ve been waiting for you!” Ken got up and motioned to the seat next to him. “Gomen gomen! Momiji here forced me to change my outfit. If I knew we were going to a nightclub, I would have dressed appropriately from the beginning.”
“Eh? But there’s no dress code for this club.” Soujirou pointed out.
“NANI?!” She threw a murderous glare at Momiji, who just grinned at her.
“Oh don’t be mad! You look very sexy in that little black number.”
Michiko turned to Ken. “Can I fire her? Please?” He laughed out loud at her question.
“Gomen, Michiko. She is the best. That is what we pay her for.”
“You pay her to trick me?!”
“Okay, okay. Momiji! No more lying.”
“HAI HAI! Now let’s have some fun!”

Having fun meant taking shots then heading out to the dance floor. Michiko drank but refused to go dancing. Besides, she was a bit hungry. So she stayed in the room and ate the sushi. An hour later… “Oh my God! Don’t tell me you’re going to sit here all night, Michiko!” Momiji complained. She nodded and popped another sushi in her mouth. “Stop being a pig and let’s go dance!” She shook her head no. “I am not dancing!” Momiji gave up for now and took Soujirou with her. “Michiko. You should try and enjoy yourself. This celebration was for you. It’d be waste if you didn’t take advantage of the facilities.” Ken was trying to make her feel guilty and he succeeded. “Okay boss. But I need a few more drinks before I can even entertain the thought of dancing among other people.” He smiled broadly. “I can help you with that.” The drinks kept pouring and she started feeling lighter and lighter. Don’t get drunk. Jun’s words flashed before her eyes. I’ll try my best, Jun. “Is she good to go?” Momiji poked her head in. “I’m right here, fucktard! Ask me.” She replied. “OHH! Attitude! Well then, are YOU ready to rock?!”
“Oh what the hell.”

Momiji led her to the center of the dance floor and started moving to the music. At first she was a bit uneasy and kept pulling her dress down. It was a bit short. But after a while she got comfortable or maybe it was the alcohol finally getting absorbed into her system. Whatever it was, it set her loose. It started with a repetitive nod then progressed to full-blown head banging. After a few minutes, she was jumping up and down with her arms in the air. It was an exhilarating feeling. Momiji laughed and jumped around with her. But then a slower song came on. It was one of those songs that was ideal for lap dancing. Not that she would know anything about that. Momiji looked at her seductively and placed her hands on her neck. Michiko responded by swaying her hips and moving closer to her. Soujirou suddenly stopped dancing and stared at her girlfriend and Michiko with his mouth agape. Momiji pressed her body against hers and Michiko grabbed her waist. They danced extremely close to each other. Men started whistling and cheering them on. Ken arrived just in time to see Michiko slowly twist her body as she dropped to the floor then slither her way back up, his jaw dropped. “HOLY SHIT.”

The two women giggled as they went back in the room. “Did you fucking see their faces? That was priceless!” Momiji said, holding on to Michiko’s arm while she stumbled unto the couch, pulling her down with her. “Careful now. I think you’re drunk.” Michiko got up and helped Momiji sit up properly. “You’re done drinking, okay?” She told her. “No! I am not drunk! I wanna dance with you again.” Michiko stared at the younger woman. She should make sure she didn’t get out of this room for the rest of the night. “Momiji?” Soujirou came in. “Ah Soujirou. Just the man I was looking for.” He looked at her funny. “You need to stay here and take care of your woman. She’s totally wasted.”
“Oh. Of course.” He sat down next to her. Momiji immediately rested her head down on his lap. How sweet, she thought. Michiko sat down on the opposite side and poured herself another drink. It would be nice if Jun was with her right now. She wondered if he liked the club scene. Leaning back, she closed her eyes for a second. “Michiko. Daijoubu?” Her eyes opened and found Ken in front of her. “Hai. Daijoubu desu. Just needed to rest up. Cheers!” She took her shot then poured herself another one and quickly downed that one as well. “Looks like you lost your dancing partner.” He nodded towards Momiji who was fast asleep. “That’s okay. I’m tired anyway. Thanks a lot again for this. I had fun.” He took the seat next to her and filled her glass to the top. “You’re welcome.”
“Are you trying to get me drunk?”
He burst out laughing.
“Well Michiko… I haven’t seen you drunk yet. So, maybe.”
“I haven’t seen you drunk either.”
“Then let’s get drunk together.”
“Who’s the designated driver?”
“That would be Kyoko.”
“Ah. Matte. Who’s she?”
“That would be my girlfriend.”
“Oh! She’s coming to pick you up tonight?”
“Hai. How about you? Do you have somebody to call? If not, we can drop you off first.”
“Iya. I have someone to call.”
“Good good. We forgot to tell you about that ne. We just assumed whoever it was you were dating would come with you or will be able to pick you up if necessary.”
“It’s okay. No need to apologize.”
“Less talking and more drinking ne.”

It seemed like Ken was much like Momiji when he was wasted… dead asleep. Michiko on the other hand still convinced herself that she was not drunk. She stood up and went to the bathroom. Looks could be deceiving. If one were to look at her while she walked steadily, one would assume that she had nary a drink. But her eyes told the truth. Her lids were heavy and they threatened to close. But she forced them open and kept them open. She finally reached the bathroom and relieved herself. “Ahh… kimochi.” When she was done, she washed her hands and dried them. She turned to leave but came face to face with a woman who was staring at her hard.

“You look familiar.”
“Sou ka? You don’t.”
“I’ve seen you somewhere before.”
“I’ve never seen your face until now.”
“Gomen. I didn’t mean to stare.”
“Don’t worry about it.”

She had her hand on the knob when the woman cried out.

“You’re on that DS Lite commercial!!! You got me to buy one and now I’m totally addicted to it!”
Michiko giggled at her.
“That’s good to hear. Take care.”
“Matte! Can I take a picture of you?”
“Sure sure. Go ahead.”

Michiko was feeling amorous because of the liquor and didn’t realize it translated on her pose. After she took the shot, she gushed over the picture.

“I can totally go yuri with you!” The woman exclaimed, blushing down to her roots.
She giggled again. “Gomen, I don’t swing that way. Demo in your dreams, I’ll do whatever you want.” She winked at her and she swore the woman swooned. Yabe~ she should go home now before she gets even racier. The first thing she did when she got to the room was look for her phone. After she found it, she woke everyone up and they started calling their ride home. Jun was obviously the person she should call but was afraid he would get mad once he found out she was drunk but she didn’t really want to call anybody else. Guess she would have to deal with his wrath, that is, if he picked up and was not busy.

Arashi had just finished practicing the Korean version of A.RA.SHI when Jun’s manager called him out for a quick meeting. The rest of the members got ready to leave. Nino and Ohno were the first ones out then Sho left after them. Aiba, on the other hand, stared at the different snacks available in the vending machine, wanting to get a something to eat before he left. “I can’t choose!” He expressed his annoyance by banging on the helpless machine. “Eh?” His ear twitched. “That’s Michiko’s ringtone!” Aiba followed the sound and finally found Jun’s phone in his bag.

“Babe? Why do you sound like Aiba-chan?”
“Because this is Aiba!”
“Huh?! I called the wrong number?!”
“Iya iya, you did call Jun-kun. But I answered the call.”
“Ohhh. Can I talk to Jun, Aiba?”
“He’s in a meeting, gomen. Why? Is it important?”
“Are you guys done with work?”
“Hai. Nande?”
“Aiba, I need him to pick me up.”
“I can pick you up!”
“Iya, I need Jun… Is he going to be busy after the meeting?”
“I don’t know.”
“Can you tell him to give me a call after the meeting then?”
“Michiko, are you okay?”
“Hai… I’m just… a little… drunk.”
“Oh sou ka. Daijoubu. I’ll tell Jun as soon as he gets back.”
“Arigato, Aiba-chan… ah matte!”
“Tell him this also…”

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:45 pm

Aiba hung up and waited for Jun impatiently. When the door finally
opened and Jun stepped in, he bounced his way towards him. “Hai, here’s
your phone. Michiko called.”
And he rummaged through his bag to answer it? Maa, he’d forgive him because it was Michiko. “What did she say?”
said she needed you to pick her up but I told her you were in a meeting
so I offered to pick her up but she said she needs you and that you
should call her after the meeting.” She needed him? Did something
happen? “Aiba, did she say why she needed me?”
“She said she was a little drunk.”
“Kuso! I told her not to get drunk!”
he couldn’t go right now; he was meeting his manager again to finalize
a movie contract. Before he could think of a solution, Aiba spoke again.
she said that if you can’t pick her up in thirty minutes then text her
to let her know so that Ken can drop her off instead.”
“Ano… I don’t know who that is.”
that her boss? The same one who was hitting on her on that show? Like
hell he was going to drop her off. Demo he couldn’t get out of the
“Jun-kun. You should go now if you’re picking her up. She’s at ageha.”
There was nothing he could do but…
“Aiba, can you go and pick her up for me? Bring her back here, okay?”
Aiba’s eyes sparkled. “You can count on me!”

kept crossing and uncrossing her legs while she stared at her phone. If
he couldn’t come, why hadn’t he sent her a message yet? She glanced at
Ken, he went to sleep again after he called Kyoko and she had told him
that she was going to be running late. They were the only ones left in
the room. There was nothing else to do but wait for Jun or Kyoko.
Whoever got there first gets to take her home. Annoyed at Jun for not
calling her, she drank some more even when she knew she was already
drunk. She was on her third shot when her phone rang.

“What took you so long?! Are you coming?”
“Iya. I can’t.”
She sighed.
“You should have just sent me a message then. Ken is still here anyway.”
“No, don’t go with him. I sent Aiba to pick you up.”
“Aiba-chan?! Okay. But I don’t know if I can give him the right directions.”
“Don’t worry, he’s taking you back here. I’ll take you home.”
“I have to go so just promise me you’ll wait for Aiba.”
“I said promise me, Michiko.”
“I promise I’ll wait for Aiba. Happy now?”
“And stop drinking.”

ten minutes passed when Kyoko came for Ken. They tried to convince her
to let them drive her home but she told them that there was already
somebody on the way to come and get her. Once Ken left, Michiko had to
leave the room and she ended up chilling on the dance floor. She didn’t
know how long it would take for Aiba to get there so she thought, might
as well enjoy herself while she waited. But she did not dance with any
of the men and instead only picked women to get her freak on with.

Aiba stared openly at the woman who looked like Michiko sandwiched
between two other women. He looked around a bit upset after seeing all
the men staring at her. Jun had entrusted him with the responsibility
to take her back to him so that was what he intend to do. He pulled his
cap down and briskly walked towards the three cavorting women. It was
harder than it looked, squeezing between couples and other threesomes
and epileptic like dancing… yeah, very troublesome. “Michiko!” Aiba
finally reached her and grabbed her arm. She turned and stared at him.
“Aiba desu!” He pointed at his face. Michiko squinted at him then her
eyes lit up. “Aiba!!!” She threw her arms around his neck and gave him
a quick smack on his lips. His eyes grew big and he quickly wiped his
mouth with the back of his hand. “Eh?! Why’d you do that?! I am greatly
offended!” She yelled in his ear. “You’re not allowed to kiss anyone
but Jun, Michiko!” She rolled her eyes at him. “And where is my babe?
Can’t even pick up his own girl. Sent his friend to do his job.
“He really wanted to come and get you but you know…
work. Let’s just go, okay?” He took hold of her wrists and brought them
down then pulled her towards the exit. But Michiko didn’t budge.
“Dance with me, Aiba.” She was looking at him with sultry
eyes. Aiba stared at her blankly. For a moment there, he had considered
granting her request but quickly recovered.
“We have to go. I can’t be seen here.”
“Oh. Gomen. I forgot.”

was taking them so long? More than an hour had passed since Aiba left
and he was still not back. He called Michiko a few times but she was
not answering and neither was Aiba but he figured it was because he was
driving. A minute later, his phone rang.

“Aiba! Where are you?!”
“Jun-kun. Please meet me at the parking lot in five minutes… please be there.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Michiko… she’s… she won’t stop touching me! I can’t take it anymore!”
“Okay, calm down. Give Michiko the phone.”
“Michiko, Jun wants to talk to you.”
“Jun-kun! Take me home!”
“Just five more minutes. I’ll see you soon.”
“I can’t wait…Aiba keeps slapping my hand away. You won’t do that ne?”
“Of course not, baby.”
“I think I drank too much.”
“I specifically told you NOT to get drunk.”
“But Ken was making me feel bad for not having fun.”
“You can have fun without alcohol.”
“But I don’t dance around people unless I’m intoxicated.”
“You were dancing?!”
“It’s a nightclub, you dildo! Of course I was dancing! It was so much fun! Although Momiji was totally all over me.”
“Who else did you dance with?”
Momiji… and I guess there were people behind me… but… I… didn’t really
know… who… they… were.” She was slowly falling asleep.
“You don’t know?!”
“Was it Ken or Soujirou behind me? I… don’t remember. Could be… some random person.”
“Some random person…” Jun’s grip on his phone tightened.
“It was crowded, babe! I wanna dance with you! Where are you? Aiba-chan, are we there yet?”
“Michiko, listen to me. I’ll see you soon, okay?”
“And stop touching Aiba!”

Jun glanced at his watch. It had been more than five minutes already.
“Jun-kun!!!” Michiko’s voice echoed.
looked up and saw Aiba’s car heading his way then he noticed that
Michiko had her body, from the waist up, sticking out of the
passenger’s window. Only then did he hear Aiba’s hysterical shouting
it were someone else and not her, Jun would’ve laughed his ass off. Jun
started gesturing for her to duck back inside but she kept waving at
him, with one hand at first then she got braver and stuck both her arms
out. Aiba stopped the car before he got to him and then pulled her down
by her waist. Jun ran towards them. When Michiko saw him running, she
scrambled to get out of the car. Aiba let go of her and leaned back
with his eyes closed, seemingly tired and relieved it was over.


slammed the door shut then flung herself at him. His arms went around
her but he pulled back when she tried to lean in for a kiss. He took
one look at what she was wearing and was not happy. His hand reached
for and pulled down the stretchy fabric that was riding up her thigh.

She looked at what he was doing. “Oh. I didn’t notice. Thanks babe. It
is a bit short. The whole night I kept pulling it down.” Jun didn’t
want to hear it. Didn’t want to know how it had been riding up while
she was at the club surrounded by strangers. “You’re taking me home
ne?” He nodded. “Let me thank Aiba then we’ll go.” He held on to her
while they walked slowly towards the driver’s side. Jun knocked on the
window and startled Aiba, who had fallen asleep. He rolled the window
down. “Thanks a lot, Aiba.” He rubbed his eyes and smiled. “Anytime!”
He threw a worried look at Michiko. “Jun, it’s not a good idea to let
her drink too much ne.” Aiba whispered. “I know. But I can’t be with
her all the time.”
“It’s okay if it’s with us but anywhere else…
with other people… I don’t trust them. Especially the guys at the club.
They looked like hungry wolves… kowai.”
What exactly did Aiba see?
Somehow he was glad he wasn’t the one who saw whatever he saw. He
would’ve reacted differently. “You wouldn’t want to know, Jun-kun.
Trust me.”
“Thanks again. Get home safe.”
“You, too. Good night, Michiko!”
“Night Aiba-chan! Arigato!”

ride home was quiet, Michiko had fallen asleep. When he finally pulled
into the parking lot, it was close to 2AM. Jun unbuckled her seat belt
then went and opened the door and carried her out. His arms were ready
to give out when he reached the door. It was a good thing, he already
had his keys out before he picked her up so he just needed to bend his
knees a bit to unlock the door. God, the things he did for this woman.
He kicked the door open and hurried to the bed. After he set her down,
he went and locked the door then walked back to the bed. She had moved
to the middle already… she laid flat on her back, both arms up over her
head, both knees bent and facing the left side. Her dress got pushed up
all the way to her waist revealing the black bikini she wore. She
looked delectable but Jun’s thoughts still focused on what Aiba had
said earlier. He would have to talk to her about her drinking habits
tomorrow. For now, he would simply join her and sleep. Besides, she
needed strength for the inquisition later.

End of Chapter L


- Eh, looks like Michiko will be answering some questions later that
day. Actually, am not very happy with this chapter. Hmm, I dunno why.
But I hope you enjoyed reading anyways. Thanks you so much!!!
Comments are always loved. Hopefully, some exciting stuff come up in the next few chaps ne?

Yuri - girl on girl action ^__^

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 EmptyMon Dec 01, 2008 7:45 pm

Chapter LI

“I know you like me. I know you do.”

Michiko was wearing one of Jun’s shirts and today she paired it off with one of his boxers in navy.

“That’s why whenever I come around. She’s all over you.”

There was skillet on the stove, ready for whatever she was preparing.

“I know you want it. It’s easy to see. And in the back of your mind, I know you should be on with me.”

A steel bowl filled with pancake batter was held firmly on the crook of her arm. She danced towards the drawer where the utensils were and grabbed a mixing spoon.

“Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?”

She mixed and swayed her hips at the same time.

“Don’t cha? Don’t cha?”

Jun stood at the entrance of the kitchen silently watching Michiko’s performance. She set down the bowl and went to open the fridge. Bending down, she poked her head in and kept shaking her ass while she searched for something inside.

“Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me? Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?”

She had grabbed a bottle of water, twisted the cap off then turned around…

“Don’t –. Oh shit, you scared me!”

Water spilled on her when she jumped back, startled by Jun’s presence. He walked over to her, took the bottle and drank from it then he glanced at her wet shirt. She crossed her arms over her chest. “We’re having banana pancakes.” She walked around him and picked up a spatula. After making sure the pan was hot, she reached for the batter but Jun got it before she did. “I’ll cook. Just sit over there and watch. Don’t you have a headache?”
“Nope! I don’t get hangovers!” She grinned.
“That’s not really something you should be proud of.” He retorted while he slowly drizzled the right amount of batter on the pan. Michiko hugged him from behind.
“Why not?! Do you get hangovers?”
“I don’t get drunk enough to notice.”
“Babe, what are you doing?”
He felt her fingers walking up his side, underneath his shirt. She did it very gently so as not to tickle him.
“I’m right in front of a very hot pan. Do you want me to get burned?”
She stopped her fingers from going up and decided to head down.
“Michiko, no.”
She withdrew her hand then slapped his ass.
“Hurry up then, I’m hungry.”
Jun turned and shoved a plate in front of her.
“How many pancakes are you eating?”
“Just one.”
“I cooked four.”
“You’re eating three then.”
“No, we get two each.”
“So bossy!”
Michiko grabbed the syrup then headed towards the living room. Jun followed her, bringing the bottle of water. They both sat on the couch and ate quietly. Jun was listing all the questions he had for her in his head while Michiko thought of other uses for the syrup. She slyly glanced at Jun. Pretending to dump more syrup on her pancakes - the plate being on top of her lap - she “accidentally” drizzled some right above her knee. “Oopps.” Jun took one look at what she had done and rolled his eyes. “How clumsy can you get?”
She shrugged but didn’t make a move at cleaning it up. “AHH, it’s sliding down!”
“What do you want me to do?!”
Jun reached and wiped the syrup off with his hand.
“Are you a child? Seriously.”
He then got up and went to wash his hand.
Michiko grumbled. When he got back, she had already finished her food and had turned on the TV. Jun grabbed the remote and turned it off.
“HEY! I was watching!”
“We need to talk.”
“About what?”
“About you and alcohol.”
Jun sat next to her.
“I have a healthy relationship with liquor.”
“Always in moderation, Michiko. But you tend to abuse it.”
“But I don’t drink often! Okay. I’m sorry I got drunk last night. But they took me to a club and I needed to loosen up…”
“I don’t mind you drinking. That’s not the problem. It’s when you drink too much that I have a problem with. I’m afraid of people taking advantage of you.”
“That’s not going to happen.”
“How can you be sure?! You get so… horny.”
“I do not!!!”
Michiko scooted away from him, annoyed at his accusation. He gave her an oh-please-don’t-even-try-denying-it look. She let out an exasperated sigh.
“Okay. Maybe a little bit but I’ve never gotten into trouble for it.”
Jun wasn’t sure if he believed her. She was like this before he met her. Who was there to worry about her then? Her ex? Kyo? Were they really able to take care of her? How the hell did they do it?
“You don’t believe me?! Jun. I’ve only been with two people. TWO! Do you really think I’d let a stranger touch me?!!” Before Jun could reply, she stood up and started pacing in front of him.
“ARGHH! This makes me so MAD! Seriously! What kind of girl do you take me for?!”
“It’s not you I don’t trust. It’s everyone else around you when you’re drunk. I know you won’t let anybody take advantage of you BUT no matter how strong you think you are, there are people who can easily… I’m just fucking worried, okay?! And Aiba said something disturbing… about the guys who were staring at you at the club… What do you want me to do? Act like I don’t care?!” He leaned back on the couch and massaged his forehead with his eyes closed. Michiko suddenly felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Of course he’d be worried. It was good to hear even though she knew how he felt.
“I’m sorry for making you worry, babe.”
Jun felt her weight on his lap and instantly reached for her waist.
“Iya, Michiko. Can you sit somewhere else…”
“Eh?!” She raised an eyebrow at him. He looked away.
“It’s just that…” Every time she sat on his lap, he got aroused. Damn her. Somehow, she got him programmed to react that way. It was probably because they almost always end up making love when she did it. And it had occurred a few times already that the response was instantaneous.
“It’s just that… what?” She inched her body closer to him and he groaned out loud. “Fuck. Get off me now.”
Michiko parted her legs and stared at the bulge underneath her.
“Don’t look at it.”
He gritted his teeth.
“But… I just…”
“Sat on my lap.”
“That’s all it took?”
He nodded.
She stared at it, amazed by her power over him.
“I said stop looking at it!”
“You’d rather I touch it?”
“Yes. NO!”
She burst out laughing.
“It’s not funny. We’re supposed to be discussing your problem. Not my problem.”
“Eh? You call this a problem? If so, I have a solution.”
“Why don’t we solve your problem first.”
“You can dig deep into my problem, if you know what I mean.”
She winked at him.
“I don’t want to think about it.”
It was getting harder and harder for him to resist.
“Your problem is easy to grasp. You want me to examine it carefully?”
She wrapped her fingers around him. He inhaled sharply.
“Oh. It’s quite hard. But I’m sure I can solve it.”
“You are just loving this, aren’t you?”
It was rhetorical question.
“You have no idea.”

In the end, Michiko found one new use for the syrup.

So the inquisition didn’t go as planned. He didn’t have control over the situation at all. She managed to end the discussion without reassuring him that she was not going to get drunk again. Well, he would have to bring the topic back up and this time he was not going to let her off the hook. Jun came out the shower, determined.


He called out while he got dressed.


She strolled into the room.

“About what we were talking about earlier.”
“I promise not to get drunk again unless I’m with you or people that we trust.”
“People that we trust… still a bit too broad for me.”
“Fine. I’m only getting drunk when I’m with you and people that YOU trust and within a controlled environment. Happy?”
“God, the things I do for you.”

Jun smiled and gave her a kiss.

“So what else did you do that day? Before you went to the club?”

Michiko attached herself to him, hugging him from behind while he walked towards the living room. “Mmm, you smell good.”
“Will you walk as well? I feel like I’m dragging a big log behind me.”
“Pfft. I’m not heavy.”
“And you didn’t answer my question.”
“I went to Shibuya and played at the arcade then I met up with Shun.”
Jun stopped and turned to face her.
“You called Shun?”
“Aha. You said you were going to be busy so I assumed everyone else in Arashi was going to be busy so I called him.”
He frowned a bit.
“And where did you two go?”
“Palette Town. I was going to buy a phone there but didn’t find one that I liked.”
“Why do you need a new phone? The one you have is perfectly fine.”
“But it’s yours! I need one under my name. I can’t have you paying for my calls.”
“Why not?”
“Because I have a job now and I can pay for it myself.”
“What else did you do?”
“We got on the Ferris Wheel and--.”
“You did?! I’ve never been on it…”
“Oh, sorry babe. I didn’t know. We’ll go together…”
She sighed. When would that be?
“What else?”
How long were they together that day?
“I shopped for a bit.”
“He was with you when you went shopping?”
Shun never had the patience for that. He remembered him complaining about it when Mao dragged him to the mall one time.
“Yep. He picked out an outfit for me, too!”
His eyes narrowed.
“You tried it on?”
“Hai. And it was super cute. I bought it. He told me that you’ll like it on me.”
“After that, I was tired so we went to eat cakes then he drove me home.”
“Sounds like you had a good time…”
She nodded.
“He’s fun to be with.”
“People around you probably thought you two were on a date.”
His tone was cold.
She chuckled lightly.
“I suppose so. The sales lady thought he was my boyfriend.”
Jun’s hand balled into fists.
“He’s not.”
She chuckled again.
“Of course not. I only have one and he’s standing right in front of me.”
Even with what she said, Jun still couldn’t help but feel insecure and jealous. She went shopping with Shun? She hadn’t gone shopping with him yet! He would have loved to picked out an outfit for her. This was irritating him a lot. It really did sound like they went out on a date. And he hadn’t gone out on a date with her yet. Shun was a great guy. It would be easy to unsuspectingly fall for him.

“Babe, are you okay?”

Jun left her standing there, confused, while he went into the bedroom and changed his clothes. A few minutes later, he came out dressed to go out.

“Where are you going?”
“I just need to clear my head.”
“Can’t I come with you?”
“Just stay here, I’ll be back.”

He walked briskly to the door.

“You’re leaving me here?!! If you’re mad at me or something, can’t you just tell me?!” She yelled out. “I’ll be back.” He needed to get away. How could she be oblivious to what he felt? If he went out with Mao, she would have reacted the same way. Why didn’t she think of that before she called Shun?

The door closed behind him.


Michiko racked her brain for an explanation of what just happened. Half an hour later and she was still clueless. “I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.” She stomped around the apartment and waited impatiently for Jun to return. What a fucking waste of a day, she thought. And she was hoping to spend some quality time with him. It didn’t seem like he had work today… “GODDAMNIT JUN!” He seemed happy about the promise she made to him earlier so that couldn’t be what was bothering him.

Two hours later.


That was it. She was not going to wait like a sad little puppy. Michiko looked for the clothes she wore last night but she couldn’t find them anywhere. Did he hide them? He did, didn’t he?! Ah! A piece of black fabric caught her eye. It was peeking underneath the mattress. When she lifted it up, it was indeed in there along with her underwear and bra. She got dressed, left him a note then made sure the door was locked before she closed it. Only then did she realize what she was wearing. She didn’t really want to take the bus and the train to get home especially when she had this dress on in broad daylight. Why didn’t she just borrow Jun’s clothes? “Fucking A!” Michiko got on the elevator and went to Shun’s.

One. Two. Three knocks then she rang the bell. Maybe he was still sleeping. She was about to leave when the door opened.


Shun’s hair was unruly and he was topless, wearing only black boxers. She quickly glanced inside his apartment and saw a half-naked woman pass by.

“Oh shit! Gomenasai!” She turned but Shun grabbed her elbow and closed the door behind him.

“Matte. Don’t worry about her. She’s nothing to me. I mean, I don’t care for her. I was drunk last night and she was there. That’s it.”

Michiko stifled a laugh. “You don’t have to explain anything, Shun. So you got laid. There’s nothing wrong with that.” He let go of her and raked his hair. “I know but… I just want you to know… it’s just a one night stand. I’m not even gonna see her again after today.”

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 3053335777_2eab81ea82_o
scans & design by mishi -don't steal- arigato
jun babe, you are the weapon i choose, these wounds are self-inflicted, one more thing i'm addicted to

[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 00003gxz

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08   [Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08 - Page 3 Empty

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[Ongoing] Finish the Fight (Jun X OC) -- Restricted / Mature (Chap 72) 02/08
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