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 [Oneshot] Lotion and Popsicle (Takayama)

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PostSubject: [Oneshot] Lotion and Popsicle (Takayama)   Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:56 am

Title: Lotion and Popsicle
Author: Saida
Summary: Apparently, innocently applying lotion on your body can cause someone to be turned on.
Rating: T
Genre: Romance, humor
Notes: This is the first time I'm writing TakaYama and Yamabu so I hope the fic is okay..^^

Takaki just can’t help himself when he saw the scene in front of him. Of course, who could, it was just simply hot. On the beach, sitting on a blanket was Yamada Ryosuke. He was applying some lotion on his body. Somehow, to Takaki, it seems like he purposely did it. He massaged the lotion slowly on his hands first, then onto his neck, and lastly to his bare chest.

‘Delicious,’ Takaki thought.

“Takaki, look out!”

Before Takaki could react to that warning, he was blown off his surfboard by the strong wave. A few minutes later, Yabu was beside him.

“I guess the warning was too late,” Yabu said, grinning sheepishly at Takaki.

“You think?” Takaki said.

Hey! Say! JUMP was given a day off and everyone decided to spend the day together. It was summer so they decided to have a picnic at the beach. Takaki and Yabu decided to go surfing, Ryutaro and Chinen were burying Yuto in the sand, Keito’s reading under a big tree, and Inoo, Daiki and Hikaru were no where to be found.

“So, what were you staring at that made you fall?” Yabu asked. When Takaki didn’t answer him, he followed Takaki’s gaze. A smirk appeared on his face. Yamada was applying some lotion on his legs now.

“Y’know, if you keep staring, you might have a nosebleed.”

“Yeah,” Takaki answered, still in daze. Finally realizing what Yabu said, his face turned scarlet. “Yabu!”

Yabu laughed so hard, he fell off his surfboard. In Takaki’s mind was, ‘Ryo-chan, you’re so going to get it later.”

“Hey, how was your sun tanning?” Takaki asked as he sat beside Yamada.

“Good,” Yamada answered. He sat crossed leg on the blanket. When he was sure no one was watching, Takaki gave Yamada a kiss on the lips. When he his tongue was about to enter Yamada’s lips, the younger teen pulled apart.

“I’m going in the water,” Yamada said before Takaki even got the chance to stop him.

“Hey, Takaki,” Chinen said as he and Ryutaro, hand-in-hand sat next to the older teen. “Where’s Yama-chan?”

“In the water,” Takaki said grumpily.

“Hey, Takaki-kun, this popsicle is really good,” Ryutaro said, showing his popsicle to Takaki.

When Takaki saw Ryutaro’s popsicle, a bright idea came to his mind. Smirking, Takaki said to the two SEVEN members, “I think I going to buy myself a popsicle.”

After buying a strawberry-flavored popsicle, he sat at a place where Yamada could see him. ‘Yes, he’s looking this way,’ Takaki thought when he saw Yamada turning his way. Quickly, he brought his plan to action. He unwrapped his popsicle, and start licking his popsicle, just the way he’d lick Yamada’s bare chest, well the way he dreamt he’d lick it.

When Yamada saw him, he was…enchanted. He stared at Takaki as he licks the popsicle in circles, and then, licked the one that threatened to drip.

“Yama-chan, watch out!”

A big wave made Yamada fall into the seawater. He coughed because of the water that entered his lungs.

“Yama-chan!” Chinen and Ryutaro said, running into the water, towards Yamada. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Yamada said, as he sent a glare at his lover’s way. He knew Takaki was doing it purposely. He saw a glimpse of Takaki eyeing him. He walked nearer to the shore.

Since they were completely ignore by Yamada, Ryutaro decided to have some fun by splashing the water at Chinen.

“Hey!” Chinen said, giving his lover a glare.

“Come on, Chii, this is fun.”

Chinen laughed. He splashed some water at Ryutaro. “Yeah, I know.” They laughed, splashing water at each other.

Back with Yamada, he was about to put his revenge into action. He made sure he was near enough for Takaki to see him.

At his place, Takaki was grinning very widely because of his accomplishment. Then, something caught his eyes. Yamada was now closer to the shore. Then, he went under water and resurfaced.

‘God, he looked so hot like that,’ Takaki thought. Then, he saw Yamada shook his head, and all the water drips from his hair, his body… Takaki could feel his pants tightening.

At that moment, he knew, he knew that Yamada purposely did what he did. When Yamada went back on shore, and sat next to him, he asked, “Why’d you do it?”

Yamada knew what Takaki meant but he looked at Takaki with innocent eyes. “Do what?”

“In the water, just now, you purposely did it, didn’t you?”

“You’re the one who started it with the popsicle,” Yamada retort. “I know you purposely lick it that way.”

“And what about with the lotion? That was done on purpose, right?”

Yamada looked at Takaki in disbelief. “Do you want me to get sunburn? Everyone in his or her right mind w-…”

Yamada was cut off when Takaki pressed his lips on his own. After recovering from his shock, Yamada opened his mouth slightly, and Takaki’s tongue entered. Yamada too, explored Takaki’s mouth.

They pulled apart, out breath. They were panting. “You tasted like strawberry,” Yamada commented.

Takaki put on his goofy grin. “I knew you’d love them.”

Yamada smiled at Takaki. After awhile, he said, “What were we talking about before the kiss?”

Takaki laughed. “Just forget about that, Ryo-chan.”

From afar, on a rock near the water, Yabu was sitting, watching two particular people; Yamada and Takaki. He shook his head, amused. He had watched them since the beginning, since Takaki bought the popsicle.

“I can’t believe your new hobby is spying on your band mates,” a familiar voice said.

Yabu looked up, a soft smile appeared on his face. “Shoon,” he said.

Shoon returned Yabu’s smile and sat down next to the younger teen. Careful that no on was watching, Shoon gave Yabu a quick kiss on the lips.

“I thought you couldn’t make it,” Yabu said.

“The lecturer couldn’t make it,” Shoon said. “So, no class for the day.”

Yabu smiled. “I’m glad.”

“So, why are you spying on Yamada and Takaki?” Shoon teased. Yabu pushed the older boy into the water.

After he resurfaced, Shoon exclaimed, “Hey, that’s not fair. Get down here or I’ll ignore you for a week.”

Yabu smirked. “Oh, is that a threat?”
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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Lotion and Popsicle (Takayama)   Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:12 pm

Shoon <33333

haha, i'm so happy you put him in this. i miss him =(
but overall, i love the oneshot, its so cutee and sweet
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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Lotion and Popsicle (Takayama)   Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:46 am

Waaa! I love Shoon too...^^,
And I will put Shoon in all my fics if I could...haha^^
He's so adorable...I miss him too...T-T
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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Lotion and Popsicle (Takayama)   Sun Nov 16, 2008 2:26 am

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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Lotion and Popsicle (Takayama)   Sun Nov 16, 2008 7:09 am

kyaaaaa!! Yabu x Shoon!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!! xD


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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Lotion and Popsicle (Takayama)   Sun Nov 16, 2008 8:11 am

chr0m3ry0suk3tatsuya wrote:
kyaaaaa!! Yabu x Shoon!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!! xD

I love them too...^^,
Spread the Yamabu love...
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PostSubject: Re: [Oneshot] Lotion and Popsicle (Takayama)   

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[Oneshot] Lotion and Popsicle (Takayama)
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